Thursday, January 30, 2020

Aveeno - Harnessing the power of oat for healthier skin

Aveeno is the brand,
That offers a complete line of comprehensive skincare solution..
Featuring the Active Naturals Colloidal Oatmeal...
Unlocking the power of natural ingredient: Oat,
Through scientific advances,
And discovered ways,
To nurture and transform the skin,
To enhanced state of health and beauty...
Colloidal oat,
Which means ground oatmeal suspended in liquid medium,
For better application and absorption into the skin,
Has been a prized ingredient in skincare,
Since ancient times..

This is supported by over 60 years of clinical evidence.
Indicating that colloidal oat formulas,
Are effective in soothing dry, irritated skin...

Suitable for daily moisturizing range of products..

Each Aveeno Active Natural product,
Is uniquely formulated and scientifically proven,
To Harness the power of the oat,
To delivery real skincare benefits,
For strong, visibly healthier skin..

Through scientific research and stringent formulations,
Aveeno continously discovers more secrets 
About nature's ability to relieve, soothe and transform skin.

One of its recent discovery is that,
The prebiotic properties of oat,
Promote a balanced skin microbiome,
Which is the fundamental for healthy, vibrant skin.

This has resulted in the brand,
Renaming its key ingredient - Colloidal oat,
As 'prebiotic oat' in some of its more recent products...

Over the years,
Aveeno provides skin relief and protection,
For women and babies around the world....

Skin's microbiome:
It is a diverse habitat of microoraganizems,
Including beneficial and harmful bacteria,
Which coexist on the skin's surface.

A typical square centimeter of skin,
Hosts a community of about a billion bacteria,
And an imbalance of these bacteria,
Can impact t he skin's barrier function..

As Aveeno scientists have found,
Improves the skin microbial balance...

All Aveeno and Aveeno Baby products,
Are now infused with prebiotic oats..
And it's time to say hello to stronger skin barrier function,
And bidding goodbye to dry, itchy skin...

Pick up Aveeno's rang of skincare solutions,
At selected major pharmacies such as:
Watsons, Guardian, Caring and AEON Wellness...
Or add in to your 'cart' in the comfort of your home,
Through Aveeno's official store on Lazada and Shopee

For more information,
Follow Aveeno's Malaysia Facebook and Instagram Page!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A Whirlwind Valentine's Day Romance Awaits You at Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur

In conjunction with Valentine's Day,
Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur..
Is offering Valentine's Day Buffet Dinner...

It is available on 14th February 2020,
From 6pm until 10:30pm,
Priced at RM108 nett per person,
At Restaurant at Level 10...
Children and senior citizens,
Are eligible for 50% discount....

Start romantic meal,
With a delightful array of appetizers....
Such as prawn cocktail salad...

Smoked Norwegian Salmon..
And many more...

Delectable hot soups,
Such as Prawn Bisque with Cheese Croutons are available...

Together with some keropok...

Malay Special:
Claypot Lamb Briyani with Condiments...
It's truly mouth watering dish...

Baked Cajun Chicken Drumsticks...
It's finger-licking good..

Grilled Beef in Spicy Mongolian Sauce..
As spicy as your other half..

Roasted Chicken with Percik Sauce..
The Percik sauce is extraordinary yummy!

Smoked Barbecued Lamb...
It's so delicious!

 Poached Salmon in Consimme..
I truly love the presentation with the clear broth...

As for the dessert,
Assorted cakes are decorated,
In love shape....
Full of heart...

Ginger Chocolate Cheese Cake,
Green Tea Red Bean Chocolate Cake
Lime Chocolate Cake
Mango Tiramisu..

"As Malaysians,
We often bonds while having meals together..
Food is very important part of culture,
And how we show our love to one another....
The menu is given consideration,
On many aspects..
Including the kind of food that Malaysians enjoy..
And would like to see these cuisines on the buffet platter,"
Commented Pathmanath A,
Director of Food of Beverage of
Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

For RSVP, Inquiries or Purchase of vouchers,
Call in +603-40409888 ext. 9038
Or email

Scholastic Reading Lounge

The world's largest children's book publisher and distributor,
Officially launched...
The brand new Scholastic Reading Lounge,
In Sunway Pyramid...

The Scholastic Reading Lounge,
Is the first program in the country,
To be recognized this year,
As part of the KL World Book Capital 2020 (KLWBC2020)

Speech by Selina Lee,
VP for Scholastic Asia..

Speech by Mr H.C.Chan,
CEO of Sunway Malls and Theme Parks...

Speech by Terence Gill,
CEO of Stickman Plus..

Launching of The Scholastic Reading Launch..

Scholastic Reading Lounge,
Is created by Scholastic,
In collaboration with Sunway Malls,
With objective to promote literacy,
And bonding for families...

The lounge is equipped with,
Scholastic bestselling books,
That cater to children across all ages,
And will host regular reading activities and workshops,
Encouraging families to read together..

The Scholastic Reading Lounge,
Is open to public daily,
From 10am-10pm,
And is located at Level 1, Blue Zone,
Sunway Pyramid (Opposite Tealive)

The lounge also welcomes advance bookings,
For educational visits from schools and learning centres,
Throughout the school year...

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Discovery Early Years

Discovery Early Years,
A children enrichment centre,
Which focuses on play-based learning experiences,
Is officially launched,
At The Park, Bukit Jalil...

Guided by the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS),
The centre offers a play-based pedagogy,
Which focuses on playful explorations,
With the intention of learning,
For children aged 2 to 6++
Specifically targeting on the development,
Of 21th century skills,
In a bid to prepare young minds,
To become confident learners in the future..

What can I create?
With all these materials...

My creation:
My little secret garden...

Creativity is thinking out the boxes,
Without any limitations...

 Discovery early Years' curriculums,
Are designed to be hands-on, brains-on,
For an enriching learning experience for children..

To dive deeper into each child's unique abilities,
The EYFS framework,
Will be used to decode and deconstruct
The mesh of connections,
That occurs during the explorative play...

An observation and discovery report,
Will be provided at the end of each play session,
To help teachers and parents
Assess, guide and support children's learning and development..

The power of play,
Respect the play...

With 7 key stations:
Investigation Station
Creative Station
Construction / Workshop Station
Dramatic Play Station,
Literacy Station..
Sensory Station
Carpet Area...

For more information,
Visit Discovery Early Years' Official Website..

Monday, January 13, 2020

Lego Malaysia embraces the 'Gift of Play'

 Lego Malaysia,
Who recently released...
2 brand new Lunar New Year (LNY) themed sets,
To the Asia-Pacific region,
Is ushering the Lunar New Year,
With a bang-
With their Lego Lunar New Year Event,
In Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala LUmpur.
And The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey in Johor Bahru,
From 5th January to 2nd February 2020,
Is the first-ever large-scale Lego Chinese New Year event in Malaysia..

The activities:
Rat Building Competition: Team up with your friends or family to see who can build a Lego Rat set the fastest. There will be weekly winners and one grand prize winner (Lego Sets worth RM1000)

Creative Lego Shadow Play: Children to free build anything or build pre-determined sets and showcase them on a screen accentuated by light. This allows them to tell their own shadow puppet story.

Drum up the lion: Children will have to build the Lego Traditional Drum and use it to wake t he sleeping lion on the screen. Participants will get to redeem a 'wishing card' to make a wish for their desired Lego set...

Give the Gift of Play: Children who have redeemed a 'wishing card' can hang it on the Lego Wishing wall. 5 lucky winners will be selected and will get their desired Lego sets!

Wishing Tree: Participants will need to register to be able to redeem a wishing card, based on their zodiac. They can jot down their wishes for 2020 and the crew will hang it on the wishing tree..

On the first day,
Early birds people to purchase new LNY sets,
Will get a Lego voucher worth RM28,
And 3 limited edition gift with purchase (GWP) items
Lego Angpow
Lego Traditional Drum
Lego Candy Box...

Those who spend a minimum of RM238 on any purchase (Excluding LNY sets)
Will get to choose between on of the 3 limited-edition GWP items -
Lego Tradisional Drum
Lego Candy Box
Or Lego Year of Rat set)

Both Lego Drum and Lego Candy Box GWP sets,
Are exclusively available in Malaysia,
At the events at Mid Valley Megamall,
And The Mall, Mid Vally Southkey.
Shoppers able to redeem a limited-edition Lego Peach Flower Pot GWP
With a minimum spend of RM1,500 in single receipt,
At any specialty store
(RM1,300 with HSBC Malaysia Credit Card)

This offer is limited to one redemption per customer per day,
And daily redemptions are available for only 70 customers a day,
For Mid Valley Megamall and
60 customers a day for The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey.

Shoppers can redeem the Lego Lion Dance designed angpow,
With a minimum spend RM300 in a single receipt at any specialty store
(RM200 for HSBC Malaysia Credit Card)

Redemptions are located at Centre Court.

As a bonus treat,
Visitors to the Lego Lunar New Year events,
Stand a chance to win Lego vouchers worth RM10 each day,
Limited to the first 50 per day.

Snap a photo with any of the Lego figurines on display at the event,
Post it on Facebook or Instagram.
Hastage #LEGOCNY2020 on your post,
And show it to the event crew to redeem your voucher.

For more information,
Visit Lego Malaysia...

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