Friday, September 21, 2018

Watsons Klorane - made with botanical science

The Alliance Cosmetic Group (ACG)
Is excited to announce the launch of Klorane,
A range of hair and personal care products,
Made with botanical ingredients,
From France..
To provide gentle yet effective solutions,
For entire family.

Founded by visionary pharmacist,
The late Mr Pierre Fabre,
Klorane began more than 50 years ago,
In the Southwest of France,
With a vision,
To marry science and plant heritage,
To create effective, innovative products,
That respect both nature and people..

No. 1 hair care brand in European Pharmacies,
As recorded by
The European Label:
European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)

 The official launch of Klorane..
Only available exclusively at selected Watsons Malaysia outlets...
And Watsons Malaysia's e-commerce store

Find out more about Klorane Malaysia at:
Facebook @KloraneMY
Instagram @kloranemy
Youtube: Klorane Malaysia

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Kleenex Ultrasoft Bath Tissue

Kleenex Ultrasoft Bath Tissue

The 3 signs of clean:
See how CleanWeave removes all the dirt,
Feel the luxurious soft touch of the bath tissue,
Look how charcoal fresh absorbs the odor..

With CleanWeave Pattern,
It can remove dirt effectively!~
It can absorb dirt,
As well as absorb odor...

It has cushiony softness,
With cotton extract...

Feel the softness of Kleenex Ultra Soft now!
So gentle;
So soft;
So clean...

Love how gentle it is,
Towards my skin...
It's such a wonderful superb product....

I'm loving this product!~

Watch the video,
To experience Kleenex Ultrasoft Bath Tissue...

Visit Us at:

Friday, September 14, 2018

Cheras Leisure Mall Moonlit Blossoms of Mid-Autumn

Celebrating the tradition and arts of..
Mid-Autumn Festival...
With Cheras Leisure Mall...

 Moonlit Blossoms of Mid-Autumn,
Opening Performance...

The official launching..
By Subramaniam Apparow,
Senior Manager, Property Division, PPB Group Berhad

Philip Wong,
Board Member of National Visual Arts Development Board

Chin Wan Kee,
Professional Sculptor Artist & Sculptor,
Senior Lecturer of Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

Chua Kim Long,
Chinese Lantern Art & Paper-cutting Master

Wan Kok Long.
Skillful Art Instructors

Tan Hock Tong,
Skillful Art Instructors..

 Presentation of token of appreciation...

Creative Lantern Making Contest 2018,
Judging Session..

All the huge lantern,
Are super duper creative and outstanding...

Results will be announced in mid-September,
And the prize-giving ceremony will be held,
On 29 September 2018 at 11am..

For more information,
Kindly call 03-9132 2386
Or visit Cheras LeisureMall Facebook Page,
Or send email to

Friday, September 7, 2018

Anlene On-the-Go

Everyone knows......
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...
Say is always easier than done........
With busy and packed daily schedule,
It's truly hard to get a cheap, healthy and easy breakfast.....

Anlene knows all of us the best!!!

With Anlene On-the-Go promotion...
Able to enjoy healthy breakfast!
By grabbing RM1 Breakfast Pack,
At LRT Stations....

Anlene UHT Milk + Croissant
At only RM1!!!~
Oh yes!
You heard me right!!
Cheap cheap only!

Great news is:
Anlene milk is not only high calcium that's good for bones!~
It contains Protein, Collagen, Vitamin B6 B12 D!
Protein: to support muscles' growth and recovery;
Collagen: to benefits the skin...
Vitamins:  help to release energy from food intake and assist maintenance of muscles..
Anlene always care for your bones, joints and muscles...
In short,
It's so healthy!

It's so easy and convenient to consume..
Even the most busy people,
Have no excuse to skip their breakfast now!!!

Enjoying breakfast,
With best buddies ever!~

Yummy breakfast,
Happy faces.....
A great way to start our day!~

Well well well...
Anlene On-the-Go doesn't just end with RM1 Breakfast...

Get to enjoy 50% more nutrients,
To Stay Active, Stay Agile!~
At Anlene's roving truck...

Anlene's roving truck,
Making its way around Klang Valley areas..
Between 5 September to 13 September!~

Super worthy promotions...
Bought home so many Anlene's goodies!~
And take my sweet sweet time...
Enjoying all of it at home.....

Wonderful experience,
To meet Malaysia's dancing queen,
Stacy Anam...
And Jump Higher together with Anlene...

A jump that can be captured,
On a LED billboard!!~
Keep going....
Keep going!~
It's exercising time~~~
Truly healthy lifestyle, isn't it?

Of course,
The fun doesn't just end with jumps!
Checked email.....
And look for my surprise voucher!~
Redeemed my Anlene UHT Milk!~
Fui Yoh!!!
Such a wonderful day!!

Thanks Anlene,
For planting lots and lots of smiles...
On each and everyone's faces!~

Stay Active, Stay Agile!

Drink Anlene UHT Milk,
Jump Higher . Feel Happier . Get Healthier .

For more information,
Visit Anlene's website at
For more updates,
Hop over to Anlene's facebook at

Monday, September 3, 2018

Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day

The leading e-commerce platform,
In Southeast Asia and Taiwan,
Kicks off its biggest annual regional shopping event,
Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day...

This year,
Shoppe is upping the ante,
With 14-day mega shopping event,
From 27 August to 9 September...

Speech by Ian Ho,
Shopee Regional Managing Director..

Super Brands Festival starts on 27 August...
With amazing deals of up to 99% off,
On the hottest products,
From a variety of all-time favourite brands...

Check out awesome deals,
On the hottest celebrity products,
At Shopee Celebrity Squad...
With iconic stars including:
Dato' Sri Siti Nurhaliza,
Nora Danish, Emma Maembong..

9 September,
Featuring 9 thrilling rounds of Shocking Sale,
Promising up to 99% off,
The most popular products...

Don't forget...
Shopee Shake,
With 99 millions Shopee coins pool!~

To find out more information..
Download the Shopee App for FREE,
Via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store now!

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