Friday, September 30, 2016

Carrie Junior "Love is in the hair"

Carrie Junior,
Kids Shampoo detangling & frizz control...

Lovely advertisement...
Of Carrie Junior..

 Emcee of the day...

Mr Billy Law,
Marketing manager of Wipro Unza (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Giving his speech on Carrie Junior Kids Shampoo..

Dr Roliza Ibrahim,
Paediatrician from DEMC,
Sharing tips on..
How to care for..
Children's hair and scalp care..

The parent-child pairings,
Were given 5 minutes,
To come up with..
The best hairstyle...

Group photo with all the contestants,
Of the mini hair challenge,
Together with Mr Billy Law,
And The Carrie Junior Mascot...

With their winning hampers...

Orthopaedic Campaign: What Moves You?

A sharing session,
At Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur...
With Dr Ozlan & Dr Razak..
The right move for all ages..

We don't always think about..
The ways our day to day habits,
Affect our musculoskeletal health...

Specialists from Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur,
Dr Abd Razak bin Muhamad,
Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon,
And Dr Ozlan Izma Muhamed Kamil,
Consultant Orthopaedic - Spine & Trauma Surgeon,
Sat down to help clear up some misconceptions..
And educate about the key factors,
For healthy bone growth and maintenance...

Kids need a balanced diet,
As well as an active lifestyle,
In order for kids to grow up healthy,

Movement helps with bone and muscle strength,
As well as overall flexibility...

While it may be most parents' instinct..
To want to protect their children from injury..

"Children should not be protected from being active,"
Explained Dr Razak...
"There are appropriate exercises,
For every age range..
And children should be encouraged to move."

Growing up children need diets high in calcium.

Dr Razak revealed that....
The most common bone problems,
In his young patients,
Are caused by excessive weight.

"Obesity applies,
A lot of stress to our growth plates -
You can expect to see bowing of the legs,
Knocked-knees, and hip problems,
In overweight children."

"We all have about 800 muscles,
210 bones, and 360 joints...
We wouldn't have been given all that,
Just to sit still"
Said Dr Ozlan Izma Muhamed Kamil

Staying active,
Is something young adults struggle with...

With the advent of handheld technology,
Many of us are increasingly sedentary
And dependent on our phones..

Dr Ozlan advises for parents,
To limit the screen time their kids have..

He has observed young people..
Coming into his office,
With symptoms of much older people -
Result of the amount of time,
They spend on their handheld devises..

"Back pain occurs,
When you try to get your body,
To do something beyond its ability.
It's not always indicative of a more serious problem.
In fact,
About 80%-90% of back pain resolves itself
Within 2-3 weeks."

Dr Ozlan advised to ,
Immediately seek medical treatment..
If back pain is accompanied by
Shooting pain down to the legs,
Loss of bladder control or a fever..

"If you don't move,
Your joints are going to get stiff.
Your muscles are going to get smaller and weaker..
It's the people who stay away from activity,
When they are injured who recover the slowest...
Pain is just a notification,
It's not an alarm!"

After the sharing session,
Media visits to the Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur
Rehabilitation Centre...
With Datin Paduka Dr Tunku Nor Taayah..
Rehabilitation Medicine Physician..

The team in Gleneagles KL Rehabilitation Centre,
Wholly committed to helping patients..
Of all impairment levels gain or regain..
Some if not all of their mobility.

Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Centre,
A new addition to Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur Block B..
That provides one-to-one care,
With their attending physiotherapists...

Snoezelen Room for autism:
Developmental disabilities,
And attention deficit disorder...
Controlled Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE)

Equipped with apparatus,
To stimulate all the senses,
The room is meant to be explored,
By the patient,
Accompanied by a trained therapist,
And seeks to allow patients to feel more at ease,
And reduce the severity of their symptoms..

Speech therapy are available,
To help patients correct speech disorders
Or restore speech....

Hydrotherapy Pool,
Host one of the only two hydrotherapy facility in KL..
Utilises water to assist in patients' treatment and recovery...
The water in the hydrotherapy pool,
Is heated to a comfortable 34 degree celcius,
To encourage blood circulation...

It is equipped with a treadmill,
And propulsion system,
Which stimulates a wavepool.
It is sanitised through..
A combination of UV light,
And a bit of chlorine 
(Significantly less than that of a commercial pool)
To keep it infection free.
It also has an attachment,
To assist patients,
Who use a wheelchair,
To get into the pool..

GKL Rehabilitation team,
Also pay visits,
To their patients' home,
Before they discharged from the hospital,
to make sure that it is conducive to their recovery.

For more information...
Kindly visit Gleneagle KL's website,
Or their facebook at

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Kidzania Congrezz 2016 Caring Project CSR Outreach

Kidzania Congrezz 2016,
Caring Project CSR Outreach:
This is the most meaningful project...
I covered and involved in...

Visited Kampung Orang Asli Bukit Kepong,
Pasir Panjang, Port Dickson...

A charity project,
Whereby the congrezz kids plan..
And really go inside the village...
They don't just bring in the donation items:
Clothing, books and toys....
To the village kiddos...

But they were really there,
To exchange culture with them.....
To become their friends in real life,
And explore new possibilities!

of course,
Thanks to all Kidzania crew,
Especially Darryl, Aishah and many more:
Whom had been guiding them,
From preparation until the actual day!~
You all are simply more than amazing!!!

This little village,
Is much more beautiful...
And impressive..
Than I'd imagine!

Warm welcome...
By Orang Asli kids...
In their traditional costume...
Personally anyam by them!~

These kids are really lucky,
As The Budimas Charitable Foundation...
Bring in a very good condition library...
With lots of interesting books inside....

Welcome remarks,
By Emcees from Kidzania Congrezz 2016:
Nurizqi Ratna Maisarah..
And Azizah Maryam...

Speech by Omar bin Gomang,
Village head (Tok Batin) of
Kampung Orang Asli Bukit Kepong..
And Chairman of the Committee,
For the development and Safety,
Of the Orang Asli Community..

Performance by Kidzania Congrezz Kids...

Games and dance...
With all the kids...
Congrezz Kids vs Orang Asli Kids...
They are all the same!

Tradiosional dance,
By Orang Asli kids...

Accompanied by..
Tradisional music...
With bamboo and woody instruments...
Very interesting indeed!~

Congrezz kids are learning...
The tradisional dance step..
From their new friends...

Knowledge sharing session..
Include teaching congrezz kids...
How to do a real 'anyaman'...

Congrezz kids...
Showing off their hasil anyaman...
Together with Shahrul Nizar Ahmad,
Mayor of Kidzania Kuala Lumpur...

It's congrezz kids' turn...
To share some new knowlegde...
To the orang asli kids...
Augmented Reality Colouring session...

Bracelet making session..

And Origami making!~

It's indeed...
A very good learning opportunity,
For all the kids...

Bringing in some magical moments...
To Kampung Orang Asli!~

Mayor of Kidzania KL,
Presenting souvenir,
For Village head of Kampung Orang Asli..

A group photo...
With Urbano and Vita...

They are really happy..
To meet the mascot!~

The Kidzania Congrezz Caring Project,
Shares the same goals and initiative,
As Budimas Charitable Foundation..
Which is to benefit the children of the community,
Who require attention and aid..

In line with Kidzania Kuala Lumpur's ongoing mission,
To help children 'Learn Life Today'
Its role-play experiences are constantly being refined..
To meet the needs and expectations of children,
With special input form Kidzania CongreZZ,
who value learning experiences,
That impart life skills..
That will last into adulthood...

For more information,
Kindly logon to...

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Legoland halloween brick-or-treat

It's Legoland's Halloween..

Brick-or-Treat Trail...
At Lord Vampyre's home -
Lego Kingdoms...

Follow the footsteps....
And redeem our Halloween bag,
Plus limited edition...
Halloween commemorative brick..
At the end of the trail...

Meet and greet..
Halloween roving characters..
And complete a simple task,
Along the trail...

Remember to collect your treat cards,
In Guest service near the entrance of the park,
Before proceed to the 1st hut...

1st hut:
Collect Halloween Brick,
Or Treat bag,
And complete Lego Star Wars Miniland activity...

2nd hut: Find hidden Lego Bats and count them

3rd hut: Loudest and scariest laughter with the witch..

4th hut: Lego monster - memory games

5th hut: Registration for Lord Vampyre's Maze and get your stamp...

It's looks simple from the above..
But it's pretty challenging,
If you're inside the maze...

6th Hut: Floating Lego Pumpkin

8th Hut: Lego Ring toss
I love the way ribena wizard greeted us!~

9th Hut: Mummy bowling

10th hut: Guess the weight of Lego Bat Replicas

Spotted the halloween characters,
Everywhere around the park..

This witch caught my attention..
And I had a photo session with her..

Join and have fun...
At the building activity...
To built Lego pumpkin..
And Bat Mania...

Follow the step-by-step instruction..
To complete building...
Bat or pumpkin,
With your own hands...

Don't miss out..
Spooky Miniland Tour...

As you walk along the miniland..
You'll spot different scary monsters...
Walking around anywhere...

The miniland...
Suddenly turn out to be..
Pretty scary......
With all the spooky characters...

I dare you!
To enter the park...
And experience it yourselves!!!!!~

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Spooktacular Fun with Legoland Malaysia Resort

Legoland Malaysia...
Is celebrating....

Let's look out for the promotions offered...
In conjunction with the Halloween celebrations:

Brick-Or-Treats Admissions:
Free for annual pass holders,
And may bring a friend for just RM70...

Brick-Or Treats Party Nights tickets,
For entry from 4pm till 9pm at RM85.

Online promotion for day ticket:
Buy 3 tickets to enjoy 1 FREE ticket...

Maybank Card Holder Specials..
25% off on Halloween tickets,
Upon purchase at t he ticketing window..

Greet by this cute 'monster'..
At the entrance...

 The party nights are only at selected dates:
16-17, 23-24, 30 September,
1, 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, 28-29 October...

Spot the gigantic pumpkin..
At the LEGO kingdom!~

Welcome speech,
By Mr Young Pil Kim,
General Manager (Interim)
LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort...

Introduction of LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort's
Halloween Brick-Or-Treat Party Nights Celebration..
By Mr Casper Bonavent,
Director of Operations...

Speech by Madam Sandy Soh,
President of PUDU Rotary Club..

Merlin's Magic Wand (MMW),
Is a worldwide charity for children,
Children are arranged to go for a magical day out,
At Merlin Entertainments attractions,
Such as LEGOLAND Resorts,
Where put the magic back,
Into the childhoods of seriously ill,
Disabled and disadvantaged children...

On magical day out,
Families have a chance,
To create long-lasting memories,
And take valuable time out,
From stressful daily routine...

Legoland deliver exciting..
Merlin's Magic Spaces Projects,
Bringing magic into lives of children,
Too unwell for a day out and as of date MMW...

 Kids' Best Dress contest winners!~

All the spooky spectacular halloween monsters...
Starts to come out....
And give us a fantastic dance...
Before we continue our Halloween journey..
In Legoland Malaysia.......

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