Friday, August 28, 2015

My Drum Recital

My very first,
Drum performance...
My drum recital....

With the song title:
Straight 8th Groove.......

Everything went smooth..
And I get round applause,
From all the audiences!~


Wish to own my own drum set now!~

Monday, August 24, 2015

Friso Say YES To Experiences

Emcee of the day...
Of Friso Gold,
Say YES To Experiences!~

Speech by Ms Wong Vai Chi,
Marketing Manager of
Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad...

Meeting Malaysian Mums:-
Low Ngai Yuen,
President of Kakisemi,
Founder and Head of WOMEN: girls,
Mother of 4 children...

Together with Liz Yahaya,
Blogger mum,
With 2 boys...
As they share their Say 'YES' journey...

And the expert...
Dr Khoo Phaik Choo,
Consultant Paediatrician,
Sharing on the benefits of positive parenting...

Group photos....
With Friso Gold..

Some fun activities for the kids,
During the launch...
Designing their very own cool mask,
For the whole family members!~

Our backyard concert....
Actually appeared in the launch, too!~

Thanks Friso!~
For appreciating our ideas........
Gonna have more super duper fun,
Outdoor activities together!~

Super love the photos snapped....
So natural and totally can feel our bonding!~
Thanks to our photographer of the day!~

Incredible fun with balls!~
Football, basketball, bowling...
You named it,
We can play it in our garden!~

Just need a little creativity,
On what we have at home!~

Azlinda's DIY Passing Trap,
Is super cool,too!~
We're going to try it out soon!~
Thanks for the superb idea!~

Last but not least,
Our little drummer,
Appeared in Kosmo! Newspaper....
Dated 14 August!~

Thanks Friso Gold,
For all the beautiful memories,
And the wonderful experiences.......

Tempted to have some really great bonding moment?
Hop over to Friso Gold website now!
And Start your very own #SayYesToExperiences...
Follow and recreate bi-weekly featured activities...
Snap photos of it and submit to Friso...
The best part is...
You can earn experiences points,
To redeem rewards!~

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AirAsia Launches Brand New Asean-Themed In-flight Menu Concept

AirAsia and AirAsia X today launched...
A brand new in-flight menu concept..
Aptly-themed 'Santan'
With new introductions,
To both airlines' on-board purchase,
And pre-book menus...

The concept of 'Santan'
Is derived from the very basis that...
It is an ingredient familiar,
To all Asean communities...
And AirAsia as a truly Asean airline,
Will be introducing several dishes,
Form across th Asean region,
Into its in-flight menu...

You may view the new dishes,
In my Little Kitchen's blog...

Tony Fernandes,
Group CEO of AirAsia Said,
"Our Ancillary team,
Is always looking for ways,
On how we can improve,
Our guest's in-flight experience...
Food of course,
Plays a major part,
But we don't want to just sell food..
But also use our in-flight experience,
To introduce Asean dishes,
To all our guests...
We are pleased to start off with Nasi Dagang,
Which is a famous Malaysian cuisine,
As an introduction...
And will look into..
Introducing other dishes,
From other parts of Asean,
In our next 'Santan' Menu Cycle."

Group photo,
Of the VIPs showing the new 'Santan' menu...
With air-stewardess,
Showcasing the newly launched food from the menu...

Let's taste the food!~

Just look at the happiness on their faces...
It's simply priceless!~

Is not just about filling up our stomach only...
It creates topic for friends to chit-chat;
It satisfied our taste bud...
And most of all....
Sharing of food symbolized,
How human beings care for each other...

It's time for little games....
Everyone's looking up and down....
For the missing puzzle....

The first winner,
Whom walk away with goodies,
Sponsored by AirAsia BIG Duty Free!~

Last but not least,
Two lucky winners,
Combining half the 'Santan' menu...
From their mysterious big white envelope!~

It's indeed a fun-filled launch!~
Thanks Air Asia Blogger Community,
For such another awesome experience!~

Keep updated with,
Air Asia's latest promotions and activities,
Via Twitter at
And Facebook at

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

'Hitman' David Foster as AirAsia New Global Ambassador

My very first event...
Joining Air Asia Bloggers Community #AABC...
Been wanting eagerly to join this community,
For long enough~~~~
Red is definitely lucky colour of the day!!!~

Air Asia and Air Asia X,
Are the leading and largest,
Low-cost carriers in Asia....
With the greatest tagline:
Now Everyone Can Fly!~
Which realized many people's travel dreams....
Dream comes true!~
How amazing!~

Air Asia,
Announced the appointment of...
David Foster,
16-time Grammy Award Winner,
As the new global brand ambassador,
For their premium product range,
Marking another collaboration,
With a world-renowned personality,
For the airline...

Emcee of the day,
Daphne Iking...
Looks so gorgeous and beautiful in person!~

Tony Fernandes,
Group Chief Executive Officer of Air Asia says,
"David is an old friend,
And we've created many hits,
Together over the years.
David is a legend,
And I'm looking forward to creating many more hits,
Through this collabration,
Especially on our Premium offerings.

Premium Flex,
Is one of a kind product,
Which offers travellers flexibility,
And value-for-money,
With complimentary 20kg baggage,
In-flight meal of their choice,
Up to 2 times flight changes with seat selection,
Priority baggage,
Check-in as well as boarding,"

"This partnership with David,
For our Premium Flex,
And our award-winning Premium Flatbed to start,
Will bolster both products to another level,
Creating a new market for us,
As we continue to evolve,
From being just a low-cost carrier,
To a true value-carrier,
With the best product proposition,"
Added Fernandes..

David Foster,
The newly appointed brand ambassador of Air Asia says,
"AirAsia is a highly regarded brand,
That is nothing short of an amazing success story,
Congratulations on the recent milestone of flying 300 million guests,
In short span of only 14 years!
I'm happy to represent their excellent premium product range,
And I look forward to a great relationship with AirAsia,
As we embark on this partnership."

A very casual yet inspiring chit-chat session,
With Tony Fernandes & David Foster...
Together with Daphne Iking...

AirAsia's guests,
Can look forward,
To exclusive campaigns,
Featuring Foster,
Aimed to further elevate,
AirAsia's premium product range,
As well as various engagement activities,
Which may win them,
A once in a lifetime opportunity,
To meet Foster,
At one of his concerts...

David Foster,
A world renowned musician,
Songwriter, composer, arranger, producer and recording artist,
With 16 Grammy Awards under his belt,
Including three of Producer of the Year,
An Emmy Award,
A Golden Globe,
And also racked up,
3 Oscar Nominations,
For "Best Original Song".

One of the most successful record producer in history,
He realized the musical dreams of superstars,
Like Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion,
Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson,
Madonna, Andrea Bocelli,
Michael Buble, Josh Groban,
Rod Stewart and Stevie Wonder.

Besides that,
He has also earned a reputation,
As a keen spotter of new talent,
Playing a key role,
In the discovery and career,
Launches of Celine Dion, Josh Groban,
Michael Buble, and more recently,
Our very own Yuna,
Who has been signed on by Foster,
As recording artist..

For further updates on AirAsia,
Follow Air Asia's Official Social media accounts,
On Facebook at,
And Twitter at

Monday, August 10, 2015

Behind The Scenes Tour

I get the chance,
To join Behind the Scenes Tour...
After seeing mei mei enjoying the tour,
And heard so much about it.....

Our first stop....
The largest laundry,
For First World Hotel...

I'm pretty impressed,
With the way they transfer,
The dirty clothes from the hotel room,
To the laundry department!~

It's truly an eye-opening for me..
To see how the 'transformer',
Ironing the staff's uniform....

We make our own sushi,
And wallop it into our mouth...
In See, Do & Eat Workshop...

I think DIY doughnut,
Taste a lot more yummier,
Since we involved in the food preparation!~
It really double up the fun!~

Very educative,
To know how exactly,
They control the audio...
As well as the lighting
During a fantastic show!~

Thanks to all the people,
Whom working behind the scenes,
We're able,
And had a wonderful magical moment..

Didn't get the chance to experience,
Snow making in SnowWorld...
But I hope I can tell you my experience,
Next round when I get the chance to explore it!~

Behind the Scenes Tour:
From 2:15pm - 5pm
Normal Price RM28 per pax
Genting Rewards Members RM25 per pax.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Kidzania's Back-2-Kidz

My mummy always told me....
When she was my age...
There're no places like Kidzania,
For her to play around....
And experience how to be a grown up....

Even now she's an adult...
I felt like she's a bit childish...
Shh.. Don't tell her ya~~
Of course...
Even now that she's an adult..
She never have the chance,
To even try to become a pilot or a fire fighter...

With Kidzania's Back-2-Kidz Programme..
Adults get to experience,
What the kids experienced in Kidzania....
And it's happening on this coming 22nd and 29th August 2015...
Daddies and mummies,
I don't think you wanna miss it out!~
This is the time,
You no need to wait outside and see the kids to play only..

The very first job that she did,
Was flying Airbus with her Captain Cool...
Which is my daddy....
Pretty cool way of dating, isn't it?

They worked in Media Prima...
For a Raya talk show!~

Emergency in Operating theatre....
Surgeons are trying to save the day!~
The patient is all right!~
Can't believe all of them are so 'professional'...

Trying out the 'hottest' job in Kidzania...
Kidzania fire fighter!!~
We are brave!
We are strong!~
Let's put-off the fire in the hotel!~

Special thanks to Miera,
For extending her cool invitation to us..

Monday, August 3, 2015

Genting Superstars of Magic 4

We had a truly magical weekend,
At Genting International Showrom,
Resorts World Genting...
Catching up the most amazing magic show:
Superstars of Magic 4...
Directed by David Lai...

Superstars of Magic 4,
Performed by 7 world-class Illusionists,
From all over the world...
Where the Magic of East meets West!~
Jay Mattioli from USA;
Joseph Gabriel from USA;
Shawn Farquhar from Canada;
Alana Moelmann from Germany;
One Gun from Korea;
Ted Kim from Korea;
Jeff Lee from Taiwan...

I love the way how Jay Mattioli control the whole show...
He's not only a superb magician,
But also a great Emcee...
I smile and laugh a lot thoughout the whole show!~
This American illusionist,
Whom is also the finalist,
In America's Got Talent in 2009,
Conquered the stage,
Showcasing comedy and charm,
In this performance...

An award-winning celebrity magician from Taiwan,
Jeff Lee....
Performed TV magic with modern music...
It's really entertaining,
To see how well he have the full control,
Of all the compact discs...

Germany Alana Moelman,
The new generation princess of magic,
Producing life human hands out of her leather jackets....
The most scary part is,
When she took her head off her neck!~

One Gun 하원근,
The hottest magicians in Korea and beyond..
Performs his t-shirt act thoughout the world...
He promptly stun all of us,
With his clothes that keep on changing in colour and type..
Right in front of our eyes...
In the blink of eyes!~
Simply amazing!~

The current FISM originality act champion holder,
Ted Kim's act,
Is one of a kind and infuses,
Modern screen mapping technology,
And LED projector technology..
I likes the part he incorporates the latest video games and music,
To his act such as Super Mario Brothers!~
Cute and Cool!~

Joseph Gabriel,
Godfather of Dove Magic,
Turned up the notch by,
Transforming a piece of cloth,
Into a dove and goose...

Looking forward for~
Shawn Farquhar from Canada,
To come and join the show.....
He's current International Brotherhood of magician IBM president...
Has appeared on the Ellen Show..
And was one of the few magicians in the world,
Whom managed to fool Penn and Teller on their hit TV series.
Shawn is acclaimed by his peers,
To be the sleight of hand artist of our time,
And he proved his true when he won the FISM Close Up Championships of Magic in 2012.

When the illusionists meet the bloggers....

No photography or videography is allowed,
During the show...
I can't show you any photos or video,
But I can ensure you,
This is a superb magical moment,
You'd never wanted to miss...
Trust me,
It's more than just a magic show!~
I'm sure you'll be amazed as much as I do,
After you watched the illusionists performed!

For more information,
Kindly call +603-2718 1118,
Or visit

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