Thursday, May 21, 2020

Melano CC Brightening Gel

 Melano CC,
The popular Japan's Vitamin C skincare brand,
By Rohto Mentholaum....
With its famous Vitamin C Brightening Esseance,
Which Sustains the No. 1 Whitening Essence in Japan,
For 4 continuous years....
Has introduced a new Vitamin C Brightening Gel,
A moisturizer formulated with Vitamin C,
Fruits extracts and deep penetration technology,
To brighten dull skin,
Even out skin tone,
Fight dark sports,
Lighten pimple marks,
And minimize pores,
While keeping the skin hydrated...
All for a radiantly brighter, youthful skin....

With the latest Vitamin C Brightening Gel,
That completes the Melano CC skincare range,
Now it's just a step away,
To achieving spotless fair skin...

The moment I open the cover...
Refreshing fruity smell caught my full attention...
Smells so nice.....
Love it...

The gel absorbs quickly,
Without leaving behind a sticky or greasy residue..

Vital extracts contained in the brightening gel:
Alpinia Seed Extract-
A ginger extract that helps brighten and even out skin tone.

Cornus Officinalis (Japanese Cornel) Fruit Extract-
Deeply hydrates andd soothes skin.

Lemon Extract-
Helps hydrates skin for a significantly soft, smooth and supple skin..

Feels the transformation of your skin,
With the all-new Melano CC Brightening Gel,
And its range of products...

The new Melano CC Brightening Gel 100g,
Is priced at RM70..
And will be made available,
Exclusively at Watsons,
Starting June 2020...

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Bestsub Reusable mask

It's crucial to get yourself a good mask,
During Coronavirus outbreak period...

Get your personalized design,
For personal or corporate use..
It's washable, water resistant and hygienic...
It's soft, comfortable and breathable..
Best of all..
It comes with adjustable ear strap for better fitting...

It comes together with 2 pcs of filters...
PM2.5 filters is not washable,
Recommended to replace 1-2 times weekly...

It's 5 layer filters consists of:
Anti Sticky cloth,
Filter cloth,
Activated carbon,
Filter cloth,
Anti Sticky cloth...

Anti-fog and dust-proof
Efficiency is up to 95%

⬇⬇ limited stocks only⬇⬇
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Shopee voucher code: TOTABG003
7.5.2020 - 7.8.2020
10% offer

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Eat Cake Today

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s MCO Mother’s Day~~ 
Stay at home,
And order our cake online, 
And have it delivered, 
To our doorstep... 
So easy,
So convenient....

Ta da!

It’s chocoholic! 
It’s apricotic!

Drooling 🤤 
Delicious 😋 

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I’m sure you gonna enjoy ur cake,
As much as we do! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Apple Cider Vinegar, the Secret Of Superwomen

You meet Superwomen like her every day, strong healthy, confident, knowledgeable, capable, energetic; she manages a full schedule at work, home and at play, effortlessly. 

What is her secret? 

One of them is  Apple Cider Vinegar that has been used as a home remedy to treat numerous health ailments.  Families closely guard these ‘recipes’ for women’s vitality and well-being. 

For your ease of mind, choose a certified organic offering such as Alce Nero Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. The key component is acetic acid, with other substances such as lactic, citric, and malic acids, and good bacteria. Remember to always dilute your Apple Cider Vinegar before drinking at approximately 1 tablespoon to 1 cup of water as it is a strong acid, and a little really does go a long way. 

Here are some of the secret ways Superwomen stay on top of their game using Apple Cider Vinegar. 

1.     Boost The Immune System
Superwomen never seem to fall ill with the coughs, colds and sore throats that plagus the rest of us. Her intake of apple cider vinegar contains amino acids, potassium and enzymes that may help to boost immunity and relieve tiredness.[1] Try these recipes that are a pick-me-up for low energy days:
Fire Tonic!  Blend equal portions of ginger, horseradish, onion, garlic, habanero peppers, lemon, turmeric, and lemongrass, top with 100ml of Apple Cider Vinegar. Place all ingredients in an airtight jar, let it ferment for 14 to 60 days. Strain to discard plant matter. Add one tablespoon of this concentrated tonic to a glass of hot water or hot black tea for an immune boosting drink. 

Orange Cider Vinegar! Simmer 100ml of Alce Nero Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 cinnamon sticks, an orange sliced into rings, a sliced orange, 4cm of ginger and two tablespoons of organic honey over a low flame for 20 minutes, strain into an air tight jar. Add a tablespoon of the infused syrup to 125ml of water and serve. 

2.     Assisting in weight loss and better nutrition absorption
Being fit and at a healthy weight is a challenge even for Superwomen but they know how to add Apple Cider Vinegar to their diet to manage and maintain their weight. Science backs up this remedy as a 2018 study in the Journal of Functional Foods, showed that including a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the diet could be an effective strategy to reduce visceral fat and helping with other health issues as well.[2]

3.     Dental Hygiene
Despite her packed scheduled Superwoman always has fresh breath, and great oral health. Again her secret is her morning tonic as apple cider vinegar has been proven to have antifungal properties which helps fight against mucous membrane inflammation according to the Journal of Prosthodontics, 2015.[3]

4.     Managing Menstrual Cramps 
Superwomen learn to manage menstrual cramps by drinking Apple Cider Vinegar from the first day to the last day of menstruation, as it is believed to regulate clotting and reduces the duration of periods. The calcium and potassium can ease the muscles to reduce menstrual cramps[4]

Be an innovative Superwoman and try these recipes that can help reduce menstrual cramps: 
Warming apple cider vinegar tea : Add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, a slice of lemon and half a teaspoon of fresh ginger to a cup of fresh brewed black tea. A few drops of honey can be added if desired. 
Calming apple cider vinegar green tea: Brew a mug of green tea. While it is hot, add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, and some mint. 
Turmeric tonic with apple cider vinegar: Turmeric is a superfood that has been traditionally used as a tonic for wellness. Turmeric tonic can be found at organic stores. Add a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to the turmeric tonic to make a refreshing and healing drink. 

Uncover your Superwoman capabilities by incorporating these Apple Cider Vinegar remedies and tonics as part of your wellness journey. 

We used Alce Nero Organic Apple Cider Vinegar as it is made from organic apples that are grown exclusively in the Trentino-Alto Adige region, free from pesticides and chemical fertilisers or GMO strains. This apple cider vinegar is rich in flavour with has lower acidity to make it suitable for salads and other dishes. Give your body the secret boost to be a superwoman, every day. 

You can find out more about Alce Nero at and Facebook page

Monday, April 13, 2020

Domino’s Unveils Queen of Lava Cakes with the King of Fruits

Luscious, decadent and heavenly, that is what you get when you combine the classic lava cake and the king of fruits, durian. Would you dare to give it a try? 

Domino’s Pizza today unveiled its newest dessert in its repertoire, the Durian Lava Cake! Perfect for durian lovers, dessert lovers and adventurous eaters alike, the Durian Lava Cake is undoubtedly a dessert that is sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. It is made with a scrumptious and delicate cake with a flavorful taste of durian filled with oozy, gooey durian filling made with real D24 flesh. What better way to enjoy the flavorsof your favorite fruit in the comfort of your home.

Enlightening on the concept of the creation of the Durian Lava Cake, Linda Hassan, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore said, “Catering to the various taste profiles of our customer base and in line with our brand promise of ‘It’s All About You’, we wanted to create a dessert that would appeal to durian lovers as well as those who are adventurous in their choice for desserts. As durian is an acquired taste, we were determined in creating a dessert that would be enjoyable for all. Those who have second thoughts about durian, we dare you to give this a try with your family and friends. Our newest Durian Lava Cake is specially crafted in a special way to mask the smell of durian without compromising on the flavors. The hint of durian flavor offers a unique taste, while the exquisite center filling gives it a distinctive and unforgettable experience. Sowhat are you waiting for? #WeDareYouToTry!”

Shamsul Amree, Chief Executive Officer, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, also elaborated, “Being a customer-centric brand that focuses on obsesi pelanggan, we are aware of the taste profiles of our Malaysian customer base, and we truly understand the current circumstances that we are facing right now. As much as we take great care in our deliveries through our mandatory Zero Contact service, we are pleased to couple it with great product offerings such as the Durian Lava Cake. We hope our customers will enjoy this latest dessert and satisfy their durian cravings as they stay safe at home.”

For a limited time only, the Durian Lava Cake is available from April 6 onwards.

Domino’s stands firm by its promise of 30-minute delivery guarantee and product satisfaction guarantee. Its commitment is demonstrated by a no-cancellation policy, and a refund or replacement of the order will be provided if a customer is not satisfied with the order.

In line with the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, Domino’s operating hours may differ as per permitted operating hours according to local councils in each state. Its commitment to the safety of its delivery riders and customers is evident with the implementation of its mandatory Zero Contact services.

To try out the all-new Durian Lava Cake, visit Domino’s stores or order online at To learn more about Domino’s Quattro Pizza as well as other ongoing promotions, visit us at

Friday, March 13, 2020

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift

Crystal clear,
Radiant skin made simple with..
Loreal Paris 2-step Regime...

Loreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence
Newly improved day cream with SPF35PA+++

Unveiling an anti-aging, skin-repairing regimen...
Tailored for Malaysians tropical weather...

Let's say hello to youthful sin,
That glows from within,
By including 2 key products,
In daily skincare regimen:
The Loreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence,
And the newly Improved Loreal Paris Revitalift Day Cream,
With enriched Pro-Retinol A and SPF 35 PA++

The product combines cutting-edge technology,
With high quality formation,
Delivering measurable results,
As quickly as 7 days for Asian skin..

In clinical tests,
Users reported seeing 17% reduced dullness,
21% reduction of fine lines on the forehead..

 Every morning,
Start your skincare regime,
With Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence,
After cleansing and toning..

Shake 4 drops onto palm,
And gentle warm it up,
By rubbing palms together..

Use essence-coated palms,
To gently pat face,
Starting with forehead, cheeks,
Finish with the chin,
Until the essence is absorbed into skin..

Apply a dollop of Revitalift Day Cream,
Evenly on the face in circular motion...

Skincare Routine is complete...
Ready to wow with improved skin texture,
Refined pores and a youthful complexion...

For more information,
Or follow Loreal Paris Facebook page..

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Sunway Velocity Hotel

Sunway Velocity Hotel,
The latest addition to the hospitality division,
Of Sunway Group,
And managed by Sunway Hotels and Resorts,
Opened on 20 September 2017...

351-room mid-market hotel,
Is located within Sunway Velocity,
The only transit-oriented development (TOD) in Cheras...

The 16-storey hotel,
In striking facade of futuristic features and bold colours,
Is trategically located ,
At the crossroads of Jalan Cheras and Jalan Peel,
Which is set within 23-acre integrate development of
Sunway Velocity Kuala Lumpur,
A mere 3.8km away from Kuala Lumpur City centre,
And 45minutes from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport...

Our bed of the day,
At Sunway Velocity Hotel..

Comfy and spacious room..
For all of us...

Best of all..
It comes with nice amenities..
Very nice TV with lots of show to watch..

 Fridge and some fresh refreshment are provided as well...

Need not worrying about the laundry...
Iron and iron board is provided inside the cupboard...

If you're concern about the safety of your personal belongings,
While you're going out..
Can always choose to put inside the safety box,
Which is provided inside the room...

A spacious toilet,
Comes together with shower...

All toileteries are provided...

There's a torchlight prepared...
Just in case...

So caring...

We had our buffet breakfast,
At Kaffeinate..
During our stay...

Very nice view,
While workout....
Love their gym room...
It's time to exercise....

Save the best for the last...
Infinite pool view....
Time for spa at night...
Such a lovely stay,
At Sunway Velocity Hotel...

For room bookings and reservations enquiries,
Please call: +603 2726 3991
Or book directly on

For latest news and offers at Sunway Velocity Hotel,
Please connect via facebook page

Sunway Velocity Hotel,
Lingkaran SV Sunway Velocity,
Sunway Velocity,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
General enquiries: +603 2726 3988

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