Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hiruscar Beautiful CSR Campaign

Medinova AG, Switzerland,
Launched Hiruscar Beautiful,
A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Campaign,
That recognizes Malaysia's 3 most beautiful people.

Hiruscar is a revolutionary gel,
With unique Swiss Formulation,
Designed for rapid and easy scar care..

Speech by Dr. Marc Franck,
Vice President,
Business Unit Healthcare of DKSH Malaysia.

Speech by Pamela Tan,
Regional OTC Marketing Director,
Medinova AG Thailand..

Speech by Desryne Heng,
Senior Product Manger of
Hiruscar, DKSH Malaysia.

Speech by Yang Berhormat Senator Bathmavathi Krishnan,
Member of Senate,
Parliament of Malaysia...

The 3 Award recipients....
Sharing their inspirational Stories...
Together with their award and hamper presentation:
A token of RM8000,
Along with the opportunity to be,
And inspiration to others,
Through support of the Hiruscar Beautiful Campaign...

First award recipient:
Dr Anas,
Burn survivior,
Now a healer..

Second award recipient,
Jenny Pong,
Empowered despite loss of both limbs...

Representative of 3rd award recipient,
Keisha Petrus,
Thriving with Neurofibromotosis Type 2...

Hiruscar Beautiful is a tribute to those faving challenges in life,
Beacause the journey only becomes more beautiful,
When you begin to accept all that life offers you,
With courage, grace, empathy, and understanding....

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Johnson's Baby Of The Year 2014

It's really a very sweet memory for me,
To be one of the semi-finalists,

This year,
For the first time in the history,
There will be 3 Grand Prize Winners 
For Johnson's Baby Of The Year 2014...

Category 1 (0-12 months old) 
DOB: 1 Aug 2013 - 31 July 2014

Category 2 (13 months - 24 months old)
DOB: 1 Aug 2012 - 31 July 2013

Category 3 (25 months - 35 months old)
DOB: 1 Aug 2011 - 31 July 2012

Stay tune on Johnson's Facebook...
As the contest will kick starts.
On 1 May 2014!!!~

Last weekend,
There's a roadshow,
With stage activities,
And also early contest entries submission!~
At 1Utama!~

Stage Activity 1:
We Are All Stars!
The kids sway their body and dance,
With 'Head, Shoulder, Knee and Toes'!~

Stage Activity 2:
Superstar Dance!~
Parent-kid dressed up as superstar,
And performed a superstar dance!~

Stage Activity 3:
Papa The Star!~
Papa packing diaper bag on stage!~
And later on,
Catwalk with their diaper bag!~

For more info and activities of,
My Baby, My Pride, My Johnson's Baby,
Please hop over to my didi's blog now!~

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Activities @UK Farm

Petting animals at mini zoo...
Aiming and shooting in the Archery...
Having the greatest sheep challenge...

Are activities we enjoyed in UK Farm!~

We all go into the area...
And try to catch the sheep...
It's a lot more harder than we could imagine...
The sheep run very very fast!~

Daddy managed to catch...
To be exact just touching,
One of the sheep's leg.....
With a fall until his knee is bleeding...

To win this little medal in the sheep challenge...

Time to aim and shoot,

In the archery...

It's a bit tough,
And the tools are big for kids...
I guess it's just cool activities for the adults...

There's a beer garden,
But we skip this part...
Daddy and mummy said,
Beers are not allowed for kids...

Unlike other normal coconut trees I saw before,
With the coconuts high up in the tree,
The coconut trees in UK Farm are very cute and short...
We can touch the coconuts easily!~

Can't help singing the song...

C-O-C-O-N-U-T, Coconut!~

Thanks to Friso,
For the superb experience,
In the farm!~

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