Thursday, April 27, 2017

11street new layout + 2nd Anniversary

I love to shop in,
For very simple reasons.....
It's so easy to use....
And it's so effective!~

Especially with the new layout...
I fall in love with online shopping via 11street,
So convenience!

The catogories are well categorized,
I can find the items I wanted,
In just a few click!
No wasting of time, at all!!
Can you imagine how amazing it is?
Guess what?
11street is having 2nd Anniversary sale,
From 11 April until 30 April 2017!~
Happy 2nd Anniversary, 11street...

Unbelievable RM2 deals!
Believe it!
It's real!~

Besides RM2 deals,
There're RM22 deals, too!~

Download 22% exclusive bonus coupon,
For extra 22% discount for items purchased...
In shops like Samsung, Watsons, Nestle,
Nike, Laneige, Tupperware, Senheng,
Huawei, G-Shock, Adidas, Tefal,
Philips, Caring Pharmacy, rb,
LG, EuYanSang, Loreal, Tokichoi,
Seagate, Yeo's, Universal Traveller,
MamyPoko, HP and Targus...

Click to download the bonus coupon...

Start shop for the items in the shop...

Apply the coupons before paying...
And get extra 22% discount instantly,
For the involved items...

The very main reason,
Why I love 11street so much!
I just need to pay for RM423.52!~
See how much discounts I have?

As per my previous purchase experiences,
Everything will be delivered in my doorstep,
The next day!!!
Speedy delivery!
I'm loving it!

Not forgetting,,,
The flash sales..
On 11am everyday..

The 2 Giveaway!
I really wish my order ID end with No '2'
I'm not the lucky one...
I hope you'll be the lucky one...

This is how you can win....

See what the past days winners won?
Go Pro 5!!!
PlayStation 4!!!

Why o why...
Why my order ID ends with '9'
Maybe I try to do one more purchase,
See if the luck is with me?

Come on,
Let's shop in 11street!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mickey and the Roadster Racer Carnival

Had a fun-filled day...
With Disney Junior's latest animated series,
Mickey and the Roadster Racers....

The series will be shown..
In Disney Junior CH613..
Every Friday at 2:30pm

The larger-than-life truck,
Will unfold into an exciting,
And interactive family carnival..
Where kids and families..
Can enjoy a variety of..
Mickey and the Roadster Racers themed activities....

Super duper cool....
Gearing up to ride and race....
Through the Hot Dog Hills race course....

 Colouring activities..

Enjoying arts and crafts activities!~

Last but not least,
Every little kiddos goes back..
With their very own personalized Roaster's Racers license...

An unforgettable fun experience!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Neutrogena Happy Skin

Neutrogena beauty box...
Dermatologist recommended...
Let's peep what's inside~~

Something to make our skin..
Happy Skin 24/7

Consists of:
Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening cleansing oil to foam 142ml..
Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening foaming cleanser 100g...
Neautrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating daily scrub 100g...

For dull skin...
Just right for to brighten up my skin tone..
With Mulberry extract....
That's rich in Vitamin C and B3...
Brightens up skin and reveals visibly healthier glow...
Retailing at RM44.90

Deep cleanser,
That provides 99% impurity removal..
That leaves the face looking clean and bright...
With mulberry extract,
And clinically proven whitening vitamin complex,
To boost skin fairness with every wash!~

Main function:
To effectively eliminate balckheads,
From the very first use,
And prevents their return,
For clean and healthy looking skin!~

Before any cleaning job...
Skin looks dull...

1st cleanser,
With dual-transformation process:
Oil-gel-cream-soft foam
Can be effective and gentle on skin,
And easily rinsed off..
leaving no residue,
And helping skin feel clean and healthy...

Oil-gel contains Oleifera leaf extract,
To gently remove...
All traces of day makeup,
Dirt and oil in one wash..

2nd cleanser I use...
And ideal night cleanser,
That's effectively removes dirt,
Excess oil and skin dulling residue,
From environmental pollutants..
As well as makeup and sunscreen..

The sweet fruity scent,
Is calming and helps you to unwind after a long day..

Dermatologist tested..

Take a look at the microbeads..
That can effectively,
Yet gently exfoliate skin..

"Blackhead Fighting Complex"
Penetrates deep into pores,
To dissolve excessive oil,
To help eliminate stubborn blackheads..
Prevents new ones,
From forming,
With continuous use..

Natural ingredients,
With proven oil control efficacy,
Helps clear and refine pores...

Immediate effect,
Brighten up the skin!~
Makes my skin happy!~
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