Thursday, November 10, 2022

Happy Birthday to Zyro Wong & his mum

Attended Influencer Zyro Wong & His Mum Madam Siew Yong‘s
Go French Victorian Glamour in Dual Birthday Bash...
With my influencers and bloggers friends..

The theme - Paix, Amour, Bonheur,
Means Peace, Love, Happiness...
Exactly the atmosphere..
That lit up the whole night...

Such a romantic dance,
By the birthday dual...
I just sit back and relax..
The cosy comfy environment..
With wonderful music.....

Everyone dress up so elegantly!
In Vintage Parisian Elegance...

The night echoed the epitome of fun,
Fashion and Fantasia,
With sumptuous buffet spread,
Casual Chatter amongst old and new friends...

It was a mega celebration,
For both celebrants and guests...

Sponsors contributed
More than RM100,000 worth of gifts,
As lucky draws.

The sponsors include:
✨Black Tower Cafe
✨ Petit Bites 
✨ Dolemon 
✨ Empro 
✨ LUMOS Projector
✨ Chidorri Wellness Spa 
✨ Smileway Dental Clinic
✨ Epigenetic Wellness Centre
✨ Clinic Terry Lee
✨ The Alley
✨ Chang Jiang White Coffee
✨ ParkRoyal Collection KL
✨ le Mariage Bridal
✨ BAM & Co
✨ Vanessa Lee Makeup
✨ Liz Beauty Academy
✨ Winz Loo Saloon 
✨ Nan Yang Chen Siang
✨ Ideal Beauty House
✨ Caroline Ang
✨ SamSpace
✨ Fei Fei Crab
✨ DJL 
✨ Deroma 
✨ Afeer Kuala Lumpur 

I took home a little lucky draw gift, too!
Lucky Night!

Emcee of the day.....
She's so beautiful..
And her singing performance was so superb!

Even the birthday cake,
Is elegantly extraordinary!~

A little touch of cuteness..
At the elegant party!~

The venue sponsor,
Black Tower Cafe,
With its stunning iconic replica of the Eiffel Tower,
Was the perfect setting,
Showcasing both indoor and outdoor decor,
That are superbly Instagrammable!

The stage was reigned,
With Victorian-themed wardrobe,
With full regal accessories...

Dr Zyro himself was a fashionista,
With 4 wardrobe changes.
Each time wowing the crowd,
For photo opportunities...

All the guests are being entertained..
By oustanding performances by
🎉 Christine & Joshua - Opera Singer / Emcee
🎉 Fara Dolhadi - Opera Singer
🎉 Ben Ng - Opera Singer 
🎉 Candice - Singer
🎉 Ying Ying - Singer
🎉 Chase & Adrian - Magician 
🎉 Louisa , Kryz & Bernard

It was indeed a blast birthday celebration..

It was indeed an unforgettable night!


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