Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Enchanted Forest by D'Danze Academy

Enchanted Forest,
Presented by D'Danze Academy...
In collaboration with D'Danze Centre,
And Danze Ponte Music and Dance School...
With 139 participating dancers,
Aged 4-22..

The story in Enchanted Forest,
Is an original concoction,
By Directors Dianne Yap and Ooi Mee Kean...

The production draws its influence,
From myths and folklore of various cultures,
Most notably the Greek myth of Pandora's Box...

While the majority of the items,
Are original pieces choreographed..
By seniors and junior teachers....
Enchanted Forest,
Also adapts repertoire,
From Georgy Balanchine's Jewels,
And Alexander Gorsky's The Little Humpbacked Horse...

Enchanted Forest,
Takes place..
At Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC)
On December 15 (8pm)
And December 16 and 17 (2pm, 8pm(
Tickets are priced at RM98 and RM68.
Visit www.dpac.com.my
Or call +603-4065 0002 to purchase.

Students tickets,
Which are also available for a Buy 10 free 1 promotion...
Are available for December 15 (8pm) show only.
To purchase,
Call Suzanne Liew +6016-222 8022

Triumph 'Find The One For Every You' Fashion Show

Triumph Malaysia annual Fashion Show...
Find The One For Every You

The Triumph Autumn Winter 2017 collection...
Featured in Find The One For Every You Fashion Show 2017...
Exudes a sense of opulence and excellent craftsmanship..

The lingerie that is featured,
During the fashion show,
Is not only designed to suit every age,
Shape, size and occasion,
But also meets all the demands,
Of a woman in this era...

Whether you're at the office, home,
At the gym or socialising,
Triumph will help you,
Find The One For Every You!

The sporty look of Triumph!~
New and innovative on-trend sports bras,
In trusted lingerie fits for cardio and studio..
So you can work on your sun salutation at yoga,
Or pick up tyres at bootcamp,
With comfort and ease...

New on the runway is,
A premium collection of,
Highly decorative and crafted lingerie,
In stunning floral stretch lace,
And embroidery aptly called Florale..

The wide array of stunning lingerie,
Joins the Triumph family of Essence and Triaction,
Complementing the already extensive range,
For every inner wear need for every event..

This season offers...
Modern styles and silhouettes,
That accentuates flattering curves...

The evolution of innovative,
Fitting and functional designs,
Provides ultimate comfort,
For every woman..

 The classics remain,
As Triumph's exquisite detailing and artistic touch,
To everyday lingerie,
Can be seen in the iconic Essence collection:
Contemporary, elegant and impeccably fitting...

Aqua festive is inspired,
By the decorative art of the Art Nouveau period,
Featuring bold, rich embriodery,
With a hint of shimmering moonlight...

Beauty-Full Butterfly Glam..
Provides maximum support and unparalleled comfort,
With its signature 45 degree angled wings,
And 12cm extra high side panels...

While the Magic Wire bra,
With the most natural and comfortable wearing experience,
Willl give the support you need...

Invisible is the jacquard T-shirt bra,
That is decorated with subtle floral lace,
On the cup side and side wings,
While the Magic Spacer Cups,
Enhance softness, lightness,
And breathability and comfort..

Find The One For Every You Fashion Show 2017,
Speaks volumes of the various innovation Triumph,
Featuring moving forward....
The crowd is awe-struck by..
The glamour, style and panache of the models...
That strut down the runway,
With these new essential must-haves,
That offer women a chance to..
Find The One For Every You!~

Hot Wheels First Southeast Asia Epic Championship for moms and sons

Hot Wheels challengers,
From 6 countries across Southeast Asia,
For championship to compete,
For the first Hot Wheels Champion title..
And Hot Wheels prizes up to USD 2,000...

Every little Hot Wheels challenger and his moms,
Will have to embrace 3 different challenge zones:
Challenger Zones, Track Builder Zone and Epic Loop Zone..
During the finale...
Which is designed,
To test skills, precision and teamwork...

At Mattel,
A mom plays a pivotal role and figure,
In nurturing her child's development...

Hot Wheels die-cast vehicles and track sets,
Are great choices for boys,
To see and embrace challenges,
Through imaginative and creative play.
Teaches and nurtures the child,
To navigate around challenges,
To achieve limitless possibilities...

Influencer friendly match between celebrities,
Dr Jezamine Iskander and son Zander Xayne Iskander,
Shaine Wong and song, Tan Jacob..

Prize giving ceromony..
Group photo,
Together with Mr Ivan Franco,
Country Manager,
Mattel Southeast Asia...

For more information,
Visit http://hotwheels.mattel.my

Monday, December 4, 2017

Snips College of Creative Arts (SCCA)

Snips College of Creative Arts (SCCA)
Has officially unveiled its all-new comprehensive...
Creative arts college at SCCA Sungei Wang Plaza....

SCCA has exclusively partnered,
With the established fashion school from Italy,
Instituto DiModa Burgo (IMB)
And the world's 3rd best filming academy,
Beijing Film Academy (BFA)
Building direct link for Malaysian talents,
To expand into the international arena...

Speech by Ms Jenny Yohana...

Dato' Mike Loh,
Founder of SCCA
Datuk Aureen Jean Nonis,
Senior Director & Strategic Planning Division..

 Hip Hop Dance Performance...

Singing performance...

Eco Futuristic Fashion Show...
Put together by the young talented students,
Under the guidance of fashion lecturer from Milan..
The show featured an array of beautiful models,
In futuristic attires with uncycled materials....

Noise & Urban Glam
Hair & Make up Show,
Where students demonstrated,
Their edgy skills,
With IX Eyewear Showcase...

For more information,

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Exclusive Luncheon

Sweet deals, double happiness....
Showcase special 8-course Chinese banquet menu,
Plus mouth-watering CNY Yee Sang~~~~
From RM188++
For a 10-persons fresh salmon platter....

5 happiness combination platter...
A perfect combination..
And a perfect start,
For the special 8-course Chinese menu...

Seafood chowder,
with silken beancurd and enoki mushroom..
Warm our tummy,
With the lovely taste of the chowder...

Roasted sesame chicken,
With 5 spice salt..
Very generous amount of sesame,
Added the aroma of the chicken...
The special spice sauce,
Added unique taste,
To the sesame chicken...
Simply yummilicious!~

Deep fried fish fillet,
With turmeric and ginger sauce Portuguese style..
A very unique taste,
To consume the fish fillet,
With the Portuguese sauce...
Simply uniquely amazing!~

Stir-fried prawn,
With shrimp paste,
Enhanced with curry spice Kum Heong style...
Prawn is always not my kind of food...
But this dish taste ok to me...
Probably because of the Kum Heong's taste,
I suppose...

Braised San Ken beancurd dumpling
With bailing mushroom and broccoli florets..
I like their beancurd,
As much as I like the mushroom sauce on broccoli...

Wok-fried rice..
With shredded cuttlefish and silver anchovies...
I like the way 'ikan bilis',
Added the aroma of the fried rice....
The crispiness is just perfect for the dish!~

Chilled honeydew melon,
With pearl sago...
Refreshing dessert,
Right after a satisfying meal...

Chef Hisham bin Jaafar,
Executive Chef of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre,
Presenting a banquet of distinction...
The 8-course Chinese meanu,
At RM1,600 per table of 10 guest...
Will be available for booking...
From now until CNY!~

For latest news and information on the Centre,
Visit http://www.klccconventioncentre.com

Little Collins Xmas Workshop

Special thanks to theAsianparent Malaysia,
We enjoyed a lovely....
Xmas 'lollipop cake' decoration workshop!~
At Little Collins Cakery & Cafe...

Guess who's the first Christmas squad?

Step 1:
Stick a pure white love,
As the face of our cute little penguin...

Step 2:
Wear the scarf,
Around the neck of our little penguin...

Step 3:
Add the details of little penguin's face..
Eyes, nose...
Decorate the scarf in anyway that you love it....

Time to make another companion,
For our cute little penguin:
Mr Reindeer....

Step 1:
Dip reindeer's ears..
Into hot chocolate......

Step 2:
Act quick and stick it..
On two sides of our lollipop cake...

Step 3:
Using the same method with hot chocolate,
Stick reindeer nose...
And dip into hot which chocolate,
With the little stick,
To 'draw' the eye of our reindeer....

Time to have some yummy snack!~
After finish decorating our Christmas Squad...

If you wanna view more cute Xmas Squad..
Hop over to Little Collins' official website..

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