Thursday, November 27, 2014

Music Makers At The Keyboard

I'd successfully completed...
Musicgarten's Music  Makers at the Keyboard...
And had a mini performance........

I learnt music in a very fun way...
And I enjoy music very much!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Achievement

Little achievement,
To wrap up my Primary 1's school life.....

Little trophy,
For my excellent academic performance....
For representing my school....
At basketball tournament...

I'm very thankful.....
For everything......

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Step into the World of Chi Chi & Cha Cha

We're about the step into...
The World of Chi Chi & Cha Cha...
And make an adventurous discovery...
Accessing Behind-the-Scenes,
Of the first children's edutainment TV programme,
That combines live action,
And 3D animation in Malaysia...

The entrance of Chi Chi & Cha Cha's production studio...
Is full with big and nice Chi Chi & Cha Cha's posters....

The production team and the animators,
Are busy with their very own role....
To make Chi Chi & Cha Cha,
A huge success!~

We see how....
Chi Chi's movement are made...

The most amazing part is...
Chi Chi actually have skeleton and bones structure,
Like any other living creatures!~
To make the movement,
Looks exactly like real live dancing!~

The story board,
Of the whole series....
It is crucial to have a story board,
As the animator will animate,
Chi Chi, Cha Cha, Atan & Hujan..
Exactly based on the story board....

Big Fish Media,
Is working closely,
With Karangkraf group,
To produce learning activity books,
That is suitable for children....

The studio tour ends,
With watching one of the episode of,
Chi Chi & Cha Cha....
Thanks to the wonderful production team,
For a quality edutainment product,
Made in Malaysia!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dutch Lady Smart Steps Pre-Workshop

Smart Steps,
Uncover the power of nutrition
To your child's development...
A preview,
To a child's workshop,
Brought to you,
By Dutch Lady Malaysia!

Dr Alvin Ng Lai Oon,
Cognitive Development Investigator,
For SEANUTS Malaysia,
& Associate Profession,
Department of psychology,
Faculty of Science & Technology,
Sunway University...

Dr Alvin's presentation is truly interesting...
About his findings on the co-relation,
Between nutrition and IQ level of Malaysia children...
You may refer back to my SEANUTS post..
If you can't recall what SEANUTS is..
Professor Dr. Poh Bee Koon
Principal Investigator for SEANUTS Malaysia,
& Head of Nutritional Sciences Programme,
Faculty of Health Sciences,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

 Dr Yong Junina Fadzil,
Consultant Paediatrician...

Conversation Panel,
Hosted and moderated by..
Sheahnee Iman Lee..

Closing Speech by
Ms Anja Henze,
Marketing Director of,
Dutch Lady Milk Industries (M) Bhd..

The workshop will be held,
On 24 January 2015 (Saturday)
At Auditorium, Connexion@Nexus

Registration for the workshop
Will commerce on 1 December 2014.
To register or for more information of the workshop,
Call toll-free line 1800-22-1233 (Mon-Fri 10am-6pm)
Or email

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wall's Paddle Pop & Legoland Malaysia Resort - Biggest Painting Assembled by Children

Wall's Paddle Pop and Legoland Malaysia,
Would like to celebrate...
World Children's Day 2014,
With a unique activity,
To truly celebrate kids being kids...

Shawn Tan,
Category Head of Wall's Ice Cream,
Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd said...
"World Children's Day reminds us that,
We need to create opportunities for kids,
To grow up naturally -
With pleasure, excitement,
Exploration, imagination
And boundless energy!"

Opening ceremony....

It's indeed a very unique and meaningful way..
To celebrate World Children's Day 2014...

The group of children,
Whom maybe busier than ever.
Their schedules are usually,
Filled with school, tuition classes,
And enrichment classes,
Such as piano, art and dance classes.
Childhood pastimes,
Are increasingly moving indoor,
With electronic gadgets
Like television, computers and mobile devices..

In light of this,
Paddle Pop and Legoland Malaysia Resort,
Joined hands to bring the outdoor fun experience,
To these children...

We're among,
The very first group of children...
To start the record breaking:
Malaysia Book of Record's
The Biggest Painting Assembled by Children!"

Me and my siblings,
Are 3 very proud little kiddos!~
To be able to join this wonderful event...
And leave our hand prints and art work,
Together with our imagination and creativity,
In this special event!

"I'm extremely thrilled that,
Wall's Paddle Pop and Legoland Malaysia Resort,
Have broken the Malaysia Book of records,
With 725 children's drawing....
Measuring 40.26 feet by 24.7 feet!
While spreading awareness of..
"Let Kids be Kids"

The breaking of record symbolizes the pledge by kids,
To have fun while they are still kids,
Which is inspired by Paddle Pop's brand core belief of
"Let Kids Be Kids", Shawn added...

Legoland are happy to collaborate with Paddle POp,
Under CSR Programme of Merlin Magic Wand,
To celebrate World Children's Day,
With this fantastic record-breaking activity.
The painting will be display,
In Legoland Resort,
As a beautiful reminder of children and their parents,
On the importance of balancing studies and having fun outdoors...
Said Mark Germyn, General Manager of Legoland Malaysia Resort..

During World Children's Day activity,
Over 400 underprivileged children,
From the orphanages in Johor,
Were treated to a fun and exciting theme park experience,
In Legoland Malaysia Resort...

For more information on Paddle Pop,
Please log on to
For more information on Legoland Malaysia Resort,

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Big Hero 6

We watched Big Hero 6,
At Paradigm Mall,
Courtesy to Nuffnang...

Taking part in Nuffnang's Contest,
Is not as smooth as other bloggers...
Special thanks to James and Jack from Nuffnang,
For almost immediate reply,
And solve my problem just in time,
Before the dateline..

And here I'm...
Sitting down in front of my pc..
Writing the movie review now...

The movie is fantastic!~
No doubt Baymax is super cute!~
I personally think that,
Baymax is not exactly a robot...
It's more than just a healthcare companion..
It's Hiro's friend, 
Whom accompany him, 
Throughout the toughest time of his life...
Whom protected him,
From any evil forces...
It symbolized how his elder brother loves him..
It is a true sign of sibling's love...

Hiro Hamada, 
The robotic prodigy's creation, 
Is super duper impressive!
From the cutie robot he invented,
For back alley robot fights;
To the microbots, 
With the only limitation is imagination....

I love the way how Tadashi inspired Hiro,
To stop addicted to robot fights,
And get himself a place in the school....

The brotherly love,
Is so touching..
It's really a good movie,
To teach me and my di di...
To love each other more,
Instead of always get jealous of..
Who's getting more attention from mummy...
Mummy will be much more happier,
As after watching this movie,
No more siblings rivalry between us.. 
What's left is only love,
And more and more gentle love....

This is the very first movie...
After di di finish watch it,
He request for some more...
Guess we'll have to buy one DVD,
When it's out....
It's too nice to just watch once...
Don't judge it's book by it's cover...
You'll never know,
Who is the good one,
And who is the bad...
The one you trusted most,
Might not be as good as you think he or she is....
The one you think is the bad people,
Might not be as bad as you think he or she is....
Big Hero 6 is an animation,
But it let us know exactly,
What's happening in the real world...
This is reality....

Superheroes are cool,
But superheroes whom value life is much more cooler..

The great and wonderful value I learnt,
After watching the movie is...
No matter how bad people treat us,
We don't have to repay them in the same way...
Hiro show a great example,
By saving Abigail....
Sacrificing Baymax.....

Shed a tear disbelievingly...
It won't ended like that....
It is not suppose to end like that....
Animation I watched always have a happy ending......
Suspense only...
Big Hero 6 did have a happy ending...
But how?
Go watch it in the cinema now!~
You'll never regret buying the tickets...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Be The Next ChiChi & ChaCha Star

ChiChi & ChaCha!~
The yummiest cupcakes characters?
They're just too cute to be eaten!~

Chi Chi & Cha Cha,
Is Asia's 1st Live Action 3D Animated 
Edutainment series for children...
Which features 5 teenage celebrity hosts:
Afeiq, Farisha, Leen, Sweet and Harris....
And includes 3D animated characters,
That live in a magical forest.....

Did you ever dream about,
Being a host,
Appear to be as natural as them,
In front of the video camera?

Did you ever dream of,
Showing off your talent,
Singing and dancing,
On huge stages,
Just like a super stars?

Here's is your chance....
To be the next ChiChi & ChaCha Star...
A star search 
For kids and teens 
Aged between 6 to 18 years old,
To perform live with the hosts of hit TV show,
Chi Chi & Cha Cha in 2015....

The event will be held,
On 15-16 November 2014,
At The Main Place, USJ21,
To find the most talented boy and girl,
Whom will walk away,
With RM1000 Cash each!!!!!

You heard me right,
It's RM1000 CASH!!!!!
Plus chance to be featured on Youtube,
And join the 2015 tour with ChiChi & ChaCha (CC2) Celebrity Host!!

Both winners will be invited to train,
Choreograph and perform...
With the 5 ChiChi & ChaCha hosts....
To unlock and refine their future potential...

Here's how to participate:
Step 1: Register at
Step 2: Take a video of your talent in less than 15 seconds on instagram (Sing, dance or act) then share it on your Facebook account.
Step 3: Shout out "Saya nak jadi bintang ChiChi & ChaCha" in your video.
Step 4: Tag one of your favourite hosts (@afeiq, @farisha_Iris, @jazashazleen, @harrisalif, or @fqisminaa) and @chichidanchacha

30 entrants will be picked,
For the challenge round,
On 15 November...
Where they will be given 90 seconds,
To showcase their talents.
Then, Top 10 will be selected to proceed,
To the Grand Final on 16 November.

They will be tested based on 3Ps:
Performance, Potential and Personality.
All finalists will be given maximum 4 minutes,
To showcase their talents and dance to CC2 songs.

Know any talented kids or teens,
Around your neighbourhood?
Come and join the Nominating Contest...
Which provides a special reward,
For the nominators,
Where they have to nominate,
ONE talented person around them..
And showcase the person's talent within 15 seconds or less.
Should the nominees be selected as a finalist on the Challenge Round,
He or she will win RM100 in cash,
And a free autographed ChiChi & ChaCha T-Shirt.

Don't miss the golden opportunity!
Send in your video now!
Wish you best of luck!!!

About ChiChi & ChaCha
Chichi & Chacha is a children’s programme that features five teenage celebrity hosts and 3D animated characters who educate children through song, dance, story time, arts and crafts and interactive problem solving. It is an edutainment brand that creates 360 content for children. The 30-minute show airs every Saturday at 10.30am and three times a day, every Monday to Friday on Astro Ceria and Astro MayaHD.

For more information, please go to

About Big Fish Media Sdn Bhd
Big Fish Media Sdn Bhd (BFM) is an IP creator with brands such as Chichi and Chacha and synergizes with companies like Kyanite TV (MSC Status Company) and Educate to Learn Sdn Bhd (e2L) where they collaborate on producing edutainment content for children. It has its own research house for education for kids working with e2L and also its own production/post-production and animation studio. It works with licensees on its franchises and is able to re-distribute licenses back in Malaysia.
For more information, please go to

About Educate to Learn (e2L)
Educate To Learn Sdn Bhd (e2L) was incorporated in 2004 with the main objectives of becoming a one stop center to support the needs for quality teacher training in the field of Early Childhood Care & Education. Together with its 3 related companies namely Total Genius Sdn Bhd, Intellect Enhance Sdn Bhd and Early Years Development Sdn Bhd, e2L has been providing quality teacher training for childcare providers and teachers of children in their early years. The group extends its services through the provision of teaching aids and resources much needed in opening childcare centers and kindergartens.
For more information, please go to

Founded by Michael Lim and Jojo Struys in 2006, produces innovative ideas, TV programmes and provides creative solutions for its clients. The company offers advertisers an integrated marketing stage, which uses the most effective online platforms to connect with their target publics.

For more information, please go to

Monday, November 3, 2014

Dugrostar Roadshow @ Sunway Pyramid

Attended Durgostar Roadshow.....
In Sunway Pyramid..
Last weekend...

Immediately in the entrance area,
Mr Clown is giving away balloons...

I'll tell you more..
About what's fun activities we played,
In Durgostar Roadshow in details..
Since I'd experienced it last weekend...

Dugrostar Beat!
It's all about accurate beat...
I get to be a little drummer,
And hit the drum
With the most accurate beat I could...

Dugrostar Celebrity!
We turned ourselves,
In the celebrities of the town...
By choosing and wearing any attires provided...
Snap a cool photo as Dugrostar Celebrity,
And get our photo totally free of charge!
Thank you, Dumex Dugro!~

Dugrostar Creative!
Having fun time,
Playing around with colourful sand art...

Dugrostar Jump!
Slide in and jump around,
In the pool full of balls!
This is super duper fun!~

Dugrostar Steps..
It's all about practicing our dancing steps...
To excel in the stage in future..

Dugrostar Style,
Get the best makeover aka. face art....
Just sit back and relax,
The make up artist will do everything for the star!~

Dugrostar Studio is on air...
For those whom miss out to be Dugrostar,
This is your last chance,
Show your talent inside the studio,
And Dugro staff will do the rest for you!~
Another chance to win cash prize of RM1000!~

Had fun reading my post,
But regret that
You didn't show up,
In the roadshow last weekend?

Don't worry,
Head over to KSL City Mall JB,
Mahkota Parade, Malacca
And 1 Borneo Hypermall Kota Kinabalu...
This coming weekend!~
For Dugrostar Roadshow!!!

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