Tuesday, April 30, 2019

MAGGI® & MOE Kick Off Search for Talented Young Chefs

The annual MAGGI® Secondary Schools Cooking Competition (MSSCC)
Returns for its 23rd consecutive year!
A joint initiative by MAGGI® and the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE),
This year’s MSSCC raises the bar
By incorporating new challenges
Aimed at inspiring students to embrace Higher Order Thinking Skills.

The MSSCC event for 2019
Was launched in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Presint 11
And officiated by Encik Suhaimi Sun bin Abdullah,
Deputy Director of Sports and Arts Education Division,
Ministry of Education Malaysia.

 The theme for MSSCC 2019,
‘You and MAGGI®.
Making a positive impact through homemade meals’,
Focuses on offering young chefs a fun and competitive platform
To showcase their skills in creating wholesome home-cooked meals,
As well as cultivating a love of cooking amongst Malaysian students.

Building on key learnings from the previous year’s editions,
MSSCC 2019 will see an enhanced structure
As well as new components to elevate the competition.
 Ms. Kimberly Oh,
Marketing Manager of MAGGI®, commented,
“We are thrilled to once again give young Malaysians
The opportunity to demonstrate their culinary prowess through MSSCC!
Unlike previous years where students would create dishes
Based on pre-determined recipes,
This year’s competition kicks off with the Creative Cooking Challenge,
Requiring students to tap into their creativity
And problem-solving skills right from the onset.
There is also a greater emphasis this year
On presentation and communication skills,
As the students must present their recipes and dishes they create.”

“In tandem with this,
We continuously strive to impart
The importance of leading a healthy lifestyle
Through good nutrition.
This ties back to our brand purpose
Of creating good food moments for individuals and families,” she added.

 Encik Suhaimi Sun bin Abdullah,
Deputy Director, Co-Curricular and Arts Division,
Ministry of Education Malaysia, said,
We welcome collaborative efforts,
Especially with the private sector,
To work hand in hand in nurturing
A healthier generation of Malaysians
And are pleased to continue
This long-standing partnership with MAGGI®
To inculcate good eating habits amongst students.”

“We are confident that
The new and exciting elements
Will further inspire the students
To embrace Higher Order Thinking Skills
And provide a strong platform
To enable them to grow their capabilities,” he added.

For the Creative Cooking Challenge
Which takes place during both the State and National levels of the competition,
Participants are given a collection of ingredients
Thus challenging these young chef’s creativity
In crafting their dishes.
Creativity then takes hold,
As the young chefs must determine
What dishes to create using these ingredients.

This year’s competition also utilises
A fresh approach in judging and scoring,
Whereby students will be assessed based on culinary skills
Alongside key technical skills such as table setting and plating,
Show & Tell presentation,
Cooking methods as well as nutritional benefits.
In addition,
Students have the opportunity to learn to express themselves
By explaining their ideas and inspiration behind their dishes
To the judging panel and audience,
Igniting a passion for cooking through
A fun and interactive learning environment.

MAGGI® launched the MSSCC programme in 1997
In line with the aim of nurturing an interest in cooking
Amongst young Malaysians and promoting good nutrition and cooking habits.
To date,
over 10,000 schools and nearly 340,000 students
Have participated in this programme
And gained vital knowledge and skills
On food, nutrition and healthy eating.

During the event,
Guests participated in various activities
Which included interactive displays of
The Ministry of Health Malaysia’s Healthy Plate Portion
Or Suku suku Separuh,
5 Warna Sehari and the Malaysian Food Pyramid.

Through these games and activities,
Participants had the opportunity to unleash their imaginative skills
While learning about the importance of good nutrition and balanced diets.
Members of the media were also given a chance,
To test their creativity with two different problem-solving challenges,
‘KREATIF Cooking’ and ‘KREATIF Setting’.

For more information on MSSCC,

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Guardian's Live Healthy . Live Beautiful Extravaganza

Guardian's Live Healthy . Live Beautiful Extravaganza
With pretty Emcee of the day!~

20 Brands divided into 3 main areas namely:
"Path to shine from within"
"Fountain of Youth & Lasting Beauty"
and "Your body, your sanctuary"

Speech by Mr DY Cho,
Marketing Director,
Health and Beauty,
South East Asia,
Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd....

Path to Shine From Within:
Booth 1: Biogreen
Inspired by natural and organi agriculture,
And are made of 100% vegetarian,
Honest,sustainable and high quality ingredients..

Booth 2: Ecolite
Health and wellness company,
Passionate about providing nourishment,
To help people be well..

Booth 3: GoodMorning
100% natural..
No preservatives,
No colouring,
White sugar free,
Lactose free,
Good aroma and tasty,
Convinient to drink!

Booth 4: Kinohimitsu
Natural-based extracts,
That is vital to nature's self-regulating system.
They use natural active plant-extracted ingredients..
Focusing on detox, health and beauty,
On the principal of holistic approach,
To improve human well-being...

Booth 5: Oatgrain 35
Special dietary formulation,
Made with 2-% Beta-Glocan imported from Sweden,
And reinforced with 32 types of grains and herbs..
Beta-Glocan fibre is clinically proven,
To reduce cholesterol levels,
Blood sugar levels,
And improve insulin sensitivity,
To reduce risks and symptoms of diabetes,
And lower the risks of coronary heart disease..

Booth 6: PS Love
Exothermic reaction within the pouch to emit heat.
Unique formulation helps adjust the temperature,
And its rate of increase/decrease to create enough heat,
To relieve discomfort effectively.

Fountain of Youth & Everlasting Beauty
Booth 7: A'kin
Skincare designed to nourish and enhance,
The appearance of your skin,
Just as nature intended.

Booth 8: AprilSkin
Natural cosmetic brand,
That rejuvenates skin cells,
To reveal beautiful and healthy skin.

Booth 9: Dr Buds Organics
Inspired by ancient remedies,
The range features natural ingredients,
That have been clinically proven,
To solve specific skin and scalp conditions..

Booth 10: Essano
Crafted on the belief that
Everyone should be able to have gorgeous products,
And amazing results without harm to themselves,
Our planets and our furry friends.
Essano's factory is certified organic by Ecocert,
The world's leading cosmetic certifier.

Booth 11: Garden of Eden
Believes in returning back to natural botanicals,
To answer our skin care needs...

Booth 12: Inecto
Fun, feel good British beauty brand,
That is truly inspired by nature.

Booth 13: Palmer's coconut oil formula
Contain ethically and sustainably sourced Coconut Oil,
And Tahitian Monoi Oil,
Infused with Tiare flower petals.

Booth 14: Palladio
The force behind your favourite make  up looks,
Depth of shades,
Luxuries textures,
Innovative new products,
And every trend you want to try:
All made cruelty-free,
Without parabens,
And at affordable price.

Your Body, Your Sanctuary,
Booth 15: Botaneco Garden
Made from innovative,
And sophisticated blend of botanical ingredients,
And Eco-certified oils.

Booth 16: Herbal Essences & Pantene
Bio-Renew - a powerful blend of antioxidants, aloe and sea kelp
Helps revive lifeless hair from inside out.

Pantene Pro-V Micellar
Infused with the perfect balance of mild micelles paired,
With the power of plant-based Pro-V Nutrients blends,
To remove the damage caused by daily stressors,
And Transform even the most fragile into strands of strength.

Booth 17: Love Beauty and Planet
Goal: To make you more beautiful,
And give a little love to our planet...

Booth 18: Smelly-No-More
Eliminate body odour effectively the natural way.
Made from Pure and Natural mineral salts.

Booth 19: Splat
Ethically and scientifically develops and manufactures
Professional oral care solutions for the whole family

Booth 20: Sunsilk Natural
Completely new natural range of hair care,
Contain natural ingredients,
0 Parabens and contain micellar water technology

Friday, April 5, 2019

Eat Thai, Visit Thailand 2019

The Tourism Authority of Thailand, Malaysia (TAT)
Unveils its “EAT THAI, VISIT THAILAND 2019” campaign,
To mark a collaboration between tourism and restaurants in Malaysia.

This is in line with the Amazing Thailand’s
“Open to the New Shades” campaign,
Focusing on five main travel sectors
To help international visitors experience the Kingdom,
From a new perspective.
The concept includes:
Gastronomy, Arts and Crafts,
Thai Culture, Nature, and
Thai Way of Life.

Chef from Mr Tuk Tuk,
Demonstration cooking of Thai Food...

Mr. Ahman Mad-Adam,
Director of TAT, Kuala Lumpur office said:
“Thai food is more than a cuisine,
It is a lifelong passion.
It is a love affair with deep roots in the country's culture,
And most importantly, in the family.
We believe it is the same in Malaysia,
Where people love to eat
And the food bond people together.
Many Malaysian tourists travel to Thailand
With the objective to taste Thai food.
This year we have the new 2019 edition of MICHELIN Guide,
Which reaches to Phuket and Phang-nga.

This proves that Thailand has a wide variety of food for everyone,
From MICHELIN Star restaurants, street food,
HALAL food to fine-dining and many more.

We had 4 million visitors from Malaysia in 2018,
Which was the highest in TAT-KL's record.
We are grateful for all the support from Malaysians.
In 2019, we are working hard to promote Thailand,
In every possible way and to reach out to broader audience groups,
Such as the young
travelers or the millennial, food lovers,
High-end travelers, health enthusiasts,
Sport lovers, honeymoon couples and others.”

Mr. Tuk Tuk will be introducing some new dishes and drinks for the occasion.
Thai street food is very popular among Malaysians,
And Mr. Tuk Tuk offers consumers,
Quality and delicious Thai dishes
that are Halal certified.

They proved to be delicious and authentically tasty,
And there are many such Halal restaurants in Thailand.

 Simply mouth-watering dish...

 Can't have enough of Thai food...

 This is my top favourite food...


This EAT THAI, VISIT THAILAND 2019 campaign,
Which begins on March 20 – April 30,
Is a collaboration between TAT
And all the eight outlets of Mr Tuk Tuk in Malaysia.

During this campaign,
Diners who spend more than RM50 per receipt,
At any of the eight Mr Tuk Tuk outlets,
Will stand a chance to win one of the 20 prizes
Which include a FREE trip to Bangkok for two persons,
Plus a 3 days 2 nights hotel stay,
Five luggage, ten handbags,
And four Mr. Tuk Tuk dining vouchers.

Good luck, all!

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