Friday, June 29, 2018

Scholastic Melowy

Scholastic Melowy..
Discover dreams, magic and a whole lot of adventure!~

Take a look at,
My very cute,pink and exclusive...
Limited-edition of Melowy Multipurpose Jar...

It is only available from 1 June - 31 August 2018...
At selected Popular Outlets,
With purchase of any 4 Melowy titles...
You may choose red, yellow or my favourite colour: pink!~
For the Multipurpose Jar....

It is perfect to be used as cookie jar,
Tumbler or even for decoration at home!~
I can even use it as a toy container,
For my little cutie toy...
Perfect match!~

It's fun reading time~~~
Dreams come true,
By Danielle Star...
It's a fantastic adventure,
For all the Melowies:
Cleo, Electra, Maya, Cora & Selena....

Have you ever heard of:
The Song of the Moon..
You may experience 'the song'
While you open up this book..
And read it...

A fast glimpse of the map of Aura...
The Winter Realm of Amethyst Island;
The Spring Realm of Emerald Island;
The Day Realm of Ruby Island;
The Night Realm of Sappire Island..
And The Castle of Destiny...

Are you feeling excited..
And wanna explore all the Islands + the castle now?
Grab a copy of Melowy book...
Exclusive from Scholastic...
I guaranteed,
You won't regret reading it!

For more information,

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Asia's First Museum of Illusions tickets giveaway

The world's fastest growing museum chain..
Has officially opened Asia's very first Museum of Illusions...
In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...

 Museum of Illusions:
The world of fascinating world of illusion..
Where your senses will be tested,
Your mind puzzled,
And your world rocked....
While getting educated in the process....

Is it a triangle?
Or a square inside?

Optical Illusions...
Prepare to let bewildering images,
Play tricks on you..
And confuse both your eyes and brain...

Lesson of the day:
Our senses are imperfect..
Our perception of the world is often distorted...

Some looks easy...
But it requires a lot of brain power,
To get it all solved...

It's an interactive, fun-filled museum...
You can even play games,
With your friends and family...

Smart Shop..
Bring a little piece of museum fun home..
For a long lasting memory of your experience..
Of course,
Don't forget to take lots and lots of photos...

For more info,

Museum of Illusions 
Ansa Hotel,
1st & 2nd floor,
101, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone: 03-21102654
Working hours: 
Monday till Sunday 9am - 11pm
Ticket Price: 
Adult RM35 (MyKad) / RM45 (Non-MyKad)
Children RM25 (MyKad) / RM35 (Non-MyKad)
*Family Ticket: RM90 (MyKad) / RM120 (Non-MyKad)
*includes 2 adults with max. 2 children (5-15 years)

Good News!~
I have 5 x 2 tickets to giveaway....
Step 1: like 'cre8tone' facebook
Step 3: follow 'cre8tone' instagram
Step 4: Share this post on any of your social media..
Step 5: PM me your shared link

5 winners will be chosen,
To win 2 entrance tickets to Museum of Illusions each...

Good Luck!!!

Winner announcement:
Tze May
Angeline Tan
KC Yeoh
Jenny Lim
Joanne Ong

Congrats to all winners!

Kindly pm me for prize redemption..

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

NY Steak Shack - Shared Joy is Double Joy

Shared Joy is Double Joy...
The NY City Inspired fast casual restaurant,
Is introducing...
4 amazing platters in its latest
"All New Sharing Platters" menu...
Sharing Platters,
Good for 3 pax...
Selling at RM89.90-RM99.90

Seafood Platter...
With Garlic Butter Shrimp,
And Fried Calamari...

And sizzling emerald fish...
So sweet and fresh...
Loving this dish!~

Poultry Platter
With Chicken Cevapi,
Rosemary Chicken...

And Sizzling Duck Chop....
I love the sizzling sounds..
When the sauce was pouring in..
Into the hot pot...
Perfect sauce for the duck!
So yummy!~

Lamb platter...
With Lamb Stew,
As well as lamb sausage...

Sizzling Lamb Noisette!~
Simply drooling!~

Beef Platter
Comes together with..
Beef Meatballs
And Beef Tenderloin Skewers...

NYSS's Signature Sizzling NY Striploin..
To statisfied your carnivorous taste..

The menu is available until 15 July 2018!

For more info,
Log on to

Go Thai - Authentic Thai Street Food

So happy and honoured...
To be the very first batch..
To try out Go Thai's new menu...
It's truly unique and delicious....
Can't find it in anywhere else~~~
My favourite - lemongrass chicken...
The lemongrass blend perfectly well with the chicken...
So yummilicious!~

Special glass noodle chicken...
It's truly unique and special...
The crispy chicken is finely wrapped up...
With glass noodle filling~~~
Truly satisfying!~
When eat it with a dip of the special Thai chilli sauce...

You really have to try all these 4..
When the menu is out!~

The best fried kuay tiaw I'd ever tasted...
Must order!~

Super yummy pineapple fried rice...

This dish is a bit too spicy for me...
It's a perfect accompaniment...
With Thai milk tea...

Having some drinks!~
Thai Lime Juice & Orange Fanta...

Even the restaurant interior..
Give me a very Authentic Thai Street feel.....

Thumbs up for Go Thai...
I gonna be back..
To try out other dishes!~

Go Thai Restaurant
Address: 187, Jalan SS2/24,
                47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
H/P: 019-338 8938
Opening hours: 10:30am - 10:30pm

Monday, June 25, 2018

Fish & Co 'Sedap Feast For 2'

Fish & Co's meal...
Was created exclusively,
For festive season,
To provide delicious hearty meal..
To enjoy with your loved one...

My Lychee Mojito!~
Such a refreshing drink!~

Sedap Feast for 2!

Soup of the day...
Daily special varies between:
2 tantalizing variety:
Creamy and indulgent fish chowder.
Or decadently rich mushroom soup...

Malaysia Fish & Chips...
A combination of western food,
With Malaysian sauce....
Topped with fiery sambal sauce!~

My favourite:
New York Fish & Chips...
Signature Fish &Chips,
Stuffed with parmesan cheese,
And topped with lemon butter sauce....
Simply yummy!~

To view full menu,
Do visit

Garnier Color Naturals

Garnier Color Naturals...
Introduces a new range of Hair Color,
That delivers both nourished hair and better color,
While being water permeable..

Garnier Color Naturals...
Live hair coloring session...

Onstage chit chat session...

On top of the water permeable technology,
The new Garnier Color Naturals range,
Is also Ammonia-free...
This means that the cream..
Delivers better hair texture, hair nourishment,
And color vibrancy...
But also smells great during application...

Feel the difference in your hair,
With Garnier Hair Color Naturals...

The range is now available nationwide,
In a kit box set RM19.90 (for multiple usage)
And Sachets RM8.90 (for single usage)

Friday, June 22, 2018


Is an online shipping platform...
Powered by GDEX,
To enhance customers' delivery experience..

It is definitely,
A delivery service we can trust!~

User can always pay and ship online...
myGDEX aim to provide,
A user friendly and hassle-free environment..

Shippers can conveniently self-print consignment notes  (CN)
And lodge-in their shipments,
In any GDEX branches..
lodge-in centres and drop-off points..

GDEX even go extra mile,
To pick-up shipments,
At our doorsteps!~

Login now..
And try myGDEX service......
If you ain't very sure on..
How the whole thing works...
Do hop over to member tutorial,
For clearer step by step on what you should do..
To delivery your parcel...

At myGDEX,
They have their own wide extension network,
It's very easy to do the booking...
And pre-booking is even available...
For 5 days advanced pick-up bookings..

There's auto-generated consignment note,
And real time shipment tracking...
myGDEX also provide multiple customer service support channels...
They even offer competitive rates and loyalty schmes...

They also easy packing process,
By using their packing supplies store...
With the 2 delivery attempts,
Can always call to re-schedule next delivery attempt,
Once received GDEX Sorry Card...

In short,
GDEX are committed,
In providing quality delivery service,
And would continuously strive to be...
Trusted service provider!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

BIG Deals by Air Asia Big Loyalty & Fave

Opening address by Joel Neoh,
Founder of Fave..

The launch of BIG Deals,
By Air Asia Big Loyalty & Fave..
Joel Neoh together with,
Sereen Teoh,
Acting CEO of AirAsia Big Loyaty

BIG Members will now,
Be able to receive double t he rewards,
Earning BIG Points and redeeming their favourite everydays deals,
Using BIG Points,
While enjoying saving up to 95% off,
On the best travel and lifestyle deals by Fave..

 BIG Deals by Fave,
Allows over 3.6 million BIG Members in Malaysia,
To earn 1 BIG Point for every RM1 spent,
On lifestyle vouchers everyday.

They can also utilise their BIG POints,
To redeem BIG Deals vouchers,
From food, beauty, and activities,
To automobile services,
Travel and fitness,
With popular brands like A&W,
Healthland, Forever 21,
Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur,
Kenny Roger Roasters,
And more offering discounts of up to 95%
At over 3,700 outlets...

Product Presentation by..
Victor Kaw,
CCO of AirAsia BIG Loyalty

Both BIG Loyalty and Fave apps,
Are available on Google Play and the App Store!

TGV Cinemas We Bare Bears Pop-Up Store

TGV Cinemas Unveils,
First and Only
We Bare Bears,
Pop-up store in Malaysia...

We Bare Bears pop-up store,
Is located at TGV Cinemas Sunway Velocity Mall...
And will be open from 9 June 2018 until 8 July 2018.

The first-of-its-kind pop-up store,
Spearheaded by TGV Cinemas,
In collaboration with Cartoon Network,
And Innocraft Sdn Bhd
(The official Malaysia Licensee of We Bare Wears)
Offers fans and movie-goers,
The opportunity to take home,
Authentic We Bare Bears merchandise and collectibles.

These include official plus toys,
Mugs, notebooks, notepads,
T-shirts and coin bags etc..

Raymond Letchmanan,
Senior Manager,
Concessions Department,
At TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd;
Ong Fui Yen,
Head - Brand & Communications,
At TGV Cinemas Sdn BHd,
Ricky Ong,
Managing Director of,
Innocraft Sdn Bhd...

Ricky Ong from Innocraft,
Ng Kong Boon, 
Country Manager, 
Visa Malaysia;
Jessica Leong,
Senior Manager - Marketing,
Sunway Velocity Mall..

Shoppers of We Bare Bears Pop-up store,
Whom spent RM50 and above,
In a maximum of 2 receipts,
And tap to pay with Visa payWave,
Will get to redeem an ice-cream,
In We Bare Bears custom-designed cup..

Fans of We Bare Bears,
Will also get to 'Meet & Greet'
With the 3 brothers,
At TGV Cinemas Sunway Velocity,
On 9 June 2018 and 16 June 2018,
At 3 sessions: 12:45pm, 4:45pm and 6pm

Don't miss it ya!~
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