Thursday, May 28, 2015

US Potato Culinary Festival KL 2015

US Potato Culinary Festival,
Organized by US Potato Board...

Will run from 1-30 June 2015,
Each of which will feature,
A mouthwatering assortment of unique and fusion dishes,
That elevate the versatility,
Nutritional benefits and superior taste of quality US potatoes.

Giving the nutritious value,
And telling us all benefits..
Of consuming a potato!~

Certificate presentation...
To one of the participating restaurants..

The restaurant participating this year,
Include popular hotels and restaurants,
Such as:

  1. Best Western Hotel, Petaling Jaya
  2. Big Hug Burger
  3. Burger Factory
  4. Jibby & Co.
  5. La Bo Ca Latino
  6. La Risata
  7. Maria's Steakcafe
  8. Naughy Nuri's
  9. Rendezvous Steak Garden Restaurant
  10. Secret of Lousinana
  11. Shereton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
  12. The Daily Grind
  13. The Roulette Bar

We dine and fill our tummy,
With lots and lots of US Potato...

It's such a privilege,
To dine in such a beautiful place,
Overlooking KL Tower...
Amazing view...
From Villa Danieli, 
Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur...

I'm very amazed,
With the variety of food,
Created by the creative talented chefs....

Stay tune for Little Kitchen's post...
For more details about all the dishes!~

Wyeth 'Mightea' Mama Session

Mummy was invited....
To attend...
Wyeth 'Mightea' Mama Session...
In Betjeman & Barton Tea Room..

This is an exclusive invitation,
Is for S-Mama Club members,
Within Klang Valley,
That have been members,
For the longest period of time...

So relaxing,
To take a sip of tea...

 Plus many yummy desserts...
In this hi-tea treats!~

Especially for all the mummies,
To enjoy and relax...

MighteaMama attended,
An exciting soap making workshop..

 Learning a few tricks,
To make natural organic soap..

And bring back the soap the made...

Experience a tea appreciation session....

With one of the most celebrated tea masters...
Not forgetting Julia Woon..

I'm sure all mamas..
Are pampered enough..
And recharged their 'battery'
To commit to their endless duty..

Thanks Wyeth...
For the wonderful session..
For more information about Wyeth,

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CLEAR Rallies Consumers to Bare it All, Confidently

Take the zero dandruff challenge Now!~

And confidently,
Nothing to hide!~

Welcome remarks,
By Emcee...

 Amazing dance...

Speech by Phoenix Ho,
Brand Manger -
Total Hair, Unilever Malaysia..

Product sharing by...
Anatasya Hong,
Brand Manager -
CLEAR Malaysia...

 Launch Gambit..
And group photo session...

Announcement of,
Brand Ambassadors..
Juliana Evans and Shaheizy Sam
Sharing session,
With Juliana Evans and Shaheizy Sam!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Blogger BBQ Poolside Party

Attended our very first...
Poolside Party:
Blogger BBQ Poolside Party,
On 17 May at 4pm...
It's a blogger community project,
Just for ‪#‎bloggerspoolsidebbqparty,
With lots and lots of cool sponsors:

The moment we stepped nearby the pool area,
We're really pretty impressed,
With the beautiful decorated environment...

It was raining....
Right before the party starts.....
Making the weather just nice:
Not too hot, not too cold...
Ideal for a poolside party!~

Sounds unbelievable, 
But believe it:
I met the super duper famous,
Talented and adventurous photographer:

Watch the video in youtube,
And check out...
His amazing photography journey!~

Mummy's very confidence,
With Zung - Ninja Photographer's professional skill,
As she came without any make up!~

Still waiting to see her twilight shot....
But I'm pretty sure the most amazing photographer,
Whom capture photos for Donald Trump, Richard Branson...
And many more extremely famous people...
Will capture the best in my mum!~

Just take a look at this photo:
The founder of leading photo studio - Zung ThePhotoz,
And his assistant is having a shooting session,
With my mummy by the poolside...

I felt like she's a super star!~
She's always a super mummy in my heart!~

Thanks once again,
To the leading photo studio,
We snapped a happy family photo, too!~
Can't wait to see the outcome!!!~

It's nobody's birthday but guess what?!~
I thought I thought I just saw cakes!!!~~
Cakes from Eastin Hotel...

Such a yummilicious fruittie cheezy cake!~
I still can remember the taste of the cheese,
Melting in my mouth,
As well as in my heart!~
So so so so so delicious!!!

Another amazing sponsor:
Bakarlah BBQ & Rental...
No frill Just grill!~

When I heard it's a BBQ party..
I was like... Oh my!~
Do I really need to grill everything?
It's proven that...
My worry is totally no point....
Did all the grilling, cooking, bbq-ing job for us...
All we need to do,
Is just eat,
And eat,
And eat..
And eat....

Eat so much,
Don't you worry you'll be very fat later?
Not to worry at all,
Just jump into the pool
And get some exercise..
Swim, swim swim!~

I'm not the photographer for this photo,
Aunty Sherry snapped this...
I'm just pretty busy,
Getting enough exercises,
To eat more.....

Let's take a peep of what else we gonna eat!~
The fishy looks so shinny and fresh!
And they're Q-ing up to be grilled....

GST Group fish supply:
20kg of Saba Mackerel,
60 tray of shisamo fish,
10 kg of ikan mabong,
5 kg of tiger prawn..
And 5kg cooked shrimp...

Enough for all of us!~
To go back with full full tummy!~

Best to eat together,
With BBQ sauce + mayonnaise,
And my didi's favourite - lemon!~

Thanks to EJS,
My mei mei,
The little 'jewellery designer'...
Is trying to come out with her new design of necklace..

I personally really love her colourful design...
But again...
She thinks,
This is too nice to share with anyone else,
Not even mummy!~

Guess mummy have to sit there,
And envy those mummy bloggers friends,
Whom their kids are sweet enough,
To make a jewellery for their mummy...

Why don't I make one for her?
Ala.... Don't you know that,
She already attended EJS jewellery workshop,
And designed a very beautiful set for herself already..
Mummy, don't be so greedy, ok?

What's more?
Face & Body Art by Fannie...
Just sit there,
And looking at the talented artist: Fannie,
To draw and come out with amazing face & body art...

Perfectly beautiful, isn't it?!

All kids love balloons...
I guess no children can resist,
This bunch of colourful pretty balloons....
Sponsored by Balloon Buzz USJ Taipan!~

Why no group photo?
We're all pretty busy...
Exploring all the interesting activities,
And all the yummy food..
During the party....

We didn't even realized..
When all the bloggers snapped group photo...
Saw group photo after the event..
Without us inside...
Sob Sob! :(

The party didn't ended just like that...
Mummy's going to enjoy her foot spa session,
With skin renew perfect foot mask from Shills...
And wonderful dining sessions,

And now....
I guess everyone's eyeing...
On the glittery black jewellery,
Sponsored by Kelvin Gems..

I'd like to expressing my gratitude,
To everyone and all the sponsors...
That made this party a huge success!~
Especially to Sidney,
The one whom made all this possible...

No doubt,
Blogger BBQ Poolside Party,
Is definitely a blast!~
It is indeed one of the most beautiful memory,
In my blogging journey!~

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Jr NBA Open Clinics 2015

I'm extremely excited,
To be able to attend Jr NBA Open Clinics,
Again, in 2015!~

Everyone anxiously waiting,
To get our very own Jr NBA's Jersey!~

Jr NBA's Head Coach,
Craig Brown,
Sharing his basketball-playing tips!~

A group photos of the coaches!~

Participants on stage,
To win limited edition
Dutch Lady's Jr NBA's Spalding's Basketball..

More basketballs,
To add to your collection,
And my collection!~

Let's start the training now!~
It's super duper hot,
But it didn't stop anyone,
From learning more basketball skills!~

 Conquering each and every of the stations!~

Group photos with everyone...
Try to spot me!

I'm truly looking forward,
For Jr NBA RSC at end of the month...


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