Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dinosaur @Hill Park, Seremban 2

We went for another dinosaur adventure!~
After Discoveria, Dinosaur Live! in Avenue K!

This round,
We hike up the hill,
In Hill Park, Seremban 2....

The dinosaurs,
That live on the top of the hill!~

Besides snapping photos with dinosaurs...
We also had a very fun time,
In Hill Park's playground...

Dinosaur's Skeleton-alike play area...

I didn't manage to snap much photos...
As I spent more time running around,
Chasing around, jumping around,
Not only with my siblings,
But also with my friends!~

The red slide that,
My didi loves the most!~

It's really such a fun-filled excursion,
With mummy's close friends' families!~

Friday, February 6, 2015

Sungei Palas Boh Tea Farm

It's indeed an achievement,
Especially for my didi..
To walk all the way up,
Via Tea Bush walk.....

 To the Sungei Palas Boh Tea Centre...

It's truly worth the 'exercising'...
As the Tea Farm's view up here...
Is simply breathtaking...
We can breath in,
More cooling air!~

Sungei Palas Visitor Centre,
And Ummph Teashop!~

We enter the factory..
And began our journey of exploring..
The making of BOH tea!~

The Gunny Sacks,
To transport the tea,
To different location..

The metal furnace door,

Old style weighing~~
Reminds mummy on the day,
Her grandpa use it,
To weigh rubber to sell...
But this is really my first time,
Seeing it...

Tea Harvesting Shears Machine...
With sharp edges...

Tea Roller Machine

It's truly an educational trip,
To Tea Farm in Cameron Highlands..


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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Carpool with Tripda

What I fear most,
During festive seasons,
Especially Chinese New Year...
Is the traffic jam!~

Could end up,
With more than 12 hours,
Inside the car!~
Sounds more like a nightmare,
Than a happy reunion,
With our love ones,

Wondering what this logo doing,
While I'm nagging about,
My journey,
Just to rush back,
For Chinese New Year's Eve reunion dinner?

Tripda is the right solution,
To make our journey enjoyable!~

Let me tell you how,
This amazing little platform...
Could make a huge different,
To all our journey!~
Especially for a travel-lover like me...

A platform for carpooling...

Swimming inside the pool on a car,
Like this?
You may try transform your car,
Into a pool while travelling, too!~

But Tripda is something even more!~
It's an online peer-to-peer carpooling platform,
And community that connects drivers,
Commuting with empty seats in their cars,
And passengers heading the same way...

Tripda is driven by,
The principles of the 'sharing economy'
Where technology is utilized,
As an instrument,
To help people,
Share any excess capacity they have,
In terms of resources,
And in this case,
The spare capacity in a car...

Still have no idea how to use Tripda?
It's as simple as 1-2-3...

Step 1:
Register with Tripda via your facebook,

Step 2:
Type in your destination,
And start picking your travel buddy on Tripda...

Step 3:
Enjoy your journey,
With travel buddy of your choice,
As much as you're going to enjoy,
In your destination...

The first thing that comes into my mind is...
Is this safe to use?

Yes! Of course!
Tripda ensure the users' safety,
By introducing these safety features:
User rating system,
Ladies-only rides,
Freedom to choose who to carpool with
Facebook only login
Internal messaging system
Verification system
Privacy of information
Drivers certified having license and insurance
University or corporate trusted domain...

Tripda provides flexibility, too!~
You may choose,
To carpool at your fingertips,
Either via web platform,
Or iOS & Android....
And Google Play!~

Let me elaborate,
The benefits of Tripda:

It's economical way to travel.... 
In short, Save $$$

It's a great way,
To meet new people...

It helps to reduce pollution and traffic jams...

Sharing is caring!~

With all these benefits...
Now I can travel even more!~

I can travel right up to the North,
To Penang,
Just to climb up the hill.....

And then,
Travel to Ipoh...
And had a great cave adventure....

After that,
Travel all the way to the South...
And stay at the luxury hotel,
With lots and lots of Lego.....

On the journey back,
Stop by Malacca,
To have a meal,
That looks more like a golf ball...
Which taste extremely yummy!~

Do you think I'll be back at home,
This fast?
I'll just turn around to PD...
And have a great glimpse...
At wonderful scenery of..
How the sun sets...

Had a great gathering,
During friend's wedding....

Turning around,
To Teluk Cempedak,
And watch how to artist,
Draw their masterpiece,
While listening to the music of winds.....
In Kuantan.....

All the fantastic journey,
With different travel buddies,
From Tripda....

Sharing all the fun and joy,
Inside wonderful little comfort zone:
Our cars.....
While doing our part,
For the environment....

With Tripda,
Journey is as amazing as the destination!~

It's cheaper than a taxi,
It's faster than a bus,
It's more comfortable than a train!~
Last but not least,
It's more fun than all of the above means of transportation!~

Let's login...
And pick our travel buddy,
For any trips you're planning to go...
And also....
For joyous CNY trip back to hometown NOW!~

For more information,
Check out Tripda Website:
Tripda Facebook page:
Tripda Twitter:
Tripda Instagram:


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