Thursday, October 21, 2021

Milo Champions Clinic e-Coaching - Badminton Sep-Oct2021


Due to pendemic,
We stay at home most of the time...
Noticing kiddos' activities restricted at home,
We sign up right away, 
Without any hesitation..

It's a great opportunity,
To learn from National sports legends,
At the comfort of home...
All the training sessions are online...
And It's time for My Little Princess and Little Baby Prince,
To move it, move it!~
Let's be sporty!~

Between futsal and badminton,
They both choose to learn Badminton...

Milo is great enough...
To send over Milo training jersey, 
Badminton racket with bag, 
6 cones, 6 synthetic shuttlecocks,
For each of them...

During the 5 week at-home badminton training session,
They learn basic skill by watching video clip,
Submitting homeworks to their coach,
Followed by a weekly coaching session with experienced coach.
Where their progress is closely monitored by Coach Tan,
To make sure they learn the correct technique of playing badminton...

Seeing my kids sweating and learning new techniques...
While getting sporty and start having more passion in badminton...
Was one of the most wonderful feeling as a mother...

Special thanks to Coach Tan Shau Heng.....
For guiding both of them so well...
They enjoy learning new technique,
Rather than just playing blindly...
Playing badminton with correct yet super fun way...

The finished off their 5-weeks-training....

Most importantly is...
Time well spent,
Since it's much more better than sitting down,
Stick to the gadgets...
I c the transformation of..
They are sticking to their rackets,
Every evening since they start their coaching session...

Special gratitude To Milo Champions Clinic...
To introduce such fantastic e-coaching sessions..
To nurture and foster the sport passion..
In the little ones' heart....

On Parents' role to help childrens'  mental health during lockdown...

To join the next upcoming opening slot!
Get active! Get sporty! Get healthy!
Go Go Go!

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Takex clean extra sanitizer - Powerful combination of Bamboo extract and ethanol Effectively killed 99.99% Virus and Germs

TAKEXCO MALAYSIA SDN BHD is supporting the global need for proper sanitation
And announces that TAKEX CLEAN EXTRA Sanitizer is now available in Malaysia.
The breakthrough product innovation by TAKEX CO., LTD. from Japan
(Headquarters: Suita City, Osaka Prefecture / President and CEO: Kumi Okada),
A pioneer with over 30 years of expertise in research and development
In Bamboo disinfectant benefits,
Combines the powerful duo of Bamboo extracts
As its main active ingredient and ethanol
To give the best scientifically proven antimicrobial benefits.

TAKEX CLEAN EXTRA Sanitizer's properties of being food grade
& its high-quality ingredients provide total protection in personal sanitization
And even on surfaces around the house,
Especially in living halls, bedrooms, dining areas or the kitchen areas,
Without the worry of ingesting harmful toxic chemicals.
It can also be used on TAKEX CLEAN EXTRA Sanitizer
And TAKEXCO MALAYSIA SDN BHD is also certified
With ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22000:2018, GMP and HACCP certifications.
TAKEX CLEAN EXTRA is available in various functional packaging,
Perfect for household use or for those who are constantly out and about.

In this day and time,
We are constantly thinking about how we can make our family feel safer
In the face of a global pandemic,
Therefore TAKEX CO., LTD. has also taken the extra measure
To ensure that the product is positively safe
By sending TAKEX CLEAN EXTRA Sanitizer samples
To an ISO certified laboratory in Japan to conduct verification tests.
The result of the verification test of TAKEX CLEAN EXTRA Sanitizer
Against Covid-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) has proven 99.99% of the virus inactivation e
Even after 15 days of evaporation.

TAKEXCO MALAYSIA SDN BHD is a subsidiary company
Targeting to distribute produce for the Halal and Southeast Asia market.
TAKEX CLEAN EXTRA Sanitizer is a unique innovation in the market
Thanks to the combination of a powerful duo of bamboo extracts and ethanol –
Which provides advanced sanitizing power
And high durability formulation working in harmony that ensures  you are always protected. 

The Bamboo extract is obtained from
The crushed sheath of the gramineous Moso bamboo grown in Japan,
Using a unique extraction method.
This active ingredient works on the spikes of the virus and neutralizes its active state.
This natural ingredient gives TAKEX CLEAN EXTRA Sanitizer
A broad range of antimicrobial qualities,
Including continuous disinfection after evaporation
And provides an excellent deodorizing effect. 

Food contact surfaces,
Ensuring that you can use it on kitchen utensils such as cutting boards,
Kitchen knives and dishes for more thorough cleaning of your household.
Effectively removing virus and germs
Without the need to rinse or wipe off after spraying on surfaces. 
Now you can enjoy peace of mind throughout the day as you know that you and your family are safe.

TAKEX CLEAN EXTRA range is available on
TAKEXCO MALAYSIA official e-commerce platforms:
Shopee (takexco) and Lazada (takexco).

For more information and latest promotions on TAKEX
TAKEX official Facebook Page (takexmalaysia)
And Instagram (@takex_official)

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Laboratoires Filorga - New Time-Filler Intensive

Photo provided by Filorga

The new TIME-FILLER INTENSIVE serum by French aesthetic laboratory, 
FILORGA, is inspired by the efficacy of injectables 
And promises to smooth all types of wrinkles, 
Iincluding those on the neck, 
In just seven days. 

Its secret: the iconic TIME-FILLER core formula, 
Concentrated in active ingredients 
Inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques to relax, 
Smooth and plump the skin of the face, 
And now enhanced with a restructuring plant active ingredient 
Targeted to smooth out neck wrinkles. 

A core formula inspired,
By 5 aesthetic medicine techniques:

- Expression wrinkles [inspired by botulinum toxin injections]: 
skin-relaxing hexapeptide 

- Deep wrinkles [inspired by filling injections]: 
collagen-boosting matrikines + filling HA 

- Surface wrinkles [inspired by peels]: 
smoothing sea fennel 

- Dehydration wrinkles [inspired by revitalisation injections]: 
water-capturing plant extract + NCEF 

Relaxed features, filled-in wrinkles, smoother 
And plumper skin 

Neck wrinkles [inspired by thread lifts]: restructuring plant extract

Restructured epidermal support layer, smoothed neck wrinkles

A new fifth skin wrinkle has recently surfaced: 
The neck wrinkle. 
This notoriously hard to remedy wrinkle is a growing concern among many people, 
Primarily due to the overuse of smartphones. 
Drawing inspiration from thread lifts, 
NEW ingredient restructuring plant extract is added, 
A revolutionary correction for the notorious wrinkle.
It restructures the epidermal support layer and collagen fibres, 
Increasing their density and stimulating collagen synthesis for smoother skin. 
 The efficacy of Filorga’s anti-wrinkle series has been clinically proven 
Under dermatological control and suitable for all women 
Wanting to simultaneously treat all their types of wrinkles. 
This serum is recommended for use in the morning and evening, 
Before cream, to the entire face and neck. 
Overall, the product is ultra-light, 
Eenhanced by tightening polysaccharides 
For the desired quick smoothing action.

Wanna experienced Filorga?


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

PROVITAL Immuna Plus Supports Local Heroes in “Healthier Malaysians, Stronger Malaysia” Campaign this Malaysia Day

Mead Johnson Nutrition concluded 
Their ‘Healthier Malaysians, Stronger Malaysia’ campaign today 
With the recognition of the six-person lineup of Local Heroes at a virtual event, 
After three weeks of receiving nominations of admirable individuals across Malaysia 
From members of the public. 
This campaign was launched under Mead Johnson Nutrition’s new adult nutrition brand – 
PROVITAL Immuna Plus in an initiative 
Tto help support the immune health of the local heroes 
Who are doing extraordinary things to make a difference to the communities. 
The virtual event was officiated by 
Y.A.M. Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, 
Princess of Selangor in conjunction with Malaysia Day.

The ‘Healthier Malaysians, Stronger Malaysia’ campaign 
Aims to celebrate and honour the ordinary Malaysians 
Who have stepped up to bring about positive community impact through their initiatives or cause. 
The local heroes who were identified and nominated are 
Kuan Chee Heng or fondly known as Uncle Kentang, 
Adrian Pereira, Esther Chit, Aunty Jenny, Har Yin Geong, and Siamy Tan

“This ‘Healthier Malaysians, Stronger Malaysia’ campaign 
Brings to light the many good initiatives carried out by our fellow Malaysians. 
It is a celebration of values and the true Malaysian ‘can-do’ spirit demonstrated by many. 
I am truly proud of our local heroes, 
Those known and many, many more unknown. 
This is the step in the right direction as we create greater awareness of the plight of others 
And how companies like Mead Johnson and broader community can help. 
It is encouraging to see that Malaysians remain undeterred by their age 
And the pandemic in their efforts to help and support each other. 
I hope that this campaign and the stories of these Local Heroes 
Will encourage more Malaysians to participate in social work or support existing initiatives,
But at the same time, 
Practice good lifestyle habits to remain healthy during this challenging time,”
Shared Y.A.M. Tengku Zatashah. 

“Mead Johnson Nutrition has always been a proponent of healthy bodies and communities. 
 We are inspired by the amazing efforts of these Local Heroes 
Who have selflessly contributed to the Malaysian society. 
Hence in line with PROVITAL Immuna Plus’ vision 
To nurture healthier Malaysians, 
We would like to value these heroes by supporting their health. 
While many may have supported these heroes in various ways, 
Let us not forget to take care of our heroes’ health as well, 
So they have a stronger and healthier body to continue their mission in helping the communities. 
We are also pleased to collaborate with Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia by contributing 
1,000 packs of PROVITAL Immuna Plus containing nutrients 
To support the immune health of families in need 
To make sure they stay healthy in these challenging times,” 
Said Gonzalo Balcazar, 
General Manager of Mead Johnson Nutrition Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. 

Gonzalo added, 
“We want to create a platform for Malaysians 
To support one another by advocating for good health, 
Especially in promoting strong immune system. 
This is possible through our nutritious adult milk, 
PROVITAL Immuna Plus, 
With its unique Triple Immunity Protection proposition from nutrients 
Such as yeast beta-glucan, selenium and vitamin C. 
Our efforts support the belief of 45% of respondents in our recent survey 
Who believe that nutrition is a key factor for a strong immunity. 
In addition, 
51% of Malaysian adults choose nutritional products to support their health. 
With these factors in mind, 
We want to offer support for the health of our everyday heroes 
So that they can focus on carrying out their initiatives with confidence.” 

 “It is encouraging to see that Malaysians are going the extra mile 
To support each other especially during the current situation, 
Without neglecting their own health and wellbeing. 
The public needs to understand that social work can impact our bodies 
And there should be more awareness 
About importance of maintaining good health and strong immunity. 
I hope that more Malaysians will emulate these Local Heroes 
By taking care of themselves and the people around them,” 
Dr. Kent Woo Chee Keen, 
Consultant Physician, Allergist and Immunologist of Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur shares. 
This Malaysia Day, 
Mead Johnson has let’s celebrate and support the following Local Heroes 
Featured in the ‘Healthier Malaysians, Stronger Malaysia’ campaign with their admirable efforts

Local Hero:
Kuan Chee Heng or Uncle Kentang 
- Local philanthropist 
Who has been providing various types of aid and assistance 
To the underprivileged 

Adrian Pereira
- Executive Director of North-South Initiative 
Which aims to improve human rights and labour rights 
Among marginalised communities 

Esther Chit 
- Master Builder at EPIC Homes 
That bridges the urban and rural divide through the act of building homes 
For underprivileged communities 

Aunty Jenny 
- Animal activist 
Who has been rescuing strays for the past 20 years 

Har Yin Geong 
- Volunteer coordinator 
Who assists senior citizens with their vaccination appointments 

Siamy Tan 
- Home cook and coordinates a team of other home cooks
To prepare meals for underprivileged groups 

PROVITAL Immuna Plus is a nutritious adult milk 
To provide Triple Immunity Protection 
From its nutrients such as yeast beta-glucan, selenium and vitamin C. 

To find out more about PROVITAL Immuna Plus 
And the ‘Healthier Malaysians, Stronger Malaysia’ campaign, 
PROVITAL Immuna Plus is now available at leading pharmacies, 
Supermarkets, hypermarkets, and e-commerce stores in 480g and 960g pack. 

If you would like to take proactive steps to care for your health 
And find out about your immune status, 
You can check out your immunity score at
 By answering a series of health-related questions, 
The tool will be able to give an indication of 
The strength of one’s immune health in the past 12 months using a score system.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Plantonic - Treating nature, with nature

                                                                                                            Photo provided by Plantonic

Having to spend more time at home throughout the pandemic, 
Many Malaysians have been encouraged to take up gardening 
And hone their green thumbs. 
This is not just a recent trend, 
as the local home gardening and horticulture scene 
Has been steadily blooming over the past few years. 
Whether it is aesthetic plants or edible greens, 
More Malaysians have been adding a touch of greenery to their living spaces.
Owing to this growing interest, 
Singaporean-based Plantonic has launched its revolutionary household product in Malaysia 
For the benefit of aspiring and veteran home gardeners across the country. 
Plantonic is the world’s first 4-in-1 organic fertiliser of its kind, 
And is designed to be all-natural and non-toxic.
 Aside from acting as a fertiliser and soil revitaliser, 
The plant-based product also serves as a natural pest repellent, 
Prevents fungal infections, 
And boosts plant immunity.
Staying true to its slogan: “Treat Nature With Nature”, 
Plantonic uses only plant-based ingredients which aid plant nourishment, 
Avoiding the use of toxic chemicals found in standard fertiliser products. 
This makes it safe for edible greens, as well as indoor use around children and pets.
Plantonic’s CEO and founder, Eric Tan said 
He was inspired to create the product after speaking to farmers in countries 
Such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Romania. 
Through his observations and discussions with these farmers, 
He learnt that many of them had their own secret formulas for keeping crops healthy, 
Passed down from generation to generation.
“I decided to combine this knowledge from farmers with Ayurvedic principles 
To develop Plantonic, to create a product that avoids the use of harmful chemicals. 
These natural ingredients have been used for centuries by people all over the world 
To promote healing — and I believe in treating plants and greens as living things, 
Which should be nurtured by the healing force of nature itself,” Tan added.
Photo provided by Plantonic

The product’s key ingredients include:

 ·    Shilajit: A substance formed from the decomposition of plants 
That is commonly found in the Himalayan mountains, 
Shilajit is often used in Ayurvedic medicine 
And contains natural antibacterial properties 

·    Seaweed: Rich in nutrients such as magnesium, 
Potassium, zinc, iron, and nitrogen, seaweed 
Has been shown to stimulate plant growth 

·    Ginseng Root: A common feature in traditional medicine, 
Ginseng root also helps to boost plants’ immune systems 

·    Fruit peel: Consisting of vital soil-revitalising nutrients 
Such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium, 
Fruit peels act as an effective natural fertiliser 

·    Seed extract: With its antimicrobial compounds, 
This extract helps plants fend off infections 

·    Tea leaves: The tannic acid found in tea leaves helps to improve soil quality

Packaged in a handy spray bottle, 
Plantonic is also a convenient way of ensuring plants receive 
All the necessary nutrients to grow well. Wit
h a healthy spritz once a week for smaller houseplants, 
And twice a week for larger ones, 
The product gives users a hassle-free method of tending to their home gardens. 
The packaging of the product further allows for space-saving storage – 
A boon to apartment dwellers who have minimal storage space in their homes.

To mark its arrival in Malaysia, 
Plantonic is contributing Plantonic bottles to Tropical Spice Garden (TSG) in Penang. 
“TSG, is a unique and important hallmark of the local horticulture movement. 
TSG’s sustainable practices echo Plantonic’s own commitment to nature, 
So we are more than happy to support them,” said Tan of the contribution. 

Located at Teluk Bahang, 
TSG is a lush eight-acre secondary jungle housing over 500 varieties of flora and fauna.
 The garden is one of Penang’s first eco-tourism spots, 
And acts as a living museum of biodiversity for local and international visitors. 

Award-winning Malaysian landscape designer Inch Lim, 
The man who designed TSG, commended the contribution. 
Speaking at Plantonic’s recent media launch, 
Lim added, “I’m more than happy to welcome Plantonic to Malaysia. 
With the company’s natural and eco-conscious approach to cultivating plants,
 I believe that they’ll be a great addition to the Malaysian horticulture scene.”

Another guest speaker at the virtual launch, 
Model and sustainability advocate Melissa Tan highlighted 
The importance of making green choices accessible to a wider audience. 
She added, “Chemical fertilisers cause a lot of environmental harm and degrade the soil. 
We have to remove them from the equation and return to natural solutions.”

Also present at the launch was plant-based lifestyle advocate and performer Davina Goh, 
Who shared her thoughts. “As a Healing Diets Diploma student, 
It is important to me that all the products I use are non-toxic, 
Especially in my greens and other fresh produce.
 I think the fact that it is so easy to use makes it a great product 
For those who are new to gardening like me,” she said. 

Within the next 1 to 2 years, 
Plantonic is looking to expand its presence in Europe, Thailand, Indonesia, China, and USA.
 Plantonic will be available in Hong Kong later in September 2021.

Plantonic is currently available in Malaysia on e-commerce platforms 
Avid home gardening enthusiasts should also keep a look 
For the brand’s upcoming 9.9. promotions on these platforms.

For more details, visit

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

A ' Travel Fair' to rekindle the passion for travel.. though the pages of book!


 It's been more than one year..
Since last write about travel......
The pendemic is not over yet...
But here I am,
Blog about this one of a kind Travel Fair..

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles, begins with a Single Step” –
A well-known quote that resonates perfectly with travel.
While it may not be possible to travel physically due to the current pandemic,
Why not reignite the passion for travel
And begin the ‘journey of a thousand miles’ through the pages of a book.

“Our desire to travel and learn about the world has become difficult
Due to current restrictions and the realities that impact and affect us,
As a result of Covid-19.
The whole world has come to a ‘standstill’
And has halted all forms of travel for the past two years,
Something no one could have predicted.

With the TRAVEL FAIR thematic,
We want to rekindle the passion for travelling through the pages of a book and, more importantly,
Encourage Malaysians to enjoy and experience the joy of travel again through books.”
Said Andrew Yap, Co-Founder of BookXcess Sdn. Bhd.

“With people spending more time at home,

The TRAVEL FAIR theme is meant to engage with people to create some buzz

And get them to indulge in their travel fantasies while we wait for the day, to once again be able to cross borders.

Reading has proven to be therapeutic and is a perfect form of escapism,

And we want to ensure that books remain accessible to everyone.

When you can’t travel, let books transport you”, added Andrew.

Through the act of reading,

We hope readers can satisfy their wanderlust

And remain positive until the travel restrictions are revised.

This quote by Author Katrina Mayer aptly describes how books can take you on that adventurous journey –

“A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever leaving your chair”, he concluded.

The TRAVEL FAIR thematic was created to encourage people to ‘travel’

And take a journey through the pages of a book to reinvigorate the love for travelling amongst readers in Malaysia.

Kicking off from the 4th of August 2021,

BookXcess invites booklovers to board the ‘train of imagination’ to discover places around the world

And travel through reading about fascinating places and cultures in a virtual journey with books.

It’s an experiential journey through books based on popular destinations around the world,

In keeping with our TRAVEL FAIR thematic.

The website’s main page has been redesigned to showcase a host of book titles and themes

That focus on topics such as food, culture, architecture, mythical experiences, fantasies, and so much more. 

Readers in Malaysia can embark on a journey through ‘armchair travelling’

And enjoy exclusive deals on travel-related books only at the website.

BookXcess has teamed up with Klook Malaysia -

A one-stop platform for Malaysians to book the best attractions,

Activities, staycations, dining experiences, weekend things-to-do and more,

Not just in Malaysia but for more than 400 cities around the world -

Who has come on board as the ‘Official Travel Partner’ for the TRAVEL FAIR.

BookXcess has created a series of ‘travel deals’ teasers

That have been enticing the public to explore the world

Through its TRAVEL FAIR thematic promotions online since Friday 23rd July.

These teasers will feature a specially created site that will later be ‘unveiling’

And redirecting visitors to the actual TRAVEL FAIR home page

At the stroke of midnight on the 4th of August 2021. 

The TRAVEL FAIR promotion ends on the 10th of August 2021.

For full details on this event and ongoing deals,

Kindly visit BookXcess’s: website or Facebook and Instagram.



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