Monday, October 31, 2016

CEFL English Adventure Camp

Exam's over.....
Long holiday is approaching soon...
It's kiddos' honeymoon time....

I always want my kids...
To spend their time wisely...
Especially during long holiday....

Going for a camp,
Would be an ideal way...
For them to learn new stuff,
And having different experience...

I'd been sending my kids...
To basketball camps,
Drama camps...
And this round,
I'd like to find,
An interesting language camp...
For my eldest.....

I saw they are organizing an English Camp:

Language. Leadership. Life skills.
This is exactly what I'm looking for,
For my boy...

When I read thoroughly....
It's a MUST sleepover camp....
And it's 5D4N, 
Not one night but FOUR NIGHTS!!!
Plus it's adventurous!~~~~

Well.... Yes, 
I did send them to camp before...
But all those 'camps' are not a real camps...
It's a camp minus a sleepover....

Questions start playing in my mind:
Is it safe to let my boy go for it?
Can my boy adapt to the environment?
Can my boy cope without having me around?

I decided to let my boy,
To step out of his comfort zone,
To learn new skills,
To go for A Hero's Journey!~

It's educative,
It's fun,
Can't see any reason I don't let him go....

Of course,
I'll still respect his decision...
And let him decide.....

He's super excited about the camp programme...
He can't wait to find out...
What's all those activities are about.....

When he knew he's going to sleepover there,
He said NO!~
No Way!~

Until he saw this video...
He began to hestitate...
Maybe he should give it a try....

He just can't resist..
The call to Adventure.....

If you and your kids,
Are adventurous enough..
And wish to spend time,
Out of their comfort zone...
Come and join:

CEFL English Adventure Camp...
Dates: 10th-14th December 2016 (5 days 4 nights0
Venue: Lembah Azwen Resort, Hulu Langat

For special rate and referral discount!~
Quote my code: CEFL-Kylie-2016

Let's answer the call to adventure together!~

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ecolite collagen bird's nest - The Joy of Life

A glass of bird's nest:
Stimulating the regeneration of cells,
Strengthening our immune and respiratory system...
Improving the performance of our internal organs...

Its most sought-after beauty benefits:
Ability to rejuvenate cells,
Promoting smooth, radiant and youthful skin..
In the long run...

Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Is about to revealed..
A new brand of Collagen Bird's Nest Beverages..
"The Joy Of Life"

The new line of Halal-certified beverages,
Combines the powerful health benefits of bird's nest,
With the proven beauty benefits of Marine Fish Collagen,
Which stimulates collagen production,
In our bodies and combat signs of aging,
Pioneering a new beverage catagory,
That fulfills the wellness and beauty needs of Malaysian Consumers...

The Joy of Life,
Comes in 5 flavours:
Original, Aloe Vera, 
Lychee, Longan, 
Red Date with Wolfberry..

I'm loving the packaging of...
The Joy of Life...
Original flavour..

A little taste of Aloe Vera,
Added the refreshing feel...
To the bird's nest drink!~

Bird Nest combining with Longan,
Is such a perfect combination..

Lychee added the loveliness taste,
To the bird's nest...

Last but not least,
My personal preference..
The Joy Of Life Collagen Bird's Nest Drink,
Together with Red Date and Wolfberry!~
Superbly nice...
Highly recommended...

Ribbon Ooi...
Singing live!~
It's my time...
During the soft launch..
Of The Joy Of Life...

Each bottle contains 2500mg of Collagen,
And comes in a stylish and transparent packaging,
With a vacuum safety button..
Luxury drink conveniently grab-and-go...
At super affordable price at RM6.50 per bottle...
Available in all 7-11 convenience stores,
Will soon be sold at most major pharmacies,
And hypermarkets in the country..

For more information,
Kindly visit:

Monday, October 17, 2016

Cetaphil Baby Experience Workshop

Attended Cetaphil Baby Experience Workshop,
At Talent Lounge, Damansara Perdana last weekend..
I must say, the experience was fruitful..
Met some bloggers and even friends who was working at the event!

Fall in love with Cetaphil's products,
With 0% parabens, mineral oil,
Colourants, animal origin ingredients and soap...

Cetaphil Baby...
Is really formulated,
To be gentle,
For daily use...
To nourish baby's skin..
With gentle, effective skincare,
To start healthy skin journey...

Cetaphil Baby Range consist of:

Cetaphil Baby Daily lotion
Which is designed to sooth and nourish,
While moisturizing and protect,
Baby's skin from dryness..
Specially formulated to,
Soothe baby's delicate skin...

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo
Tear and soap free,
A shampoo that soothes the scalp.
Contains soothing chamomile,
That gently cleanses scalp without drying..

Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo
Gentle, tear free moisturizing wash,
Blends into a rich lather and rinses clean,
Leaving baby skin and hair,
With a soft and fresh fragrance.

Cetaphil Baby Ultra Moisturizing Bath & Wash
This rich lathering wash,
Contains 1/3 baby lotion,
And is designed to leave..
Baby's skin soft and smooth..

Very educative workshop...
About how to keep baby's skin happy & healthy...
I love the question and answer session very much!
It really tested how much knowledge I really knew...
After taking care of my 3 little babies....

Meet the experts:
Dr Mazlin,
A widely experienced and well-versed,
In the filed of dermatology and skin health,
Having been involved in..
Various publications,
Throughout the years..
She's currently a Dermatologist,
At KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hostpital..

It's time to bath my 'baby'..
With Cetaphil Baby Product..

Thanks to Lim Li Li,
Demonstrating the correct way,
To bath our 'baby'...

Miss Lim Li Li,
With 12 years of experience in nursing,
And has gained proficiency in diabetes care,
Emergency care,
Including medical surgical nursing (Adult & Pediatric)
with advance knowledge in medical devices...

Daddies and mummies...
Immediately trying out.......
All the technique we just learnt..
Besides testing the temperature of the water with our elbow,
Another good tip is to,
Put yourself in your baby's show..
Would you like to bath in a cold room?
Nope! So, don't bathe baby in air-con room..

Had a wonderful time,
Bathing our 'baby' aka doll...

Miss Corina Lau,
Teaching us the massaging techniques...
I pretty much need to learn this..
As my kids love massaging a lot!
And I enjoy the bonding session,
While doing massage for them...

Corina Lau,
Has been practising nurse,
For 7 years and specialises in,
Nursery and diabetes nurse care,
With a breadth of relevant,
Knowledge and experience..

Practically try out...
All the massage techniques,
I just learnt..
Slow and gentle is key.
I start with the feet, rubbing and massaging,
Then move on to the hands...

It's not that hard anyway...

A group photo,
Of all the experts...
During Cetaphil Baby Experience...

Thank you so much,
For the lovely sharing session..
There will be more photos and videos coming up..

Kindly visit these sites,
If you need further information on Cetaphil

The Frutzee Family by Nutrio Food

Nutrio food launches...
The Frutzee Family...

A crispy crunch.
A busrt sweetness...
It's natural.
It's healthy.

Derek, Frutzee's Managing Director,
Is a father of 3 adorable chidlre,
But turned out they are very picky eaters!~
With his 10 years background,
In the food business and immense commitment,
In providing the best for his family,
He and his partners, Eddie,
Came up with this new concept of snacks...

Speaking at the launch,
Eddie Ooi, the sales consultant of Frutzee,
Stated that Nutrio Food supports snacking...
It makes us happy and we should enjoy snaking!~

Introducing Frutzee,
Without unnecessary preservatives,
Colourings and taste enhancers...

Ms Suki,
The PR for Nutrio Food..

The Frutzee Family,
Is now available,
For purchase online...

Do you ever wonder,
What recipe is available,
To make Frutzee more yummy?!~

My very simple recipe for Frutzee Salad:
1. Open up one bag of crunchy berry.
2. Open up one bag of crispy banana.
3. Open up one bag of crispy apple.
4. Open up one bag of crunchy grapes.
5. Mix all together in a bowl...
6. Add in 1 spoonful of mayonnaise.
7. Add in 1 spoonful of thousand island.
8. Sit back and enjoy Frutzee Salad...

For more info,
Visit Nutrio Food's facebook..

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Halloween at Bricks Family Restaurant

Bricks Family Restaurant,
In Legoland Hotel...
Turning extra spooky...
During this Halloween...

The Lego Chef...
Is even 'blinded' by the bat...

Continue reading...
If you're wondering...
What kind of Halloween food..
Lego chef is preparing....

This is the one and only place...
Where you're allowed to draw,
On the table cloth..

When little baby prince..
Feels like eating slightly later..
And his siblings felt hungry already...
Mummy don't have to chase...
Where the little one could possibly be running around...
He just sit still..
And do colouring on the table cloth...
How awesome!~

When kiddos are done with the meal..
And adults still feels like having more..
As the buffet is really yummy..
This table cloth is so useful..
It not only ensure everyone..
Is having a great meal..
But also..
Unleash the inner creativity in kids!~

The kid's activity,
Available just for this Halloween...
Decorating their own cake..
Anyway they want it!~

So many colourful eatable stuff,
To add up to any flavour of cake they love...

Super family friendly restaurant!~
Kids enjoy the food,
As much as the adults did,
And adults can enjoy the food to maximum,
Even with the kids around!~

Look at those cute cute emoji...
How you're feeling today?
Come and pick a face..

Oh my!
Who left their fingers on the plate?
Worried not,
It's just hot dogs...

Ini graveyard ker?
Why need to Rest in peace...
While you can always live in peace?

 Spot some eatable mummies!~

 Some kind of advice:
"If you spread peas around on your plate,
It makes it look like you ate more"

Oh my!!!
A skeleton!!!
Are you scared?
If you are,
Just wallop and swallow it up...
I think it tastes chocolatey yummy!

More varieties of food..
To choose from..

Did you see,
Spiders wandering on the eggs?

Happy Halloween!~

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Guardian - La Gourmet raise funds for Autism

Guardian Malaysia..
Is pitching in to support autism..
With a special range of La Gourmet thermal ware..
That are printed with birds,
Sketched by local autistic talent..
Muhammad Akhtar Bin Ismal,
Or Akhtar for short...

Mr Christina Low,
Marketing Director of Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd said,
"It is driven by goal of giving back to the community...
To this regards,
We will be allocating RM200,000 from this programme,
As contribution to the Skill Development Fund,
Managed by The Nasional Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM)

A forum with Emcee,
Ms Christina,
As well as representative,
From NASOM & La Gourmet..

Flamingo Series
For October 2016 redemption

Thermal Ware merchandise,
Is exclusive to Guardian's customers.
On top of that,
Customers get to enjoy savings of 62%
On the retail price of the items,
Such as tumblers, lunch boxes,
And thermal cups....

Group photo of all the VIPs and Sponsors..
During the launch of Guardian's Limited Edition..
La Gourmet Thermal Ware..

Souvenirs aka drawing...
From Akhtar....

The product doesn't just only,
Showcase Malaysia Birds..
As part of the series,
It also support a local autistic talent..
And raise awareness of their special need....

Customers need to purchase RM20 to receive one stamp.
Once collected 5 stamps,
They can redeem purchase any of the mechandises,
At price which gives them a savings of 62%,
From the usual retail prices...

3 different bird series are available:
Flamingo Series for October 2016
Malaysian Bird Series for November 2016
Penguin Series for December 2016

For more information,
Please visit


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