Monday, January 26, 2015

Party of the Century - Glamorous 1920's

Main Entrance...
At Empire City.....
Opened on 23 January 2015...
Just for Party of the Century!~

The future Olympic-sized Ice Rink..
Is being set up...
As the venue for the party!~

Everyone dressed up...
In glamorous 1920s.......
A night,
A very grand night...
With lots of glitz and glam....

It's not only the gathering..
Of celebrities, VIPs,
Party people, rich people,
It's also a gathering,
For luxury cars...
Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porches..
You named it,
You'll see it here!~
Very classy!~

Even antique car appeared,
As our photo props!~
It makes me feels like...
I really traveled through,
The time machine...
Back to 1920s!~

Paris Hilton!!!!!~
Can you imagine,
She's just right besides me?
She's as beautiful as a doll!~
The first performance,
Starts with 2am,
K-pop group..
With 4 handsome!~
But not to worry,
Nobody went up the stage,
And hug them this time!~
Everything is well-organized!

When he opened his mouth,
He amazed everyone on the floor,
With his wonderful voice!~
I guess only Mark Vincent's able to do this!~

The coolest performance of all:
Caitlin De Ville,
It's truly an eye-opening for me...
To see somebody,
Can play excellent violin..
In such a position!!!~
And guess what?!~
The superb performer,
Actually did drop by,
My facebook and commented!~
This is super duper awesome, isn't it?!~

Very impressive,
To see how these 2 speed artists,
Comes out with perfect masterpieces,
In just a blink of eyes!~

Beautiful dancers,
With graceful movement!~

Truly an amazing culture...
With such a spectacular drum performance!~

Ladies and gentlemen...
The highlight of the party:
Empire City!~

VIPs giving a toast....

To the crowd......

Paris Hilton on stage!~
DJ-ing party songs!~

Followed by Taboos,
From Black eyed peas....

I'm normally is not a party people...
Especially when after I am a mummy now!~
The night is still young!~
Let's continue partying....

One small little regret...
Why o why?
No fate with any TVB artists at all?
I didn't even meet or see them...
For the whole night.....
I see people uploading....
Up close and personal photos taken,
Together with them during the party!~
Looks like I can just envy them now!~

Looking forward.....
For the grand launch of completed Empire City!~
I'm pretty sure...
It's gonna be the very awesome city in Klang Valley soon!~ 

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sakae Sushi Chinese New Year Treats and Yee Sang Launch

Thanks to Sidney,
We're invited to....
In Paradigm Mall... 

Opening Speech by Ms Yew June,
General Manager of Marketing,
For Sakae Sushi, Malaysia..

Speech by Ms Katy Lee,
Executive Director of...
HOPE Worldwide Malaysia...

Cheque Presentation,
To HOPE Worldwide Malaysia...

Performance from,
Cheerleaders and cute Sakae froggie!~

Sakae Sushi Chef...
Pouring Yee Sang sauce..
On the newly launch Yee Sang's menu..

Chinese New Year Treats..
And Lou Sang Session...
With VIPs~~~~

Wanna see more photos on the food?
Hop over to little kitchen's blog right away!~

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Count Down - Empire City's Party of the Century

5 more days to go....
To the most happening:
Party of the century...
At Empire City!~

Looking for some inspiration...
How to dress yourself up?
Hop over to Kelvin Gems....
For jewellery of your choice!~

Getting doll-ed up,
By Make Up Artist:
Alice Loh

Which glamorous 1920's hairstyle,
Do you prefer?
Have you chosen the hair accessories,
That matches your dress?

Busy shopping...
For your lovely handbags?

The night will decide...
Whom will crown ,
With the title of 'best dress'?

Even for gents,
There's variety ways to wear your tuxedo!~

TVB actress with the warmest smile,
Eliza Sam...
Will be there, too!~

Together with the beautiful Sharon Chan...

Plus TVB's Actor - Him Law...

Are you ready to party?

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Party of the Century @ Empire City

The Party of the Century....
A grand night,
With glam and glow~
Star-studded preview,
Of the City of Lifestyle & Entertainment...
Will be happening on 23 January 2015!~

At A New Era,
For Mammoth Empire:
Empire City!

By invitation only!~
Special thanks to Sidney...
For selecting us,
As one of the 50 top bloggers,
To attend the Party of the Century!...

Empire City,
The 30 acre mixed use development,
In Damansara Perdana,

An intergrated development is a vibrant,
Artfully stylised world,
This city of Lifestyle & Entertainment
Aims to be the ultimate spot,
For meeting, dining, shopping and relaxing.
All within a self-contained city,
That balances business with leisure..

 "Empire City is the major project for us,
As well as for the entire Klang Valley,"
Commented Mark Farquhar,
Director of Leasing for Empire City..
"The 2.5 million square feet of net lettable retail area,
8 corporate towers and office suites,
3 International 5+ star and 5 star hotels,
And a cinema themed hotel,
Are built around the 5 pillars,
That are at the core of Empire City;
Design, Art, Music, Performance and Culture"

Bringing these pillars to life,
Will be an array of performers and artists,
Ranging from the reowned Korean Group,
To flamboyant speed painters,
As well as the traditional ,
With a twist in the form,
Of an LED dragon dance..

In addition,
Special performances
From Paris Hilton,
Taboo of the Black Eye Peas,
And Australian Tenor, Mark Vincent..
Will enhance the international atmosphere,
Created by the honoured guests,
And business owners,
Flying in from across the globe..

"Based on the concept of the past, present and future..
Converging in the one place,
Now known as Empire City,
The combination of the 5 Pillars,
From the philosophy,
That drives the development and operation of all establishments,
Under empire City"
Added Farquhar..

"From style to service,
And architecture to amenities,
These attributes are instantly recognizable,
From the thoughtful planning,
And unparalleled  attention to detail,
Which ultimately aims to delivery,
The most unique and enriched experience to all..
Our preview event in January,
Is a celebration of theses ideals,
And a literal coalescence of our vision,
For Empire City in the future!~"

Included within Empire City,
Will be a number of unique offerings,
Such as the cinematic world's first multiprojection theater,
An Olympic-specification ice rink,
And stylized boulevards,
Like Asian Food Street,
That will bring the international luxury feel,
To life for residents and visitors alike!~

As a development preview,
A first for a Malaysian project,
Empire City's "Party Of the Century"
With its Glamourous 1920's Theme looks,
To set a high standard for all others in 2015...

All set and get ready,
To travel with the greatest time machine:
To the past,
At the present,
And flying to the future...
At the Party of the Century, Empire City!~

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Discoveria: Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live! Family Packages Giveaways

Oh my!!!!!~
I spotted:
At 4th floor, Avenue K!~

I'm not in Jurassic Park....
I'm in an adventure,
At Discoveria's Exhibition:
Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live!~

For more information:

While waiting for our tickets to be ready...
We already started to explore~
The prehistoric era with Dinosaurs!~

By Building a Dino:-
Solving 3D puzzles!~
P/S: Everything is so huge here..
        Including the 3D puzzles!~

I'm trying to be a leader...
Not to my mei mei and di di...
But leading a dinosaur!~
Can you imagine,
How cool that was?!~

I always love dino...
I have an Dinosaurs encyclopedia book at home...
Knowing the dinosaurs is not a big problem for me...
Do you wanna take a test,
To see how deep is your knowledge on dinosaurs?

Even the entrance looks pretty awesome to me!~
I'm about to enter:-
The world of Dinoscovery!~~
And be a little Paleontologist!!

Each and everyone of us,
Wearing Paleontologist's vest,
That suit our sizes....
Holding our torchlights,
With RFID band on our hands...
And not the forget,
The most important map....
And geared up..
For our little adventure..
In Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live!~

In the midst of completing..
Our Dino Quest,
A scavenger hunt...
Where I felt myself transforming into Indiana Jones!~
Hunting for dinosaurs' specimens...

All I have to do,
Is just pasting the relevant stickers,
Onto the map accordingly...
And at the end of the tour..
I might get...
My Junior or Expert Paleontologist Certificate!~
Cool, isn't it?!~

If you think,
By just pasting the stickers,
Are not adventurous enough...

You might want to try climb the wall..
And 'steal' the dino eggs from the nest,
If you DARE!!!~

I always wondered..
How fast a Theropod could actually run?
I can't really grab the idea of..
How many kilometers per seconds in the book...

But now~~~~
I know how fast it actually is..
As I just had a race with Theropod!~
Definitely much more faster than me!~
Ah hem!~
Ok ok..
Maybe I try harder on our next race..
See if I can win the race,
Or not?

A box of with the mystery of..
What Apathosaurus ate...

Just open the door up..
And immediately I knew..
It's Herbivore..
If you still can't understand,
What Herbivore means...
You'll know by just seeing at all the greenery..
That means,
Apathosaurus ate vegetables and leaves!~

The coolest part is...
I get the chance to ride..
Exactly on the back of the extincted dinosaurs!~

I don't think any other people,
Will have the chance to do that..
If they don't visit Discoveria Exhibition.....

My di di loves seeing this 'volcano erupts'...
Where all the balls flying all over him!~
I bet all little kiddos will fall in love with this volcano!~

While my mei mei is having a fun time in the sand pit..
Actually not only my mei mei spending long time,
Digging out and finding the skeleton of different dinosaurs here..
In fact,
All children spend long hours in this little sand pit..
Can kept everyone entertained for so long!~~

Last but not least,
Enjoying putting up some colours...
With our dinosaurs paper sheet...

Everyone including our daddy and mummy,
Is learning from A to Z of Dinosaurs....
In Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live!

Bringing back a family photos,
Snapped at the beginning of the tour;
And also Junior + Expert Paleontologist Certificate,
Redeemed at the end of our tour....
Makes our dinosaur discoveria journey completely fun!~

Want to have an adventure similar to ours?
Here's your chance...
By completing the rafflecopter below:

Just like cre8tone and Discoveria's facebook page..

Leave comment in this post,
Together with your email address,
Plus answer 2 very simple questions:
1. Where is Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live! Located at?
2. What's Discoveria's facebook url?

Which answers can be found,
In my Discoveria: Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live! blog post here...
You'll stand a chance to win...
A family package consist of 2 adults and 2 children entrance tickets...
To Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live! in Avenue K....
The exhibition will be there until June 2015

You know what's the best part?
I'm giving away....
10 x Family Packages...
Which means...
10 lucky family is going to walk with the dinosaurs!~

Good luck!~

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