Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Althea Exclusive Make Up Collection

Very nice and special Althea's box...
Uniquely Korea~~~
Love the special hanbook design of the box!
Simply cute and nice..

Now let's peep inside the box...
Full of make up collection...
Concealers, lip tints,
Eyeshadow palette and eye glitters...
Althea Exclusive Make Up Collection!

Flawless creamy concealer...
So important to cover all the skin imperfection:
Panda eyes, spots or blemishes...

Flawless Creamy Concealer comes in 4 types:
#01 Vanilla (Pink beige #21)
#02 Ginger (Warm Ivory #21)
#03 Honey (Warm Peach #23-#25)
#04 Mocha (Deeper Yellow #30)

Kind of love the thick and creamy texture..
As it is so easy to blend..
And really can cover imperfections for all day long...
Having flawless skin after applying this..

 Eye Palette Sunrise & Moonrise BCL x Althea..

Althea's 8-shade eyeshadow palette,
Made in collaboration with Bunga Cintra Lestari (BCL)
Renowed Indonesian artist cum beauty / fashion icon..

8 glittery, shimmery and matter pigmented shades...
8 perfect shade to choose from...
Great choices...
Just choose whichever colour,
That suite mood of the day...
And apply it on eyes!

Spotlight Eye Glitter
#01 Gold Light
#02 Pink Light

It makes eyes extra glittery..
I like it's light and shiny colour tone..
Perfectly nice...
So glamorous!

Watercolour Cream Tint
#01 Plum Cream
#02 Strawberry Cream
#03 Peach Cream
#04 Maroon Cream

For sexy lips..
It's truly hydrating...
And can last for long time after applying..
Love it!

Bonus: Skin Relief..
Spot film gel,
With tea tree leaf extract...
Gel to film texture..
To cover acne or spots before make up..

Hop over to Althea's website,
To grab Althea Exclusive Make Up Collection...
And enjoy transforming into more beautiful you!~

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Enchanteur Paris Parfum Shower Gel

My Pampering Escape..
With Enchanteur Paris  Parfum Shower Gel:
Bella Amour Bright & Smooth,
Mon Amie Fresh & Cool,
Adore Sooth and care...

Bella Amous,
Lovely blend of Ylang-ylang and lily fragrance..
Enriched with Rose oil and Vitamin B3,
And it leaves skin smoother,
Brighter and irresistable to the touch..

Most of all..
It smells truly nice...
I love it very much!

A little touch up of perfume,
After a long day....

Nothing is better than having..
Quality shower time,
That provieds physical and mental comfort,
For the daily escape...

Fragrances are designed uniquely,
To spark moments of romance,
At every stage in a woman's wondrous journey of love..

Monday, February 18, 2019

McDonald's Happy Meal Readers Programme

Family whom eat together, stays together;
Family whom read together, stays together...

Through the Happy Meal Readers Programme,
McDonald's has partnereed with Cressida Cowell,
World-renowed auther and illustrator of bestselling
How to Train Your Dragon series,
To launch an original book series titled Treetop Twins Adventures...

The book series,
Exclusive to McDonald's,
Will feature 12 standalone stories,
With one book being released each month,
Throughout the year.

The book will be available,
In both English and Bahasa Malaysia Specifically,
For the Malaysian market..

Marketing Director of McDonald's Malaysia,
Eugene Lee,
Introducing the Happy Studio App,
That can be downloaded on both the Play Store and Apple Store..
Using the app,
Families can read and interact with the stories,
To bring the book illustrations to life,
Further amplifying the experience,
While nurturing valuable family time..

You may choose a book or a toy,
With Happy Meal Purchases...

For more information,
Visit www.mcdonalds.com.my

Thursday, February 14, 2019

MOV Hotel - Good Morning Sexy

"Good Morning Sexy"
Woke up with a great mood..
At MOV Hotel...

Yummy breakfast,
Is a lovely start of the day...

A very healthy way,
To break our fast..

The menu comes with 4 choices:
Kuay tiaw soup..
A warm soupy way,
To start our day...

Or can ops for fried rice..
With fried egg and cucumber...
Plus the aroma of mushroom...

Or western style breakfast......
With fishy, or chicken..

After breakfast,
It's time for a swim or work out!
Enjoy nya~~~~~~

MOV Hotel Kuala Lumpur
43, Jalan Berangan, Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2781 9888
Website: www.movhotel.com
Email: reservation@movhotel.com

MOV Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Had a lovely stay,
At Hotel MOV, Bukit Bintang...

The entrance was very spacious and comfy...

With very friendly receptionist...
Our booking was attended in no time..

The waiting area is pretty stylish and comfortable..
Don't mind wait at the lobby...
But we didn't even need to wait..
For our room to be ready..
Speedy service!~

Attracted by this slide..
Which headed down to the restaurant..
Will blog about the restaurant in our next post..
Stay tune ya...

Family LOFT room...
Didn't expect it's 2 storey!~
Super nice and spacious!~

Kids room are upstairs...
They have their own space,
To enjoy to the maximum!~

Love the interior decoration of the room...
Can't wait to take a bath..

Not just hotel stay..
We have time to work out, too!
It's fighting time...
It's boxing time!

Pushing beyond our limits..
At the gym room!~

Swings at the roof top...
Enjoying ourselves to the maximum!~
There's no words to describe our excitement level...

Last but not least,
On the top of the world...
I mean,
On the top of the building...

MOV Hotel Kuala Lumpur
43, Jalan Berangan, Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2781 9888
Website: www.movhotel.com
Email: reservation@movhotel.com

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Silka Lunar New Year Culinary Delights

This Lunar New Year,
Having a great culinary delights,
At Silka Hotel, Cheras..

Salmon Yee Sang,
3 days advance reservation required...
Call: +603-9100 1133 (Silka Cheras)

If you wish to dine in Silka Maytower KL,
With the same menu,
Kindly call +603-2692 9298 for reservation..

2 options of choices available..
Golden Treasures OR Rising Phoenix Menu...

Both menu starts with,
3 types of Hot & Cold Combination..
A great start for a mouthful of yummy foodie!

Braised seafood with crab meat soup..
Truly warm up my tummy..
Love the aroma of the soup so much!
Crispy roasted chicken,
With Prawn crackers...

The chicken is nicely roasted..

Roasted chicken with Thai Sauce,
The spicy sourly taste of the thai sauce,
Making the chicken extra tasty!

Steamed red snapper teochew style..
Very aromatic...
Fishy are very freshy, too!

Steamed seabass with soy sauce...
Simple and truly express out the freshness of the fish!

Mushroom braised with taukan, taufoo and broccoli..
Very great combination..
The broccolli blends so well with all the accompaniment..

Mixed mushroom with Siew Pak Choy!~
Truly mouthwatering!

Fried rice with chicken ham for golden treasure menu;
Fried rice with cubed seafood for rising phoenix menu..

Chinese pancake...
The kaya inside the pancake..
Blends so well inside the crispy skin!~
Truly yummilicious!

Last but not least,
Iced longan sea coconut..
Truly refreshing drink,
After a mouthful of yummy food!~

For more details,
Visit Silka Cheras's website,

Tony Roma's Fortune Feast

Feast on Fortune and
Having a Yee Sang Tossing...
At Tony Roma's...

According to tradition,
Tossing yee sang welcomes good luck,
Prosperity, health and all things auspicious..
The higher you toss,
The more good fortune is in store!

Tony Roma's very own version of Ong Lai Salad,
Is part of the Fortune Feast menu...
Prosperity Salad with Grilled Salmon...

Wealthy Salad with Baby Octopus..

I love both of it..
So juicy, so freshy, so crunchy!~

Fresh salad mix,
juicy pineapple, carrot
Crisp cucumber,
Citrusy fresh pomelo,
Crispy fried wonton skin,
Chunky roasted walnut...
And the meat of your choice,
Served with flavorful sweet onions vinaigrette..

Fortune Feast menu,
Offers festive dishes,
Including Reunion meal:
Full slab of flame-grilled lamb ribs,
With half BBQ chicken,
And Half signature Kickin' Shrimp,
Served with 4 side dishes..

The Buddy Meal,
Which consists of 2 well-seasoned,
Grilled lamb shoulder,
With half a BBQ chicken served..

Love the aroma of the meat..
Very well marinated and super juicy!
The chicken is big portion,
Even it's just half of it...
Very yummy and delicious!~

The 4 side dishes!~
Extra star for the potato croquette!
Just fit my taste bud..

If you're bored with tradisional chinese food,
This Chinese New Year...
Tony Roma's is a great choice to dine in for CNY!

For more information,
Hop over to Tony Roma's Facebook

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