Thursday, July 9, 2015

Celebrity Fitness Indoor Fitathlon 2.0

Celebrity Fitness Indoor Fitathlon,
Is back..
And it's bigger and better than ever!~

Participating celebrities:
Peter Davis,
Tony Eusoff,
Mark O'Dea,
Gary Yap,
Jason Phang,
DJ Lin,
Steve Yap,
Ian Ong,
Brian Chen,
Cindy Chen,
Winson Voon,
Angeline Ooi,
Jess Cheng,
Hana Teo,
Terry Ong,
Azura Zainal,
Annie Wong,
John Oh...

Warm up session...

On how to work out...

Indoor Fitathlon,
Is inspired by the Celebrity Fitness Signature Class,
Fast Fit,
Which is designed,
To increase strength,
In core muscles.

Participants will pair up,
With celebrities,
In a relay workout session..
And battle it out,
To be the fitness champion..

 Spin the wheel...

On of the sponsor:

The 1st runner up,
Of the Celebrity Fitness Indoor Fitathlon 2.0,
Shirley Chan,
And her celebrity partner,
John Oh..

Meet the champion,
Of the Celebrity Fitness Indoor Fitathlon 2.0,
Katherine Lloyd,
And her celebrity partner,
Ian Ong...

Congratulations to the winners!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jr NBA Closing Ceremony 2015

Jr NBA Closing Ceremony...
Started with speech by Saw Chooi Lee,
Managing Director of...
Dutch Lady Malaysia...

Milk toasting..
With NBA Legend,
Darryl Dawkins...
And also...
Jr NBA Head Coach,
Craig Brown...

The medals and trophy....
Going to presented...
To outstanding players...

Look at the joy on their faces...


NBA Legend Darryl Dawkins,

Jim Wong,
Senior Director,
For Global Marketing Partnership, NBA Asia,

YB P. Kamalanathan P. Panchanathan,
Deputy Minister,
Minister of Education II,

Saw Chooi Lee,
Managing Director of Dutch Lady Malaysia...

Datuk Marina Chin,
Director of Sports Division,
Ministry of Education Malaysia,

Craig Brown,
2015 Jr NBA head coach,

Edward Ng,
Assiatant Vice President,
Premium & New Services Sport Business of Astro..

And 2015 Jr NBA All-Stars!~

Group photo,
Together with all coaches..

 Souvenir presentation time...

Love the Jr NBA's Jersey...

I can feel the joy and hard work they all had..
And the good relationship with all the coaches...
During the training session...

I wish I could be one of them..
When I grew enough older,
To join the Nasional Training Camp...

Wefie time...
With coaches and 64 participants!~

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More of my experiences,
On Jr NBA:

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Jr NBA Rookie Challenge 2015

 Jr NBA Malaysia 2015 Roadmap..

Jr NBA's Jersey...
With choice of sizes...

The Vitals Station...

Vertical Jump:
The higest point that the athlete,
Can touch from a standing jump,
Less the height that the athlete can touch,
From a standing position..

Height measurement and wingspan...

Pumping session...

Attended RSC last year,
And this year as well......

Rookie Challenge for this year...

Little game...
I didn't take part in this one...
As the Dutch Lady's opening can,
Is too high for me!~
Maybe next year,
When I grow taller....

Little souvenirs,
For everyone whom completed the challenge...

I'm really glad that my score is improving!~
Worth the whole year of training...
Can't wait for Jr NBA 2016....


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Monday, July 6, 2015

Genting First World Hotel Tower 2A Annax Room - XYZ Deluxe

We stayed in...
The brand new Annax Room,
In Genting First World Hotel...
Which is located in Tower 2A...

Our room type:
XYZ Deluxe Room..
Is very cosy and comfy...
I love the design very much......
Feels great and stylish,
The moment I stepped into the room...
The way the 'hide' the lights.
Behind barrier / pillar...
Is pretty cool, too!~
Don't really need any fancy light,
But simple design is great enough!~

The colour combination is very beautiful, too!~
With the greenery plus a little brownish and yellowish in the room..
It makes us feel very refreshing,
Everytime we step into the room...
Television is available in the room...
Though we didn't really spent much time watching it...

I guess the main highlight will be the switch...
Since everyone's having so many gadgets nowadays..
It's pretty important to get our gadgets fully charged,
In the hotel room..
For Malaysian like us,
Of course we no need to bring any adapter;
But even for foreigner from any other countries...
Don't really need to bring any adapter as well...
If they're planning to stay in the annax room..
As their switch fits in EVERYTHING!~
With international socket + USB power point

Simply fall in love with their toilet design as well...
Where 3 person can do their 'private business' at the same time...
As they separated the toilet into 3 parts...
This is such a thoughtful design....

I don't know why,
But every time when my daddy is taking his shower..
I tend to want to do my 'big business'...
In XYZ Deluxe Room..
I no need to wait for daddy to finish bath..
I can straight away go to the toilet...

At the same time,
My didi can brush his teeth...
And wash his face...
While mummy's helping my mei mei,
To blow dry her hair!~

Shower cap and soap is provided in the room..

Annax room doesn't comes with big big cupboard,
But I can ensure you that..
The little area to hang our clothes,
Is definitely more than enough!~

Mummy can boil hot water to make our nen nen...
And she can make a cup of coffee for daddy;
And a cup of tea for herself, too!
Fully complimentary from First World Hotel...

A small security box is provided,
For keeping our valuable belongings...

A little fridge,
To keep the food cool enough,
When we wanted to eat or drink it!~

As summary,
We actually have everything we wanted,
In the cosy little room!~
Perfect stay in Genting!

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