Friday, May 31, 2013

Paradigm Mall's World Ocean Day

 Paradigm Mall's World Ocean Day.............

Refer for my previous post,

You might consider to join,
Children's Colouring Contest, too!~
Please click the poster,
For clearer view on how to participate....

Please click on the poster,
For clearer view of...
Other activities and event highlight...

Remember to drop by Paradigm Mall...
For a whole day of wonderful ocean experience!~

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The 2013 Asia UNO® Challenge

Remember my post about...

Well, today is the day, 
Where all the semi-finalists will be competing themselves...
In 2nd floor, centre court, 1-Utama Old Wing.....
Emcee of the day!~

The Malaysia leg of the challenge has proudly observed,
404 semi-finalists emerge from...
A whopping total of 1616 participants nationwide!~

The semi-finals will take place over a span of 3 days,
With the first day kicking off TODAY!~
The stakes are high as only 64 contestants will enter the finals.
These determined  UNO® warriors will face off one another,
On Sunday 2 June 2013,
To book a spot in the 2013 Asia  UNO® Challenge Final!

Welcome note by Gavin Little,
Mattel Commercial Director!~
Followed by sharing from...
Dr Aaron Fernandez of University Putra Malaysia...
On 'Benefits of Playing Card Games'.......

Group photo,
With the UNO® giant cards!~

Mummy actually played..
The one and only round of,
The UNO® Giant Cards Game.....
It's so much fun!!!!!!~~~
Don't have any photos,
While the game was on,
Since she's concentrating in playing~~~~~~

Oh yah...
Love their refreshments food presentation,
Simple and nice!~

Catch the UNO® Challenge Promotion...

If you're planning to grab one of those fantastic UNO® board games!~

You'll be surprise,
UNO® board game....
Isn't only about UNO® classic card game...
They have so wide range of games to choose from!~

Play UNO® now!~
And be the one and only Numero UNO®!!!~~~

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Paradigm Mall - Ocean Mania Costume Contest

Paradigm Mall will be celebrating...
World Ocean Day...
From 1-8 June 2013!~~~
There'll be lots of fun and exciting activities,
For the kids to join,
During this school holiday!!!~~

I feels so honoured,
To collaborate with Paradigm Mall......
For Ocean Mania Costume Contest!~

How to participate:
Snap your child's photo in cute 'Ocean' themed costume...
Best entries will be judge according to creativity, overall appearances and material used.

Step 2:
Email your entries to me via with photo quality around 1M.
Remember to include your name, your child's name, D.O.B, age & gender, plus your contact information: contact number, email address, facebook ID.

Winners will be announced and winners photos will be posted on Paradigm Mall's facebook as well as cre8tone's facebook!
Top 10 entries from my blog will be receiving special prize from Paradigm Mall!
Top 3 entries will be chosen from the final 10 entries to participate in the final round of the contest
Ocean Mania Costume Contest Final
Date: 8th June 2013
Time: 3pm
Venue: Concourse Square, Paradigm Mall

Rules & Regulations
1) This contest is open to parents with children below 12 years old.
2) Contestants are to post their child’s photo in “Ocean” themed costume and post it to the
    blogger’s blog before the closing date on 6th June 2013.
3) Contestants can submit more than 1 entries but only 1 entry will be picked for each contestant.
4) Photo entries will be judged on criterias such as creativity, overall appearance and material
5) Each individual blogger will choose 10 best entries that best fits to the theme of the “World
    Ocean Day” event. All top 10 selected entries will be entitled to receive a special prize for
    participating in the contest.
6) Top 3 entries from the final 10 entries will be entitled to participate in the final round of
    the contest which will be held at Paradigm Mall on the 8th June 2013.
7) The top 3 finalist from each blogger group will join 6 other finalists at the final round,
    whereby their child will appear in front of the panel judges and will be required to
    perform a spontaneous act of their choice such as singing, dancing, impersonating,
    story telling, etc. in not more than 10 minutes.
8)The decision of the judges are final and no appeals will be entertained.
9) The photo entries in this contest remains the properties of Paradigm Mall
    and shall be used for any promotional or advertising purpose in the future
    at the Mall’s management discretion without further prior consent of the
10) Prizes are not exchangeable for cash and shall not be transferable.
11) Terms & conditions stated here are subjected to change without prior notice.

Good luck for all the participants!!!

For the full event of World Ocean Day.....
Do check out the poster below:

Come and had a fun ocean day,
@ Paradigm Mall!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sofia The First - Once Upon A Princess

I always love Disney's show!~
My mei mei said,
Sofia The first is a show for princess,
But I said it's a show for everyone!~
Not only for girl.....

Disney introduce its first little girl princess,
With the debut of "Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess," 
An enchanting, music-filled animated 
Disney Junior television movie for the whole family, 
SUNDAY, MAY 19 at 11.00am on Disney Channel (ASTRO Channel 615) 
MONDAY, MAY 27 at 1.00pm on Disney Junior (ASTRO Channel 613)

A "Sofia the First" television series will premier in July 2013.

I watched the premier on 19May at CH615,
And proof it myself that:
It's a great movie!
Doesn't matter you're a boy or girl,
You'll definitely enjoy the whole movie!
I'm going to catch it again, 
Later at 1pm in CH613!~

It's every little girl's dream,
To be a princess,
I have a little sister at home,
Who always wanted to be princess, too!~
But too bad,
Her mummy didn't marry the King...
She can only be the princess of our house,
Instead of a real royal princess.........

Back to the storybook world of Enchancia,
Sofia, and average girl whose life suddenly transform,
When her mother marries the king,
And she became a princess, Sofia The First...

Sofia must learn to navigate,
The extraordinary life of royalty,
While holding on to her own hopes and dreams. 

Her journey to being the best she can be,
Also paves the way for those around her,
To realize how special they each are.  

Disney's Cinderella,
Makes an appearance in the movie,
To offer Sofia some words of wisdom 
– princess to princess.

Really love the song 'True Sisters'...
And I'm really glad I have a true sister at home, too!~

Sofia's royal adventure begins,
As she prepares to move into the castle with her mom, 
Starting a new family with her step-father, King Roland II, 
And step-siblings, Amber and James. 

I'd really love to have Sofia the First's purple amulet:
Magic Amulet of Avalor...
Yes, the one you saw her wearing in the movie....
As a gift to my true sister,
Who's being so nice to me.....
Giving her the power to talk to the cute little creatures!~

Helping Sofia in her journey are
The three headmistresses of Royal Prep Academy 
- Fauna, Flora and Merryweather (the fairies in Disney's classic "Sleeping Beauty") 
And royal steward, Baileywick, 
As well as a group of cute woodland creatures led by a wise-talking rabbit, Clover. 

Sofia soon discovers that 
Looking like a princess isn't all that difficult, 
But displaying honesty, loyalty, courage, 
Independence, compassion and grace 
Is what makes one truly royal. 

After all,
My little sister could be one truly royal anyway...
When she's displaying all the positive attitude towards life!~
We will be having a true princess at home!~

If you're asking....
Which part of the movie we love the best..
I'd be the ending part...
Where the whole family are dancing together.....
I always love happy ending.....
But I wonder why Cinderella left without saying goodbye... 

Created for kids and their families, 
The stories of "Sofia the First" 
Communicate positive messages 
And life lessons that are applicable to young children.  
While she lives in a captivating world of castles, 
Wizards and flying horses, 
Sofia remains a relatable peer-to-peer princess 
Who is experiencing many of the same social situations 
As young viewers at home including learning how to fit in, 
making new friends,
And mastering new skills.

Alongside the debut of "Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess", 
Disney Channel and Disney Junior 
Will launch the 
featuring a fully immersive royal experience. 
Kids can get creative, 
Creating and personalizing their own prince or princess avatars 
With the Royal Me game, 
Dressing up Sofia’s room 
Or just having fun with the many activity pages and videos available on the site.

"Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess" 
Stars the voices of Ariel Winter ("Modern Family") as Sofia; 
Sara Ramirez ("Grey's Anatomy") as Queen Miranda; 
Wayne Brady ("Let's Make A Deal") as Clover; 
Tim Gunn ("Project Runway") as Baileywick; 
Darcy Rose Byrnes ("Desperate Housewives") as Amber;
Zach Callison ("Land of the Lost") as James; 
Travis Willingham ("Ultimate Spider-Man") as King Roland II; 
Jess Harnell ("Doc McStuffins") as Cedric; 
Ashley Eckstein ("Star Wars: The Clone Wars") as Mia the Bluebird 
And Meghan Strange ("Special Agent Oso") as Robin. 
Disney Legend Russi Taylor (Minnie Mouse), 
Barbara Dirickson 
and Tress MacNeille (Daisy Duck), 
Bring Fauna, Flora and Merryweather, respectively, to life.  
Jennifer Hale provides the voice of Cinderella..

Craig Gerber ("Pixie Hollow Games") developed the movie 
And serves as co-executive producer and story editor.
Jamie Mitchell ("Special Agent Oso") is executive producer and director.
John Kavanaugh ("Winnie The Pooh: Springtime with Roo") serves as songwriter/music director 
And Kevin Kliesch ("Tangled Ever After") is the composer.
"Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess" is a production of Disney Television Animation.  

About Disney Channels Southeast Asia
Disney Channels Southeast Asia is responsible for the management, creative development and commercial operations of Disney owned channels across all media platforms in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Palau, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines).  Its flagship service Disney Channel is a 24-hour kid-driven, family inclusive television network that taps into the world of kids and families through original series and movies. Disney Channel is available to millions of viewers around the world via basic cable and satellite. Disney Channel is part of the Disney/ABC Television Group. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Junior Bumper @ Genting Outdoor Theme Park

Remember the time,
Early of the year...
When me and my mei mei,
Again and again and again?!~

This round,
We went to Genting Outdoor Theme Park,
And ride their Junior Bumper Car, too!~
Different location,
Similar ride....

We ride around two times only,
Before we proceed to kiddo rides...

It's fun!~
But there's so many fun rides around!~
A day full of fun!~

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Story Time with Julia Gabriel

Queen of Heart's event,
@Publika, Solaris Dutamas.......

Especially likes..
Story Telling Session,
By Julia Gabriel Centre...

It's so interactive...
And every children go home,
With one sticker each,
After the session!~

For the wonderful story time!~

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Search For Numero “UNO®” Continues

The first ever Asia UNO® Challenge,
As organised by Mattel South East Asia Pte Ltd,
Has narrowed down an impressive overall number of,
1616 enthusiastic participants....
To 404 amazing semifinalists
After the UNO® Challenge Malaysia
Leg preliminary rounds.

With the first preliminary rounds,
Starting on the weekend of the 23rd of March,
And the last which concluded on the 14th of April,
We will soon be observing the young Malaysian semifinalists,
Compete in the semifinals that kick off on Thursday, 30 May 2013.
Not long after,
We will also be observing 64 determined finalists,
Who will be invited for a final face off,
On Sunday, 2 June 2013.

A summary of the UNO® Challenge details are as follow:
· Semifinals: Thursday, 30 May 2013 – Saturday, 1 June 2013
· Finals: Sunday, 2 June 2013
· Location: 2nd Floor, Centre Court, 1-Utama Old Wing

Following the recent preliminary rounds,
Which were held across 13 different locations,
Over 4 weekends,
UNO® Challenge Malaysia received an overwhelming response,
From children all across Malaysia,
Between the ages of 7 - 15.

These locations include selected Toys R’ Us outlets,
MPH bookstores,
And AEON Department stores in Klang Valley, Ipoh, Melaka and Penang.
Preliminary rounds that were also held,
At the recent Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta,
Proved to be a major hit among the children,
Drawing in crowds who were visiting the fiesta.

Entries into the preliminary rounds were free,
And all participants had the privilege of
Walking away with goodie bags,
With exclusive UNO merchandise.

Of the 64 finalists,
Only one will be crowned...
UNO® Challenge Malaysia Champion.

Amazing prizes are up for grabs,
Where the grand prize winner will receive a 4D/ 3N trip
For two (one parent, one child) to Tokyo,
Where the child will participate
In the highly prestigious UNO® Asia Challenge.

It is at the UNO® Asia Challenge,
Where we will see national champions
From various Asian countries
Including Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan,
Competing for the esteemed title
Of the very first UNO® Asian Champion -
Which will be held in November later this year.

The primary aim of this challenge
Is to encourage young children to hone their motor,
Mathematical and strategic skills
Whilst simultaneously promoting,
A good sense of social interaction within family units,
All these through an intellectually stimulating game of fun!

Additional Information about UNO®
An all-time favourite that promises Fast Fun for Everyone!’,
UNO® (which means “one” in Spanish),
Is a classic fast-paced card game,
That is loved by adults and children alike,
Because it is easy to learn and fun to play.

Played by two or more players,
The objective of the game is simple enough –
Be the first player to get rid of all your cards,
In each round
And score points for the cards your opponents are left holding.

Having been around for more than 40 years,
UNO® has constantly reinvented itself
By adding new rules,
Features and electronic elements,
Without losing its core game play.

Apart from the classic cards,
That are now offered in many kid friendly themes
(Angry Birds, Barbie, Monster High, Disney Pixar Cars, etc.)
Other UNO® expansion range includes
UNO® Stacko, UNO Attack!®, UNO® Spin To-Go
And most recently, UNO® Power Grab.

UNO® is also available as an online game,
Where you can choose to play against the computer
Or play against other players in real-time.

It’s constant game innovation,
And mass appeal has caused UNO®,
To be more than just a favourite pastime game,
Among family and friends –
It has evolved to become one of the most popular,
And most played game worldwide.

For more information on the 2013 Asia UNO Challenge, please visit

Happy Mother's Day!~

I made a Mother's Day card.........
At school,
With my teacher.......
And keep it in my bag!~~~~~~~

Mummy said,
Why you made a card,
But never pass it to me?

I said:
I shy ma~~~~~~~~

That's a shy boy's way of saying:
Happy Mother's Day!~~~~

Astro Fighter - Genting Outdoor Theme Park

Love riding Astro Fighter.......
@Genting Outdoor Theme Park...

 The design of rocket,
At the middle of the circle....

 I sit inside the air-craft aka astro fighter....
And turn round around the circle..
Flying up and down!~

 The yellow-orange air-craft are strictly for demonstration...
I keep on asking mummy,
Why that few planes are not moving!~~~~~

Let's fight in the space!~
Be the next Astro Fighter!~

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spelling on the beach!~

While mummy's listening,
To the music of the waves........
Waiting for sunset......
@ Port Dickson...
Me and my siblings,
Are enjoying ourselves.....
With sand play!~

Thinking that I'll be having my spelling,
On the coming Monday.........
I decided to practice my spelling unique way!~
I had my spelling on the beach!~
Cool huh?

Learning could be very fun!~
When I have more and more nice ideas!~

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Corus Paradise Apartment BVC Unit

We went PD for 3D2N stay, again........
Staying in Corus Paradise Apartment,
Under Berjaya Vacation Club's Units.........

The hotel is quite well-maintained,
But sadly,
Not the apartment side....

The road light is there,
But not functioning....
It's really dark,
During the night......

The lights on the corridor was there...
But sadly,
Not all are functioning, too!~
At least,
The one in front of our apartment unit is not functioning....

The air-cond was there,
But no air-cond control...
When we request,
From the apartment person in charge,
We get feedback of:
It's like that one,
No control one......
But anyhow,
When we on the switch,
The air-cond is still functioning,
Just that we're unable to control the temperature...
Better than nothing!~

The TV was there, too!~
But without the control....
At first we thought,
Never mind la....
Still can press the button on the TV....
But we're really wrong!!!
It's spoilt!~
The TV is just for decoration!~

The lift is under maintenance,
Throughout the 3D2N stay,
But I didn't see anyone fixing the lift,
Any time I pass by......
Maybe they got hi-tech remote control way of fixing the lift,
I don't know....
What I know is the lift is not functioning,
From the moment I check in,
Until the moment I check out!~

Of course,
We did request for change of room...
But since our booking is under BVC,
They said no other room available.....
There's nothing we can do...
But to accept it......

Dear pals,
If you're going to Corus Paradise,
Maybe you'd can consider staying in their Hotel,
But definitely not the poor maintenance's apartment......
Unless they're improving~~~~~~~~
I don't know by when though~~~~~

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™

On 22 May 2013,
Acer releases the Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™,
Powered by 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i3 processor... 
That is bound to exceed the industry’s expectation, 
Of an  Ultrabook™/tablet device.
It looks a lot like ipad, with keyboard to me!~

Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™ is:- 
Ultraportable - It can be carried or moved with ease: slim, lightweight.
Detachable - designed to be unfastened or disconnected without damage.
It is also a touch centric device.

Can't wait to have hands-on experience,
With this revolutionary device.
Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel....

Watched the video below......
To see how Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™,Assisted Vernon to realize his dreams......

I'm pretty much impressed,
With what this Ultrabook™ can do....Easy-to-carry-it-anywhere,Fast browsing, video conferencing, mixing music.....Everything can be done with just a single touched and clicked!~And it seems like never run out of battery!~Amazing!!!

With Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™,A man will never be behind the scene forever.....

Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™Making everyone's Dream Comes True....

I'd really love to own this Ultrabook™,

To make my dream comes true, too!~


What's my dream?
I'll let you know when Acer realizes my dreams.....

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fisher-Price's The Joy Of Learning Workshop

Is back by popular demand........
This year,
With the theme of 'Joy Of Learning'!~

Ms Carrie Lupoli,
Educational & Parenting Consultant,
Founder of Live & Learn Consulting.....
Will be back again,
To share her experiences with us,
During 'The Joy of Learning' Workshop!~

This renowned Child expert,
has been conducting special hands-on,
Interactive workshops that will provide parents,
With a variety of age-appropriate activities,
To help them engage with their children better........

We attended her workshop last year.....
And fully implemented what we learnt,
During the workshop.....
What I can say is,
The results are overwhelming!~
We get more quality parent-children playing-bonding time,
Throughout the year!~
Thanks to Ms Carrie Lupoli!~

The Big Idea:
The 'Joy Of Learning' Workshop participants,
Will understand that
'Through play, 
Children learn about themselves and others,
About how things work,
And about the world around them...
And every play experience helps,
Prepare them for school....'
- Fisher-Price Child Research

According to American Academy of Pediatrics,
'Play is important to healthy brain Development'...

The workshop will cover 4 topics of interest:
1. The Roles and Responsibilities of Parenting
2. Understanding Developmental Milestones
3. How Children Learn Best
4. Age Appropriate Play-based Ideas for Optimal Growth and Development....

Don't miss the chance,
To meet friendly celebrity,
Who's also Fisher-Price's friend......
Miss Belinda Chee,

Plus Fisher-Price new ambassador:
Diyana + Melissa!~

Jot down and mark your calendar now!~
For The 'Joy of Learning' Parenting Workshop...
Date: 8 June 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 09:00am-4:30pm
Location: Grand Ballroom, Empire Hotel Subang.
Entry Fee: RM60 
Goodie bag worth more than RM200,
Will be given to each participant....
+ Great lucky draw prizes to be won!!!!!!!~~

Kindly contact: 03-7803 5310 / 012-292 1378
Or email

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