Thursday, August 28, 2014

Disney Channel's 7D

Disney Channel's
"The 7D" Screening....

7D will premiere on Sunday, September 7,
At 11am,
On Disney Channel (Astro Channel 615)

Finding the missing things,
In the 7D pictures...
And colour it!
Easy Peasy!~

7D's Memory game.....
Matching the same character,
In the fastest time....
Speed is the key word!~
To win the game!~

Introducing 7 Dwarf...
According to my mei mei...
Not 7 Dwarf...
It's 7D, to be exact...
Doc, Bashful, Dopey, Happy,
Sneezy, Sleepy and Grumpy...
Not forgetting..
The Glooms:
Hildy and Grim,
Starring by Kelly Osbourne and Jess Harnell..

Short Speech by
Miss Georgina Joseph,
Assistant Manager,
Coorporate Communications,
From Disney Channel...

Without more talking...
Let's watch...
7D's Trailer...

Remember to watch the whole episode,
On 7 September 2014,
At 11am,
On Disney Channel!~


About Disney Channel: Disney Channel is a 24-hour kid-driven, family inclusive television network that taps into the world of kids and families through original series and movies. Currently available to millions of viewers around the world, Disney Channel is part of the Disney/ABC Television Group. In Malaysia, Disney Channel is on Astro Channel 615. For more information, log on to

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Legoland - Land Of Adventure

Duplo Express,
Actually bring us to...
Legoland's Land of Adventure.....

We skipped this,
As we don't feel like getting wet...

Later on,
We found out,
Legoland actually provide body dryer...
So nice!!

Beetle Bounce,
I wonder what's inside..

The Q is really long,
In Lost Kingdom Adventure,
And the sky looks like going to rain anytime soon...

We just get in Pharaoh's Revenge...
And had a really great fun time,
Shooting and throwing....
Lots and lots of ball!~

Kids definitely love to play balls..
Anytime, anywhere...

Let's see if we can find some balls..
In Lego City.....

Monday, August 25, 2014

Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia....
A place I'd been wanting to visit,
Since very very long time ago...

Special thanks to Friso Gold,
I finally manage to visit Legoland,
Whom share the very same birthdate with me.....

Hint Hint....
Our birthday is coming very soon...
Have you prepare our birthday present?

The moment I step into Legoland..
I'm truly impressed,
With the Lego Artist's masterpiece!~
Truly a creative masterpiece,
I love it!~

Look whom did I met?
Albert Einstein!~

Learn to drive a boat...
Lego boat..
Spot some super duper cute Robots,
Made by Lego....

We skipped Project X,
Since it's kind of scary....
And head straight towards Lego Kingdom...

Pressed Metalian Souvenir,
Added Legoland Malaysia to my collection....
After my Hong Kong Disneyland Trip..
And my Australia trip...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lifetime Moms Time Out

To all moms out there,
Have you ever wished,
You could have some time out,
While Daddy dearest takes care of the home?

3 lucky moms from these 3 families,
Actually got to do just that:

 The Baileys
 The Jasons

And The Pangs

In Lifetime's all-new 1st Asia Production:
Mom's Time Out!

From Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines,
Take charge of the family and home,
While the moms get to go on a 5-day getaway to Vietnam!
Premiering on 28 August,
Every Thursday at 9pm,
On LifeTime!~

Five half-hour series 
Showcases the interesting 
And sometimes funny results 
When these typically hands-off dads are left in charge.   

Will bring to viewers
An interactive second screen experience,
Through a weekly parenting discussion...
Viewers can stand to win 
A 3D2N stay at Angsana Lang Co, Central Vietnam
When they download the ScanAd app,
On their Apple and Android devices.....
They can also participate in discussions,
Such as managing a child's social habits,
To handling a child's tantrums...

Themed Attractions and Resorts, 
Which operates famed theme parks 
KidZania Kuala Lumpur, 
And The Little Big Club 
Is proud to provide 
Educational and recreational destinations 
For the families of Mom’s Time Out

“Destinations which offer something relevant and useful
To parents and kids give added value to family bonding 
And our attractions do just that by providing 
Hours of quality family playtime,” 
Themed Attractions and Resorts 
Philip Whittaker, Chief Marketing Officer says.

Catch the amusing family adventures 
In Mom’s Time Out this August on LIFETIME. 

For more information, 


LIFETIME™ is available on Astro Ch 709, Variety Pack.


Lifetime™ is an entertainment destination offering the highest quality dramas, movies and reality. A television network infused with passion and empowerment, it is the leading channel for women in the US. Lifetime™ reflects the full spectrum of the modern female experience, delivering top tier, female-focused entertainment that encourages co-viewing.

About A+E Networks™ Asia
A+E Networks™ Asia is owned by the award-winning, global media content company, A+E Networks™, which is dedicated to offering consumers a diverse communications environment ranging from television networks to websites, to home videos/DVDs to gaming and educational software.  A+E Networks Asia is comprised of Lifetime®, HISTORY®, bio.®, H2™ and Crime & Investigation Network®. A+E Networks Asia operates and distributes its portfolio in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Palau, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sesame Street Live - Elmo Makes Music Media Launch

Sesame Street Live -
Elmo Makes Music
Media Launch....
At Genting Mega Fun Roadshow
Presented to you by,
Resorts World Genting....

On 16 August 2014,
Roadshow in 1Utama, High Street..

Welcome note by....
Emcee of the day........

Speech by Mr Kevin Tann,
Vice President of,
Promotion & Entertainment,
Resorts World Genting..

 Mr Christopher J. Harper,
Chereographer, Director & Restaging of,
"Elmo Makes Music"

All the audiences are thrill-fully happy,
With Elmo, Cookie Monster, Ernie and Bert Performance...
Look at the fans of Sesame Street,
Not only did they attract the attention of children,
But also the adults:-
Flying back to their sweet sweet childhood memories...

Fun and Furry Musicians,
Together with....
Mr. Kevin and Mr. Christopher
Group photos,
With the VIPs...

 Another group photos,
Of the Sesame Streets characters,
With the super cute 'VIPs'...

The launch ended with,
Media Q&A Session,
With Mr Christopher and Mr Kevin...

Sesame Street Live - Elmo Makes Music's performance,
Starts from 28 November 2014 until 3 January 2015...

For more information,
Please visit,
Or call 03-6101 1118

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Busying in the kitchen, 
Mummy went to check on us
As there's sudden silent in the living room....

Mummy: So, who let you all watch youtube with my phone?

Together, me and di di answer in the same time:
The elder brother: di di.....
The younger brother: kor kor....

Oh, Mummy really won't know 
We have the right to 
Grant each other permission 
For using Mummy's phone.... 

Time to change her password..

Monday, August 11, 2014

Jr NBA RSC Rookie Challenge

I'm super duper happy,
To know that I'm able to join...
Jr NBA's RSC Rookie Challenge!~

It's really a great experience,
For any basketball-lover,
To be trained by great coaches!~

Special thanks to Dutch Lady,
This round,
We're having our training,
In indoor basketball court!
Rain or shine,
We'll still be playing comfortably in the court!~

Dang Dang Dang Dang!~
My score card!~
With the skill I learnt!~

Thanks Jr NBA!~


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Friday, August 8, 2014

Sydney Opera House

Opera House,
Is a must visit...
For Sydney trip....

The Studio is open,
For Kids' performance....
During our visit to Opera House..

 Lovely Opera House's 3D Puzzle...

Daddy loves this model of Opera House..

Mummy's attracted to
This crystal-alike Opera House..

For me,
I'm fascinated by,
Lego Opera House..

For sure,
Mei mei want to bring home,
Barbie with Opera House's attire!~

Di di loves this:-
Opera House's hug-gable twins..

Something interesting:
We saw this artist in gold,
Sitting on invisible chair...
On our way back from Opera House...

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cafe COS @ Sealife, Sydney

Cafe COS,
This is one very special cafe,
That caught our attention.....
In Sydney Sea Life Aquarium..

Did we dine here?
And why not?
Since I said it's too special...............

It's for vegetarian!~
It's super duper fresh!~
It's lettuce!!
It's a cafe for Dugong...
It's a Dugong Eatery!~

Or beautifully called as mermaid..
Love to eat lettuce!~

Kind of love their menu,
With specials of the day!
If you can't see clearly from my photo,
I'd like to re-type it here..
Salad of the day - lettuce
Soup of the day - lettuce served in salt water..
Beverages - Salt water, sea water, brine, saline water..
Wondering what's Dugong's choice?

Very very fresh lettuce....
Lots and lots of lettuce..

I'm pretty sure Dugong have a satisfying meal,
In Cafe COS!~

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