Monday, May 27, 2019

Grand Opening of The Champignons Cake Shop & Taste by Champignons

The Grand Opening of
The Champignons Cake Shop &
Taste by Champignons

Very nice bar...
Refreshing drinks..

Lots of people,
Enjoying yummy food...
A casual place,
To meet friends,
And enjoy good food~

Taste by Champignons' 
Finger food..

Lot. G31, Ground Floor, EkoCheras Mall,
No 693 Batu 5, Jalan Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur

 The Champignons Cake Shop,
Is a new endeavour by
Chef Gary Chang &
Pastry Chef Kingsley Kwoh,
Who shares the passion of merging art with taste....

Each cake is detailed and artistically created..
It is so beautiful that it is almost too painful to eat..
The burst of taste and sultry pull of sweetness,
Makes you wonder if you should order a second piece..

Kingsley's passion for baking,
Came from his mother who was a avid home baker.
Encouraged at a tender young age,
Kingsley eventually made it his career,
Specializing in Modern French Patisserie..

Lot. G32, Ground Floor, EkoCheras Mall,
No 693 Batu 5, Jalan Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur

Stay tune to our food review,
At Taste by Champignons & The Champignons Cake Shop

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Althea A'bloom

Loving my new Althea Angels' beauty box..
With the latest A'bloom beauty products..
Let me tell you..
What are all the treasure inside the box~~~

Nourishing Avocado Mask Sheet...
Suitable for those whom are aging,
And wanna prevent wrinkle..
Avocado is rich in protein that prevents aging,
And provides strong antioxidant with Vitamin E,
To improve skin elasticity..
It is infused with avocado extracts and hibiscus,
For soft supple skin that glows..
Suitable for dry skin...

Let's cuddle cuddle,
For a better me!

Brightening Lemon Lime Mask..
With high Vitamin C,
To help to repair and protect skin from UV damage,
Giving a nice radiant glow...
The double dose of Vitamin C from lemon and lime extracts,
Banishes dark spots,
And green tea boost brightening while calming skin..
Suitable for combination skin type..

For brighter skin,
Brighter future~

 Anti-Blemish Peach Mask,
Soothes irritated and sensitive skin,
Peach extracts and tea tree oil,
Helps to regulate the skin's pH level,
And protect skin barrier for glowing skin.
Suitable for oily skin..

Say bye bye to blemish and acne..

Watermelon Moist Mask,
Very moisturized and soft...
Suitable for all skin type..


Cute little Baby Meringue Puffs...
3 in 1 in a box..
It reminds me of little pau..
That uneatable..
It is made out of non-latex sponge,
With hydrophilic properties,
Which will grow 1.5 times bigger than normal size,
When soaked with water,
Allowing make up to be applied perfectly on skin..

Giant Meringue puffs are suitable for wide surface skin...

BHA Blackhead Blaster...
Easy and quick triple treatment,
For blackheads, white heads,
And dead skin for daily care..

Dampened skin.
Apply stick directly on targeted area...
Massage in circular motion for 30 seconds,
Rinse off with water..

It exfoliating the dead skin cells..
Apricot seed powder helps to remove excessive sebum.
Charcoal absorb the dirt in the pores..
Tea tree leaf oil helps to soothe and prevent irritation on skin..

For more information,
Drop by Althea's website
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