Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball 2

Watched it months ago....
Now only have time,
To write about it...

We like the adventures of,
Watching the food going alive...
And seeing the food turning into gigantic size......
It's extremely fun,
When we watch it in cinema,
With popcorns!~

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gift Idea For Christmas with Lazada

Is fulfilled....
Via online purchase....

As a mother of 3,
Mummy always thinks that..
Shopping is really a hectic job for her....
But now with Lazada...
She can shop whenever and wherever she wants...
Especially while me and my siblings are having a nap...
And the items will deliver to our doorstep....
As soon as we even realized it!~

Guess what?!~
I'm exploring my early christmas gift!~
Just becauseLazada is too effective!~

My early christmas gift:
Mattel's Angry Birds Happy Holidays Game!~
Hands-on version of the touch screen hit.. 
Suitable for 2-4 players....

What I like about this set of game is...
It includes green bird and santa hats....
Truly in Christmas mood now!~

The game set contains:
2 Angry Birds,
3 Pigs,
2 Santa Hats,
3 Large Snow Girders,
2 Small Snow Girders,
1 Snappable Ice Girders,
2 Small Ice Girders,
2 Large Stone Girders,
2 Stone Cubes,
1 Bonus Egg Piece,
1 Bonus Star Pice,
Bird Launchers,
32 Mission Cards,
8 Points Cards,
And Instructions.....

Let's zoom in and view my 2 cute angry birds...

Little piglets that's really in Christmas mood...
Extra points will be given,
If players successfully knock off,
Their cutie Santa hat!~

The Mission Cards come with,
Different level of difficulties!

It is a game for us,
To build, launch and destroy,
With and exciting skill-and-action game,
Based on the best-selling digital app Angry Birds..

Players of the game draw a mission card,
And build the structure shown,
Before opponents launch an Angry Bird,
In an attempt to knock it,
And the pigs
Down to win points...

Let's start the game NOW!~

It's more challenging than we thought.. 
Requires lots of hand-fingers coordination, 
Team work, balancing 
And shooting-force estimation..

Sunway Pyramid Christmas - Faerie Dreams

This Christmas,
Sunway Pyramid is collaborating,
With Children's Wish Society of Malaysia...
To make wishes come true...
For terminally ill children.....

Unique Christmas concept 'Faerie Dreams'....
Aim to inspire shoppers..
To realise dreams for themselves,
And for others, too!~
After all,
This is what we call,
The true spirit of Christmas!~

Pledge to help the children,
To fulfill their last wish,
And bring smiles,
Upon their faces....

A tangible wish come true,
Is only moments away,
When you decide to make it real....

President of Chidren's Wish Society of Malaysia,
Tan Sri Dato' Dr. Ramon V. Navaratnam;
Managing Director of Property Investment Division, Sunway Group,
Dato' Ngeow Voon Yean;
Chief Operating Officer of Sunway Shopping Malls,
Kevin Tan,
With local celebrities initiate the launch of 'Faerie Dreams'...

Realizing Chong Poey Yuan's wish,
To sing in a concert!~

And his little brother's dream,
Chong Jun Kit wished to become a pilot!~
He'll later on take a tour on helicopter....
He must be truly delighted that,
His flying dream came true this Christmas!~

Elvin Raj, 11-year-old boy,
Whom wish to be a policeman..
Tuan Yahaya Ramli,
Donned a police uniform for him....
He's looking so smart in his uniform, right?

Another 7 children from Children's Wish Society's wishes,
Was fulfilled during the launch....
Trust me,
It's kind of special feeling,
To see and plant a smile,
On terminally ill children!~

Santa is giving away some goodies bags....
Shoppers can donate RM10,
And get a feather to be added,
To the biggest faerie wings in town,
At water feature....
Or toss a coin and make a wish,
At the Wishing Fountain,
In Sunway Pyramid...

All the proceeds,
Will go to Children's Wish Society of Malaysia,
To help terminally ill children,
To fulfill their wish...
Such a wonderful and meaningful event!~

Last but not least...
Leo and Leona's appearance,
In their faerie wings:
The Wings of Hope!~

Friday, November 22, 2013

'Blue-tiful' Fashion Contest

Sunway Medical Centre Organized,
Let's Be 'Blue-tiful' Fashion Contest....
In conjunction with World Diabetes Day...
Since BLUE is its official colour!~

I dressed up as cowboy....
And mei mei dressed up as Super girl!~

Don't really know how to do 'cat walk'..
I just throw my cow boy hat high up!~

I guess the judges like my style....
And they award me as....
3rd prize winner!~~~~~

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dumex Mamil All 'N One 'Give Me 5' Campaign with Hi-5

And their official buddies Hi-5,
The award-winning Australian children's musical group....
Call for all Malaysian children to 'Give Me 5'!!!

Educational 5 food groups song,
Presented especially to you...
By Hi-5!~

Christiaan Uittenbosch,
Marketing Manager of Danone Dumex (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Is giving a presentation of 'Give Me 5' Campaign!~

Hi-5's Lauren,
Who's our favourite......
Explaining about the food group:
Fruit & Vegetables.....
My mei mei said,
She'll start taking vegetables now...
Because of Lauren..

Hi-5 Stevie....
Giving clear explanation on...
Food Group Protein....
Hi-5 Ainsley,
Whom I think looks very alike with Tim,
Represent carbohydrates food groups...

Dairy products like milk, cheese etc...

Last but not least,
Who's fit and slim,
Represent the food group Fats!~

Although the new Hi-5 members are equally great...
But we still kind of miss Casey....
Since we always like her performance on TV!~

Blogger's Q and A session,
With Dumex Mamil + Hi-5...
While me and all the kids...
Are away....
Attending dance workshop!~

Congrats to Joshua, Breanna and Izza,
For being the top 3 best dancers..
And walk away with 4 x Hi-5 concert tickets...

Although I really love to win Hi-5 tickets....
But guess I'm not good enough.......
Yet it's totally ok.....
As Lauren knew my name.....
And she gave me the best compliment,
Saying that I'm a great dancer!~
Thanks, Lauren...

For more information on the campaign,
Do visit Dumex Mamil's Facebook page!~

A Scar Story

I'm always a perfectionist.....
I want everything to be perfect..
Of course,
That would include my appearance, too!~

The story starts...
On the day before my uncle's wedding day.....
Mei mei and me is going to be,
The flower girl and page boy.......
Everything is so perfect,
Except for the scar on my face.....

Let me tell you,
How I get the scar.~~~~~
I went to kindergarten like usual........
My friend scratch my face until bleeding.....
Just because I told teacher that he's not sitting on his own place...
That would be my 'punishment'
For being such a 'busy-body'?

This is not the first time,
He's being violence in the class...
He slapped our classmate's face;
He had bited our another classmate's hand until bleeding, too!~
I just can't believe that,
I'm his victim this round.........

I'm glad that,
He's no longer in the same kindergarten with me now...
Though the incident happened 2 years back....
And even after mummy applied several 'scar-removal' products.....
The scar still remains and follow me until today~~~
Not very obvious,
But as a perfectionist like me...
I'm still pretty concern....
When will it dissapear from my face......

The scar always reminds me...
On all the ups and downs...
And all my friends....
Who have been studying together with me,
Through my kindergarten years......

I'll be a big boy,
Going to primary school next year!~
Whether the scar still remain on my face or not in future,
My kindergarten years are still...
Unforgettable, memorable moments in my life!~ 

Sunday, November 17, 2013


My mei mei brought this home,
From her year end party at school.....
We are wondering what's this for........

Mummy said seeing this,
Bring back her childhood memories..........

Let's see how this little tiny stuff,
Fulfilled our childhood memories, too!~

We had a lot of fun,
Playing with the bubbles!~
Big big bubbles!!!~~~

Mummy's mouth felt tired,
After blowing so many bubbles!~~~~~~~

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Smurf 2

I know it's very outdated movie review...
We'd watch the movie so long ago...
But no time to blog about it,
Until today......

We didn't watched Smurf 1.....
But totally no problem,
To catch up with the story line.....

What should I said about the movie?
It's really a nice and touching movie.......
Being naughty is totally not a problem....
As long as love is in the air......

Few weeks after the movie...
I got this smurf set,
All the way from Australia~~~~~~~~
Lovely collection!~
Thank you!

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Malaysian Women's Weekly Most Stylish Mummy & Me Photo Contest by Guess Kids

The Malaysian Women's Weekly,
A leading women's lifestyle magazine in Malaysia,
Launched "Most Stylish Mummy & Me Contest",
A nationwide photo competition,
Presented by GUESS Kids....

The "Most Stylish Mummy & Me Contest"
Is open to all Malaysian citizens and permanent residents.
Mothers who wish to participate simply have to submit...
A photo of themselves and their child (Between the ages of 1 and 14),
Capturing their most fashionable moment together...

The top 5 winning mums and kids,
Will be styled and photographed,
For the cover of an exclusive fashion booklet,
By The Malaysian Women's Weekly,
And they will also win RM5,000 worth of GUESS and GUESS kids shopping vouchers.

There are 2 ways to enter the competition:
A) Upload a digital photo at the website; or
B) Shoppers who spend a minimum of RM200 in one transaction 
    At participating GUESS kids stores 
    Will receive a goodie bag 
    Consisiting of shopping vouchers and GUESS kids mechandise worth more than RM200; 
    A free makeover and potrait photo, 
    And an automatic entry to the  "Most Stylish Mummy & Me Contest"
    Participants at the roadshow will also get to enjoy sweet treats and fun activities.

The roadshows will be happening at:
GUESS kids Pavilion KL, 16 and 17 November, From 10:30am to 7pm...
GUESS kids 1 Utama, 23 and 24 November, From 10:30am to 7pm...

The contest will run from 1 November 2013 to 30 November 2013...
Winners will be decided by a panel of judges 
Consisting of representatives from The Malaysian Women's Weekly and GUESS Kids.....

For contest rules and entry details,
Please refer to the November issue of The Malaysian Women's Weekly,
Or visit the contest page at

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Final Countdown For Malaysia’s Numero UNO®

Remember Rachel?

Dr. Koh Lee Min (Rachel’s father), 
Rachel Koh (Malaysia’s Numero UNO®), 
Zachary Koh (Rachel’s brother), 
And Ms. Ang Chiew Hooi (Rachel’s mother) 
Playing a round of UNO® Attack...

Following her win as Malaysia’s First Numero UNO®, 
The time has finally come for our nine year-old national champion 
To take flight and compete in 
The Asia UNO® Challenge Grand Finals 
This November in Tokyo, Japan.

With the grand finals set to take place on 3 November 2013, 
The unassuming and soft-spoken young lady 
Has been practising hard behind the scenes with her family and friends 
To be able to give her best at the competition.
For the Koh family however, 
UNO® is more than just a competition. 
The game has played an integral role in their family’s social and bonding routine.

 “We are incredibly grateful for this privilege 
That the Asia UNO® Challenge has given to us. 
It has been an eye-opener, 
As often times we are swept away by modern technology 
Where we neglect the true essence of real interactive play. 
As a family, 
We try our best to make it a point to spend some quality family time 
Over a game of UNO® 
As it encourages physical and intellectually-stimulating interaction,” 
Said Rachel’s father, Dr. Koh Lee Min, a paediatric specialist.

Aside from regular UNO® nights with the family, 
Rachel tries to spend at least half an hour a day 
To practice the game with her little brother Zachary, who is five – another rising UNO® star and Rachel’s regular UNO® “sparring partner” – 
In anticipation of the upcoming grand finals.

“I am nervous of course, 
But at the same time, really excited, 
As I do enjoy a good game of UNO®. 
I am also really excited to explore Japan with my family 
And to just have a good time,” 
said Rachel when asked of her thoughts on the approaching competition.

Rachel’s first major exposure 
To the game was during the UNO® Challenge preliminary rounds 
At the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta event back in March. 
Little did the family know that 
The encouragement from her mom to accept the challenge 
Then would take Rachel on a life-changing and edifying learning experience.

“Since being crowned Malaysia’s national UNO® champion, 
We have seen Rachel’s confidence level built in participating in more competitions. 
We are incredibly proud of her,” said proud mom, Ms. Ang Chiew Hooi.

Rachel will compete with seven other national UNO® champions 
From Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, and Hong Kong, 
Paving a way for Malaysia as she stands a chance to be Asia’s Numero UNO®.

The winner of the Asia UNO® Challenge in Japan will win an UNO® Champion Shield, 
an UNO “Happi” (a Japanese traditional wear at festivals) 
And a flag that represents victory in Japanese traditions.

The Asia UNO® Challenge was an initiative to highlight positive UNO® brand values, 
Which are to educate and nurture children, 
As well as to serve as an ideal platform for families to interact 
And bond through this family friendly, fast-paced yet simple game for all. 

“We are really moved to see how a simple card game such as UNO®, 
Is able to help bring children out of their shells and build confidence through meaningful play. 
This is one of many reasons why Mattel continues to design and create the future of play,” 
Said Ms. Petrina Kho, Commercial Director of Mattel Southeast Asia. 

 “We believe that UNO® has a magically universal appeal to all generations, 
Bridging cultural boundaries. 
It is through the Asia UNO® Challenge, 
That we hope to bring back more interaction between children and their families, 
Strengthening family bonds through a fun game of cards - 
At the same time, 
Helping children develop greater strategic and communication skills at an early age”, 
Added Ms. Petrina Kho.

UNO® is an all-time family favourite that promises ‘Fast Fun for Everyone!’TM
It is a classic fast-paced card game that is loved by adults and children alike 
Because it is easy to learn and fun to play.

For more information on the 2013 Asia UNO Challenge, 
Please visit

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