Sunday, December 20, 2009

A sweet kiss

I'm having lesser activities,
Due to mummy's having her confinement......
What a boring month......

When relatives come for visit,
Went out dinner with them,
Together with daddy and grandparents...

Every night,
I'll 'report' what I did to mummy.....

Me: I go mum mum with ah ma, daddy, gong and por and ah khor..
Mummy: Oh~ You don't bring mama?
Me: Oh Ow! Mama cry cry, how?
Mummy: No lar.. mama no cry...
Me: Got!
Mummy: Ok lar.. got la got la... Then how?

I give mummy a cheeky smile,
And plant a sweetest kiss on mummy's face.........

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Full Names

I'm able to tell his dad's, mum's,
sis's and my own full name...


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nen Nen Story

You must be wondering...
How come I still got nen nen story to tell,
Since I'm no longer drinking nen nen...

Well well...
Everytime I saw mei mei drinking mama's nen nen,
Mama will ask:
You want nen nen?
I'll sure answer:
Bu Yao!~

This morning,
After I great my mei mei good morning,
I tell mama I wanna feed mei mei...
And I start to pull up my shirt...
Like what mummy did!~

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Big Kor kor!~

My mei mei is born on 8dec!~

I can't stop smiling,
When I see mummy and baby back from hospital!~

I keep on want to kiss my mei mei...
I always want to hug my mei mei...

I'm a big kor kor now!~

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I always appreciate,
When mummy prepare meals for me......

Mummy always think it's rewarding,
To prepare mum mum for me.......

I always tell mummy,
The food she prepared for me,
Is so yummy!~

I even use 'Wow, mee mee!~'
When mummy cook a simple mee soup for me!~

I'm sure mummy will be willing,
To cook more more delicious food for me always!~

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Sticker!

I insist mummy to buy me,
This sparkling animals sticker,
The moment I saw it.......

At first,
Mummy asked me to choose within RM1's sticker,
Which is cheaper......
With a lot of choices:
Pooh, Barney and even my favourite McQueen!~
McQueen wor......
Even McQueen cannot make me change my mind!

I know what and which I like...
I insist this is the sticker,
I want mummy to buy for me...

End up,
Of course,
I get what I want...

It's not very expensive anyhow...
RM2.50 for so many cute sparkling animals...
And most importantly,
Mummy always know......
Letting me playing around with sticker,
Will trained my hand and finger's coordination...
As well as enhancing my motoring skills...

Now mummy knows,
I'm a big big boy,
Who have my very own opinion,
Can make a very right decision......
And insist what I really want!~

Froggie Porridge

Wai Gong buy new ingredients again,
For mummy to cook porridge for me.......

This time,
Froggie porridge.....
Added in some ginger!~

Taste sweet sweet...
I like it!~

Monday, November 30, 2009


I always called,
My wai po as po...
My wai gong as gong...

Mummy think it's time,
To train me to called Wai gong and wai por...

Me: Po...
Mummy: Call wai po...
Me: Wai po..
Mummy: Wai gong...
Me: Wai gong...

Sounds obedient,
And following mummy's instruction right?
Guess what I did, later on......

Me: Wai daddy, wai mama, wai gugu...

I added wai to everyone I called!~

Choc Biscuit

This chocolate biscuit,
Is one of my favourite food recently......

I always request for choc biscuit from mummy...
And normally,
Mummy will give me one piece......

After a while,
Me: Mama, hold for Sean...
Mummy: Why? You cannot hold it yourself?
Me: Sean Sean hand dirty, how?
Mummy: (As if mummy's hand won't dirty,
After holding the chocolate biscuit)
Well, ok.....

After mummy help me to hold the biscuit,
While I take a bite on it......
I'll start licking my fingers!~

Finger's licking good's biscuits!

Since the biscuit is so yummy,
You'll be thinking,
I might want to finish it all by myself......

The truth is,
I love sharing nice things,
With everyone!~

Everytime I get my favourite biscuit from mummy,
I'll give it to everyone in the house,
One for daddy,
One for mummy,
One for wai gong,
One for wai por,
One for gu gu...
etc etc.......
Then only I'll start eating my own biscuit...

I realize one simple truth:
Nice thing will get nicer...
Yummy food will be taste more delicious...
When we share it with everyone!~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Big Bone Porridge

I always love to eat xiu yok!~
Which I called it meat meat...
Wai gong bought big bone xiu yok,
From the market,
As the main ingredient of my porridge......

The whole bowl of porridge,
With the aroma of xiu yok!~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Yummy Meal

Mummy prepare ABC pasta for me again...
Of course not with the yucky ready-made-sauce......
This time,
She add in carrot, broccoli, corn, hotdog, cheese.....
Very nice colour combination...

She prepared another bowl of vege-soup for me, too!
As I'm always a soup-lover...

Simply delicious!~

Monday, November 23, 2009

From mothers to mothers

Don't know mummy's article was published,
In Parenthood October issue,
Under from mothers to mothers section...
Until received the notification letter,
In early November......

Daddy went Today Publishing's office,
To collect for the prizes...
For both articles published,
In October and November issue...
(p/s: You can view sneak preview of mummy's article,
In November's parenthood here.... )
And bought backdated October's Magazine, too!~

Here's the prizes received.......
Seems like I'm not using anyone of those......
Well, never mind.......
Can keep for our little darling baby.............
Who'll be coming out to see this beautiful world...

Here's mummy's article in October's Parenthood:
Kids throwing temper tantrums - How you deal with it?

Mummy's Art Teacher

Mummy learn how to draw,
My 'correct' tiger...
After I told her,
The tiger she drew was wrong!

Since mummy show positive improvement,
On her drawing......
I request her to draw me a dragon.....

After mummy finish the dragon's head...
Mummy: Is this a dragon?
Me: No.......
Mummy: Then, how to draw a dragon?
Me: Like this... (I started to draw my 'dragon')
Mummy: This is a dragon???????
Me: Yes!
Mummy: Are you sure?
Me: Mama, add body like this...
Mummy: Oh... (After mummy draw dragon's body)
Me: Yeah! Mama draw a dragon!~ Clever mama...
Mummy: .......


Mummy draw little ducklings on the white board...
I scribble the black marker on the ducklings mummy drew...
After that.......

Me: What happen to duckie?
Mummy: Aiyo......
Me: So Ugly!~ Rub and draw again....

I do sounds like I'm mummy's art teacher,

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Musical Storytime Piano

Since singing is my favourite hobby nowadays...
Daddy bought me a new tool,
To improve my singing skills......
A musical storytime piano!~

I can sing with my microphone,
I can dance with the default music inside...
I can also play 'piano' with it..
I can listen to short story in the tool, too!~
What a multi-functional new toy I have!

Super duper happy while playing around with it!~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My favourite cartoon character:
Lightening McQueen's book!~

Wai gong bought me a little handy book,
Teaching me parts of my body...
I call this book,
My elbow book...
No particular reason,
I just like to call it as elbow book...

Bird Nest Porridge

It's been sometimes,
Mummy didn't add in any new ingredients,
For my daily porridge.......
I suppose mummy run out of idea,
What new ingredients,
To add in for my porridges...

During mummy's both pregnancy,
Mummy ate a lot of bird nest......
She suddenly think of,
Why don't just add in some bird nest,
Into my porridge......
Since I refuse to drink,
Everytime mummy offers me bird nest......

Bird nest porridge.....
I like it!~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


During my art time...
I love to draw,
On the white board...

I love to 'instruct'
Mummy to draw for me, too!~

Me: Mama, draw elephant...
Mummy: Ok....... Elephant with long long nose...
Me: Mama, draw lion...
Mummy: Let's draw a circle, lion's eyes, lion's nose....
Me: Mama, draw tiger...
Mummy: Hmm.. I'm not sure how to draw a tiger...
Me: Mama, draw tiger, draw tiger...
Mummy: Ok.. I'll try my best!

After mummy finish drawing her 'tiger'.....

Me: Wrong! Mama, draw again!~
Mummy: See, I told you I don't know how to draw...
Me: Mama, draw tiger again!
Mummy: ........

I'll need to give mummy some times,
To figured out,
How to draw a correct tiger!~

Friday, November 13, 2009


I actually inspired mummy,
To think of activities for,
Acting for nursery rhymes...
Other than reading aloud,
And singing.....
The world of nursery rhymes,
Could be fun with acting, too!~

With the leftover candles we bought,
During lantern festivals,
We connect and act with another nursery rhymes:
Jack be nimble,
Jack be quick,
Jack jump over the candlestick...

Mummy put and arrange the candle,
I special request mummy,
To arrange the candle into 'flower' shape....
And put it on the floor.....

Me: Mama, make flower!~ (giving mummy the candles)

I jump and hop over the candlestick,
While singing the nursery rhymes......

It's really fun!~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Everyday when mummy reach home from work,
I'll welcome her back,
With my sweet warm 'I-Love-You' hug...

I'll start reporting,
What I have done for the day!~

Me: Mama, Sean Sean bring balloon pom pom...
Me: Then, balloon burst!
Mummy: Oh Ow! No more balloon...
Me: Yeah!~

Me: Mama, Sean Sean clever...
Mummy: How clever?
Me: Sean Sean finish eat rice rice!
Mummy: My clever boy!~

I enjoy every single moment spent with mummy,
By 'reporting' my daily life......

I'm pretty sure,
Mummy feels the same, too!
Enjoying as much as I do!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

IQ Match

Wai po bought this IQ animal match for me...
After so many puzzle solving sessions,
I actually think this IQ match is a piece of cake,
I can find the correct place for the correct animal,
In no time!~

I'm able to learn new animals' names...
Via this new IQ animals match!~

And most importantly,
I'm having a great time,
Taking out the animals,
And matching it back to the correct space!~
Simply enjoyable!~

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Best Singer

Two weeks ago,
I suddenly just surprise mummy,
By singing the whole song,
From beginning until the end....
Twinkle twinkle little stars!~

I no longer need to fill in the blanks,
Besides twinkle twinkle,
I'm able to sing a few songs,
Like Humpty Dumpty, ABC song...

One song I love to sing to mummy,
Is definately Mama Hao!~

Mummy always loves to hear,
Whatever song I sing!~~~~~~

I'm always the best singer,
In mummy's heart!~

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Nowadays I love to ask mummy,
Lots and lots of questions...

Mama, what's that?
Mama, what's this?
Mama, what happen there?
Mama, why like this?
Mama, how?

And mummy needs to answer me,
Lots and lots of questions...

Even mummy cannot answer my question...
She'll always check out for me,
And tell me the answer later.......

Mummy said it's good to ask more,
As I can learn and know more........

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Coloured Building!~

Do you still remember my old toys:
ABC Mega Block?

Well well well...
I found a new creative way of,
Playing with it!~

This time,
Instead of learning ABC,
I try to recognize the colours!~

I put all the same colour together,
To form a building!~

And what I did with the bigger pieces?
I use them to make a 'gun'!~
To shoot the big builing!~

When mummy said: Yellow!
I'll spot for my yellow building,
And 'destroy' it with my gun!~

Such a fun new game,
With my old toys!~

Vegetables Mould

Special thanks to Aunty Iriene,
For giving mummy this superb idea,
To use varieties of vegetables,
As moulds for my creative art time!~
These are the vegetables mummy used......

And she cut it into different shapes~~~~~~

We no longer add water to our colour,
Just simply use the paint brush,
To colour the vegetables moulds,
And start chopping around,
With my new fun moulds!~

I personally quite like,
The flowers in my little art garden....
The next day,
I come out with another creative art...
This is fully my creation,
Without any help from mummy...
Do you think it's beautiful?
After watching Barney's photosynthesis series,
I understand that flowers in the garden,
Need sun to grow well......
Look what I draw in the middle my drawing:
Mr Sun, Sun... Mr. Golden Sun!~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Under The Sea

I draw seaweed all by myself,
Then I personally request,
Mummy to assist me,
To finish up my drawing,
With the theme:
Under The Sea.....

With mummy's guidance,
I'm able to draw octopus,
Fishy family as well as starfish!~

While I'm painting,
I sing Barney's 'Under the Sea' songs, too!

My final piece of artwork!~

Monster Inc

Daddy bought Monster Inc DVD for me,
Later on,
He bought ladybird book,
With the same story,
From warehouse sales...

I like this story very much!
I super love the cutie baby girl in the story!

One night,
Before sleep,
Daddy read this book for me,

Scenario 1:
Daddy: Monster coming out from the door!
Me: No scared!
Daddy: You so brave?
Me: Learn Kung Fu, fight fight fight with monster!
Daddy: .........


Scenario 2:
Daddy: Monster coming out from the door!
Me: Daddy, close your eyes, faster!
Daddy: Why?
Me: No more monster!
Daddy: ............

Sunday, November 1, 2009

TV - Teaching Tools?

Mummy's article was published,
In Today Publishing's Parenthood Magazine,
For November 2009 Issue......

This time,
Mummy wrote about:
Is TV an effective teaching tools?

Here's the 'sneak preview' of her article:

Wonder what will I get,
For mummy's winning this time......

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I choose yellow and orange...
And I tell mummy:
I'm drawing pumpkin!~


Humpty Dumpty

Mummy prepared two 'empty' eggs,
For me to scribble on......
I told mummy,
I want to draw one boy boy egg,
And one girl girl egg......

Mummy assists me to draw the face details...
One eggie breaks,
Before we could even finish drawing with my magic pen!~
Never mind,
I got another one still...

Right after I finish drawing,
I begins to read out aloud,
Together with acting.......
For the famous nursery rhymes - Humpty Dumpty!~

Mummy thinks I'm creative enough,
To think of the idea of,
Acting out humpty dumpty had a great fall.....
I keep on repeat...
Until little humpty dumpty breaks into tiny little pieces!~

And then,
Mummy said it's time to clean up!~
It's quite difficult to take up the little part of eggie,
With my little fingers......
Mummy said can trained my finger's muscle,
By picking up the small pieces!~
I'll try my best then...

A job well-done!~
All the pieces are inside the cup!~

Mummy's going to pour little humpty dumpty,
Inside the rubbish bin!~~~~~~~~

Poor little humpty dumpty!~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dryper's Star Letters

Mummy's two sharing articles...
Are selected as Star letters,
In Dryper's Parent's Circle July-Sept2009 Issue......

Free drypers for me again!~

The mystery gifts are:
Another puppet for me....
And the gift I like most is...
Sticker book!!!!!!
I had such a wonderful time,
Sticking around the animals' body parts...
And colour the animals!~

Thankx to SCA again,
For such a lovely gift!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Stacking Toys

Since I don't have any new puzzles,
To play on recently,
I dig out my old stacking toys...

The one with duckie,
Redeemed from jusco points sometimes ago...
The rest are presents for my 1-year-old birthday,
From uncle CK & aunty MeLey...
Thankx again!~

I enjoy arranging the toys in correct position,
I even more enjoy the process 'destroying' it...
And re-arrange again and again and again~~~~~~~

It's so much fun!~
Want to play with me?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Love You!

Whenever I see mummy,
I'd like to run towards her...
And give her a big hug,
I always hug her feet...
Since she's standing....
While hugging,
I'll tell mummy:

Me: Mama, I love you!~

Mummy thinks this is super duper sweet!~

Whenever she sees I want to hug her...
She'll bend down,
And welcome me with her open arms!~
And tell me,
She loves me, too!~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Handsome GuGu

When mummy asked me,
Who's handsome,
She expected I'll answer myself...

I think my gu gu - mummy's little brother,
Is the most handsome people~~~~~~

Everytime when mummy asked:

Mummy: Who's handsome?
Me: Gu Gu!~


My gu gu is not only handsome,
He's also tall and strong......
He always hug me up high high...
To reach for the tall tall place~~~~~~
He always give me chocolate to eat, too!~

He'll ask something to trade from me......

Me: Gu Gu, High high~~~~~ / Gu Gu, Choc!~
Gu Gu: Do what first?

I'll give gu gu a kiss on his cheek......
Then only,
I can get what I want......

Everytime I see any decorations high high up the ceiling,
I'll think it's good if gu gu around,
Then he can lift me high up,
To touch whatever thingy I want to reach!~


If you're following my blog,
You'll know I eat plain bread,
Plain butter, Plain peanut,
But not when spreading butter/peanut on the bread...

While gu gu is eating the bread,
I wants to eat it too...
Gu gu put peanut on the bread already!~
I said don't want!~
My gu gu turn the bread upside down,
And tell me,
No more peanut!~

Guess what!~
I really thought he gave me a new plain bread...
And I take a bite on the bread with peanut!~

Tricky gu gu!~

Gu gu likes to bully me,
And makes me feels frustrated, too!~

I enjoy every moment playing around with him!~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I never really into choo-choo train...
I never really likes Thomas & friends...
Until the day I watch Chuggington in Astro!

I likes to sing chuggington song...
I likes to play with choo-choo train,
And all choo-choo train is Chuggington,
Not just Wilson, Brewster and Coco.....

I'll even cry when the show is over...
I'll request to watch Chuggington anytime...
It's not shown on TV anytime~~~~~~~~
Mummy couldn't switch on Chuggington for me...

Time to play with my choo-choo train!~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Buy new one!

Mummy took out my infant's clothes,
To wash and prepare for baby to wear...

Me: Mama, so many?
Mummy: Yes, this is your old clothes...
Me: Wear for me...
Mummy: You big big boy already, cannot fit into the small clothes...
Me: Mama, wear for me!~
Mummy: This is for baby...
Me: Cannot!
Mummy: Why cannot?
Me: My clothes!
Mummy: Then baby wear what?
Me: Buy new one!~
Mummy: ...............

Monday, October 19, 2009

Morning Kisses~

I love it,
When mummy gives me nonstop kiss...

Every morning,
I'll just give mummy,
A morning kiss on her cheek...

This morning,
Right after I wake up,
I give my little mei mei nonstop kiss,
By kissing mummy's tummy many many times...

Mummy: Mei mei happy!~
Me: Mei mei happy, Sean Sean happy! (Giving mummy sweetest smile)
Mummy: Mama happy, too!~

A great morning!
Morning kisses make everybody happy!~~~

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Handsome - Beautiful

Mummy went for hair cut,
During my afternoon nap...

The moment I woke up,
I noticed the difference...

Me: Mama, Aunty cut your hair?
Mummy: Yes...
Me: Mama no cry...
Mummy: Yah, no cry~~~
Me: Mama handsome!~
Mummy: ......

Mummy always said,
I look handsome,
After my hair cut session...

I still cry and scream,
Everytime I went for a hair cut...
I even cry until I vomit!~
I hate hair cut!~

Later on,
When mummy see daddy,

Mummy: Your son said I'm handsome after hair cut.. haha!
Me: Mama beautiful!~

Mummy's so surprise,
I can fully pronounce the long word...
Correctly and accurately!

I think mummy's super duper happy~~~
This is the first time I use the word 'beautiful'..
And I used it to describe mama beautiful!~

Thursday, October 15, 2009

J&J 50 Years of Joyful Baths

Received a parcel from Karangkraf,
Containing Johnson's Baby products...

Daddy went and bought back,
Backdated September issue of Pa&Ma,
And found my photo published,
In 50 Years of joyful baths session,
For September birthday babies!~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mini Library

I love ladybird books!~
I show great development,
After reading those books!~

Daddy went to warehouse sales,
And grab lots of new ladybird books for me...

Mummy arrange all my new ladybird books,
Together with all my old ladybird books,
And make a mini ladybird library for me!~

Till then,
I'll be very busy reading my books,
From the mini library~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Another fun colouring session...
After several of painting session~~~
Chop Chop Chop,
With lots of shapes...

This time,
Mummy prepare different shapes,
And I'm able to recognize all the shapes!~
I choose only blue colour~~~~~~
Mummy thinks she put too much water,
Mixing with the blue colour...
The colour keep on flowing down~~~~~~
And I enjoy watching it coming down, too~~~

The outcome didn't exactly same as the shapes...
I think I have to press harder,
And mummy have to mix with more colour instead of water...
I enjoy chop chop chop~

Yee Mee

Mummy introduce new type of mee:

The ingredient?
Nothing much,
Just added in tomato and beans,
And also an egg~~~~~~
That's all~

It tastes yummy!~
Noodle soup is always my favourite!~

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Down with cough this time...
Went to see doctor...

I use the same trick in the car,
Telling mummy I recover already...
But I just can't stop coughing~~~~~

This time,
I also very well-behaved,
I even open my mouth wide,
When doctor want to check my throat...

Mummy's wondering,
If it's the effect of watching the new barney show,
With the song: Doctor is a friend of mine...

Wai po: You like this doctor?
Me: Yes...
Wai po: Why a?
Me: This doctor no pock my buttock!~

Mummy said this is a very good reason...

First time ever,
I no more answer 'Yi-Yeah',
For the W-H-Y question!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Other than drinking my milo,
And eating biscuits......

I drink my milo,
Together with these cornflakes!~

For my breakfast~~~~~~~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Young Golfer

Daddy bought me a golf set...
For a start,
I use the golf stick to hit people!!!~~

Mummy kept the golf set in the cupboard,
For few weeks......
Until recently,
I saw the golf set again...
And request mummy to take it out and let me play~~~

Mummy said she only will allow me to play,
If I play the golf set in the correct way...
I promise mummy,
I'll only hit ball ball,
And I won't hit people with the golf stick~~

Here am I...
Enjoying my little golfing section!~

Time by time,
I'll tell and remind mummy,
To ensure she won't keep my golf set,
In the cupboard again...

Me: Mama, see...
Mummy: See what?
Me: I hit ball ball, no hit people...
Mummy: Clever boy!~

I'm a young golfer!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Books

Daddy bring these kidnergarten's books back,
From my ah ma,
All the way from Penang...

We didn't go back Penang with daddy this time,
Mummy said she's too tired,
For long journey,
During her third trimester of pregnancy...

My favourite is,
English book!~

Every morning,
I takes the English book,
And tell mummy...

Me: Mama, read for me...

Oh Yes!
I'm no longer confuse between 'me' and 'you',
After many sections of special training by mummy,
Via activity suggested by Aunty Angeline!
Special thanks to Aunty Angeline :)

Tear And Paste

I'm having lots of fun time,
While sticking around with stickers...
Mummy start introducing me,
How to tear and paste,
Using glue!~
Another level of improvement...

For a start,
I found still little bit tough,
To tear around following the actual shapes...

Mummy let me,
Tear the colourful unwanted magazines,
Anyway I like it...
And paste it,
Anyway I wanted to~~~

The most enjoyable part is,
After the glue dried up,
I love to tear out back,
The one I sticked in the paper before...

I'm having lots of fun...
Except for,
I don't quite like it,
When the glue become sticky on my hand...
Not a big problem,
I still enjoy my fun tear and paste time!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Useful Pomelo!

I recognized it's a pomelo,
The moment I saw it!
It's exactly the same,
As the drawing in my flashcard!

I bet you don't know,
How useful a pomelo could be!~

What games could you play with,
A pomelo ball?
I've been playing around,
With the new pomelo ball,
Until the adults scared I throw too much,
And they're unable to eat it!~

For sure,
You can eat it...
I don't really like the taste...

What can be done with the pomelo skin?

I can put it on my head,
And become my pomelo helmet...
Maybe it looks more like a hat,
I just enjoy playing~~~

Introducing my new pomelo drum!!!
Can you imagine how much wonderful beats,
And nice rhythms I can produce,
With this special pomelo drum?
Mummy said I'm a potentially creative drummer!!!

Besides being a drum,
I use the pomelo skin,
To hide my little golf ball,
And let mummy guess the little ball,
Is under which pomelo skin...
Fun activity indeed~

Besides that,
I put the pomelo inside my shirt,
And make myself a pomelo tummy!~
As big as mummy's tummy!

Later on,
I request mummy to put in my pants,
To make a pomelo buttock...
Mummy refuse to do so....

I even put it besides my ear,
And pretend it as a pomelo earphone,
And start shaking my buttock,
And dance~~~~

I enjoy playing pomelo so much!
And I even bring my new pomelo together,
During my afternoon nap......
And my new pomelo skin,
Could be a comfortable pomelo pillow, too!~

Time for oi oi now...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


My recent favourite:
Ikan Bilis tidbits!~

Instead of eating junky food,
I love to chew my tidbits,
Whenever I feels like eating something...

I like the crunchy sound,
When I'm chewing the ikan bilis!~
It's definately yummy!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Activity Pack

Special thanks to Aunty Geo,
I had a fun time,
With the activity pack she gave me...

Sticking and joining,
The head and body of the animals...
Scribble and draw around on the magic slate~~~
Colouring with the new colour pencils...
Drawing different shapes with the shape-guide.....

Fun fun fun!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Not because of teething...
Not because of itchy gum...
I just simply bite my mummy's hand...
Real hard~~~~~~~~
Until there's a little hole,
With little bit of blood........

Mummy: Mummy pain pain :(
Me: Oh ow!~ How?
Mummy: Why you bite mummy?
Me: Yih Yeah..... (I always answer like this to a 'WHY' question)
Mummy: How? Sayang back...
Me: (I give mummy a kiss and show mummy my hand) Mama bite Sean Sean...

I request and ask mummy bite me back...
But mummy didn't do so...


This set of sand beach toys,
Are extremely useful...
Why I said so?
Other than becoming my swimming companion,
I use it to play water everytime I bath...
Of course,
Anytime daddy or mummy bring me to the seaside,
I can use it to play the sand!
And I found a new hobby, too!~

I love watering the plant...
Feeding lovely green plant with water!~

Beside that,
I can do some light gardening,
With the bucket and spade, too!~

My multi-purpose toys!!
How wonderful!

Monday, September 28, 2009

BIG Business

Everytime mummy try to potty train me,
I also refuse......

Early this month,
I somehow,
Willingly to sit on my potty...
Whenever I wanted to do my big business!~

Me: Mama, pain... ngm ngm potty...

It doesn't come out as easy...

Me: Mama, help!
Mummy's wondering how she could help me...

And everytime after I finish my big business,
I'll peep into my potty...

Me: Yuck!~ Big Big One!!!

I've been doing my big business in potty for weeks!~
Considered a new milestone achived...
No more poo poo in diaper.........

I can't go diaperless still.......
I still won't tell mummy,
Whenever I feels like wanted to pee...
Just wait.......

Small World Fantasy

Accidentally bump into Small World Fantasy,
During my 'ping ping' session in Leisure Mall...
There are having this interesting huge lantern show,
In conjunction with Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations...

I saw I saw a big big mooncake!~

Cute cute ladybird,
Climbing up big big mushroom...

Huge ant trying to push pumpkin~~~~~~

Mummy said this is a type of plant,
Which eat insects!~
Me: Help! Ladybird!!!!!!!!~

Biggest flowers of all:

Last but not least,
I scared of this creature...
Wonder what it is...

Happy mooncake festival everyone!~
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