Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Guardian's Live Healthy . Live Beautiful Extravaganza

Guardian's Live Healthy . Live Beautiful Extravaganza
With pretty Emcee of the day!~

20 Brands divided into 3 main areas namely:
"Path to shine from within"
"Fountain of Youth & Lasting Beauty"
and "Your body, your sanctuary"

Speech by Mr DY Cho,
Marketing Director,
Health and Beauty,
South East Asia,
Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd....

Path to Shine From Within:
Booth 1: Biogreen
Inspired by natural and organi agriculture,
And are made of 100% vegetarian,
Honest,sustainable and high quality ingredients..

Booth 2: Ecolite
Health and wellness company,
Passionate about providing nourishment,
To help people be well..

Booth 3: GoodMorning
100% natural..
No preservatives,
No colouring,
White sugar free,
Lactose free,
Good aroma and tasty,
Convinient to drink!

Booth 4: Kinohimitsu
Natural-based extracts,
That is vital to nature's self-regulating system.
They use natural active plant-extracted ingredients..
Focusing on detox, health and beauty,
On the principal of holistic approach,
To improve human well-being...

Booth 5: Oatgrain 35
Special dietary formulation,
Made with 2-% Beta-Glocan imported from Sweden,
And reinforced with 32 types of grains and herbs..
Beta-Glocan fibre is clinically proven,
To reduce cholesterol levels,
Blood sugar levels,
And improve insulin sensitivity,
To reduce risks and symptoms of diabetes,
And lower the risks of coronary heart disease..

Booth 6: PS Love
Exothermic reaction within the pouch to emit heat.
Unique formulation helps adjust the temperature,
And its rate of increase/decrease to create enough heat,
To relieve discomfort effectively.

Fountain of Youth & Everlasting Beauty
Booth 7: A'kin
Skincare designed to nourish and enhance,
The appearance of your skin,
Just as nature intended.

Booth 8: AprilSkin
Natural cosmetic brand,
That rejuvenates skin cells,
To reveal beautiful and healthy skin.

Booth 9: Dr Buds Organics
Inspired by ancient remedies,
The range features natural ingredients,
That have been clinically proven,
To solve specific skin and scalp conditions..

Booth 10: Essano
Crafted on the belief that
Everyone should be able to have gorgeous products,
And amazing results without harm to themselves,
Our planets and our furry friends.
Essano's factory is certified organic by Ecocert,
The world's leading cosmetic certifier.

Booth 11: Garden of Eden
Believes in returning back to natural botanicals,
To answer our skin care needs...

Booth 12: Inecto
Fun, feel good British beauty brand,
That is truly inspired by nature.

Booth 13: Palmer's coconut oil formula
Contain ethically and sustainably sourced Coconut Oil,
And Tahitian Monoi Oil,
Infused with Tiare flower petals.

Booth 14: Palladio
The force behind your favourite make  up looks,
Depth of shades,
Luxuries textures,
Innovative new products,
And every trend you want to try:
All made cruelty-free,
Without parabens,
And at affordable price.

Your Body, Your Sanctuary,
Booth 15: Botaneco Garden
Made from innovative,
And sophisticated blend of botanical ingredients,
And Eco-certified oils.

Booth 16: Herbal Essences & Pantene
Bio-Renew - a powerful blend of antioxidants, aloe and sea kelp
Helps revive lifeless hair from inside out.

Pantene Pro-V Micellar
Infused with the perfect balance of mild micelles paired,
With the power of plant-based Pro-V Nutrients blends,
To remove the damage caused by daily stressors,
And Transform even the most fragile into strands of strength.

Booth 17: Love Beauty and Planet
Goal: To make you more beautiful,
And give a little love to our planet...

Booth 18: Smelly-No-More
Eliminate body odour effectively the natural way.
Made from Pure and Natural mineral salts.

Booth 19: Splat
Ethically and scientifically develops and manufactures
Professional oral care solutions for the whole family

Booth 20: Sunsilk Natural
Completely new natural range of hair care,
Contain natural ingredients,
0 Parabens and contain micellar water technology

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Sunway Lagoon Mermaids Alive

Don't miss out the chance,
To have very unique mermaid experience,
At Sunway Lagoon,
This school holiday..

From 23-31 March 2019,
Mermaid will comes alive,
1pm in at the wave pool...

Don't forget to grab scoops of MER-Licious,
Chill while having your splish splash time...

Special cotton candy...
Mermaid cotton candy!~
You gonna love it!~

If cotton candy or ice cream is not what you want,
You might ops for mermaid float...

Everything comes with mermaid tail..

Grab some cute cute mermaid merchandises back..

This is the highlight...
You might have a Fin-tastic experience of...
Becoming a mermaid!
Amazing isn't it?

I just wonder...
What is this float for?
Mermaids can swim pretty well, isn't it?

Besides the waves of fun..
Catch Swashbuckling pirates show at 12noon..

Have a lovely pirate dancing time,
This school holiday!~

Monday, March 25, 2019

Raising resilient kids, role play helps

As a parent,
I always think that..
"Learn Life Today"
Is a very important aspect,
In raising resilient kids...

Life isn't as smooth as we imagine...
There's always unexpected challenges comes along,
One of the biggest challenge of all,
Is facing own's frights..
And the best way to overcome it,
Is to face it bravely...

Some people will ask,
How to have full confidence on stage?
Fake it until you have it...
Stand up on the stage as often as you can,
Stand up on the stage bravely!

The best part of all is:
They have each other....
Side by side.....
And I can see them growing up individually..
To be tough little ones...

Cherishing social support and interaction,
And treat all the problems arises as learning process...

I'm truly proud that,
They are able to face all situations positively!

Patience is the key of being resilience..
Keep on doing until meeting the goals...

Each and every time,
They are having a role play,
I can sense that they learn some great values...
And implements it in their own real life...

Thanks to KidZania,
For all the role play opportunities,
And shaping them for whom they are today...

Find information about KidZania,
At http://www.kidzania.com.my

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Quill City Mall WonderBeach Challenge

In conjunction with March school holidays,
Quill City Mall Kl will be running...
"WonderBeach Challenge" campaign..
From 23 March 2019 to 26 March 2019,
10am till 10pm at Main Atrium, Ground Floor..

Lots of fun-filled beach adventures awaits you...
At Quill City Mall...

"WonderBeach Challenge" @ Quill City Mall KL entry ticket,
Would entitle a child access to all activities..
The entry tickets can be redeemed exclusively
When shoppers spend from a minimum of RM30 in a single receipt.
Alternatively shoppers may purchase these passes for RM15 each,
At Concierge Counter, Ground Floor.

Hand Paddle Waterboat..
Participants denotes those 5-12 years old,
Or within a minimum of 100cm in height,
And weight shall not exceed 35kg..

For trampoline,
Only children under 5 years old are allowed...
Having a great, fun jumping time...
Jump! Jump! Jump!

For Traversing, Wall Climbing and High-Rope Obstacles,
Participants denotes those 5 years of age,
And above or with a minimum of 100cm in height,
And weight shall below 100kg..
Height shall not exceed 180cm...

The wall climbing is so challenging...
Little prince and little princess said,
It's looks tougher than it seems...
Great to know that they are brave enough to take up the challenge.

For inquiries,
Kindly visit Quill City Mall's facebook or instagram,
Or website at http://www.quillcitymall.com.my

Kindly pm cre8tone's facebook,
For tickets giveaway....

Friday, March 15, 2019

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, is a mild, non-irritating formulation that gently cleans and moisturizes, without stripping skin's natural oils.The most amazing part is it actually soothes as it cleans. It is a simple formula that works for my skin as well as my entire family's skin health.

It is soap-free, fragrance-free and pH-balanced so it doesn't not over-dry our skin and is is clinically proven to be non-irritating. Its gentle formulation works for all skin types, so it doesn't matter if your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, or normal. It is suitable for you! It is gentle enough even for babies. Dermatologist recommended this, and it is one of the number 1 trusted skincare brands in Malaysia.

While many people love having a lot of bubbles while washing their face because it fells much cleaner and tighter, the truth is, you don't need them because the bubbles come from soap and it often over-dries and strips away the natural oil from our skin.

Truly healthy skin is achieved by a gentle cleanser and a gentle cleanser does not leave your skin feeling tight but soft and moisturized instead. 

I fell in love with this non-bubbly cleanser the moment I start using it because it is so fuss-free. I can use it to clean my body as well as my face. One bottle serves my whole body! I can even use it, with or without water. So convenient! Plus, I know it protects my skin and keeps it truly clean and healthy 

I used to have acne-prone skin and after using the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, I can see improvement on my skin.

My acne face, before using the product...

Although acne didn't totally disappear overnight, my skin is getting much  better. I can see the acne spots lighten and the acnes becoming smaller. I know my skin will get healthier if I continue using this in the long run. Can't wait for healthy, flawless skin!

I read a survey from Home Testers Club Malaysia that says "99% of women agree that Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser gently cleans and moisturizes without stripping away natural oil." I can testify that I am definitely one of the 99%!

It also works well for my family!
When my little princess tried it, her skin improved tremendously!

Look!  The redness on her hand reduce immediately, right after ONE usage!~

My little prince have a lot of little rashes on his skin..

I'm truly happy with the result. Will continue using it for my whole family and spot the difference..

Try it out for yourself. If you would like to try it, click the links below:

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