Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mon Chaang Thai Tea

Mon Chaang Thai Tea by Chapayom,
Located at AEON LG2 Sunway Pyramid,
Offers a wide range of Thai tea....
With super affordable price!~

You may choose to order,
Hot or cold,
Thai tea of your choice,
At the corner of the counter here....
You'll like to try their Thai snack, too!~

Mon Chaang Thai Tea Menu:
From red tea, green tea, rose tea, coffee to cocoa...

Check out their real tea leaves...
And take a sip of their signature Thai Tea...

The Top 5 Signature Thai Tea..
Form Mon Chaang:
Thai Milk Red Tea
Thai Milk Green Tea
Thai Milk Rose Tea
Thai Milk Tea & Coffee (Cham)
Thai Lime Red Tea

Best Thai Tea ever!~

Kids' Extravaganza @ TEMPTationS, Renaissance KL

Kids' Extravaganza,
At TEMPTationS,
Renaissance Kuala Lumpur..

Latest promotion from Renaissance,
Appreciates parents,
And introduces kids,
With tons of fun activities,
While parents can dine comfortable,
On the delicious lunch buffet spread...
Happening every Sunday,
From 12:30pm to 3pm...
Children under age of 12,
Gets to dine for FREE!!!

Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel,
130, Jalan Ampang,
55000 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 03-2716 9388

Welcomed by the cute cute pikachu!~
At the entrance of TEMPTationS!

Yummy yummy desserts,
Awaits us at the kids corner!~

Everyone's so happy and excited,
To see the fountain!~

All the food,
Are decorated,
In super duper extra cute and colourful mode!~
From mini burgers,
To boxing chicken,
Pizza, Pasta, Chocolate fountain,
Superhero soup...
You named it,
They have it!~

Lots and lots of it!~
So yummilicious!

Kids become 'expert little chef'
By decorating their very own version of cupcakes!~
It's full of fun and train their creativity as well!

From body art,
To colourings...
Playing around with balloons,
Watch cartoons..
Kids can spend hours in the kids corner...
With tons of fun activities,
After satisfied their little tummy,
With all the delicious food....

Bring the whole family over,
For Kids Extravaganza...
For reservation,
Call 03-2771 6692
Or email

Sunway Lagoon Walk & Hunt in the Wild with First White Tiger Cubs

Walk & Hunt in the wild...
At Sunway Lagoon....

We did Scavenger Hunt:
With 8 photo hunt of squirrel,
Great Indian Hornbill,
Scarlet Ibis,
Victorian Crown Pigeon,
Any baby animals,
Orange candycane cornsnake,
Everyone's hands on Sulcata Tortoise Shell,
And pose with favourite animal...

Besides that,
We solved riddles and collect items,
In Sunway Lagoon...

Our Scavenger Hunt Kit includes:
Activity booklet, Postcard map,
Hand sanitizer, Cadbury 5 Star chocolates,
And exclusive Sunway Lagoon ticket redemption coupon...

 It's such a wonderful and adventurous hunt..

Meet Sunway Lagoon's newest and adorable additions:
A pair of 4-month old white tiger cubs,
Sam and Elsa,
Cubs to Samson and Asha,
The first white tiger cubs,
Born in Sunway Lagoon...

Sam has denser stripes on its forehead,
With a playful and affectionate side,
While Elsa has sparser stripes on its forehead,
Who loves sneaking from behind,
And eager to explore new things and people.

Guests will have the chance to..
Meet & Greet with the White Tiger cubs at Tigerland,
During school holidays,
At 10:30am, 12:30pm and 4:30pm

Upon completion of the hunt,
Guests will be presented,
With a certificate of participation at Rimba,
Families and friends will also be entertained,
The most talented bunch of animals..
As well as tradisional dance,
At the Wildlife Theatre's Wildlife Multi-Animal Show.

Guests can also take the chance,
To bring home wildlife-themed merchandise,
As part of their font memories at RImba,
During the school holidays,
From 1pm-6pm daily.

Capture special moments together,
With the wildlife and conclude the "Best Day Ever"
With the Tale of Mount Berapi Show,
At Sunway Lagoon,
With the #SunwayLagoonMY Hastag!~

Great online deals for FAMFun Package,
At RM390 for 2 adults and 2 children,
Or 4-To-Go package at RM456* for 4 adults.

For more infomation,
Call Sunway Lagoon at +603-56390000
Or visit
Or connect to Sunway Lagoon's Facebook's page...

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Printcious - best birthday gift

Touching moments...
Precious gifts from your heart....

Love to shop in Printcious,
As it gives an extra personal touch...
On the gift we wanted to send,
To our love ones....
Which what we called:
Personalised gifts...

The moment our love ones..
Received the gift,
A little more personal touch,
Maybe it's a DIY text or design,
Or even added in the special photos,
Made our love ones feel extra love and extra care..
As we did put so extra effort,
To make the gift more special, memorable and lovely...

A gift doesn't just represent a gift,
It represent time, effort;
It also represent love and care,
From the person whom sent the gift...

Of course,
Everyone would love to receive gift...
Especially during birthdays,
Anniversary or even weddings....
But actually,
You can send gifts to your love ones everyday..
Expressing how you feel,
Not just during the special occasion..
As everyday can be our valentine's day!~
Send a surprise gifts,
To your love one...
And cheer them up,
Make them smile =)

I love to shop online,
As it's so convenient:
Delivery to doorstep...
And for personalised and DIY gifts,
I always choose

Start creating....
Birthday gift ideas....
In just 4 very simple steps:
1. Choose your products
2. Upload photo or desigm
3. Add & edit text
4. Place Order

There are various of products,
To choose from,
To personalized our gifts...
From graphic tee, colour mug,
Magic mug, cushion, canvas,
Ceramic tile, puzzle,
Throw pillow, mousepad,
Tote bag, photo rocks to luggage tags....
You named it,
Printcious have it all!~

The website contains a lot of gift ideas,
For men and women...

If you are looking for..
Best mug printing in Malaysia...
Dont forget to contact them...

I'm extremely exciting,
When I see this throw pillows....

It comes with 2 sides customization,
From front to back...
It is machine washable,
Designed to withstand wash-down condition,
So don't have to worry about the stains...
Inner microfiber cushion included,
In the throw pillow...

If you are lack of ideas,
On how to create your customized gift,
Always can refer Printcious for inspiration...

Designed your own customized gift...
You may include your own photos...
Or if you have any upcoming birthday party,
And would like to impress your guest,
Photo booth rental is your best entertainment..

Don't wait for birthday or anniversary,
To send a personalized gift,
To your loved ones...
Hop over to Printcious now..
And start designing your personalized present...
To the special him or her.....
Everyday is Valentine's day!~

Friday, March 9, 2018

Robi interactive Trilingual Robotic Companion

Our Interactive Trilingual Robotic Companion...
From Issue 1-8...

Robi's creator,
Professor Tomotaka Takahashi
And Hajime "Jimmy Murano,
Chief Executive Officer
And President of DeAgostini Japan...
Is so amazing...
To create these 'issue' of magazine alike parts....
To assembly our own Robi!~

Having lots of fun,
Assembling Robi together..
Great learning for us!~

It's so amazing to see...
Our Robi move,
All by itself...
Amazing isn't it?

If you'd like more info on Robi,
Hop over to

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Berz Cartoon Food Grinder

Berz Cartoon Food Grinder...
Super love this food grinder...
So cute!!!~

Contains so many parts...
With so many types of functions....

Can squeeze juices..
Orange juice, lemon juice...
Little baby prince's favourite!~

Just nice for their little cousin...
Whom just wanna introduce solid to him...
Grind and grind and grind....
To smaller piece that's able to swallow,
By 6-month-old-baby!~

Last but not least,
This is meant for Little Prince,
Whom dislike the egg yolk...
Can seperate out the yolk part...

Super useful food processor for mummy...
And best of all...
It's too cute!!!~
Love it very much!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bangi Wonderland

Had a great weekend,
At Bangi Wonderland...

Follow the park map..
And had a great splish splash adventure..
Started with Pirate's Spa...

Kids Adventure,
Is the place we spent the longest time in..
It's so fun!

There's huge place to rest,
When we're tired playing water...

Can't wait to have fun in Boomerang,
By the Pirate's Bay,
Through the Typhoon river...

The insane racer,
Is indeed truly insane...
So tall and long~~
And it's rainbow in colour..
Anaconda trail and the fall is slightly shorter...

If you would like to spin around,
Probably Wonder Loop or Spiralax,
Is a better choice..

We personally prefer...
Magic Funnel and Green Peal..

Can't have enough of all those fun water adventure...
We will be back,
To Bangi Wonderland....

KL Gateway Mall CNY Yee Sang Gathering

KL Gateway Mall,
CNY "Yee Sang"
With orphanage and media...

24 Season Drum Performance...
By Talented and award winning performances,
Kwong Ngai Lion Dance..

 Acrobatic Lion Dance...
With Double Lion Dance...
Performed by Hong Teck Lion Dance..

Toss of 'Yee Sang'

Prosperity Toss Gathering
Was graced with the attendance,
Of 25 children,
From Yayasan Sunbeams Home...
Senior Mangement from Suez Capital Sdn Bhd..

This Chinese New Year,
KL Gateway Mall,
Rewards its shoppers,
With attractive redemption gifts,
For every RM88 spent,
Shoppers get to redeem a pack of exclusive design angpows,
For every RM188 spent,
Shoppers will get an exclusive 12 zodiacs lucky charm.

Shoppers can also stand a chance,
To win MINI Cooper 5 Door,
By spending a minumum of RM500 mall wide,
In a maximum of 3 receipts in the sam day,
To enrol themselves in the Grand Lucky Draw,
Which will be held on 10th March 2018..

For further information,
Contact KL Gateway Mall's Conceirge at +603 7452 8118
Or visit KL Gateway Mall's Facebook Page...

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Top Super White Power Detergent

Always a headache,
When it comes to...
How to clean little kiddo's school uniform,
To a whiter white.....

Until Top offers a great solution..
For everyone..
With their Top's revolutionary
Blue Marine Whitening technology..
Gives clothes an extra boost of whiteness...

I even use it to wash their white shoes as well...
Very satisfied with the outcome..

 Micro-clean tech,
Comes with anti-sebum,
Anti Malodour,
99.9% anti mite-duest,
99.9% anti bacteria...

Penetrates deeply into fibre cores,
To pull out sweat, body oil and trapped dirt,
In just one wash to ensure thorough cleaning...

The additional benefits for this power detergent is:
Easy clean formula,
Easily dissolves in water,
Environmental friendly,
Prevent fabrics from early aging,
Suitable for overnight and indoor drying....
Best of the best:
Whiter whites!

Mummy's job is easier to 'gao dim'
With wonderful 'helper'
Top super white power detergent!

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