Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fire Engine Themed Birthday Party

I was invited to..
My twins friends's Birthday Party...
With Fire Engine Themed Birthday Party....
With very impressive party decorations...
Decorated by their mummy!~

Happy birthday to N&O!~
Fire Engine Cake!~

All the food are decorated..
With Fire Engine decorations, too!~

 Even the snacks are nicely decorated..

We're enjoying the games,
While drinking the firemen + firewomen's water...

Table with colourful utensils.....
For the kids to dine in...

Last but not least,
Birthday presents for the twins...
Plus our door gifts:
Useful files + stationary....

Friday, September 27, 2013

Thistle PD Kids In Charge! First Board Meeting

Ten advisory board members...
Of Thistle PD Kids In Charge!
Had their very first Board Meeting.......
@ Thistle Port Dickson...

Every board member,
Pay full attention,
And concentrate..
During the first board meeting....

Let's have a glimpse of...
What a board member need.....
During the meeting.....

The meeting agenda....

Having little discussion...
And lots of interactions,
Between the board members..
During the meeting...

Ella and Zhang En...
Working together...

Tradisional way vs. hi-tech way...
Of recording down the meeting's important point...

Watch my video...
To see how's the very first,
Thistle PD Kids In Charge! Board meeting..
Is conducted!~~~~

The 10 kids are really amazingly out-spoken,
Full of ideas + knowledge~~~~~~~
I really can't tell...
Who's going to win & fly to London~~~~~
They're all equally great!~
Good luck to all 10 board members!~

For me,
Thistle Port Dickson is a very beautiful heaven already....
I'm still looking forward,
For the brand new heaven  in Thistle PD!~
With lots more excitement and surprises,
From little board members,
For more kids in the world...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thistle PD Kids In Charge! Advisory Board Members

The search of Thistle PD Kids in Charge! Advisory Board.....
Had finally comes to an end........
It's a mark of new beginning......
Where I'll be announcing~~~~
The 10 advisory board members...
Very soon.....

A panel of six judges,
Had the unenviable task of...
Sifting through hundreds of applications..
To shortlist 16 finalists...

A rigorous round of interviews...
Was subsequently held,
With the finalists....
Before 10 winners...
Were selected...
To make up the very first.....
Kids In Charge! Advisory Board.....

"After launching the call for applicatioins,
We're encouraged by the support..
Showed towards this initiative,
Not only by the kids,
But their parents as well....
We truly believe this is an excellent opportunity,
To expose children to the 'real world'...
Which will not only help them,
In their future,
But even boost their confidence,
And thinking skills,
Which will be beneficial..
In their current academic,
And co-curricular activities...."
Said Mr John Murphy,
General Manager of Thistle Port Dickson Resort...

10 Thistle Kids In Charge! Advisory Board Members:

Meet Adam Mrani, Aged 12,
From S.K. Seri Mega Kuala Lumpur...

Both outspoken and active,
Adam has a special fondness,
In reading books by Jeremy Hilton and playing football....

He is also determined to make his mark in this world,
As a journalist or an auther....

Armed with creativity and inspiration,
He is confident in implementing..
Super cool ideas for Thistle Port Dickson...
But more importantly,
Getting kids to enjoy what kids should enjoy!~

Next, I'm going to introduce Aisyah Batrisyia, aged 12..
From Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam..

Aisyah dreams of becoming a doctor,
To help save lives following a personal incident,
Involving her grandfather when she was still a child....

An avid swimmer,
Aisyah took up swimming when she was 9 years old,
And she's a member of the Supersharkz Swimming Club,
At Shah Alam Aquatic Centre...
She plans to progress into competitive swimming in the near future...

As a music fan,
She's taking up piano classes,
To improve her musical capabilities...
Articulate and soft-spoken,
She loves reading English books..
A passion for baking has led her,
To create delicious chocolate brownies,
And chocolate chips cookies..
- A 'Must-try', according to her father...

Young Board members, Anitej Palur, Aged 8,
From ELC International School...
Hails from Sri Lanka,
Is a firm believer,
In achieving excellence,
In all that he does...

Anitej has developed a love,
For Roald Dahl and Jeff Kinny's writings,
And is a fan of the adventures of Tintin...

Anitej spend hours,
Indulging in creating and experimenting,
The various ways of designing different objects,
Using Lego blocks...

Even at his young age,
He desires to pursue medicine,
Following in the footprints of his parents...

Christopher Nantha, 12 years old,
From SJI International KL.
Spends significant amount of time daily,
Reading newspaper to feed his craving for current news.

His ability to be witty at times,
Most unexpected has captured the hearts of many.
He has developed a set of well-rounded hobbies:
Playing tennis and computer games...

Believing in the liberty of kids,
Chris, who hopes to become a businessman,
Is confident in introducing wacky ideas,
To turn Thistle Port Dickson Resort,
A kids' heaven!~

Ella Morris, 8 years old,
From Alice Smith School Kuala Lumpur.
Exudes an air of fun and cheer,
With whoever she comes into contact.
This friendly and easy-going young lady,
Aspires to be a designer for fashion and toys..
Being an art lover,
She indulges in various sorts of artwork...

Ella carries with her,
A soft spot for animals....
She currently has 3 dogs, a turtle and a hamster...
Her deep appreciation for culture,
Stems from her love for Irish dance.

Ella is also an avid swimmer,
And a member of the 1st KL Brownie Guides...

Kah Hong, with surname, Tan...
Who's 12 years old...
From S.J.K.(C) Pin Hwa 1..
His inquisitive and independent personality,
Once spurred him to learn how to play chess online..
And beat his mother at the game soon after!

Impressed by Dr Michio Kaku and Morgan Freeman's scientific TV program,
He has developed a love for science and seeks to explore and learn more,
By reading scientific comics and newspaper,
And by watching scientific documentaries on TV.

He plans to pursue his interest in science,
To become an astronomer in the future...
Which was evident in his suggestion,
To include telescopes in Thistle Port Dickson,
To allow the kids to enjoy and explore,
The vast space and stars....

Louis, also known as Fong Jin, Aged 11,
From S.J.K.(C) Lai Chee...
His love for children has inspired him,
To become a pediatrician one day.
By achieving this dream,
He hops to share the love and affection,
With which he is showered with orphans and children less fortunate than himself...

Having been encouraged by his mother,
To think big,
This intelligent young man,
Has great plans for his future,
Which includes enrolling in the University of Edinburg -
One of the top three medical schools in the UK.

Louis believse in being an all-rounder.
He enjoys swimming and tennis,
To build up his physique,
While he drums to release stress,
And to gain inspirations,
Through the combination of various beats and sounds....

Nur Jannah Lee, 8 years old.
From S.J.K.(C) Subang..
Cheeky and bubbly,
She may seem reserved and shy at the first sight,
But her lovable and fascinating personality,
Does not take long to show itself...

This artist-in-the-making loves expressing herself,
Though creation of various arts and crafts,
Ranging from shoe boxes to aquariums,
UFOs to rocks,
Dinosaur fossils to cars and many more...
I'd really love to exchange ideas with her,
As I'm an art-lover, too!~

She wishes to develop this hobby into a career in future..
And hopes to become an artist to work on big and fascinating art projects..
Believing in keeping her options open,
She also hopes to become either a teacher or pediatric nurse...

Nur Jannah also loves reading,
In particular comics,
And enjoys playing online games...

Shane, Also known as Chong Yung Xian,
From S.J.K.(C) Kwong Hon,
Possesses an outgoing and confident disposition,
And loves outdoor activities.

At age 9,
He has already experienced Genting Skydiving,
Parasailing, Jungle tracking,
Horse riding and go kart.....

Shane carries a passion for swimming,
And spends most of his holidays by the beach or swimming pool....

His outgoing nature is also seen,
Through his active participation in school...
Where he is involved with athletics, basketball and Wushu.

Shane aspires to be either a hotel manager owner,
A doctor or a pilot...

Zhang En's full name - Ng Zhang En,
Home schooled. 9 years old.
She's a poised an elegant young lady,
With a passion for art in the form of ballet and stilt walking..
Even at her tender age,
She can judge while stilt-walking
- A feat many of her peers can only dream of...

She aspires to become either a ballet dancer or environmentalist,
And has taken the first step towards realizing her ambition,
By being a vegetarian....

Zhang En believes that determination drives dreams,
To make them a reality..
She envisions Thistle Port Dickson,
As a spot with never-ending fun for kids...
Which I truly agree with her..

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Uno Roboto

Let's celebrate 40th Anniversary of UNO...
With UNO Roboto:-
An interactive,
Computerized version,
That records the names of the players..
And their house rule.....

Are you ready for some UNO Roboto Style?

Take the classic game of UNO,
And give it your own personal twist,
With UNO Roboto!~

Simply press the button...
To record your own name......
And UNO Roboto will surprise you...
Throughout the game!~~~~~

Record your own crazy challenges....
And customize your own rules......
Uno Roboto will give us...
Surprise Commands anytime throughout the games.....
Don't say I didn't warn you:
You'll never know what he'll say next!~
The unpredictable part,
Adding more giggles to the interesting game!!!
Super duper fun!~

Can't think of any house rules?
That's perfectly O.K!~
We can always follow the house rules,
On the cards~~~

What are you waiting for?
Let's play with Mr. Roboto right now!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

School's Birthday Celebrations

It's my school's birthday celebration..
For August, September & October's...
Birthday boys and girls........

I'm one of the birthday boys!~~~~~
Especially love the cakes this year~~~
With Minion and Smurf~~~

So many variety of cakes!~~~~~
For our celebrations!~

Happy Party Time!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Introduction to Keyboard

Started from Cycle of Seasons....
I'm now graduated from...
Introduction to Keyboard....

I bravely performed...
During our little graduation ceremony~~~~~

My music teacher,
Rewarded me,
With a little gift...

And we had a mini celebration,
For my excellent performance...
At home right after my performance....

Daddy and mummy's very proud of me!~

Monday, September 9, 2013

Merdeka Parade

Our very first LRT experience,
In Malaysia~~~~

Merdeka Parade~~~~~
Just look at the crowd of people!!!!!~

The Royal Car!~

Ready to fire?!~

Kumpulan Pancaragam.....
Be prepared and waiting for their turn..
To march in the parade!~

The helicopter flying show!~
The sound of the vehicle flying low~~~
Is really amazing!!!!!~~~

The soldier are well-prepared...
For the Merdeka parade....

The horse looks so serious,
And the rider looks so alert,
Marching at the parade!~

I know,
There's different kind of teams for each,
But I really can't recall the soldier's team's actual name....
Happy Merdeka Day!!!~

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I love readings!

I loves books!~
Daddy and mummy bought,
A lot of books for us.........

Anywhere in the house,
We think of want to read any books...
The books are within our reach!~

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