Thursday, November 29, 2018

Faber-Castell back-to-school

The Faber-Castell Back-to-School bus...
And the new slim-flexi case 36 & 48 classic colour pencils

Meet Ah Feng & Amber...
Cute little kids,
Casting in Faber-Castell advertisement...

Art time,
With Creative Tack-it!

 The new fast dry gel pens..

For more information,
About Faber-Castell Back-to-School Campaign,

Friday, November 16, 2018

Althea Petal Velvet

As an Althea Angel...

Trying out Althea exclusive product:
The Petal Velvet Sunaway SPF50+ PA++++

Love how fast,
The sunscreen absorbs into my skin..
It's lightweight, non-sticky,
Protect skin from the sun's harmful rays:
UVB and UVA...

Petal Velvet Powder,
Having 3rd Anniversary Special Edition: pink lavender!
With the pinky pinky powder...
It has the petal-like finish..

Made with Damask Rose extracts,
Rich in vitamins to penetrate deep into the skin to moisture,
Strengthen, soothe and smoothen skin like a rose petal..

Hyaluronic Acid is pop in to lock in hydration,
Sebum control with microparticles giving a velvety finish!~

It comes with in white colour,
For fair fair skin look!~

Brown is equally as nice too!~

Love Althea Petal Velvet products!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

People and People Japanese Cuisine Artistry (pnp)

Luxury Japenese dining,
With the finest authentic Japanese cuisine,
Together with vibrant and lovely performances...
At People and People Japanese Cuisine Artistry (pnp)

Love the presentation of the food...

So delicate and beautiful...
With heavenly combination of flavours..

Take Sashimi 5 Shu (5 types of Fresh Raw Fish)
Freshest of all..
The thickness of the sashimi is just nice..
Melts in mouth..
Seriously really yummy!

Ikebana (Art of flower arrangement)
It more than just food...
It's art!!!

Kani Chawanmushi
Very smooth egg custard,
Topped with generous portion of crab meat...

Sushi-grade fresh fish air-flown,
Twice weekly from Japan...

Tokujyo Nigiri-Sushi 10 Shu
Special hand-made sushi...
Perfect combination of freshness and delicious!

Salmon Aburi Maki
Salmon rolled filled with avocado and crabstick!
Simply a taste from heaven!

Karai Kasen Udon
Fresh and huge prawn,
Crabstick and salmon...
With a little spiciness!

Ice cream and mochi...
Gives a perfect end of Japanese Meal..
Refreshing and delicious!

Oiran Douchuu...
Oiran displays costumes,
From the Edo era -
A gorgeous, luxurious and vibrant fashio show,
From a bygone era...

In the past,
The highest class of Geisha - Oiran,
Would wear wooden clogs,
With a height of 15cm
To send off their customers..
Oiran was an ideal that many women yearned for back then..

The hair style and the high wooden clogs,
Bring out a sense of lavishness..
An Oiran should possess,
Skills and knowledge of various arts,
Such as Japanese classical songs, poems,
Art of tea, Ancient musical instruments etc..
An education in arts, politics and history,
Was also a must..
Some Oiran also spoke foreign languages...

A big belt is also a unique feature of the Oiran's costume...

Japanese sword fight dance...

Live performances:
Every Friday and Saturday,
Available at 2 sessions:
7pm and 9pm

People and People Japanese Cuisine Artistry (pnp)
Ground Floor,
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel,
Jalan Sultan Ismail, Chow Kit,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
pnp's facebook page:

For reservations,
Please call 03-7890 3168
Or book online at

Monday, November 12, 2018

Systema Advance Anti-Plaque Toothpaste "Save your gums, Save your teeth"

"Save Your Gums, Save Your Teeth" Campaign
A nationwide gum health awareness campaign,
Held in collaboration with the Oral Health Programme,
Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH)
The Malaysian Society of Periodontology (MSP)
and the Faculty of Dentistry,
University Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
To encourage the public,
To take the first step,
Towards attaining healthy gums,
By getting their gum checked,
In an effort to alleviate gum disease...

There will be Mobile Dental Clinics,
Provided by MOH and UiTm,
Which will be touring various locations across Malaysia,
Where the public wlil be able to participate,
And get their gum-health checked for free...
This campaign further enhances Lion Corporation Japan's mission,
To raise awareness and educate the community,
On gum diseases and good oral health care..

Introduction speech by..
Mr Tatsuya Horiuchi,
Managing Director of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd

Gum Health Awareness talk,
By Dr Ahmad Sharifuddin Mohd Asari,
President of the Malaysian Society of Periodontology..

Systema Advance Anti-Plaque Toothpaste,
Product innovation presentation,
By Mr Kenta Suzuki,
Oral care specialist,
Lion Corporation Japan Oral Care R&D

Speech by Yang Berusaha,
Dr Nomal Bt Taharim,
Principal Director of Oral Health,
Ministry of Health Malaysia..

The Official Launch of Systema Advance,
Anti-Plaque Toothpaste!!

In spirit of helping more Malaysians,
To achieve healthy gums and teeth,
Systema pledged 30,000 Systema Advance,
Anti-Plaque Toothpaste samples,
With gum health educational leaflet,
For the "Save Your Gums, Save Your Teeth" Campaign..

For more information or to catch the Mobile Dental Clinic,
Or its official facebook page...

KangBoer glove and microfibre towel

A modern way to clean face..
Using KangBoey face washer:
Magnetic microfibre towel or glove..

With its 100% modified magnetic microfibers,
That are 100 times finer than human hair,
It can clean pores and remove dirt, oil and make up,
Using only water..

As 100% of microfiber,
Are impregnated with silver ions,
It has antibacterial properties,
keeping it fresh for each use.
Chemical free,
And made with certified AAA grade textile..
(Highest standard in the test of antibacterial knitwear)

It is gentle on skin,
And can be used by pregnant ladies,
Or anyone who is trying to eliminate,
Harmful chemical in their lives..

KangBoer Glove is a hypoallergenic magnetic microfiber facial cleansing glove,
Which removes make up with only water...

Each towel or glove,
Comes with a all natural handmade soap...

Amazing microfiber towel,
Is made with certified AAA grade textile,
That is soft and gentle,
To even baby's skin..

It contains silver ion,
Which is microbial in nature,
As it reduces inflammation,
Eliminates bacteria,
While cleans grime, dirt using just water.
Perfect for even the most sensitive skin,
As it doesn't contain any chemicals..

Just towel,
Can replace cleanser,
If you don't use a lot of make up...
It can replace soap,
To clean body,
And this is especially useful,
For bathing the children.

Convenient to bring during travel..

Experimenting how clean and effective KBE is...
Any types of make up...

With just one gentle wipe...
I didn't even apply any force....
Almost clean......

Use the handmade soap....
To clean the towel with after each use.
The soap is made out of vegetable oil,
To remove grime, oil from the towel,
Making it fresh after using each time...
No washing machine needed.

Each towel can last about 3-5 months,
Money saving in the long run..
Perfect for someone who is trying to reduce chemicals in life,
Excellent for baby shower gift to an expectant mum and bub!

For more information,
Kindly hop over to purity effect's instagram...
Or Purity Effect's facebook...

Friday, November 9, 2018

Best Western i-City Shah Alam - Stay and Splash

Had a wonderful stay,
At Best Western Hotel....
Our best relax time ever,
Right after kiddos exam.....

Spacious lobby...
Great place to sit,
And have a short read up of magazines...
While waiting for check in...
A quick wait though~~~
The front desk get everything ready in no time!

We were served with light refreshment....

Saw this in front of the lift....
Mummy said this reminds her of...
Her childhood memories...

Guess what!~
We get to bring little fishy,
To stay with us....

When we are about to choose a fish...
Crush show us some very nice dance..

Our little pet of the day,
Accompanying us...
For our 2D1N stay....
Very warm welcome note...
With little gifts inside the package...

We got ourselves 2 rooms...

And best of all,
It's connecting!~

It's truly suitable and comfortable,
For a family stay!~

Clean and nice toilet!~

Our wardrobe of the day..

The inside view of the wardrobe,
With one safety box inside...

Our key card,
And i-city 'credit card'
Which means...
It's time to play!
And best of all:
Everything is within walking distance,
From our room!!
So convenient!

Not afraid of height...
We go up ferris wheels...
And see very nice view,
From the above...

We took a lot of tricky photos..
At Trick Art Museum...

At night,
We walk around...
At the city of lights..

The next whole morning,
Is all about splish splash time!~

At i-city Water Park!~

Don't miss out!
Best Western i-City Shah Alam...
Stay and Splash
School Holiday Promo...
At RM180 nett onwards!!!

Best Western i-City Shah Alam
A-GF-01, No 6, Persiaran Multimedia,
CityPark, i-City,
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.
+603-5521 9000
Facebook and Instagram @bwicity

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