Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lazada box of joy

My Lazada Box of Joy arrived a little late..
After Lazada 11.11 Online Revolution..
But just in time for Lazada 12.12 Online Revolution..

It's indeed super fun..
Unboxing the box..
And I truly find joy in Lazada's parcel!~

Thrilled to see my new Dual Drive m3.0
From Sandisk Ultra...
It's a flash drive for Android Smartphones...
So nice!~

Tefal Manual Chopper...
Very easy to use...
It chop all the cooking ingredients,
In just a few seconds...
So convinient...

Maggi OatMee,
Is so delicious..
With the goodness of fibre..
In 1 bowl of oats..
I'm not a coffee lover,
But I fall in love with this...
Nescafe White Coffee,
With Pandan flavour!
So delicious!

I always love Loreal Professionel products...
These products keep my hair shines and smooth...

First time trying Dual Stylers..
It's really great products!

Mamy Poko baby wipes..
Every mummy will carry this,
Everywhere they go!~

 Little gifts from Lactokid...

And a bag just nice..
From Milo!~

Thank you Lazada,
For the wonderful Box of Joy!~

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Watsons Physicians Formula perfect shimmering glow

No other time of the year,
Is more snap-happy than Christmas..
Get glowing and be picture perfect this Christmas
With Physicians Formula Shimmering Glow Collection...
Available exclusively at Watsons Malaysia...

Face powder palette,
Featuring Real Mineral Pearl Extract,
For a flawless and radiant complexion...
Illuminating glows from within...
Eyeshadow with multi shades,
To create shimmering galmourous eyes,
With endless possibilities..
A choice of nude or smoky!~
It creates the Perfect Shimmering Glow,
For the Perfect Christmas Selfie!~

 Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls,
Available in Beige Pearl & Light Bronze Pearl..
It provides an illuminating glow...
Features Real Mineral Pearl Extract,
For a flawless and radiant complexion,
With a light-diffusing effect...
Truly designed for all skin types,
It creates a glowing complexion,
And perfectly evens out skin tone..
This powder palette,
Is a modern and functional beauty item,
That is housed in a dual compartment compact,
With striking metallic and pearl accents,
With built-in mirror and a high quality brush..
The result of the product,
That is beautifully inside out..
While delivery a fresh glow of colour,
With every application...
Main features:
Real Mineral Pearl Extract:
Anti-oxidant properties,
Help protect skin from free radicals,
As the radiant finish
Blurs the appearance of fine lines,
Creating a skin-perfecting glow...
Multi-coloured Mineral Pearls:
Multi-coloured design features 5 complementary,
And multi-dimensional shades of pearl,
Which blend perfectly,
For the most natural finish..
Perfecting Coverage:
Features an enhanced medium coverage level,
That blends seamlessly into the skin,
And feels velvet like..
High-Tech Pearlescent Pigments:
Ultra-fine pearlescent colour,
Accentuates natural light,
For a soft-focus effect,
Blurs imperfections,
And enhances skin's radiance without shine.
This product is selling at RM63.50
Shimmer Strips Custome Eye Enhancing Extreme Shimmer Shadow & Liner,
Available nude  & smoky...
6 Shades of luxurious,
highly-pigmented liquid powder,
Full of multi-reflective pearlescent shimmer..

It's unique wet/dry formula feels like a cream,
Wears like a powder...
Sparkles like serious heavy metal...

6 perfectly paired shades,
Allow for endless possibilities,
To colour, highlight,
Contour and line the eyes,
For illuminating high impact...

Use WET to line eyes for more dramatic,
Intense colour.
Or use DRY for a softer result...

This lightweight, intense liquid-powder,
Offers silky, lasting texture,
That can be used wet or dry,
For ultimate in radiant glamour..

6 Gorgeously glamorous shades for endless possibilities!
2 Trios = 3 looks: Natural, playful & dramatic
Pefect colour combinations: The ultimate eye look
Wet & Dry: 2 finishes for soft or high impact colour
Shadows & liners - Customized glamour
Extreme Shimmer - Maximum glamour

Best of all.
It comes along with,
Angled Pro-Brush Applicator..
Selling at RM63.50

Shimmer Stripes Custom Eye Enhancing Extreme Shimmer Gel Cream Shadow & Liner Trio
Available in Nude
It is shockingly shimmery,
Virtually gilding eyes,
With a luxurious creamy gel formula,
That is easy to use.

Versatile and customizable,
These unique hybrid gel cream formulas,
Features 3 perfect pots of complementary colour,
To dress up eyes..
With incredibly luxe pigment,
That can be worn as a light veil of shimmer,
Or layered for a full-on metallic foil effect...

Each trio features:
Darker shade for dramatic definition,
Plus 2 highly-pigmented complementary tones,
That can be used on the entire lid,
For maximum glamour,
Or as eyeliner to add striking shimmery definition..

Each pot of colour,
Makes it easy to create,
A custom look,
With the definition and intensity desired.
From natural to playful to dramatic..
Use a thin veil of colour.
For a more natural effect,
Or layer and line for super-easy,
High-impact glamour,
That blends effortlessly.

3x Custom Shades equals to
3x looks that go from Natural to Playful to Dramatic

Extreme Shimmer equals to,
Maximum Glamour..

Each trio features 3 glamorous pots,
For individual use on-the-go!
Selling at RM63.50

A make up demonstration,
By famous make up artist,
Jil Yong...
On beautiful model blogger,
Using the Perfect Shimmering Glow...

Physicians Formula,
Is American's #1 Brand...
And it is hypoallergenic,
Dermatologist tested,
Developed for sensitive skin,
Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
Created without any of the 132+ known harsh ingredients,
Found in make up...

Spot the difference,
Before and after make up...
For Janice's left and right side of her face...

My favourite make up artist,
Jil Yong is giving explanation,
On how to use the product...

Applying powder palette mineral glow pearls,
On beautiful model blogger, Li Ya Na...

Make up artist,
Jil Yong..
And her beautiful model...
The session doesn't just end with....
Learning useful make up tips...

We get to learn how to make,
A beautiful shimmering pearl bracelet,
For ourselves....

My new shimmering make up hauls..
Together with my DIY shimmering bracelet...
I'm ready for more parties for Xmas...
Are you ready???
If you'd like to purchase the products,
You may go to any Watsons shops...
Or can just purchase online,

Anchor travel cake launch

Anchor Travel Cake,
Created by Anchor Food Professionals Pastry Chefs,
Using Anchor Tinned Butter...
Made with real butter from New Zealand...

Chef's Signature Series:
Orange Canberry Travel Cake:
Plump & juicy canberries,
Soaked in Orange Juice...

Chocolate Prune Travel Cake:
A mixture of pitted prune,
Apricots and dark chocolate chucks,
Encased in a moist chocolate butter cake...

Earl Grey Apricot Travel Cake:
Earl Grey Tea,
Infused apricot,
In earl grey tea butter cake...

The Quintessential Travel Cake,
Is suitable for upcoming season of gifting and sharing:
For Christmas celebration!~

Anchor Travel Cake,
Great desserts,
During Chinese New Year...

Lovely dose of sweetness,
For romantic valentine's celebration....

Ms Linda Tan,
Director of Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia,
Explained that the travel cakes,
Were inspired by the upcoming festives,
Which is all about gifting and sharing....

"It definitely makes a difference,
When you use pure butter for travel cakes,
And Anchor Tinned Butter,
Is ideal as it has richer aroma,
And is shelf stable"
Ms Tan added..

By Anchor Food Professionals Pastry Chefs:
Chef Chrispian and Chef Ken Tan...

 A group photo...

Variety of creative serving suggestions...

It's our tea time!~
Enjoying the cakes,
With a cup of capuccino!~

My personal favourite is:
Chocolate Prunes Lollipop...
It combines perfectly,
And really melt wonderfully,
The moment I put it in my mouth...
So heavenly tasty!!!!!~~~

Gift wrapping session....

How to I customized...
My Chocolate Prune Travel Cake?

Ta Da!~
Here's my personalized customized,
Gift wrapping for yummy Anchor Travel Cake...

The Anchor Travel Cakes,
Will be available,
In over 57 outlets of these bakeries:
RT Pastry House,
boite a bijoux,
Thyme Bakery,
And Trendy Bakery in Klang Valley..
Kek Sayang in Kedah;
Savour @ Bread History in Penang;
The Baker's Hut,
Born & Bread,
And Happy Angel's Cake in Perak;
Seremban Toast House in Negeri Sembilan;
Baker's Ville in Johor;
Walnut Bakery in Sabah,
As well as Taka Cake House,
MA Baker,
And Farley Bakery in Sarawak...

Anchor Food Professionals,
Will be giving away,
A set of designer dessert spoons,
With every purcahse of 2 travel cakes,
During its availability at the partner bakeries,
From 1 December 2016,
To 31 January 2017.


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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Jerlynn'L social media sharing session

Special thanks to Butterfly Malaysia,

We joined Jerlynn'L Social Media Sharing Session...
At Mid Valley West Lobby....
Simply like their way of decorating the booth there!~

Jerlynn'L is inspired from a male Chidori bird,
Which spends a big part of its life,
Away from the family...
In search of a safe place,
To build the family nest..

The father bird would give his life,
To raise his family,
And protect them from predators..

Was created by a father,
To protect and provide daily care products,
For his precious children.

The founder of Jerlynn'L
Realised that the best way to protect,
And care for his children,
Was by creating quality,
Customized child-safe products..

By ensuring strict control of materials,
From source to production...
Jerylynn'L has formulate skin care,
That not only restore skin health,
But to protect even before skin problems arise...

Jerlynn'L have a specify range,
To target for 3-18 years old.
The reason is,
At this age of puberty,
They have more exposure to sun and pollution...
But their skin are still delicate and not as mature as adult skin...

In market,
There are products for infant,
Which are too mild for them;
There are products for adults,
Which are too harsh for their skin...

The signature collection,
Which is easily distinguished,
By the yellow bottle with the colour labels,
Consists of:
2 body wash, 2 hair wash, 1 body lotion,
1 hair conditional and 1 special care product...
Protects one from top to toe...

3 clear colour of labels to guide children on the usage:
Blue for body use,
Green for hair use,
Red for red alert,
Which need adult's attendance when using...

Demonstration on...
Bugs No More...
I knew why this product is their top selling product,
The moment I smell it....
Unlike other insect repellent,
This Bugs No More,
Have really nice natural lemongrass fragrance....
It contains natural extract from..
Citronella, Spearmint, Basil,
Lavender and rosemary,
To help preventing bug or insect bites...
The best part is:
It is totally non-sticky to skin,
With effect lasts for 3 hours...

Since it si preservative free,
Bugs No More can be used on babies without worries..
Bugs No More also contains Allantoin,
Which acts as anti-irritant agents,
At the same time,
To smoothen the skin,
And promote wound healing...

DIY Scrub session...
Step 1:
Put 2 spoons of sugar...

Step 2:
Peel an amount of orange skin,
For orange-y fragrance..

Step 3:
Mix 2 spoon of olive oil,
And stir until it's even...
DIY scrub is ready to use..
So easy isn't it?
As easy as 1-2-3!~

For more information,
Kindly check out their website,
Or their facebook page:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rockstar Gym launch

Attending RockStar Gym,
Official Launching....

Welcoming note,
By Mr Marran...

Speaking at the laucnh,
John Franklin,
CEO of RockStar Gym said:
"Our programmes put a lot of focus,
Into the development around..
Strength, balance, coordination,
Agility, rhythm and flexibility...
While nurturing their social skills,
Such as confidence, independence,
And self-esteem....
We create opportunities and situations,
That will encourage the children,
Expressing and practicing those values,
Through a wide range of Sports Activities,
Instructed by local and international certified instructors."

RockStar Gym's mascots,
Together with the VIPs..

Launch Gambit...
Officially signing for the opening of...
RockStar Gym Malaysia!

Wonderful performance
By the instructors:
Ipit, Carol & Nadia..

Here's the video of the dance...
So cool, isn't it?

Main Rockstar Session,
Together with the kids!~

Besides Malaysia,
RockStar gym is currently keeping,
The children of Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines,
Fit and skilled through 18 gyms,
With 3 of them being in Malaysia -
The Mines, Tropicana City Mall,
And SetiaWalk.

For more information on the classes,
Schedules and membership,
Do visit

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