Thursday, August 17, 2017

Watsons Against24

Taiwan's unique patented formula,
Bathing care range..
Only at Watsons..

The best way,
To protect family against bacteria..
With cute power panda,
And super adorable rubber duck!~

Designing our own recycle bag..
With cute panda and duckie!~

Duck fishing game...
You could fish back..
Against24 rubber duck hand wash,
Or Against24 power panda hand wash!~
With triple cleansing-effect,
Plus antibacterial formula!~

Brand overview,
By Venessa Heng,
Head of Key Account of Against24...

Product sharing & demo...
By Yann Lim,
Product Specialist & User of Against24..

Testimonial by Ruby,
Parenting blogger & user of Against24..

Official launch with..
Caryn Loh,
General Manager (Country Head),
Watsons Malaysia;
Danny Hoh,
Customer Director,
Watsons Malaysia;
Lee Joyce,
Marketing Director of Against24..

The Rubber Duck and Power Panda,
Bathing series of Against 24,
Consisting baby bathing,
Baby shampoo,
Body and hand wash,
Have been best-sellers,
In Taiwan, China and Hong Kong markets...
The series will hope to be as popular in Malaysia,
Formulated with natural plant extracts,
Enriched with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extracts..
Its gentle pH, alcohol, preservative,
Soap and tears free formula,
Makes it suitable for all ages.
In addition,
Its adorable, cute duck and panda packaging,
Will prove to be a 'hit' among kids!

Kids Tasty Speech

Johan Speaking Academy,
Collaborate with Luscious by Lisa T..
To provide the kids,
With real life hands-on experience,
On how to serve food to the customers...

Yummilicious cupcakes...
From George to Bunny Bum Bum..

A complete set of cupcakes,
With satisfying cup of cappuccino!~

The best part is,
Kids learn how to take order,
From customers,
As well as taking feedback,
After the customers enjoyed their food...

To be honest,
The kids are really good in serving the food!

Not to forget,
Each of them present a short speech,
About their favourite food..

The 2 days workshop..
Really built up their confidence..
And all of them speak up superbly!~
Well done, kids!~

Special thanks to Teacher Johan and Teacher Cherry,
For training them so well...
They transform from a caterpillar,
To a beautiful butterfly!~

A group photo,
With their favourite teachers,
And the restaurant owner, Shawn!~

It was indeed a superb workshop!~
By Kids Public Speaking...

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Vose Vianne refillable perfume spray

Vose Vianne refillable perfume spray,
Looks just like a lipstick,
Can carry it anywhere I like,
So convenient!~

Available in 7 colours:
Red, pink, blue, yellow,
Purple, silver, black...
The packaging looks stylish!~

The best part is,
It is the miniature perfume,
That stays with you,
ALL the time!

Vose Vianne,
An expression of natural scent,
created from concoction of assorted ingredients,
Procured from nature,
Comprising floral and fruity ingredients...

Stay fresh and smell nice,
With Vose Vianne,
All day long!~

Friday, August 11, 2017

Fujiaire 1st WiFi-enabled air-conditioner on 11street

11street Malaysia,
Partnered with Fujiaire Sales & Services Sdn Bhd,
An air-conditioner manufacturer,
Famous for its air-cleaning ioniser system since 1996,
To reach out to more digital consumers,
By introducing its first WiFi-enabled air-conditioner,
With 6 wallpaper sticker designs,
Exclusively on 11street!

The air-conditioner comes to life,
Through the imbued AC Freedom Control App,
To allow users to interact with the unit,
Through WiFi on one's smartphone,
To monitor, schedule and control the temperature of the room,
With one touch from a distance...

That means:
Our smartphone becomes personalized remote control!
Wonderful, isn't it?

Contemporary fan dance performers,
With Chuljin Yoon,
Chief Operating Officer,
And Tan Poh Ai,
Chief Executive Officer,
Fujiaire Sales & Services Sdn Bhd

'Shibui' in Japanese,
Refers to the aesthetic theory of simplicity,
Subtlety and unobtrusive beauty..

One of the super duper cute wallpaper sticker design:

I saw a super cool monster,
Right on the wall!!!

The best part is,
All Fujiaire air-conditioners
Purchased from 11street,
Come with a three-year warranty!!

Hop over 11street,
To get your unit sent to your house now!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Cheras Leisure Mall - The biggest crayon mosaic with Crayola Malaysia

Just about to unveiling....
Something very impressive,

Animals are 'alive'
And seen 'roaming free'
On a giant safari mosaic,
Made of recycled crayon..
In Cheras Leisure Mall...

In conjunction with its Animal Tales fundraising program,
In partnership with Crayola Malaysia..
Are attempting to create..
The Biggest Mosaic Made of Crayons,
For Malaysia Book of Records..
As well as The Guinness World Records -
All for the monumental cause,
Of increasing awareness,
On animal welfare issues..

Official evaluation,
By Malaysia Book of Records..

Mock Cheque Presentation,
To Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor..

Token and certificate of Appreciation,
To Malaysia Book of Records...

A group photo,
With all supporting partners and Volunteers..

Let's go Cheras Leisure Mall..
The see the amazing piece of art work!~

For more information,
Kindly call 03-9132 2386
Or send email to

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