Friday, September 15, 2017

Dutch Lady Breakfast Campaign

Dutch Lady Breakfast Campaign..
To create awareness on..
How important breakfast is...

1 glass every morning..
For a strong start...

It's truly my honour,
To be part of Dutch Lady Breakfast Campaign..
As an influencer,
Together with emcee / radio announcer,
Serena C,
Prof Poh,
Miah, DLM Corporate nutritionist...
Actor Sari Yanti,
At our kopitiam chat session..

You are the one,
Whom is able to choose,
Whether you wanted to start your day,
With a healthy breakfast,
Or just skip it,
By giving a lot of excuses...

One glass of milk,
Simple and easy breakfast,
Hassle free..

What's more precious,
Than getting enough nutrients and stay healthy?

Antabax celebrates the power of Malaysia through Graffiti Battle

Malaysia's number 1 Halal antibacterial personal care range,
Celebrated the power of Malaysia,
Through graffiti Battle,
With 14 of the country's best graffiti artist and their crews,
Spraying their way to RM20,000 in cash,
At National Art Gallery.

The launch of live graffiti battle,
By Bee,
Reowned Malaysia graffiti artist,
Ms Mandy Lee,
Lam Soon Edible Oils Senior Product Manager,
Household & Personal Care,
Mr Heng Swee Seng,
Lam Soon Edible Oils Senior General Manager,
Prof Dato Dr Mohamed Najib Ahmad Dawa,
Director General of the National Art Gallery,
Mr Francis Ng,
Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd,
Senior Genera Manager,
Household & Personal Care Department,
Marketing Division,
Dato' Dina Rizal,
President of SportsUnite

It also reintroduces heritage schoolyard games,
Through Juara Power Antabax....

Of our childhood games..

Graffiti artists at work!~
Under the hot sun..

Kids graffiti workshop!

Chief Judge,
International graffiti artist,
2nd place winner, Escapeva,
Graffiti artist Bone,
Vivian Lim,
Lam Soon Edible Oils Brands Manager,
Household & Personal Care Department,
Marketing Division...
1st place winner,
Akid and team mate,
Mandy Lee from Antabax,
3rd place winner,
Katun & Siek...

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fonterra Unites Malaysia - New Zealand

Fonterra unites Malaysia and New Zealand Flavours,
To celebrate 60 years of friendship..

Roti Jala With New Zealand Lamb Tandoori...
To showcase the iconic flavours of both countries...

Welcome address by..
Mr Jose Miguel Porraz Lando,
Managing Director,
Fonterra Brands Malaysia..

Speech by H.E. Dr John Subitzky,
New Zealand High Commissioner to Malaysia..

By Anchor Food Professionals Chefs..

New Zealand High Commissioner,
Successful attempt to make Roti Jala!
Tradisional pancake,
By filing and rolling it,
With tandoori-spiced New Zealand lamb..
Which had been marinated with,
Anlene plan yoghurt to retain its juiciness..
Delicious one, indeed!

MD of Fonterra,
Rolling the pancake,
With tandoori-spiced lamb..

The dishes are made with ingredients,
From New Zealand and Malaysia,
As well as Anchor and Anlene Products!

Capricciosa Eat All You Can with Kiple

Dine with Kiple,
At Capricciosa,
Sunway Putra Mall..

Try all appetizers, salads,
Soups, pastas, fresh pastas and pizzas,
At one irresistible price!~

We started our meal,
With lovely appetizer:
Caesar Salad,
Which comes with two choices of topping,
Cajun Chicken or Grilled Salmon..
Very obviously,
We choose Salmon..
Big piece of Salmon isn't it?
And it's truly yummy!

Smoked Salmon Salad...
The salmon is truly fresh..
Love the combination with greenery and onions!

Creamy Clam Chowder...
Delicious soupy!~

Creamy Porcini,
Fresh handmade pasta,
With selection of Fettuccine or pappardelle..
Little princess love this so much!~
It's so creamy...
Combination with Shimeji and Eringi mushroom,
Is simply yummilicious!~

Trio Platter:
Baked Chicken Wing,
Calamari Fritto
And Crispy Fried Mushroom!~

Creamy Garlicky Salmon...
The garlic sauce is superb!
Perfectly blend into salmon!~

Sauteed Herb Chicken Sausages,
A bit spicy!~

My top favourite of the day:
Braised Lamb Shank,
Very tender lamb shank,
In rosemary juice,
Served with mixed veggies...
Feels like wanna have more!~
So nice!!

Mediterranean Lamb Pizza...
Thin-crust pizza with braised lamb,
Basil Pesto, Olive,
Red and green bell pepper,
And Mozzarella cheese...

Garlic & Chilli Shrimp..
I love the way they present the shrimps,
With olive oil, garlic, chili flakes and parsley..
Serving together with toasted garlic bread..
Simply delicious!

If your tummy still can accommodate food,
You actually can order more!!
And all this comes in one price!

Capricciosa Eat All You Can A La Carte buffet,
At RM35.90 Nett for weedays,
Or at RM39.90 Nett for weekends & public holidays..

Lot 3-29, 3rd floor,
Sunway Putra Mall,
Jalan Putra, Chow Kit,
50350 Kuala Lumpur.
Operating hour: 11am-10pm daily

Anlene Heart-Plus

Anlene Heart-Plus,
A new milk powder,
Formulated to care for the heart,
On the back of worrying..
Malaysian health statistics...

Tried the milk sample,
And it tasted quite nice..

Anlene wellness check!~

A little games,
To get some exercise...

The launch of Anlene Heart-plus,

MoveMax in Anlene's formulation,
To support not just bones,
But also the joints and muscles,
And to help support ease of movement..

HeartMax nutrients bundle,
Includes Plant Sterols,
Omega 3 (DHA & EPA)
And Pottassium,
With the following benefits:
Plant Sterols helps to reduce cholesterol;
Potassium is known to help maintain normal blood pressure;
Omega 3 fatty acid may help to reduce triglycerides or fats in the blood.

A group photos for VIPs

For more information,
Visit Anlene's Malaysia Facebook Page,
Or its website at

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Guardian Most outstanding brands award 2017

Guardian's Outstanding Brands Awards 2017 (OBA),
Begins on 1 September...
With 200 popular brands,
For 60 categories...

17th edition..
Of its highly popular annual award,
For health and beauty brands......

Shirley New,
Senior Marketing Manager,
Sharing shoppers' profiles,
And Outstanding Brands Award 2017...

RM25,000 worth of..
Cash prizes to be won!
Isn't it exciting?

50 Prizes including:
5 Grand Prize of RM1,500 each
5 First Prize of RM1,000 each
15 Second Prize of RM500 each, and
25 Consolation prize of RM200 each...

Ms Christina Low,
Marketing Director of Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd said:
"The Outstanding Brands Award,
Is our way of celebrating,
With our business partners,
And giving recognition to brand excellence!"

To be eligible to cast votes,
Shoppers are required to spend at least RM10,
At the store or online.
Log on to
Or scan the QR code provided to vote.
Voting can be anytime between 1 September to 27 September.

For more information,

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Child Aid Asia by youth for youth

A magical journey...
With Child Aid Asia 2017..
By youth for youth
With full support from..
The Kiwanis Club of Damansara,
And Suntory Beverage & Food Asia (SBFA)

Lau Jay Earn,
With his superb beatboxing...
He started to perform his beatboxing,
On stage,
With his teacher Koujee.
In 2016,
He was invited to Munich, Germany,
To take part in a German Kids Talent Competition
"Super Kids" for his beatboxing...

The magical part is,
Beatboxing is not his only talent...
He can play very nice violin, too!~

Talented musicians..
This year,
CAA KL adding workshops and collaboration sessions,
To provide more opportunities,
For the children,
TO work together,
And build stronger friendships in the process...

Peh Jie Chee (Chinese flute)
Lim Zi Shian (Violin)
Mishael Dalman Romano (Violin)
Lim Ho Yi (Violin)
Lim Jinnie (Violin)
Shamita Tamil Selva (Violin)
Lim Pey Hong (Viola)
Muhammad Rizky Ikhsan (Cello)
Shawn Lee (Piano)

Lord of the Dance,
Featuring Mahavidya Dance Theatre..
Which was set up,
To promote Bharatanatyam,
An Indian classical dance,
And was formed 15 years ago...

Past and Present Mix
Featuring Sugar Rush
& Mahavidya Dance Theatre

Loving their version of..
"Kiss The Rain"
So romantic!~

Dahil Sa Iyo & Sukiyaki...
Featuring Singaholic & Waseda Street Corner Symphony..

It's amazing how they carry Japanese song,
So lovely and nice!~
Loving it very much!

All night long....
Full of magical musical,
In KL Performing Art Centre (KL Pac)...

Japanese Anime Medley..
Is really superb!~
You really won't wanna miss it!~

Very cute ballerina Beauty and the Beast...
Bennet Soo (Beast) & Michelle Lam (Belle)
From Tutu Toe Dance Studio..

The night ends..
With Ain't no mountain..
Featuring all performers...

Truly hope Child Aid Asia..
Cound benefits more children..
To have more opportunity,
For an education or training in the arts...

Besides music,
I see beautiful friendship developed among the youth!~
When I see the smile on all the performers' faces...
I realized,
It's really magical...
How music can truly change a child's life!~

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