Monday, October 2, 2023

Herbalife: Tapping into the Power of Aloe Vera for Good Skin Care


Responding to the growing trend of seeking nature-inspired solutions, Herbalife, a premier health and wellness company, launched its latest Herbal Aloe Personal Care Range to support good skincare, which includes Hand & Body Wash, Hand & Body Cream, and Soothing Gel. Drawing on the vast natural benefits of aloe vera to offer a 'beauty inside and out' experience, the new range incorporates natural, botanical, and vegan elements.
Steven Chin, Senior Director/General Manager of Herbalife Malaysia and Singapore said, “As Malaysians become more informed about their skincare and conscious about what products they use, many are increasingly looking at formulations with natural ingredients that are less likely to cause skin sensitivities and irritation. With this in mind, rooted in the goodness of aloe vera, Herbalife's Herbal Aloe Personal Care Range offers nature’s nurturing touch, infused with other soothing plant-derived extracts and botanical compounds. These elements work in harmony to rejuvenate and protect, offering a skincare experience that resonates with wellness, for people to look and feel at their best.”    

At the heart of these products is aloe vera, which has well-established beneficial properties in calming and soothing dry skin. Enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, aloe vera supports youthful-looking skin and enhances skin hydration. Designed to provide gentle yet effective care for the skin, the range is dermatologist-tested and free from any parabens, colours, dyes, and sulfates, reducing the risk of skin irritation and making it suitable as part of the daily skincare routine for the whole family.
The new products include Hand & Body Wash, Hand & Body Cream, and Soothing Gel, encapsulating the essence of hydration, nourishment, and vitality. The Hand & Body Wash contains a blend of apple-derived amino acids, which cleanses without stripping away natural moisture, while olive oil provides antioxidants and delicate care for sensitive skin.
Within the Hand & Body Cream, sunflower seed oil and African Shea Butter join forces to nurture with moisture and suppleness. The addition of seaweed extract completes the ensemble, imparting a touch of rejuvenation and comfort for dehydrated skin.
In the Soothing Aloe Gel, the aloe barbadense leaf juice takes the lead, soothing and hydrating for a renewed appearance. Fragrance-free and suitable for all, it introduces antioxidants, vitamins, and essential minerals, crafting a canvas of youthful luminosity. User feedback underscores its transformative softening and smoothing effects.
The range also includes Herbalife’s popular Aloe Concentrate Mix, which hydrates the body while providing gentle support for digestion to focus on the beauty within. Completing the collection are the refreshing Aloe Shampoo and Aloe Conditioner to strengthen and moisturise one’s hair.
For more information on the range, visit .

Friday, September 29, 2023

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Managing Rare Disease

Does ‘Neurofibromatosis Type 1’ (NF1) cause any flicker of remembrance? Although classified as a rare disease, NF1 affects more Malaysians than we know. NF1 is a genetic autosomal dominant disease with 50:50 split; either inherited from the parents or caused by spontaneous mutation at the NF1 gene. NF1 is multisystem disorder that is characterised by the development of tumours on nerve tissue, skin pigmentation changes, and other potential complications affecting various systems in the body

The disease can occur early on among children, with 1 in 3,000 children estimated to be diagnosed with NF1 globally. As the early symptoms can include light-brown spots (café’ au-lait macules) on the skin or bumps developed either on or under the skin (neurofibromas), with risk of developing optic glioma at later stage of their lives, it can be challenging for parents to identify the onset of the disease in their child. 

Among patients with NF1, 30%-50% of them may experience plexiform neurofibromas (PNs), majority of which are present at birth, PNs can cause extreme disfigurement, be very disabling and interfere greatly with the regular growth and functioning-. NF1 also often carries a significant psychosocial burden for patients, as other symptoms include tumours that grow on the nerves, causing visible bumps that may draw unwanted attention in public.

Given its importance, a group of experts comprising - Professor Dr Thong Meow Keong, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Department of Paediatrics, University Malaya Medical Centre; Dr Ngu Lock Hock, Head of Department, Department of Genetics, Hospital Kuala Lumpur; Azrul Mohd Khalib, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy and Puan Nadiah Hanim binti Abdul Latif, President of Malaysian Rare Disorders Society - came together at a media forum to discuss the importance of tackling NF1 through a multifaceted approach. 

Dr. Ngu Lock Hock, Head of Department, Department of Genetics, Hospital Kuala Lumpur shared, “Removing barriers to awareness is an essential step to improving understanding of NF1 not just with the public, but also among healthcare practitioners. Ideally, we can do this enhancing the medical curricula around rare diseases and by leveraging social media for awareness. Working collaboratively with patient support groups to initiate policy changes and funding is also crucial in the rare disease space.”

Speaking at the event, Professor Dr. Thong Meow Keong, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Department of Paediatrics, University Malaya Medical Centre said, “NF1 is a disease that requires input from various medical teams, including neurologists, geneticists, hemato-oncologist, surgeons, and other experts from various disciplines. For this reason, adopting a multidisciplinary approach to managing NF1 is a necessary step forward.”

“Establishing a working group of experts to guide the refinement of diagnosis is important for improving the management of NF1 and ultimately, derive better patient outcomes. We need to push for policy changes on approaching rare diseases and it covers decentralising funding, services, and resources to ensure equity in healthcare in Malaysia. Additionally, medical training to produce more rare disease specialists and providing recognition and posts for genetic counsellors are required,” added Professor Dr. Thong.

Supporting the call for policy change, Azrul Mohd Khalib, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy opined that policy changes that foster an ecosystem approach to managing rare diseases and gaining access to treatment is needed to provide patients with better health outcomes. 

Azrul explained, “As NF1 is uncommon knowledge to the public, there is a high unmet need of patients seeking for right diagnosis and effective treatment. Tackling NF1 requires a holistic approach, involving various disciplines and enhancing existing policies to address ongoing challenges for this rare disease.”

Puan Nadiah Hanim binti Abdul Latif, President of Malaysian Rare Disorders Society (MRDS) stated, “Rare diseases often go unnoticed, leading to a lack of vital information in the public space for the patient to cope. Patients need clear guidance from the relevant parties that can support their disease management. Our efforts to drive awareness of NF1 is deeply rooted in the desire to help people learn about NF1 and, to seek for diagnosis and eventually treatment.” 

“MRDS continues to work collaboratively with patient groups, healthcare professionals, and all stakeholders involved to improve patient journeys from early and accurate diagnosis to treatment and beyond. We are committed to working with all stakeholders to continue to push and ensure that the right to health and wellbeing of all individuals living with rare diseases and their families are upheld in Malaysia. In upholding the country's commitment to Universal Health Coverage, we believe that No One Should Be Left Behind.”

To further drive public awareness on NF1, a new microsite themed Let’s Now Figure 1 was launched at the forum. Supported by AstraZeneca, the new microsite serves as an information centre offering fundamental knowledge on NF1 - its symptoms and diagnosis methods – and insights on management methods for NF1. 

Visitors to the site can learn more about potential healthcare teams to reach out along with the (patient) treatment plan, providing useful information for newly diagnosed patients or, parents with a child diagnosed with NF1. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

IZARA @ Bayu Sutera, Bandar Sri Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan

I decided to pay a visit to Matrix Concepts Holdings Berhad's project: IZARA @Bayu Sutera, Bandar Sri Sendayan, which is located at Negeri Sembilan, my hometown. I'm truly amazed by Matrix's project, for integrating sustainability to create green communities while adding advance technology touch IZARA @ Bayu Sutera - smart home concept!


I like the overall structure of IZARA's project, therefore, I decided to head over to their show room for a better glimpse of the house.

The location of  IZARA @ Bayu Sutera, is nice, surrounded by Matrix International and Private school, X-Park and d'Tempat Country Club. Later I wanna tour around these places too!~

But before that, Enjoying myself, chilling at the living essence of a premium address... The whole neighbourhood is just too superb!

Ta-Da! Here I am, inside IZARA @Bayu Sutera show house! The living room is so spacious and so comfy!

Wanna join me and have a cuppa tea?

As a cooking-lover, a visit to the kitchen is a must!

Downstairs room, ideal for old folks at home, whom don't like to climb up and down the staircase to much!

Yoo-HooNow I wanna bring all of you to upstairs....

I like the open air cupboard design... So easy to grab my attire!

Feels so comfortable inside the middle room... 2 rooms with attached bathroom.

Reading is a good habit and I always wanted a house, with a super comfortable reading corner like this. Somewhere I can have some quiet "me-time' at home..

I like this kiddo's corner... Perfect house for perfect family. Home Sweet home..

Even the kid's room also is so spacious! Nice!

Finally! The master bedroom... A cupboard design, can put just everything inside. Clothes, bags, toiletries, make up stuffs etc etc...

A corner to "ban-leng-leng" The transformation starts here.. hahahahah~

After put in a Super King size bed, still got plenty of space to move around in the master bedroom. Lavish living, Rejuvenating recreation, Sensible spaces!  I'm loving it, so much!

Now, let's look at the surrounding.... Once in a while, if lazy to cook, can always ops for eating out. There's so many wide variety and choices of food to dine in and takeaways! Bandar Sri Sendayan, is indeed a self-sustaining city where everyone can live, learn, play, work and thrive all in one spectacular township!

Now, it's time for me to visit X Park...
My first stop
At Golf Driving Range...

A fantastic place to polish up my golf skill!

Vroom Vroom! It's time to feel some speed! It's racing time! 

Experiencing adventure at d'Tempat Country Club. Situated in the heart of Bandar Sri Sendayan, the d'Tempat Country Club in Seremban, spanning 380,000 sq ft. Hosting a variety of family-oriented activities for relaxation, recreation and leisure, this luxury venue integrates an array of lifestyles, catering to various age groups and preferences, and its only minutes away from Bayu Sutera! Guess what I heard? With purchase of property in IZARA, entitled 5 years of FREE membership in d'Tempat  Country ClubCan hang around here everyday! 

Visited the Matrix's gallery inside the country club, and I'm so impressed with the miniature... Can't wait for the housing area to be completed!

Look! an Olympic-sized swimming pool, for adults and wading pool with water slides for kids, water play and swimming sessions are never out reach. The poolside deck makes way for lounging and poolside dining, with great greenery and great views!

A gym room, with lots of equipment and fantastic kids pool view! I truly wanna start my gym session here, right now! Great to challenge one's inner sportsman with the spacious sports facilities here! With spectacular views of verdant landscapes, cutting edge cardio and strength training equipment, aerobics and yoga studios, and gendered steam rooms along with sauna facilities, this gym and fitness centre is revolutionizing exercise routines. Why pay for expensive gym membership when having one in just the neighbourhood? Fabulous, isn't it?

Kiddos having so much fun time at the children TV room!

Super duper impressive Audio-Visual Room. So cinematic! No need go cinema already, just stay here and enjoy all the happening movie!

If don't feel like reading at home, can always come to the country club's reading room. Dive into new book, catch up on some quiet reading or get grind going at work with reading room at d'Tempat! With books and reading materials, that's suitable for everyone! 

Last but not least, after a tour session in the whole neighbourhood, it's time to relax and have a nice spa session at d'Spa in d'Tempat Country Club.

In shorts, I'd really love to stay in IZARA @Bayu Sutera, Bandar Sri Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan! Such a great place to be in!

For more information, do hop over to 

Monday, September 18, 2023

MILO®’s largest Malaysia Day Family Fun Fair!

Our Malaysia Day's holiday is well spent,
By attending MILO®’s largest Malaysia Day Family Fun Fair...
At Putrajaya Challenge Park!

Drinking yummy Milo..
You prefer original or ice?
Why choose when we can have both, right?

First time trying out Nestle Mochi Matcha Red Bean...
We are all Mochi lover....
Little prince and mummy are Matcha lover...
Just suite our taste bud very much!
Taste superb when served cool!
So chilling!

Drinking Milo from Milo van....
Mummy's recalling memories while she's still schooling..
Looking forward for Milo from Milo van...
Don't know why,
It just tasted tastier getting that cup from the van...
Look at the skating competition on-going...

It's so fun to just watch them skate.....
A skill all of us yet to master......
Can try try since they got workshop here...
An experience money can't buy~

There's total of 5 activities we must completed,
To get chop-chop on our card,
To redeem a mystery gift...
Which is a Milo mug...
Since the whole family is having fun,
With all the activities,
And we are able to collect ALL the chops..
Our home is full of Milo mugs.. 
Which is the mystery gift.. 

Our lunch from Harvest Gourmet...
Indeed love at the first bite!
Love it as it's zero cholesterol...
It's plant protein..
Source of protein and fibre..
So healthy! So yummy!

Before we headed home.....
We bought Milo back..
At super reasonable price with freebies somemore...
Sure have to buy since all of us are typical Milo-lover...

A fun-filled day spent,
At MILO®’s largest Malaysia Day Family Fun Fair!


Tuesday, August 8, 2023

PointStar and Google Cloud Showcase Cloud and AI Transformation for Business Productivity

The highly-anticipated Google Cloud Day 2023 
organised by PointStar, 
a leader in cloud transformation and digital solutions, 
was held at Grand Hyatt Hotel.
The event showcased Google Cloud’s enterprise-grade AI and data solutions 
for driving business transformation 
and provided insights into use cases for enhanced productivity.

In collaboration with Google Cloud, 
the full-day event featured an array of engaging activities, 
including keynotes, breakout sessions, 
live solution showcases, and networking opportunities. 
The event also marked the launch of 
the Digital Acceleration for Learning and Industry Adoption (DALIA) 
- A Step-Up Productivity Programme, 
in partnership with the Malaysian Productivity Corporation (MPC), 
a government agency under the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Industry (MITI).

Justin Lee, Chief Executive Officer of PointStar said, 
"​​We are thrilled to present Google Cloud Day 2023, 
an event that showcased innovation in AI and data solutions 
with a future-driven outlook on its practical applications 
for organisations of any kind. 
This event is not just about technology; 
it's about empowering businesses to drive transformation 
and embrace innovation to be future-ready and for unparalleled growth.”

Google Cloud Day 2023 
was attended by more than 200 participants. 
The event emphasised how advanced data analytics, 
modern cloud-based applications, 
and artificial intelligence (AI) can be integrated 
into workflows to solve critical business challenges. 
Esteemed industry leaders, 
including Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation (SDEC), 
PIKOM, TNB, Logitech, Samsung, Kissflow, and JumpCloud 
participated in sessions discussing topics 
such as the transformative potential of no-code tools and the future of work.

Patrick Wee, Country Manager, Malaysia, Google Cloud, said, 
“The democratisation of software creation 
is gaining ground within organisations, and by 2024, 
more than 65% of applications will be developed 
using low- or no-code tools. 
In partnership with PointStar, 
Google Cloud is committed to making application creation 
accessible to users of all skill levels with tools 
like Duet AI for AppSheet
which can help organisations free up resources 
and expertise to be reallocated toward other high-impact tasks and projects.”
Google Cloud Day 2023 aligned seamlessly 
with MPC’s Malaysia Productivity Blueprint, 
which aims to build a future-ready workforce 
and drive digitalisation for enhanced productivity. 
PointStar collaborated with MPC 
to boost the ongoing DALIA programme, 
serving as the digital solutions consultant
 to facilitate the development of applications 
to address organisations’ workflow and productivity challenges 
using AppSheet, Google’s no-code development platform. 

Zahid Ismail, Deputy Director General of MPC stated, 
“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to PointStar 
for their invaluable collaboration with us for the DALIA programme. 
This partnership exemplifies the significance of fostering strong ties 
between the private and public sectors, 
as it brings to light the immense value of knowledge exchange 
and shared expertise. 
Google Cloud Day 2023 is a great illustration of 
the transformative power of technology in fostering growth
and productivity for our nation.”

Harnessing the advanced tools and ecosystems 
developed by Google Cloud and PointStar, 
MPC aims to enhance productivity in companies across various sectors. 
The DALIA programme anticipates 
more than 100 participating companies in 2023, 
laying the foundation for more impactful 
solutions-focused initiatives in the future. 
The programme is open to all SSM-registered companies in Malaysia. 
For more information about Google Cloud Day 2023, 
please visit the website: F
ind out more about the DALIA programme 
on this website:

Monday, August 7, 2023

Secret Recipe x Mira Filzah - BurgerMira & The Entree Collection

Get ready for a fashionable gastronomical affair 
like no other as Malaysia’s leading homegrown lifestyle café chain, 
Secret Recipe collaborates with Malaysia’s ultimate ‘girl next door’ 
or now more fondly known as 
Secret Recipe’s very own brand ambassador, 
Mira Filzah to unveil their hottest selection this quarter.

Introducing BurgerMira
Secret Recipe’s newest seasonal menu item 
birthed from this iconic collaboration 
that also inspired Mira’s latest exquisite scarf collection – 
Mira Filzah x Secret Recipe – The Entrée Collection.
To constantly keep things fresh and interesting in Secret Recipe, 
fans can now try out one of Mira’s favourites, 
the BurgerMira

With five choices to choose from in either chicken or beef, 
these burgers have been carefully curated to be scrumptiously delectable.
With a twist of local flavours added into the mix, 
these palate-pleasing burgers are just the sort of comfort food 
that will not only fill your tummies with warmth but offer a hint of nostalgia as well.

First up is the Special Kerabu Burger 
that comes served in either chicken or beef. 
This beauty is layered with Japanese cucumber, 
red onions and coriander leaves atop a bed of 
either crunchy golden fried chicken 
or succulent juicy double beef patties 
and cheddar cheese in between. 
Complete with a generous spread of kantan chilli sauce, 

it offers the perfect balance of sweetness and aromatic taste in every bite.
the Sambal Meletop Burger on the other hand 
comes with crunchy golden fried chicken 
layered with Japanese cucumber, red onions 
and Secret Recipe’s signature Sambal Meletop sauce 
that is sure to bring an irresistible explosion of flavours and fiery heat.

The last item on the menu is the Zesty Herb Burger 
which comes in either a choice of crunchy golden fried chicken 
or a stack of succulent beef patties 
layered between double cheddar cheese. 
It is topped with romaine lettuce, red cabbage, 
red onion and a special house-made herb sauce 
that is refreshingly zesty and tangy.
Served with a side of crispy golden fries, 
these burgers can be washed down 
with two refreshingly thirst-quenching drinks – 
Lychee Pepsi or Wild Mint Pepsi. 
Don’t forget to pair it with 
two of Secret Recipe’s bestselling sides – 
the Spicy Tomato Drumette or the Classic Drumette 
which both come in a set of three pieces.

“We are excited to unveil our new seasonal menu item 
that offers timeless delectable flavours 
that not only showcase Malaysia’s culinary traditions 
but are also flavours well-loved by Malaysians. 
Collaborating on this with Malaysia’s well-adored icon Mira Filzah 
is a harmonious partnership that holds a special place in our hearts 
as thanks to her, 
we are able to weave together a story of flavour and flair, 
with our burgers and her exquisite scarf collection.
“At Secret Recipe, 
we have continuously strived to push boundaries 
and offer our customers something different like this, 
a fusion of food and fashion that indulges 
not just the palates of our loyal customers 
but also an inspiration for all the fashionistas out there,” 
said Evelyn Lee, 
Head of Marketing of Secret Recipe.

Mira Filzah x Secret Recipe - The Entrée Collection
For the first time ever, Mira, 
who is also a model and entrepreneur, 
drew inspiration from the collaboration with Secret Recipe 
to give fans a collection inspired by the ingredients 
and spices commonly used in food. 
Similar to how these ingredients give dishes a burst of flavour, 
these scarves have been specially designed to do the same.
With six different colours to choose from, 
fans will be able to pick their favourite – 
Garlic, Ginger Flower, Candlenut, Chili, 
Butterfly Pea and Black Pepper. 
The scarves are made with top quality Satin Florencia 
and measure 115cm X 115cm.
This limited-edition collection 
will be available for purchase only at 

Fans will receive their scarves beautifully packaged in a box 
stamped with Mira Filzah and Secret Recipe’s logos.
From August 4 until September 17, 
customers will stand to receive RM10 off any purchase 
at Mira Filzah’s website with the code MIRABELANJALAGI.
Secret Recipe customers will also receive a 10% discount 
with a minimum spend of RM45 
from August 4 until September 3 
with the code SRXMIRA when ordering via SR GO! 
Pick Up in the Secret Recipe MY app or website.

For more details,

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