Monday, March 31, 2014

Experience @ Sheep Pen

A very extraordinary experience,
For us to see with our own eyes,
A bunch of goats..
Lots and lots of goat...
Running out from the sheep pen....
Following their leaders...

@ UK Farm...

 Do you know where they're heading to?

Eating fresh and green green grass,
In the huge grass field....

Mummy goat,
And her just-born baby goat.......

A very close encounter:
Feeding the goat,
From very near distance...

For the younger goat,
They drink milk instead...

The little bottles of milk,
Finish in just a blink of eyes!~

This is how....
Little cute baby goat,
Drinking milk milk....
In the farm....
I bet they still prefer,
Direct latching to their mummy goats,

Expressing our gratitude,
To Friso for giving us a chance,
The experience a unique day in the farm!

UK Farm Agro Resort

Special thanks to Friso,
For sponsoring our farm stay,
As what we wished for....
In UK Farm Agro Resort...

Open Dormitory...
In UK Farm....

Public toilets,
Overlooking beautiful purple lavender...

It will really be a great experience,
To stay in the real dormitory,
If we're in a huge group of people....

Since di di is still baby,
And we think it's much more appropriate,
And much more better,
If we stay in the chalet...
We top up some money,
And change our open dormitory accomodation,
To Chalet stay in the farm...

The Chalet is huge,
With enough room for every one of us,
To sleep comfortably...

Most importantly,
There's a private toilet in the room..
Much more convenient....
Than the open dormitory...

Welcome drink,
With mineral water plus goat's milk coffee!~
And freshly plucked passion fruits!

I'm really gonna enjoy my farm stay...
Full gratitude to Friso!
For fulfilling my mummy's pledge!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Mushroom Farm

Special thanks to Friso,
For fulfilling mummy's pledge,
To bring us to bigger farm.....

We had a great experience,
In extraordinary huge mushroom farm......

Seeing it for real,
On how Ling Zi (Ganoderma mushroom) grows...
Is really a great learning experience,
For me and my siblings!~~~~

Time to explore the Jakun Village!~

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Learning Trip to Palm Oil Farm

School holiday that I awaited for so long...
Finally here...

We went for a visit,
In palm oil farm....

For the first time ever,
I see how the palm oil is plucked...

I even bring one of the palm oil home..
Cut it into half...
And tried to squeeze the oil out..

Mummy plucked a few leaves samples....
For our after visit activities:
Leave identification task....

With great and clear observation,
During the trip...
Me and mei mei manage to complete the task,
In no sweat at all....
Successfully labelled the leaves,
In 3 languages...
Mei mei said she don't want to write the chinese words...
So she just concluded it with two languages...
Good enough!~

I'm looking forward,
For more learning trip..
Like this in near future..
So fun!~

Monday, March 24, 2014

TV3 Bananana Squad & Hot Wheels

My special shooting session...
With TV3 Bananana Squad...
On how to fix....
Mattel's Hot Wheels Wall Tracks....

Working together,
With Bananana Squad's host:

Test run time..
Feel the speed...

On air TV3,
At 11am,
On 21 December 2013!

To see the full clip,

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nice collection

I always love to admire,
My gu gu's collections...
Full set of Lego Ferrari...

 The cutest minions!~

 Superheroes on board...

Mcdonald's Hello Kitty....

Last but not least,
Mummy's childhood cartoon character: Smurf!~

Which collections you love most?
I love all of it!!!

Tefal Actifry Press Launch

The world’s leading cookware and home appliances maker, 
Introduces a healthy, modern and practical cooking technology, 
Named the Tefal ActiFry FZ7072 electrical cooker. 

This highly-acclaimed appliance from France 
Is the No. 1 cooker in Europe and Canada, 
And it provides a healthy 
And more convenient way to cook, 
Giving tasty results, 
While preserving the nutrients inside the food. 

Consumers with a hectic lifestyle 
Who are constantly seeking time 
To prepare wholesome meals for the family 
Will find the Tefal ActiFry FZ7072 
A perfect solution for them. 

Busy working adults can now enjoy 
Appetizing and nourishing foods 
Without undermining their aim 
To have a nutritious diet and healthy way of life.

Keynote address by,
Kelvin Mow,
Managing Director of Groupe SEB 
(Singapore & Malaysia)

Cooking demonstration,
By Asian Food Channel (AFC)

AFC Celebrity Chef,
Anis Nabilah is cooking handily,
With Tefal ActiFry...

Together with...
AFC Nutritionist Dino Goh!

Emcee of the day,
Terence Dass,
Is explaining the benefits of Tefal ActiFry:
Compared to the conventional frying methods, 
Tefal ActiFry FZ7072 is a natural and healthy solution 
For wholesome cooking as it uses lesser amount of oil.  

Don't forget to join...
Tefal's Revolution,
At 1Utama Shopping Centre...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Just created an account,

Login and browse many useful workbooks,
For primary school students....

Buying books so simple,
With as easy as just a few click away.....
The information of the workbook,
Is clearly displayed,
When I click in!~

After adding in the items I wanted to purchase,
In my shopping cart...
I just proceed with the payment....
And I'll receive my book very soon!~

So convenient,
So easy,
So many choices of books!

Acute Gastroenteritis

I was hospitalized,
For 3 days......
Due to Acute Gastroenteritis...

Vomited nonstop..
Really nonstop..
So san fu......

Fully recovered now...

I'm transforming,
From thin...
To very thin now..

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Norton 360 Multi Device Winners

The 3 winners of~~~
Norton 360 Multi-Device product...
Worth RM249.00 each....

The winners are:
Li Na,
Eriol Loh &
Minny Pang..

Dear Winners,
Please email
Your Full name, IC Number,
Mailing Address & Telephone Number......
For prize delivery.....


Friday, March 14, 2014

Sunway Pals

Sunway Group's 40th Anniversary Success Story...
By Sand Art Animator,
Esther Yap...
You may view part of her amazing sand art animation,
For Sunway Property!~
Simply amazing!!!!!

Giant Mock Card...
Retrived by Illusionist,
Mark Yong!~

Tan Sri Dr Jeffery Cheah,
Founder and Chairman of Sunway Group,
With all Sunway's Mascot...
And the Giant Sunway Pals Card!~

Sunway Group's 'among the first' customers,
From retail, hospitality, leisure, medical, property and education....
With their personalized preloaded Giant Sunway Pals Cards.....

According to Tan Sri Jeffery Cheah,
The theme "Sunway, A Part of You",
They want to pay tribute to their stakeholders and customers,
Who have supported Sunway's growth..

Evan Cheah, CEO of Sunway Direct, added,
Sunway PALS loyalty programme,
Is not only an innovative idea,
But Sunway's token of appreciation to communities!~

Mummy's Sunway Pals' Card.....
With personalized caricature...


Sunway PALS Loyalthy programme,
Offers both rebates and savings for money spent,
In Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
And across Sunway establishments,
Including Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa,
Pyramid Tower Hotel,
Sunway Lagoon,
Sunway Property,
Sunway Education Group Institutions,
And Sunway Medical Centre.

To find out more or to apply for membership,
Please call 03-5633 3988 (Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 10am-10pm)
Or email

You may also visit

Alternatively, kindly download the SunwayPals App

Plan your day now..
And stand a chance to win a hotel stay in Pyramid Tower Hotel...
Click here for more information on the contest.
Contest ends at 9th May 2014!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

3D Ant Puzzle

It's been a long time...
Since I fixed any puzzle....

Saw this 3D Insect Puzzle..
And I think it's very interesting....

I fixed in all by myself....
In quite a short period...
No wonder it's stated there,
for 3+ ages....

I really enjoy the sweet time,
Fixing a 3D puzzle..
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