Monday, November 20, 2017

Silka Johor Bahru

A super wonderful stay,
At Silka Johor Bahru.....
A value led international chain hotel,
In Johor Bahru, Malaysia..
Located just opposite of..
Tesco Extra Hypermarket,
And a short walk away,
From Giant Plentong Hypermarket...

Silka JB is less than 20 minutes away,
From Johor Bahru City Centre,
And the Singapore border (Woodlands checkpoint)
It's 20 kilomotres away,
From Senai International Airport...

Places of interest like:
Austin Heights Water Theme Park,
Legoland Malaysia Theme Park,
Tiram Indoor Water Park,
And Johor Premium Outlets,
Takes appoximately 15-35 minutes,

To drive from Silka JB to these attractions..

Comfy, cosy & spacious family suite:
With a room with King Size bed...

Plus another with two single beds...

2 bathrooms...

It's so sweet..
To see a complimentary kids colouring book,
And crayons..
Prepared especially for the kiddos...
Enter promo code: SCHOOL17,
To enjoy 30% off best available rates,
Until 31 December 2017....

A working table,
Plus comfy chair...
If need to do some works,
During the stay...

Safety box is prepared...
For the convenience..
During our stay...

Work out at the gym room..

A lovely swim at the beautiful pool...

Silka JB,
Is part of renowed Dorsett Hospitality International Group,
That owns and oprates leading hotels in Asia...

Tempted to stay here?
Book online at
Or call +607-3601000
Or fax +607-3605555
Or email:

Friday, November 17, 2017

Fun Learning Seeds

Fun learning seeds..
Planting the seeds for transformation...
With effective education programs,
Which involve teaching children,
How to effectively apply the knowledge they acquired,
So that learning is practical, relevant and meaningful...

The uniqueness in Fun Learning Seeds,
Which is using:
Accelerated Learning,
Experiential Learning,
Alpha Learning,
Neuro Association Conditioning,
Socratic Method of Learning,
Positive Attitude Attunement,
DNA Profiling,
Ingraining & Anchoring..

For more information,
Call +6018-2980020
Or email

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Scholastic new books

Kiddos cheer happily..
With another set of new books...
From Scholastic..

Geronimo Stilton,
Is Little Prince's all time favourite..
And now...
It's also Little Princess's favourite series...

Shoo, Caveflies!
From Cavemice series...
Little prince's reading,
Each and every book in Cavemice series,
And he's looking forward for the new one...
The cavemice are celebrating,
The return of the great explorer,
Paleo Pickax,
When the saber-toothed tigers attack...
Stone Age Slumber,
An illness that makes them fall asleep,
And Geronimo and Paleo,
Is on the way to find the cure:
Which is tea made from the rare pee-yoo flower...
Can they find it in time?

Classic Tales,
Classic novel by Lewis Carroll...
Alice In Wonderland,
A story just nice for little princess:
Mouselet named Alice,
Follows a strange white rabbit,
With pocket watch down,
An even stranger rabbit hole...
And began her journey through Wonderland...

Creepella Von Cacklefur,
An enchanting and mysterious mouse,
With a pet bad named Bitewing....
By night Creepella,
Is a special-effects designer and director of scary films..
And by day,
She's studying to become a journalist...
The Haunted Dinosaur...
The very first time,
We read about Geronimo,
In scary version...
The terrible haunted dinosaur,
Has mysteriously come to life,
And is wreaking havoc,
Throughout Mysterious Valley!~
Can Creepelal and Geronimo stop it?

No Way!
This is a Crocodile..
Illustrated by Heath McKenzie...
The most amazing part about this book is,
It really makes little baby prince explore and imagine..
What's hiding underneath the picture...
And while he opens up...
It gives him a big big surprise...
Truly impressive illustration...
We had so much fun exploring the book!~

The Notebook of Doom..
Is a series of books,
Filled with monsters....

Rise of the Balloon Goons,
By Troy Cummings..

A story about Alexander Bopp,
Whom just moved to Stermont,
A creepy town...
He finds a notebook filled with monster drawings,
And he starts seeing balloon goons..
Those arm-waving balloon guys,
All over the town.....
Check out what really happens..
In the book!~

Playdate Pals...
In 4 simple stories.
Written especially for Little Baby Prince,
Whom just begins,
To manage their own behaviour..

The loveliest part is,
It comes with a reward chart,
And fun sticker sheet...

Never stop having fun..
Reading Scholastic Books!~
Love it so much!

Scholastic books,
Are available,
At the major bookstores,
Including Popular, MPH and Kinokuniya.
For online purchase,
Hop over to
Or Kinokuniya Webstore..

Visit Scholastic's facebook,
For more information on Scholastic's books..

Loreal For Women In Science

3 women scientists in Malaysia,
Has won the coveted Loreal-UNESCO,
For Women in Science Fellowship recently,
For research that tackles global challenges,
While potentially saving the lives of millions..

Dr Ho Weang Kee,
From University of Nottingham Malaysia..
The 35-year-old has clinched the award,
For her development of a risk prediction model,
For breast cancer..
Which uses DNA and lifestyle information,
To identify those at risk of the cancer,
For early detection...

Another winner,
Dr Jasy Liew Suet Yan,
From University Sains Malaysia,
Is recognised for building a system,
That detects signs of depression,
By analysing emotional patterns on social media.
The 32-year-old hopes that,
Emotion-sensitive technology,
Will encourage early diagnosis and treatment...

Dr Teh Su Yean,
Netted the award,
With her unification of science,
Engineering, technology and mathematics,
To protect coastal resources in Malaysia.
The 36-year-old associate professor,
Of the School of Mathematical Science,
At Univesiti Sains Malaysia,
Is building a model,
That will conserve groundwater,
Which may become crucial when other water source,
Are depleted due to global climate change.
Over RM900,000 in research grants,
Have been presented to 38 outstanding women scientists,
Since the inception of,
The Loreal-UNESCO for Women in Science Fellowship in 2006...

At Loreal,
This award will help pivot,
The crucial work of women researchers,
In progressing our societies,
As well as fan the passion in science,
Among our next generation of nation builders,
To carry Malaysia..
Towards its goal of becoming a high income developed economy,
Says Mr Malek Bekdache...

Monday, October 30, 2017

11street's 'Shocking? Yes!'

11street is launching...
Shocking? YES! Campaign,
With the tagline:
We shock, you shop!~

Welcome remarks by emcee...

Speech by Mr Chuljin Yoon,
Chief Operating Officer,

The launch of 11street's
'Shocking? YES!' Campaign...

The launch was witnessed by..
Tan Sri Datuk Ter Leong Yap,
President of the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM);
Akira Kajita,
Managing Dirrector of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO);
Yeon Sung Whan,
Director of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)
And Adam Tan,
Vice President of the China Entrepreneurs Association in Malaysia (PUCM)..

By collaborating with thousands of locally established,
And globally recognised brands,
The launch of 11street's year-end online shopping campaign
'Shocking? YES!'
Will introduce 100,000 lowest price guaranteed products,
And free shipping for purchase above RM29,
Under the Shocking Deals section..
Beginning 1 November 2017,
And ending 31 December 2017,
With over thousands of sellers,
And international brands to shop from...

Consumers will enjoy a range of products,
From global participating brands,
Namely Globalegrow;
Anker and Aukey,
Hada Labo, OLENS,
MamyPoko, Samsung,
Banggood, Banila Co,
Blulans, Caring Pharmacy,
CJ WOW Shop,
Courts, Lotte, Mamonde, Nongshim, Skechers,
Tesco, UEB Technology and many more...

For more information about the campaign,
And its series of Shocking Deals,

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Neubodi Bra Drive

Neubodi Bra Drive..
5th October - 5th November 2017
Donate. Support. Recycle..

You must be wondering..
What's Neubodi Bra Drive about?

Donate your second hand bras...
To Neubodi..

The bras in good condition..
Will be donated out..
To underprivileged women..

Bra recycling process:
Drop off Bras in Neubodi Bra Bins..
Bras collected by Life Line Clothing Malaysia..
Conveyor segregation of good and bad bras...
Good bras are shipped to third world countries,
Bad bras will be used as fuel generator..

Neubodi donating..
To Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia...

Let's donate your second hand bra,

For more info,
Hop over to neubodi's webpage..

Friday, October 20, 2017

MRCA Charity and Carnival Run 2017 - Care, Share & Run

The Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA),
In collaboration with McMillan Woods,
Ministry of Domestic Trade,
Co-operatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK)
Along with major retailers,
Has officially announced the MRCA Charity and Carnival Run 2017.

The fourth charity run,
Themed "Care, Share & Run"
Set to be held on November 26,
At OneCity, Subang Jaya,
Targets to raise more than RM100,000,
To be distrubuted to selected charitable homes.

Dato' Choi Wei Yee,
The Organising Chairperson,
Expressed that,
"MRCA is committed to invest,
In our local communities,
By paying it forward,
Through various corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives...
In the spirit of charity and our  pledge to give back to our community,
We are proud to host this charity run,
For the fourth consecutive year."

MRCA is targeting 3000 - 5000 runners this year.
In conjunction with the run,
A kid's carnival will be held on the same day.
A total of 500 children from orphanages around the city,
Will be invited to join the event,
For a full day of exciting games, performances and cosplay..

This year,
The event will see reowned personalities such as,
Amber Chia, Brian Lee, Carrie Lee & Amelia Lee...
Debbie Loo, Janice Choong, Crystal Lee & Owen Yap,
Will be taking position as run ambassodors...

All proceeds will be donated to Rumah Charis,
Angel Homes, Persatuan Kebajian Kanak-kanak Mata Air Kehidupan Selangor,
GoodKids, Juara Home, Ace Lighthouse Academyu Bhd,
Kiwanis Club of Kluang Mandarin,
Home of Love, Rumah Sayangan,
Persatuan Insan Istimewa Cheras,
Good Samaritan Homes.

There will be a total of 34 tropies up for grabs,
For the public from these categories:
Men's Open (10.8km)
Men's Veteran (10.8km)
Women's Open (10.8km)
Women's Veteran (10.8km)

There will also be non-competitional
Men's 5.3km and Women's 5.3km categories,
For those keen on a leisure run,
Along with a Team Run Category,
Consisting of 4 members per team,
Where each runner will complete a 900 meter run (Relay).

The online registrations,
For MRCA Charity and Carnival Run 2017,
Is now open at
And will close on 20 November 2017

Monday, October 16, 2017

Scott's champions children's curiosity through learning experience at Kidzania KL

As part of Scott's ongoing..
"Bright Little Explorers" programme,
Scott's is championing curiosity by..
Giving kids a chance to experience grown-up jobs for a day,
At Kidzania Kuala Lumpur...

Scott's Bright Little Explorers' programme,
Aims to trigger children's inquisitive nature,
Through on-ground activities,
That not only encourage them to be curious,
But stimulate their development as well...

Opening remarks,
Introduction by...
Mr. Alan Tan,
Scott's Brand Manager,
GSK Consumer Healthcare...

A household name amongst parents across Malaysia,
Scott's is well known for its range of DHA products,
Such as Scott's DHA Gummies.
DHA is an Omaga-3 fatty acid,
Which plays an important role in brain development,
Function and healthy vision.

This is particularly crucial,
As research shows that..
90% of a child's brain development takes place,
Before they are six years old..

From November 2017 until February 2018,
Scott's giving parents an opportunity,
To redeem one adult ticket and one child ticket,
To visit Kidzania Kuala Lumpur.
Parents hwill have to collect 6 stampts in total
(RM35.00 = 1 stamp) to redeem the tickets.

For more information,
Kindly visit Scott's Malaysia's Facebook page

AISM Visible Learning Launch With Live Cook-out by Masterchef Diana Chan

Australian Internation School Malaysia (AISM)
Recognized as First Visible Learning School in the world...

Visible Learning is an evidence-based approach,
To teaching and learning researched,
And developed by Professor John Hattie of
The University of Melbourne...

The Visible Learning appraoch to teaching and learning,
Is based on the outcomes of,
The largest education-based research project,
Into teaching ever undertaken in the world.

Speech by Mr BK Gan,
President of Taylor's Schools..

Speech by Deborah Priest,
AISM Principal..

Presentation of..
Visible Learning Certification..

Winner of AISM Cooking Competition 2017,
Annabelle Sherylynn Bateman,
AISM Student (Year 11W)

Live cook-out by
Masterchef Australia Winner 2017,
Diana Chan
Together with AISM Cooking Competition Winner 2017,
The room was filled with aroma of their cooking...

Diana also shared her MasterChef journey of trials and challenges,
And how she used Visible Learning attirbutes towards her success...

The event was attended by 150-strong audience,
Including representatives from..
The Australia High Commission and Malaysia Ministry of Education,
And Department of Education,
Members of influential business associations and organizations,
AISM parents and staff,
As well as members of media..

The event was proudly sponsored by..
AISM's neighbouring property developer BRDB Developments,
Australia property company Central Equity,
Jasons Food Hall,
Brandt Malaysia,
And Cezar's Kitchen Sdn Bhd.

As a Visible Learning School,
AISM Students and teachers,
Share a common language of learning.
As a result,
AISM students are adaptable and effective communicators,
Collaborators and creative thinkers...

Truly impressed by their performance...

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Guardian x Anna Sui

Launch of exclusively designed,
Anna Sui travel bags collection...

Guardian Malaysia has collaborated,
With Anna Sui,
To develop exclusively designed collection,
To delight our shoppers!

The Anna Sui Luggage Collection,
Comprising 2 trolley bag, 
24 inch & 20 inch,
One Tote Bag,
And one designer case,
Can be redeemed at attractive, discounted prices,
Under its latest loyalty programme..

For every purchase of RM20,
Shoppers will receive 1 stamp,
THey get one extra stamp,
Is the purchase includes one of the 33 participating brands:
Bio-essence, Dettol, Dove, Maybelline, Nivea and Pantene..

Collect 10 stamps to redeem one item at discounted price:
24-inch trolley bag at RM159.90 (retail price RM399)
20-inch trolley bag at RM129.90 (retail price RM199)
Tote bag at RM69.90 (retail price RM129)
Designer case at RM59.90 (retail price RM99)

Redemption starts from 28 October,
And ends on 31 December 2017,
While stocks last.

For more information,

Buds for kids

Buds Organics,
Now with brand new look,
Same monstrously good stuff!~

Training in progress:
Bubble troubles...

Sniffing out the Nasties...
Comparison between organic and synthetic fragrances..

Very talented Little Bud Agaent,
With emcee of the day...

Speech by 'Chief Inspector'
Ms. Soo Siew Peng,
Managing Director of I-Green (M) Sdn Bhd

Investigation in progress:
By Dr Amir Hamzah Dato' Abdul Latif,
Head of Allergy & Immunology Centre,
Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Parent Testimonial,
By Ms Mary Anne Loh,
Founder of Wishing Star Malaysia..

How to care:
Sniffing out the 'Bad Guy'?
By Mr Soo Kian Kheng
Co-founder and R&D Director of I-Green (M) Sdn Bhd

Official launch of Buds for Kids new look..

Hop over to BudsBaby's facebook
To join 'Name the Monster' Contest...
From now until 31 October 2017
To win amazing prizes!

For more information,
Kindly hop over to
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