Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kids Halloween Party

Mei Mei and me attended
Kids Halloween Party.....
With lots of fun art time!~

We loved all the Halloween decorations,
On the wall!~~~

Beside having party,
We enjoy looking..
At all the Halloween pumpkins...

Many-eyes blue trophy creatures,
Look fabulous!~
Of course,
Everyone dress up in costume...
I'm Buzz Lightyear,
And mei mei is butterfly fairy!~

Having lots of fun,
Making our own...
Mr. Beads Pumpkins...
@ Halloween Hama Beads Workshop...

Prizes for best Halloween Costume Contest...
We didn't win anything...
But we enjoyed every single moment in the party!~

Monday, October 28, 2013

Concert + Convo

This year is my last year in kindergarten..
Next year,
I'll be 'promoted' to primary school........
This will be my very last time performing,

The youngest performers...
In our concert!!!~
Awesome cuteness!~
Striking colourful costumes...
Are always the 'selling point',
For our concert...

My class is performing.....
A bangladesh dance,
With the song entitled 'Thule Thule'...

Group photo..
Of all the graduating students....
And I'm one of them!!!~~~~~
We sings 快乐天堂,
After accepting our graduating certificate,
From our kindergarten's principal...

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kinderdijk Child Safety Roadshow Press Launch

Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd launched
A one-week Child Safety Roadshow Campaign,
That centres on Kinderdijk's commitment,
To strongly remind parents and guardians,
To be wary and to take all necessary precautions,
To safeguard their children's safety.
Venue: East Entrance Atrium, Groud Floor, Mid Valley Megamall...
Date: 14-20 October 2013...
Time: 10am-10pm

Mr. Gwei Tze-Co,
Managing Director of Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd said...
Based on the statistics,
Parents seem to assume that,
Holding their child,
Or letting them sit on the lap,
Is enough to protect them,
From the impact of accidents....
It is also becoming a worrying trend that,
The usage of child safety car seats and travel systems,
Are not something that most Malaysian parents take seriously....

 "According to the study conducted by MIROS,
An infant will be flung forward at a high velocity albeit,
Being held by an adult during a vehicle collision at only 30km per hour....
Thus, being equipped with the right and comfortable baby travelling equipment,
Can provide a peace of mind to parents,
When using the equipment while travelling.. "
Said Ms Jenny Kwan,
Senior Sales Manager, Hong Kong & ASEAN,
Newell Rubbermaid Asia Pacific...

Followed by....
Child Care Products Demonstration,
By Ms Yvonne Wong,
Senior Business Unit Manger,
Baby Division,
Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd....
And Mr Tee Seng Thien,
Sales Manger, ASEAn,
Newell Rubbermaid (M) Sdn Bhd...

According to Yvonne,
Aprica has formed the 8.3.8 Principle,
To identify, protect and nurture the baby's body and mind,
To create the best environment,
For babies with the development of comfortable baby products.

8.3.8 Principle:

8 Babies' immaturity in body to be protected-
1. Heavy head and unstable neck
2. Underdeveloped respiratory function
3. Straight backbone, high risk for hip dislocation
4. Underveloped thermoregulation
5. Unstable sleep pattern
6. Weak skin barrier function
7. Undeveloped sensory function
8. Undeveloped immune system

3 Baby's emotional growth to be encouraged-
1. "Relationship of trust" nurtured by physical contact.
2. "Curiosity" developed by stimulation of five senses.
3. "Communication ability" fostered by everyone's smile.

8 Medical structures to protect and nurture Baby's body and mind-
1. Lay down a baby on a flat bed.
2. Put any restriction on a baby's head and neck.
3. Keep natural posture according to a baby's growth.
4. Provide comfortable breathability and hydrothermal environment.
5. Protect a baby from dust and harmful substances.
6. Reduce shock and uncomfortable vibration.
7. Ensure a baby's natural sleep and life rhythm.
8. Support communication with a baby.

Aprica's flat bed car seat,
The one and only in the market...

After the baby's around 4 months old...

Convert again,
Front facing car seat....

Mr Tee showing
The structure to control hydrothermal environment,
In a Aprica's Stroller....

Structure to protect a baby,
From harmful environment...
They even considering protecting babies
From harmful UV Rays!~

Simply amazed me....
With how the length of the car seat,
Could be adjustable.....
In just a click and pull.....
As a kid like me grow taller,
We can just adjust the length of the car seat easily!~

Love the idea of storage,
In the playpen...
Some buttons to press on....
For vibration to sooth babies to sleep...
+ listening to some soft music!~
How comfy!~

Last but not least,
Group photo of Key persons.....
From Mom's Care, Kinderdijk
And Newell Rubbermaid......

Want to know more about the roadshow?
Want to know more about Graco & Aprica products?
My didi has more photos to show in his blog....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

P&G Home

P&G was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio,
In 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble -
A candle maker and soap maker,
Who started a small business,
That has grown into...
One of the world's most admired companies today!~

I'm really sure.....
You're using at least one of P&G product,
To keep your house or yourself clean.....
Let me take you for a virtual 'trip':-
A visit to P&G Home....

Dynamo would be the ideal choice,
For doing household's laundry....

Not forgetting Downy:-
The brand that has been....
Providing fresh, soft and comfortable clothes,
For 50 years!~

Plus Daphne's favourite:

The brand that is known,
For eliminating everyday odors,
On fabrics and in the air...

Joy dishwashing liquid,
Is the latest addition,
To P&G Malaysia...

Something I didn't know.....
P&G also provide animals' food: IAMS!~

P&G products,
Are always around,
To keep your floor clean, too!~

Ambi Pur
Offers a range of air refresher solutions,
To help resolve situations,
Where you encounter unpleasant small...
Turning your mood,
And the place around you,
From smelly to smiley!~

If you have a baby at home,
You'd probably be using Pampers!~
For pampers is not only represent the brand,
But most of the time,
People are using the word: 
Pampers = Disposable diapers!

Moving to P&G bedroom...
I saw Vicks:
Everything you need when you are sick,
To make every day and night worth holding onto...

Which was created by a man,
As a gift for his wife....
How romantic!~
Olay range of products available in Malaysia:
Olay Natural White,
Olay Total Effects,
Olay Regenerists,
Olay White Radiance...

The best a man can get!~

Need some power?
Duracell is the world's leading manufacturer,
Of high-performance alkaline batteries!~

P&G provides 4 hair care brands:-
1. Herbal Essences:- The Experience enablers;

2. Pantene:- Healthy and shinny hair...

3. Rejoice:- The first 2-in-1 Shampoo Brand...

4. Head & Shoulders:- Number 1 recommended Dandruff Brand by US Dermatologists!~

Whispers: What every women needs every month!~

World's No. 1 Dentist-Recommended Toothbrush Brand...

Is your house,
One of P&G home?

Celebration of P&G's 175 Years of Innovation with The Everyday Effect Story

To inspire Malaysians,
In embracing the little acts,
That make our lives easier,
Or even more special every day,
Procter & Gamble Malaysia (P&G),
The company behind...
Some of our best-loved consumer brands,
Joined its global counterparts,
In celebrating P&G's 175 years of innovation -
The Everyday Effect Story....

 "Sometimes we forget to appreciate,
The value the simple acts,
That we do everyday,
Bring to the quality of our lives....
At P&G,
Awareness of significance of these simple acts,
Like brushing your teeth,
Clean your oily hair,
Wash your smelly clohtes...
Is the biggest motivation,
That drives innovation of our products..."
Nicolas de La Giroday,
Country CEO for P&G Malaysia and Singapore,
Shared the great thought behind,
The celebration event at Elements showroom.....

Sharing the same sentiment at the event,
Was all-round celebrity mum, Dahne Iking...
She chronicled the daily woes,
Faced by ordinary Malaysians,
And the true meaning of everyday acts to her,
"Nothing makes as big an impact as products,
That make everyday routine and tasks
That little bit easier, faster and effortless...
Small gestures of kindness,
And saving time on everyday chores,
Really do mean a lot for working mum like me'

Official launch of P&G,
The Everyday Effect Story....

Nicolas & Daphne,
Posing with P&G products!~

Last but not least,
Sharing the photos of winners....
Of lucky draw + P&G Hunt.....
P&G hunt was hosted in P&G Home..
Which I'll show you in my next post...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cherishing The Most Beautiful Journey in Woman's Life With Palmer's

Mummy bring all 3 of us,
To attend Palmer's Media Conference...

The media conference starts with,
Speech by Regional Director,
Of Palmer's Australia...
Mr. Daniel Deans...
According to him,
Palmer's truly believe that,
The journey to motherhood,
Is beautiful
And should always be filled
With joy and love....

Themed Cherishing my Motherhood Experience Cherished Momories,
The Palmer's Wellness Enrichment Session,
Is a workshop with tips and demonstrations,
On managing emotions and hormonal changes,
Diet, Exercise, Skin-care,
As well as holistic approach,
To the well-being
Of both baby and expecting parents....

First series of Palmer's Wellness Enrichment Sessions....
~ Skin Care Focus by Ms Paula Turbill,
Regional Manager of S.E. Asia, Palmer's Australia...

Palmer's Wellness Enrichment Session 2,
~ Hormones & Emotions Focus by Dr Helena Lim,
Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology....

Right after the tea break,
Palmer's Wellness Enrichment Sessions 3,
~ Diet Focus by Ms Indra Balaratnam,
Consultant Dietitian....

Two expected mothers,
Calmly preparing,
Their very own recipe of....
Yogurt fruit puree!~

Last session of Palmer's Wellness Enrichment Session....
~Exercise focus by Ms Iris Maniam,
Professional Yoga Instructor,
Demonstrating cat pose of prenatal Yoga exercise...

Prize presentation...
For Palmer's Mother's Day Photo Contest........
Mummy is very happy for her friends,
For winning 1st prize and consolation prize...
Congratulations to Cma & Ayu!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Products,
Are available at all leading chain,
And independent pharmacies,
Throughout Malaysia..
Including Guardian, Watsons, Caring, Jusco and more...
For more information on Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula products,
Please log on to or

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