Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Activity Pack

Special thanks to Aunty Geo,
I had a fun time,
With the activity pack she gave me...

Sticking and joining,
The head and body of the animals...
Scribble and draw around on the magic slate~~~
Colouring with the new colour pencils...
Drawing different shapes with the shape-guide.....

Fun fun fun!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Not because of teething...
Not because of itchy gum...
I just simply bite my mummy's hand...
Real hard~~~~~~~~
Until there's a little hole,
With little bit of blood........

Mummy: Mummy pain pain :(
Me: Oh ow!~ How?
Mummy: Why you bite mummy?
Me: Yih Yeah..... (I always answer like this to a 'WHY' question)
Mummy: How? Sayang back...
Me: (I give mummy a kiss and show mummy my hand) Mama bite Sean Sean...

I request and ask mummy bite me back...
But mummy didn't do so...


This set of sand beach toys,
Are extremely useful...
Why I said so?
Other than becoming my swimming companion,
I use it to play water everytime I bath...
Of course,
Anytime daddy or mummy bring me to the seaside,
I can use it to play the sand!
And I found a new hobby, too!~

I love watering the plant...
Feeding lovely green plant with water!~

Beside that,
I can do some light gardening,
With the bucket and spade, too!~

My multi-purpose toys!!
How wonderful!

Monday, September 28, 2009

BIG Business

Everytime mummy try to potty train me,
I also refuse......

Early this month,
I somehow,
Willingly to sit on my potty...
Whenever I wanted to do my big business!~

Me: Mama, pain... ngm ngm potty...

It doesn't come out as easy...

Me: Mama, help!
Mummy's wondering how she could help me...

And everytime after I finish my big business,
I'll peep into my potty...

Me: Yuck!~ Big Big One!!!

I've been doing my big business in potty for weeks!~
Considered a new milestone achived...
No more poo poo in diaper.........

I can't go diaperless still.......
I still won't tell mummy,
Whenever I feels like wanted to pee...
Just wait.......

Small World Fantasy

Accidentally bump into Small World Fantasy,
During my 'ping ping' session in Leisure Mall...
There are having this interesting huge lantern show,
In conjunction with Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations...

I saw I saw a big big mooncake!~

Cute cute ladybird,
Climbing up big big mushroom...

Huge ant trying to push pumpkin~~~~~~

Mummy said this is a type of plant,
Which eat insects!~
Me: Help! Ladybird!!!!!!!!~

Biggest flowers of all:

Last but not least,
I scared of this creature...
Wonder what it is...

Happy mooncake festival everyone!~

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Wind of Change

I'm having running nose.
Inside the car,
Mummy don't want to lie about,
Where she's going to bring me to...
She told me she's bringing me,
To the place I hate most:
To see doctor!!!

My little trick:
Me: Mama, cover (recover)...
Mummy: Are you sure?
Me: No more 'Ah-Choo'...
Me: Go 'Ping ping'...

Mummy still headed towards the clinic...

I wanted to give mummy a surprise!~
For being a well-behaved child...
The moment I step in the clinic,
I greated 'hi' to the nurse...
No more crying and screaming!!!

The moment I saw doctor,
No more crying and screaming, either...
When doctor requested me to open the mouth,
I do as instructed,

This time,
Doctor didn't pocked my buttock...
He gives me sweet sweet...

Mummy went to bakery shop nearby,
To buy me bee-party-balloons-package...
As a reward for my well-behaved-visit to the clinic...

It's so rewarding to become a good boy!~

My new methods of playing balloons:
Request mummy to blow the balloon,
Then let the air come out from the balloon,
And watch the balloon 'fly' until out of air...
And then,
Request mummy to blow it again and again~~~
So fun to watch the balloon 'fly'~~~~~~~~~

Friday, September 25, 2009


Since I'm showing great interest,
In playing puzzles....
Mummy's thinking to introduce me,
More games to play with...
Daddy said this castle game is superb...
To train my concentration,
Creativity as well as logical thinking...

The castle blocks look simple,
There's a lot of challenges to fulfill,
From beginners and juniors levels,
To expert and master levels...
By just using this simple blocks...
Pretty amazing nice game!~

The very first castle I built...
For the first challenge...
Which proven I can master the skills of:
Arranging the blocks from shortest to the tallest!~
And recognizing the correct colours!~

The moment I finish building my castle,
I told mummy:
Me: Mama's castle...

I built this castle
Especially for my mummy...
Mummy feels on cloud nine!~
This is the very first castle she received, too!~

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Me and You

I'm quite confuse,
When to use the word 'Me' and 'You'...

I always heard mummy mentioned,
Mummy: Wait... I'll take for YOU...

When I request,
Me: Mama, take for you, please!~
Mummy: You should said, Take for ME...
Me: Take for me...

Mummy's wondering,
How could she guide me,
To correctly using 'Me' and 'You'...

Cut Cut Cut

I simply enjoy preparing my meal,
Together with mummy...

This time,
I'm going to help mummy,
To cut the hot dog,
With hot dog cutter,
And also,
The little non-sharp knife,
That I found in the mooncake packaging...

Besides self-feeding,
I actually help mummy,
To prepare the meal!~
I feels so proud of myself!

I told daddy,
Me: Sean Sean help mama...
Daddy: Help what?
Me: Cut cut cut...
Daddy: Cut??!!!!
Me: Cut hot dog!~

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Lyrics

I love to sing,
Not the whole songs,
But filling in the blanks,
While mummy sings...

Mummy thought she'll hear,
Exactly the same word,
As she sings,
Or as I heard from my educational disc...

I gave mummy surprises,
By singing my very own lyrics!

Barney I Love You Song...
Mummy: I love...
Me: Sean...
Mummy: (?! Yet, continue in his way) Sean Love...
Me: Mama...
Mummy: (How sweet... Sean love mama) We're happy fami...
Me: Ly...
I didn't change the rest of the lyrics anyway...
Just the beginning part of this song...

My recent favourite mandarin song...
Me: Mama Hao...
Mummy: Huh? What?
Me: Mama sing Mama Hao...
Mummy: Ooo... Okok.. (Singing...) Shi Shang Zhi You....
Me: Sean Sean Hao!!

I'm the best!~


Mummy bought little artist new tools!
Little artist = me!
My new water colour tools set!~
I love mixing up the colours,
And also painting with my new water colours!~

I can hold the paint brush in correct way,
The moment I grab it!~

My very first painting by water colour...
Can you see my finger-print???
Mummy said every famous artist signed their name,
After they finish a drawing...
With mummy guidance,
I learn how to sign my name, too!~

My second painting,
Created by me,
With only 3 main colours:
Red, Blue and Yellow......
And also with paint brush + old tooth brush!~

After I finish this painting,
I actually request mummy to snap photo of it!

Do you like my paintings?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm trying to learn to jump and hop...

Me: Hop, hop like Baby Bop!
Mummy: Hop like Kangaroo, can?
Me: Baby Bop!
Mummy: Kangaroo!~
Me: Baby Bop! (Kind of insist)
Mummy: Ok, ok.. Hop like Baby Bop...

Mummy: Where's baby kangaroo?
Me: Inside mummy kangaroo's pocket...

I go near towards my mummy,
And tell her...
Me: Sean Sean go inside mama's pocket...
Mummy: (Oh! My boy can speak longer sentence now!!!)
Mama don't have such a huge pocket...

And here I goes,
Trying to squeeze in mummy's T-shirt!!!!!

Mummy had a great laugh,
Watching what I did!~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farm Toast

I eat plain bread,
I eat plain biscuit,
I eat cheese,
I eat butter,
I eat peanut butter,
But I don't eat butter with bread,
But I don't eat biscuit with peanut butter,
I don't eat bread with cheese filling either...

Mummy prepare toast for me...
No filling,
But the butter melted inside the bread...
It actually tastes yummy!~

With the theme of,
Old McDonald's Farm.......
A special butter egg toast!~

Since I don't like any extra thingy with bread,
Mummy didn't decorate the face details this time...
Only cut it in special shape...

Early in the morning,
I'm eating Old Mcdonald's farm house,
And his vroom-vroom's car,
Together with the miaow-miaow cat,
And also wroof-wroof doggie,
And little rabbit with long long ears,
Not forgetting,
The moo-moo cow also!~
Plus my favourite cherry tomatoes,
And greenish grape grape!~
For my healthy delicious breakfast....

The fun part is,
We can sing Old Mcdonald's farm songs,
While eating the cutie toast!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Day

Besides having my Barney cake,
I got everything I likes,
During my birthday!~
Wai Gong bring me to big big 'ping'!~
To buy presents for me!~
And had a yummy lunch in restaurant!~

When mummy bring all my presents,
And put it together,
I keep on asking everybody,
To help me open my presents,
But they all said later,
After I blow my cake,
Right before the adults eat their dinner,
I'm thinking,
Rather than asking them to help,
I'll do it myself!
And here am I,
Busy tearing my presents!!!

My presentsssssss:
Mega Block McQueen and Fishing game from daddy,
Musical instruments set and Jeans from mummy,
My favourite Mickey Mouse from Wai Po,
Ultraman from Gu gu,
Jigsaw puzzles from Big Gu,
Bingo set and bag from Aunty Geo...

Guess what!~
I got lots and lots of baloons to play with today!~

For the first time ever,
I tell mummy how I feels!!!

Me: Sean Sean happy!

For so many times!!!

And I can see from mummy's expression,
When I told her so,
She's 100 times happier,
To hear I'm happy!!!

Birthday Meal

This year,
I'm celebrating my birthday,
With Wai Po's home-cooked meal.....

I wanted to tell about the cake story...
Few days before my birthday,

Mummy: What you want for your birthday?
Me: Cake!
Mummy: Only cake? You don't want present? Toy toy?
Me: Cake, blow candles~ (show mummy blowing action)
Mummy: Ok, what cake you want?
Me: Barney!
Mummy: Let's see... Where can I buy a Barney cake...
Me: Mama make!
Mummy: Ops ow! Mama dunno how to bake cake yet... How?
Me: Cake cake! Barney!~
Mummy: Mummy'll have to learn first, Can I bake it for your next year birthday?
Me: Buy Barney Cake!

Mummy's been busy finding,
Where should she buy Barney cake...
She found it!

I'm so excited,
When I see I get what I want!~
I know exactly what to do during birthday!~
Right after the moment mummy took out the cake...

Me: Barney!!! (With a cheerful smile)
Me: Candle where? Yir???

After mummy put the candle...
Me: Blow blow~~~~~~
Mummy: Wait, light up the candle first...
Me: (Blow~~~~~)

Last year's birthday,
I still need daddy to help me blow my candle,
This year,
I blow it myself!
Big big boy!~

Before mummy take out the knife...
Me: Cut cut!!

Right after I cut my cake,
Me: Eat eat!!!!!!!

I love the chocolate!~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Parenthots Soapbox

Mummy wrote an article,
About her motherhood blogging experience,
To ParenThots...

Her article was selected,
To win RM50 vouchers from Kidz Spot for me!
Time for shopping, again!~

Here's her winning article:

You can read it in ParenThots website, too!

Special thanks to Star Publications,
Special thanks to ParenThots,
Special thanks to Kidz Spot,
For selecting mummy's article,
On my birthday month!

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Bottle

My previous drinking bottle,
Break and spoilt,
After fall down from the table!
Like Humpty Dumpty...

Mummy bought me a new bottle...
A brand new one!
Printed with my recent favourite cartoon character:
Mickey Mouse!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goodbye Tears Hello Smiles

My photo's in Mom Baby Magazine,
September 09 issue!~
In J&J's Goodbye Tears Hello Smiles session...
It's my birthday month!~
Closer view of the featured photo:
Going to get J&J baby shampoo this time...
Thankx to Today Publishing,
Special thankx to Mom Baby Magazine, too
And thankx to J&J for the birthday gift!~

Looking forward for my birthday!


After mummy bought puzzles for me,
I'll fix my puzzles everyday!!!
I really enjoy and love my puzzle time...
3 days after mummy buy the first insect series,
I'm able to solve the puzzles by myself!~

I like Young Children's Jigsaw Puzzles series,
The attractive and colourful shapes,
Makes me feels like want to play it everyday...
Mummy buy another set of vegetables for me!~

Besides solving puzzles,
I learn more english and mandarin vocabulary, too!

Mummy always request me to play the puzzle one-by-one,
She scared the shapes will be missing,
If I simply throw here and there...
I always put it back to the box after I finish...
Mummy said I'm such a clever boy!~

Not even the puzzles,
Everytime after I play my other toys,
I'll tell mummy,
Me: Sean Sean, clean up!~
Mummy thinks I'm so sweet,
For not messing up all the toys around,
After each and every play session!~

Since solving puzzles become an easy task for me,
Mummy tried to increase the complication,
By pouring out two cards' shapes together!~
And then, later on, three cards together!
I didn't panic after I saw many shapes on the table!
More complication,
More challenging the games become!

I solved the puzzles by myself!~
I can still do it!
No problem at all!

Mummy said she loves to see,
The way I concentrate,
When I'm trying to solve the puzzles!
I don't know concentrating will makes me look more handsome!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


You must be wondering...
What is E-O...
I prefer to call my police car,
And my fire engine,
As E-O...
It's easier to pronounce,
And they'll make the E-O siren's sound as well...
Sometimes I'll tell mummy,
Police car or engine,
In order to differentiate my two cars!~
E-O is a lot more easier..
Don't you think so?

Mummy's trying to expose me,
To more kinds of occupations,
Since she noticed I just know what a doctor does...
And now,
I starts to understand,
What a policeman and a fireman does!~
While playing around with my E-O cars!

Mummy saw MPH bookstore,
With promotion of 3 for 2 price for ladybird series,
She grabs another 3 books for me!~
And my very new favourite book: E-O Book!!!!!!

My story telling session begins~~~
Mummy is always the best listener!~
She enjoy listens to every single word,
Of my stories!~

This time,
I added in some action,
During my story-telling time...
I pretend to take the food,
Like bread, hot dogs, burgers, cheese,
From pictures of the books,
And put it into mummy's mouth and feed mummy!!!
Mummy thinks this is so sweet!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Swimming Companion

I didn't went swimming in a pool,
For such a long time...
Almost everyday is a rainny day...
Mummy feels tired during her early pregnancy....
Since it's not raining,
Since mummy's now in mid-pregnancy,
And it's a good exercise for her to swim, too!~
Daddy bring us for a swim during weekend....

Guess what,
I have new swimming companion...
My new arm float,
Little water tank,
And also monkey water shoot!~

How wonderful to play in a pool...
With so many wonderful companions~~~~~~
I don't forget to share my new toys,
With kor kor I met in the swimming pool!~
Mummy always said,
Sharing is a good habit!
It is indeed good to share,
As I really enjoy my swimming session,
Having fun playing with kor kor!~

Monday, September 7, 2009

Animals Hams

Mummy cut ham into many cute animals' shape,
And steam it for me to eat...
A simple ham meal!~

She added face details to the ham,
To make it more alike~~~~~~~
Guess how I eat my meal...
I ate all the animals' ears...
And 'reserve' the other parts for mummy~~~
Looks like too much of ham for one meal...

Me: mama, eat!~

Mummy use the remaining part of the ham,
Which she cut for the mickey,
To decorate my noodle's soup...
Looks weird,
But I finish the whole bowl!~

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I loves to eat all kinds of nuts!~
Mummy adding nuts to my meals!~
She soaked the nuts overnight,
To cook my porridge...

One of my favourite soup!
Groundnut soup!~~~~~~~
I can drink so many bowls,
If mummy boil my favourite soup...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Star Letter

After winning Playskool Bouncing Zoo for me,
This is the second time,
Mummy wins something for me again!~

Mummy just write in,
And share her parenting experience,
Her letter is being selected as Star Letter,
For Dryper's Parent's Circle Apr-Jun2009 Issue,
And this time,
I'm going to have free drypers and drypantz,
Plus a mystery gift...
Which is a chick chick puppet!

Here's mummy's winning letter:

My birthday gift from drypers:
Dinasour book!!!

Thankx SCA Hygiene for all the gifts!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sand Art

What else to do by the seaside,
Except splashing the water, picnic,
And playing with the sand?

While we walk around,
I found this interesting sand art stall...
And I requested to colour ultraman...

Of course,
The tearing of the sticker part,
Is done by mummy,
It's not as easy to peel the sticker,
As those colourful stickers mummy bought for me...
Mummy need to use a tiny stick,
To help her peel of some specific part...

Mummy let me choose the colour I want,
Freely and creatively.......
It's so fun to colour my 'traman',
With the colourful sand...

Dang dang dang dang!
The final piece of my art work!~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bagan Lalang

Off I go,
To Bagan Lalang...
On the way,
While passing by Sepang,
I saw a lot of big big aeroplanes...
I feels so excited!~
Keep on making 'Yoh! Wow!' sound...

I'm not scared of the sand of the beach,
And the waves of the sea as previous beach outings anymore!~
I enjoy splashing the sea water,
And also looking forward for the mini waves to come!~
Fun fun fun!~

I refuse to come up,
Even mummy request me to do so...
After mummy change dry clothes for me,
I notice my hands are like old man's hands...
Me: Mama, old man (Show mummy my hands)
Mummy: Ya lor, you play too long in the water...
Me: Mama, tion (Lotion)
Mummy: Here you go...
Me: (Apply on my hand) Open, more~

I keep on apply lotion on my hands,
Until my hands back to baby's hands...

Since we decide to go for this trip early in the morning,
Mummy didn't prepare any specific food for this picnic like last time,
My gu gu bought my favourite KFC meal...
And I have a yummy drumstick by the seaside...
Simply relax and enjoyable!
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