Sunday, January 22, 2017

GT Dollar, e-commerce giant

Malaysia FinTech Ecosystem Conference,
And GT Dollar Grand Launch....

By GT Group....

Speech by..
Patrick Chew,
Country CEO & Executive Director,
Of GT Dollar Malaysia..

YB Datuk Mas Ermieyati Binti Samsudin,
Timbalan Menteri Pelancongan Dan Kebudayaan Malaysia

Dr Paul Zhang,
Chairman & CEO of GT Group,
Chairman of E-commerce Association of Singapore,
Chairman of China Tianma Travel Group,
Diplomat of The Republic of Palau - Economy, Trade & Tourism
Y.B. debuted the launch,
Of e-commerce giant, 
GT Dollar Malaysia,
At Sime Darby Convention Centre,
Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

The event was witnessed by...
Distinguished government officials,
As well as 3,000 prominent IT,
And e-commerce industry leaders,
Who support the development of a dynamic FinTech ecosystem,
Paving way for SMART innovations,
Like GT Dollar,
Making Malaysia a force to reckon,
With in the FinTech sector..
Official signing ceremony,
By Y.B. Datuk Mask Ermieyati Binti Samsudin..

To complement this collaboration effort,
GT Robot, 
An innovative high-technological firm,
Under the GT Group,
Specializes its advancement,
In humanoid robotic solutions.

In recognition of it's advancement,
The Malaysian government,
Is planning to allocate a zone,
Located along the Malacca-Negeri Sembilan border,
For GT Robot's own manufacturing and assembly plant,
Which is worth approximate to RM300 million in investment.

This plant estimated to generate income,
For the company of approximate USD20 Billion,
Which is equal to 10 Million pieces of Mobile Robot,
And create more than 10,000 working opportunities,
For locals in the next 5 years.

The GT Robot plant,
Will be the first in Asia,
With eco-friendly manufacturing with,
The high technology equipment after China..

GT Robot,
Unveiling 2 of its robot:
GT Wonder Boy.
A SMART Social bot companion,
And GT Gobot,
A multifunctional service bot,
That is targeted to improve,
The overall quality of people's life,
Transcending into a new era of intelligence...

Unveiling an all new and improvised,
Major update of GT Dollar application,
The world's first social mobile e-commerce software.

The conference is aimed,
To drive development of regional Internet use,
Where users and businesses connect seamlessly without bariers.

This benefits consumers greatly,
As businesses become more affordable,
Thus stimulating economic growth,
National tax revenue and employment growth..

There'll be new enhanced key faeatures,
To help alleviate the overall user experience..

Through the adoption of SMART technologies,
Which comprises of AR technology,
To implement "the seek honey feature'
'Catch a bee to earn GT Cash feature'
Which can be used for purchases,
Within the interactive marketplace,
As well as being an effective Bee Commerce tool,
To help users manage finances effectively,
By enjoying exclusive long term savings,
Emerging as Malaysia' trendsetter,
In the world of e-commerce...

The Online Payment Gateway,
Will be used to accept payment online -
E-wallet / Visa (Credit, Debit, Prepaid)
Mastercard (Credit, Debit, Prepaid),
CUP card (Credit, Debit, Prepaid)
Direct Debit Account,
TO perform transaction charges...

GT Doller aims,
To shape the future of mobile travel,
And drive tourism growth,
With potential collaborations,
With Tourism Association,
To increase the tourism landscape in Malaysia.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jonlivia - body perfecting fashion

Body perfecting fashion...
Jonlivia Hotpants S+,
The 4th Generation
The best ever hotpants!~
Trying out Batch 9 - Full Length...
1st 100% genuine Hotpants,
1st Greylining design!~

Jonlivia S+,
If you're wondering what's the S+:



It includes built in Jonlivia airy fabric,
Which allows wearers to,
Not only sweat more and burn more
Because of the 100% genuine neoprene,
But also discharge toxic and waste,
By the body after massive sweating...

Sweat a lot?
3-4 times more wor....
Will it be smelly?
The answer is:
Not smelly at all!~
Jonlivia comes with breathable air fabric.
To reduce bacterial growth...

It's recommended to wear,
Up to 4-5 hours...
Yet if body permits,
Some can wear up to 9 hours...

I start wearing for 1-2 hours,
Let my body adapt to the hotpants..
And slowly increase the duration of wearing it...

Wearing fat-burning Jonlivia S+ Hotpants,
Will increase the amount of sweat,
Promote body detoxification...
This is the best part....
It comes with a pocket behind...
So convenience and never need to worry!
To put in either handphone or keys,
When I'm out to exercise...

Truly amazed,
By their fabric technology...
It's 100% genuine Neoprene...
Which is highly flexible,
And extremely stretchable...
Super comfortable.
And fit perfectly to body shape...

It comes with stronger waistband,
Stronger side stiches,
Wide back stiches...
It is stronger 5/7 stitching...

It has extra layer of strap on hips..
Deepest squat approved!~ 

Suitable to wear for all kind of activities,
Including cycling, jogging etc...
So comfortable!!!

Caring instruction:
Cold wash only,
Cannot tumble dry + do not bleach
It is dry cleanable and spot cleanable...
I'm using hand wash,
But machine wash cold is allowed, too!
Can use medium iron...
But I don't see the need to iron the hotpants...
It looks nice as it is after wash...

First time wearing hotpants...
Let's see how much I'll slim down...
After a period of time...

To be honest,
I never really slim down,
After delivering 3 kiddos...

Now it's a total great news for me,
Isn't it?
Slimming down,
Is just as easy as,
Wearing comfortable hotpants!
Can twist it anyway I like it!~
Super comfy!

Thank you Jonlivia,
For such a wonderful product...

Interested to own one?
Check out:

Friday, January 20, 2017

Now! In Season Australia

Now! In Season....
A global campaign,
By The Victorian State Government,
Australia Government and Horticulture Innovation Australia,
Is promoting various Australian,
Fresh fruits and vegetables,
At peak quality and availability...

The Australian Cherry...
A true 'superfruit'
Emerging studies suggest phytonutrients,
Found in cherries..
May have the ability to reduce,
The risk of heart disease,
Certain cancers, diabetes,
And even alleviate gout and arthritis pain...

Antioxidant advantage
Cherries are a power-packed food,
Loaded with anthocyanins:
The antioxidants responsible,
For their deep red colour..
And other flavonoid antioxidants,
Such as quercetin and kaempferol.

Essential nutrients
Cherries provide,
A good source of Vitamin C,
And a source of potassium and fibre..

Summer stone fruits..
Such as plums,nectarines,
Apricots and peaches,

Love the crispiness of apricots...

Now! In Season program,
Espouses Australia's quality soil,
Continual supply of clean water,
Strict food safety regulation,
And innovative farm practices...

The campaign will educate consumers,
On the seasonality of the commodities,
Health and nutritional benefits,
Of Australian produce,
As well as how to select,
And store the seasonal commodities...


While eating the cherry....
Little princess: Mummy, can I have the seeds?
Mummy: Huh? Why you want the seeds? What for?
Little princess: I wanna give it to my gong (grandpa)..
Mummy: Why ler?
Little princess: This is too delicious.. I wanna ask gong to plant it...

That's what this campaign for...
To educate little princess,
Why her gong unable to plant this cherry!~~~

For more information on Now! In Season,
Hop over to:

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pearl International Hotel fiery fish head curry

If you're looking for something...
To put your tummy 'on-fire'
Come and dine in Cafe 5,
Pearl International Hotel,
Located in Old Klang Road...

To be very honest,
This is the very best fish head curry,
I'd ever tasted......

The fish head is fresh,
Together with very generous amount of,
Eggplants and okra...
The best part is still the curry!~
The strong spice mixture is so uniquely nice...
I think the level of spiciness,
Just suite my taste bud...

Even little prince,
Whom can't really take spicy food,
Had a sip after another..

We all just can't resist the deliciousness,
Too tempted by the fiery meal....

The fish head curry,
Is served together with..
Steaming hot white rice,
And pickled vegetables....
And some very crispy keropok...
If the curry is not spicy enough for any of the diners,
There's sambal to accomapanied with the meal!~

Cafe 5 is so thoughtful that..
Each order comes together with...
Iced Lemon Tea...

A perfect match,
To this fiery meal...

Fiery Fish Head Curry,
By Chef Narahari....
Flying all the way...
From Delhi, India....

The set is selling at RM38.00++ per person,
With minimum of 2 persons is required...
It is available for lunch and dinner,
Monday until Friday,
From 2 January until 28 February 2017...

For reservation,
Call 603-7983 1111 ext. 3203/3205

Pearl International Hotel
Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-7983 1111
Fax: 603-7983 2211

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Toss for prosperity at Dorsett Grand Subang

Having our very first...
Toss for prosperity....

At The Emperor Restaurant,
Dorsett Grand Subang...

Love the comfortable and spacious environment...

If need some extra privacy...
Can ops to dine in their private room....

See my honeydew juice,
With very cute honeydew shape as decoration...

Toss for Prosperity...
Available from 1 January to 12 February 2017...

Prosperity Yee Sang,
With Soft Crab and Korean Pear....

The soft crab really added....
Aroma and crispiness...
When it's mixed up with..
All the ingredients,
In the plate!~
And their Salmon is truly fresh!~
Simply appetizing!

Half Portion RM88;
Full Portion RM158..

We're having Set Menu D:
Everlasting Prosperity...
Priced at RM1,888.00 nett,
Per table of 8-10 persons..

With double-boiled cordyceps flowers,
With dried scallops, black chicken and fish maw..

This dish is served in individual portion...

All the sweetness of the ingredients....
Can be tasted in the soup...
Amazingly nice!~

Golden crispy roasted spring chicken...
With prawn crackers...

The roasted spring chicken,
Is truly very tender...

Kiddos are attracted,
To the food presentation...
With the crystal ball with lights...

Of course,
They're attracted with the crackers as well...
The decorations didn't steal the limelight of...
Golden crispy roasted spring chicken,
Which is really golden and really cripsy!~

My top favourite...
Steamed silver cod fish,
With taiwanese bean curd,
And King soya sauce...

Never comes into my mind that,
Cod fish can combines so well,
With bean curd aka. taufu....

No doubt the fish is super fresh,
The taiwanese bean curd is perfectly soft, too!
It mixed truly well inside my mouth!~
Heavenly taste!

For a moment,
I thought the cod fish will be my top favourite...

Steamed fresh water prawns
With golden garlic and egg white....
Become my top top favourite dish of the day,
After trying a taste of it.....

The prawn is super fresh....
It doesn't just look good and presentable,
With the egg white and golden garlic....
The aroma is simply undescribable...
Too nice until I can't resist to take another one prawn!

Nice things always have to go in pair!

Pan-fried scallops,
Stuffed with prawn paste...

Especially highlighting their prawn paste...
As it's very yummilicious!
Perfectly suite my tastebud!

Steamed lotus leaf and glutinous rice,
With diced chicken, yam and duck!

The aroma of yam....
Added extra marks to the glutinous rice...
This dish is more than perfect!

Chiled mango puree,
With mix fruits and sago...

The taste is quite unique...
You'll have to try it out,
To experience the uniqueness in the bowl...

To be really honest,
My tummy is very full,
At the time dessert is served.....

No matter how full I am,
There's always a room for dessert....

Deep-fried Chinese New Year Cake,
With Mochi Green Tea Paste...

Their mochi green tea paste...
Have extra aroma of pandan!~
Personally love it very much!

With a tummy-full of food inside...
Probably won't think another piece of deep-fried stuff,
Would be tasty....
It actually happened oppositely!~
The crispiness of deep-fried chinese new year cake,
Is so delicious until it's fingers licking good!~

If you ops for a place with super great food,
To gather with your friends and family this CNY...
You'd probably wanna make a reservation,
By calling +603-5031 6060 ext 1954
For their reunion chinese set menu...
Set Menu A: Fortune of Gold 
RM1188 nett per table of 8-10 persons
Set Menu B: Abundance of Wealth 
RM1388 nett per table of 8-10 persons
Set Menu C: Luxurious Prosperity
RM1688 nett per table of 8-10 persons
Set Menu D: Everlasting Prosperity
RM1888 nett per table of 8-10 persons

And Yeah!
We're going to have everlasting prosperity,
For the whole year!~

Dorsett Grand Subang
Jalan SS12/1,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-5031 6060
Fax: +603-5031 8686

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Angry Bird Activity Park

Our very first visit..
To Angry Bird Activity Park...
At Komtar JBCC, Johor Bahru...

We went in,
During session 2:

Red Angry Bird..
Is the main character...

A lot of fun-filled activities..
Inside the park...

Beware of TNT!

Watching movie in..

Go Kart-ing...
Didi went cycling instead..
Since Go Kart is for elder kids...

Angry Bird space

 This is so fun!!

Wish to try this jumping..
But not tall enough...

Eat more and grow up more...
Play this next time...

Shooting session!~

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