Thursday, July 31, 2008

Japanese Garden

After visits the french-themed-building,
We head to Japanese Garden...

Lots of colourful flowers around~~~~~~~

This tanglung add more japanese feels to the whole garden~~~
Anyhow, we didn't eat any sushi there.. hmm..

I love this area...
With calming water sound~~~
Feels fresh,
Even I didn't play around with the water there..

What I enjoyed most is...
Watching lots of colourful fishy swimming around~~~~~~
Lots and lots of hungry fishy~~~~~
Swims around to look for bread throw by visitors~~~

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yummy Porridge

Mummy cooks porridge for me, almost everyday~~~
Mummy will add different ingredients to my porridge...
I enjoy eating porridge very much...

Sometimes, mummy cooks plain porridge...
With white rice or brown rice,
Even without any flavours,
It tastes nice, still...

Sometimes, after cook white porridge,
Mummy will add in marmite before she fed me...
I love the vegetable's marmite's taste, as well...

Sometimes, mummy will add carrot puree to my porridge...

And here it is:
The carrot porridge~~~

Sometimes, mummy buy fish and take out the bone...
When the porridge almost cooked,
boil the porridge with the boneless fish~~~~~~

Sometimes, mummy add in meat, or with o gua (in hokkien),
or even potatoes or any greenish vegetables,
To cook together with my porridge...

Sometimes, instead of using water,
Mummy boiled the water with ikan bilis first,
and cook the porridge with the ikan bilis soup...

Sometimes, mummy will blend the ikan bilis and add in to my porridge...

Sometimes, she'll add in scarllop~~
which she put it in the water overnight and cook it in the morning...

Sometimes, mummy add in any of combination of the above ingredients...
Mum-cook-porridges taste yummy and delicious...
Always my No.1 choice!~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bukit Tinggi

I go kai kai again!~
To Bukit Tinggi~~~~~~
A French-theme tourist attraction in Malaysia...

Though Daddy, mummy and me never been to France before,
At least,
We went this French-theme garden before~~~~

~The clock tower~

Nice lighting at night...

Daddy and mummy bring me to this little playland~~~
With lots of colourful toys around...
But there'r too many kids inside...
And it's too noisy...
I stayed inside for a while only~~~

I prefer staying outside,
Near the corridor there,
Where nice nice romantic french's songs are aired~~~~~
So peaceful,
So romantic,
So harmony~~~
Makes me feels sleepy~~~~~~~

Monday, July 28, 2008

Smash Potato

Aunty Joanne pandai prepare baby food,
Little Sarah is so lucky~~~~~
And I'm lucky too,
After aunty Joanne browse Mummy's blog and leave her message there,
Mummy started to read aunty Joanne & little Sarah's blog on how to prepare nice nice yummy baby food for me~~~~~
Mummy thinks it's great idea,
To share my baby food with other mummies and babies out there.....

Mummy remove the potato skin and cut it into small pieces,
After that, cook the potato in boiling water...
Use little spoon to smash the potato~~~
Here it is...

I noticed that it's too dry,
Mummy seems like can read my mind,
She add little bit of water that she use to boil the potato...

This time,
Taste yummy~~~

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Visit to Organic Farm

Mummy always tell me,
Must eat a lot a lot of vegetables...
Especially organic vege,
It's good for our health...

Daddy bring us to visit organic farm...
Grandpa, grandma and junjun ah gu join us for the trip also..

Look at the tomatoes...
Small and tiny,
But taste so sweet~~~

The weather was hot!~
But still,
I can see how all different types of vegetables growing~~~
And I really truly enjoy this trip..

Last but not least,
Look what have I done!~
I'm not naughty,
Just want to try how to plant the vegetables~~~
But accidentaly plucked it out!~
Don't let the farm management people know ya!~

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Eye

Daddy bring mummy and me kai kai, again...
This time,
To Eye on Malaysia...

As mummy said,
We start travel nearby nearby places first...

And here we are...

I feels so sleepy when we reach there~~~
After a while,
Start raining...

Didn't really explore the eye...
But good enough to take a clear glimpse of Eye on Malaysia~~~

Thursday, July 24, 2008

So uncomfortable~

I'm not feeling well...
My stomach pain pain~~~
Can't sleep well...

I feels so uncomfortable...
Mummy says I got fever and bring me to see Dr Lim~~~
Dr said It's virus-attacked!!
Mummy said i took vaccination for rotavirus already,
Why I still sick?

I'm getting better today...
I really hope I can fully recover fast fast......
So that I can play like usual and have fun,
So that I can eat like before and taste yummy food,
So that I can sleep soundly and have sweet sweet dreams~~~

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shangri-la Buffet

Grandpa bring all of us for Shangri-la Buffet...
He said he has discount voucher~~~~~~
There's a lot a lot of nice nice food...

Instead of just having nen nen,
This time,
They let me taste little bit of the nice food...

I super duper love this chocolate fountain...
Can play,
and its fun,
Can eat...
and it's yummy...

All the while I like to see fish fish swimming...
Shangri-la have very nice and unique aquarium~~~

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby Cradle

Mummy never buy baby cradle for me...
She said she used to fall down from cradle,
When she was still baby~~~
And break her front tooth~~~~~

Aiyo, mummy,
I still no teeth yet leh~~~
Even if i fall,
Won't break my teeth...

I cannot sit still,
Must always move around nonstop...
She thinks I'm more active than her...

She decided not to let me sleep in cradle...

Most babies can enjoyed being swing inside the cradle,
But not me~~~~~~

Until one day...
I went grand granny's house...

See where am I?

This cradle very geng...
My grandpa sleeps inside while he's baby...
My mummy sleeps inside while she's still baby...
It's been there for years~~~~~~
And now...
It's my turn...
To sleep inside~~~

Safe and sound...
With nice nice dreams all locked tight...
In my sweet little head~~~

Time to Oi Oi...
Mummy will sing me lullaby~~~
As usual~~~

Monday, July 21, 2008

Little Prince @ Marche

Aunty Jenny come all the way from Singapore to meet bb sean~~~~~
What an honour~~~

All of us gather in Marche for dinner....
They all ate yummy food~~~
And I only can drink my nen nen...

I love pulling stylist aunty Jenny's hair~~~
And aunty Nicole's curly hair...
Truly enjoy!~


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Penang during CNY

Suddenly recalled,
My very first travel was suppose to be Penang insted of PD...
The place where daddy born~~~~~
We back Penang during CNY this year,
When I was still 5months++

Such a long journey...
I've been sleeping and sleeping blur blur inside the car,
While daddy and mummy take turns to drive~~~

It's my first time,
To meet my grand grandmother, and grandfather, and uncle...
Daddy's mummy and sister came visit me when I'm 1 month old...
I still can remember I see my grandmother before..

Daddy bring us to Kek Lok Si...
I have fun there~~~~~
As I love people watching,
And many people went Kek Lok Si during CNY...

I super love the lights there~~~~~~
Nice decorations during Chinese New Year...

I think it's not too late still,
To post up this backdated travel experience...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My clothes go International

Daddy and mummy went Hanoi and bought Vietnam's t-shirts.
one for daddy,
one for mummy,
and one for me...

They bought me this also: Vietnamese traditional costume.

And then, aunty Maggie went Bangkok and bought me this little army's clothes.
I wore this during my Jaya Jusco photogenic baby contest 2008.

After that, aunty Elaine came back from Dubai and bought me this giraffe clothes.

Later on, Grandpa and granma went Australia to visit lun lun jiu jiu and bought me one dozen of Australia t-shirts!

Mummy bought this Japan Samurai clothes from aunty Michelle...

Last but not least,
I got these Thailand Traditional clothes and t-shirts with many elephants,
After grandparents back from their Chiang Mai trip.

Looks like all my clothes come all over the world!~
Very ba bei!~

Shopping Weekends

Mummy been staying at home for one whole month,
During confinement month...

Mummy's friends been telling her,
Pavillion is open!~
New shopping centre,
Mummy still never been b4...

Mummy's friends been telling her,
You went Mid Valley's gurdian d?
Mummy been wondering,
What so special in Mid Valley's gurdian,
Then, mummy only realize,
Not gurdian, Is garden!
The new open wing.....
What! Pyramid also got new wing d?

One month at home,
Mummy become like sua ku liao~~~~~
So many new things mummy dunno.....

So, after confinement months,
Daddy start bringing mummy and me to shop around,
Not to buy things,
Just window shopping around.....

To Mid Valley,
To Pavillion,
To Sunway Pyramid,
To 1U,
To Ikea,
To Jaya Jusco...

I love people watching...
So many people walking around...
So many kiddo playing around...
So many colourful shops displaying different items...

I've been experiencing more than 5 times,
Got little girls come near to my stroller and try to KISS ME!!!!!~
Oh gosh!~ Scared me!~
Lucikily their mummies always on time to pull them away!~
Else I'll lose my virgin kiss to stranger lil' gals in shopping...

Every weekend is our shopping day!~

JJ Photogenic Baby Contest

I'm selected to be one of the finalist for Jaya Jusco Photogenic Baby Contest 2008.
Grandpa, grandma, jun jun jiu jiu, daddy, mummy and aunty maggie come to support me in Jusco Taman Maluri on the final.

Been aiming for the grand prize, RM10,000!!!
That's a lot!!!!!
I hope I can be a rich baby..

When I reach Taman Maluri,
I'm busy finding my own photos~~~

When I see the list,
I'm thinking:
Oh gosh!~
All the babies are so cute!
Can I win?
Will I win?

All finalists are required to go up the stage,
Category 1 babies suppose to find duckie and hand it to mummy...
My first time on stage!!!
How can i concentrate to find the duckling?
There's so much to see on the stage:
Many audiences below,
Handsome and pretty MCs,
Funny clown on stage,
Many busy babies finding ducky,
Many mummies busy teaching babies to grab the duck duck....
Here I am,
on the stage,
observing everyone...
and never concentrate to take the duck duck,
Well, you can see proof here.
End up other baby won the little prize!

I didn't won the grand prize,
Instead, I get 2nd prize!
But mummy is sweet enough to tell me,
I'm always her No.1!

I super love my Baby Kiko huge hamper!

I was featured in Sin Chew Jit Poh on 28May2008 Page 22!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy day @ Playground

Mummy bring me to playground...
I feels so happy and excited~~~
Many colourful things to play with.....
Many sharp colours caught my eyes~~~~~~
I dunno which one to choose...
Seasaw, Slide, Swing~~~~
Life is full of choices.....

As I still dunno how to walk yet,
I go wherever mummy leads me,
I go wherever mummy carry me...
You think u have lots of choices,
But u actually don't have any!~

I love the sun drawing...
I wanna be sunshine baby~~~
Who always cheerful,
Always happy,
Always having fun...

I loves the seasaw the most...
Life is like a seasaw,
Sometimes up,
Sometimes down..
When u're high up,
Another people is right in the bottom...
So, always think on other people side as well...
Don't be selfish!

While I'm playing seasaw...
I grab the handle~~~
Don't wanna let go...
I'm afraid that i might fall~~~
I don't wan mummy to go back so soon as I still wanna play~~~

Until mummy said,
Look, let's go try another one...
I finally release the handle~~~
And head for the swing...

Mummy said I cannot play both on the same time,
When you think you don't have any choice,
The Choices are still on your hand!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Picture of the week

Check out my photo @ Mumcentre

They featuring my photo in their newsletter,too.

I won Hallmark Baby RM20 voucher...

The voucher's term and condition mentioned that we have to spend minimum of RM50 in order to use the voucher...

Daddy, mummy and me went shopping in Pavilion and we saw Hallmark's shop...
Went in and c but found nothing nice~~~

We decided not to use the voucher,
But instead to keep as remembrance...

After all,
This is the first contest I won!

My first trip - PD

Daddy plan this trip for mummy and me...
Daddy said he'll bring me to more and more place to kai kai~~~
Start from the near one --- Port Dickson

We stayed in Corus Paradise.
Not bad for a relaxing vacation~~~

I love the seaside view,
Especially during sun rise...

I love the swimming pool,
But mummy said she haven't buy float and swimsuit for me,
So, I'm not allowed to swim, yet...
Maybe during the next trip,
Hopefully I can play around with water in the pool...

Daddy and mummy took buffet dinner in this coffee house...

Daddy and mummy finish the starter without waiting for me,
As I'm still sleeping...

Later on, daddy took curry mee...
He said It's spicy and I dunno how to eat...

Lucikily Mummy bring my nen nen.....
Daddy mummy is very full,
So am I~~~

I'm still very excited,
As this is my very first trip......

Looking forward for the next trip~~~
(I think I'm like my mummy, love to travel and kai kai)
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