Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Boomerang x Unifi: 50th Anniversary of Scooby-Doo

Attended Scooby-Doos Birthday Party...
At Blokke Cafe, Citta Mall,
With Boomerang CH 555 and Unifi...

Participated in exciting mystery solving activities,
As well as fun craft sessions..

Playing puzzle!~

 The case of the missing gemstone
Where's Scooby-Doo?

Catch the great scooby mystery,
Daily at 6pm!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Nivea all-new whitening deep serum deodorant

Nivea features rare and luxurious hokkaido rose,
In the all-new whitening deep serum deodorant...

Intensive formula deeply nourishes,
For visibly radiant underarm skin,
With Hokkaido Rose essence,
For long lasting fragrance,
And all day freshness...

Hokkaido Rose inspired dance...
Dancers in Japanese costume..

Speech by Mr Ng Hock Guan,
Country Manager for Beiersdorf Malaysia and Singapore..

The official launch of Nivea Whitening Deep Serum Deodorant...

Using an innovative formula,
That combines concentrated Vitamin C,
To nourish underarm skin,
With the essence of Hokkaido Rose,
The range provides users with 3x action,
Offering deep nourishment,
For visibly radiant skin,
Repair for smoother skin,
And the long-lasting fragrance of the precious Hokkaido Rose...

Fashion Show featuring bespoke designs by Melinda Looi
With Farah Nabilah as one of the model of the fashion show...

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Meo - the world's most innovative anti-pollution mask

It's hazy everywhere.....
It's time to wear mask...
It's Meo,
It's trendy..
It's stylish....

Meo Mask,
Is a distinctive protective mask,
Designed specifically for human health..
Originating in New Zealand,
It combines elements of nature,
Technology and innovation..

Every Meo Lite carries,
The scent of a specially formulated
New Zealand Manuka oil extract,
And soothing respiratory protection..

Details on my mask:
Dandelion design...

The safe and non-toxic fabric,
Adjustable ear loops, nose band forms a perfect seal...

 There's an extra air filter in the package...

It is highly effective in..
Filtering 99.99% of harmful airborne bacteria,
And removing viruses..

It is extremely efficient in capturing PM2.5 harmful particles,
Removing at least 99.8& of dangerous PM0.1 micron particles...
In short,
Meo is able to  protect you~~
From diseases caused by particles in the air..

It's comfortable and breathable,
It prevent allergies,
And it is safe and skin friendly, too!

Meo kids is a unique protective mask,
Designed for children..
It combines elements of nature,
Technology and innovation.
To defend children's respiratory health...

It comes with different designs...
Little Prince choosen Space design;
Little Princess like Princess design;
And little baby prince ops for Dinosaur design...
Vibrant and cute cartoon facing designs...

Meo kids mask delivers extraordinary levels of comfort,
As well ass class leading filtration of harmful particles...

The Helix filter is the key of MEO mask's effectiveness..
The result of many years of scientific research..
It unlocked the protection qualities of wool,
From bred-for-purpose sheep in Wanaka, New Zealand..
Helix Filter media:
The world's most breathable filter,
Low inhale and exhale resistance...

Washable facing cover are environmental friendly...

If you are not so hardworking to wash your mask...
You may also ops for disposible mask...

Comes in 3 pcs in a pack....

For more information...
Call hotline at 1700-81-5022
Or watsapp 012-6268922
You might email

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Malaysians celebrate their love for Mi Maggi Goreng

In the lead-up to Malaysia Day..
As part of #MAGGIgorengMYstail campaign...
Malaysians from all walks of life,
Sent their best Mi Maggi Goreng recipes,
From across the country,
Demonstrating the popular noodles,
Usually served as Mi Soup taste,
Just as good as Mi Goreng!

With more than 760 recipe entries received,
Within only 5 weeks...
Many unique taste preferences of different states...
10 contestants were selected to participate,
In a cook-off held at MyTOWN Shopping Centre,
Where the nation's top 3,
Homestyle Mi Maggi Goreng dishes,
Were crowned!

Speech by Ms Geetha Balakrishna,
Business Executive Officer,
Maggi, Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad..

Speech by Mr Juan Aranols,
Chief Executive Officer,
Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad..

Malaysians have unleashed their passion,
To share with us some of the best
Mi Goreng dishes in the country,
Done in 3 easy steps:
Rebus, Rencah, Goreng!

The springy noodles,
Can be adapted for a soup or goreng dishes...
Catering a wide variety of taste,
And can be eaten at any time of the day..

The cook-off...

The champion of the Raja Ratu Mi Maggi Goreng Malaysia title,
Walk away with shopping vouchers worth RM3000,
And a Maggi Hamper..
The 2nd and 3rd prize winners,
Won shopping vouchers valued at RM2000 and RM1000 respectively,
As well as a Maggi hamper each..

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Friday, September 6, 2019

MBO Cinemas and Me Books Asia unveils a superhero-themed storybook

MBO Cinemas and Me Books Asia,
Unveils a superhero-themed storybook...
The series of books,
Encourages better family relationships..
And quality bonding time..
Between parents and children...

"Unleashed the Superhero In You"
Is a story about Alison,
And how things are not as they appear to be..
She lives her life trying to achieve great exploits,
By lending a helping hand to all around her..

It is evident sometimes as family and friends...
It may seem easier to watch and comment by the sidelines..
Not be involved and be indifferent to the plight of others..

This story reminds us that..
No matter who we are,
We have all got something to give,
And make a difference..

Rather than wondering about the wonderful,
Let an inspiring person like Alison,
Help to unleash the hero within us,
To make the world a better place..

This storyline was written,
With intention to inspire and instill good values in children...

The storybook is available on sale,
At the following locations:
MBO Cinema - Starring Mall 24th & 25th August 2019
Me Books Nooks:
Sunway Citrine Hub, Sunway Iskandar, Johor
CzipLee Bangsar, Jalan Telawi 3, Kuala Lumpur
CzipLee Mid Valley SouthKey, Johor

Me Books Store:

For more information about the storybook,
Please visit

Parenting tips by guest speaker,
Dino Goh...

CEO and Co-founder,
Me Books Asia,
Hao Jin;
Me BOoks Asia,
Dr Chatichai Chong;

GM Sales & Marketing,
MBO Cinemas,
Jamie Tiong...

Collaborates to launch a storybook titled:
"Unlease the Superhero in YOU"

Thursday, September 5, 2019

An Autumn Retreat, Sunway Velocity Mall

Official launch of...
An Autumn Retreat,
At Sunway Velocity Mall..

With mid-autumn just around the corner,
Sunway Velocity Mall hosted..
Its annual Lantern Making Contest,
With bigger and better prizes,
Worth up to RM150,000!

Not forgetting,
Doing charity for the less fortunate ones...

The judges for the Lantern Making Contest were:
Mr Kevin Tan Gar Peng,
Chief Operating Officer of Sunway Malls,
Ms Phang Sau LIan,
General Manager of Sunway Velocity Mall..
As well as representatives from the Lantern Making Community,
Mr Koh Liang Sia and Mr Yap Boon Seng..

 Congratulations to all the winners!

Sunway Velocity Mall's An Autumn Retreat
Brought an abundance of joy and laughter,
To the community as they gather with friends and family,
In prepartion for this annual festival...
From redemption of prizes,
To fun and exciting activities,
Plus beautiful and instagram-worth decorations in the mall..
Make sure you visit Sunway Velocity Mall,
For your "Autumn Retreat"

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Black Horse Cafe, Cheras

The dining moment,
At Black Horse Cafe Cheras,
Making everyone feeling that....
Happiness is simple~~~~~

Lovely pieces of cake...
Not so sweet and taste just nice...
Taste it and you won't stop until the very last bite..

A wonderful healthy breakfast set...
At Black Horse Cafe....

Can share share with family or friends....
While chit chatting...
At the beginning of the day,
To break our fast!~

Maybe some would prefer this set,
With 2 bright yellow yolk,
To decorate the plate,
And to make your day brighter!~

For oat-lovers,
You're going to love this breakfast dish,
With lots of banana love..

If you're eating with your honey,
Maybe you'll like to add,
A little sweetness to your pancake,
With extra sweetness of honey....

After having breakfast,
It's time to have lunch..

It's lunch time!
Rice to meet you~

My top favourite is this grilled chicken...
The aroma of the chicken is simply taste of heaven...

If you don't like grilled,
You can always ops for kimchi chicken..

If you don't like chicken,
You can always choose smoked duck...

If you are vegetarian,
You can always order vegetarian fried rice...

Lots of choices,
With just RM13.90 - RM14.90 per set...

All lunch meals come with complimentary dessert:
Homemade Yogurt!!!~

Would like to highlight this 'affair'
A Boba affair at Black Horse...

Why it's worth the highlight?
Drink & Donate Fundraiser to Unicef,
For every children...

Besides the normal brown sugar, gula melaka, cafe late,
They have some very unique menu of the drink:
Like lemongrass boba, Hokaiddo Melon Boba,
And even Kurma Boba...

Come and try each and every of the flavours,
Drink and do charity, at the same time!

The owner of Black Horse,
Is really one with great heart...
Besides this campaign,
Black Horse Cafe, Cheras,
Will be having Thanksgiving Day,
Every 1st & 15th Chinese Calender of the month,
With special FREE vegetarian meal to senior citizens...


Black Horse Cheras
Add: 149G, Jalan Lancang,
Taman Seri Bahtera Cheras.
Tel: 03-9134 4399

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