Monday, March 14, 2022

ZALORA 10th Birthday Sale

Yoo Hoo!
It's celebration time!
It's Zalora 10th Birthday!!!!!~~

The largest online fashion retailer,
In Southeast Asia..
Sporting over 500 brands and thousands of products...

Redefines online shopping...
From favourite high street label,
To hottest local designer...
Always on the constant lookout,
For the best and the stylish...

And now...
Zalora is 10th years old!!!!!
Let's celebrate Zalora Tentastic Birthday!
With Zalora 10th Birthday Sale:
Deals up to 80% off
Up to RM1000 Cashback guarantee,
Play & win prizes up to RM10,000!!!

Not sure what to buy yet?
Let's browse through..
Top 10 brands at Zalora...
Shopping should be fun and easy!~

Spot all favourite clothes,
Fashionable attire and add in cart...
Paid and wait for the item to delivered,
Right to doorstep..
So simple,
So easy,
So fun!

Most of all,
At 10th Birthday Sale...
There's so many great deals..
So worthy!~

Ever think of wanna get a ride on hot air balloon?
Zalora will bring you on a 'Hot Air Balloon ride' 
With spend and win mystery drop..
Play and answer all Birthday Bash Quiz..
And win up to RM3500 for free...

Such a Tentastic experience,
Isn't it?

I'm super duper sure,
You won't wanna miss out any of these 
Tentastic birthday celebration!

Have a fun time shopping!!!
Enjoy ya!

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