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Malaysian Humanitarian Foundation collaborates with Teach for Malaysia to empower underprivileged students with leadership skills


Award-winning non-profit organisation, Malaysian Humanitarian Foundation (“MHF”) is working closely with Malaysia’s leading educational non-profit organisation, Teach for Malaysia (“TFM”) in identifying students from B40 households to offer scholarships to attend SuperCamp.

For the December edition which ran from 18 to 22 December 2023 at Paradise Valley Broga Resort, Semenyih, Selangor, seven (7) students from several schools within Klang Valley were shortlisted by TFM to attend SuperCamp.


“We work on a system to extend opportunities like this to students from the underserved communities. Not having the resources to attend programmes like this should not hinder you from unlocking your full potential and achieving greatness in the future. We hope that from 2024 onwards, we can extend the scholarships to at least 50 students annually,” Henry Teh Kok Kheng, Executive Director of MHF (郑国庆) says.


Empowering the future leaders of Malaysia


Vassenthen A/L Devendren, 16, was filled with excitement to be selected for SuperCamp. The SMK (L) Methodist Sentul student candidly shares that his self-esteem took a hit during the transition from a Tamil school to a national school after his UPSR, which left him dissatisfied with the result. He also feels less confident due to his larger physical build.

Photo Caption: Vassenthen wants to make his mother, Mogana Sunthari proud by doing well at school.


“I was disappointed to receive my UPSR result and decided to make a change. I started following a strict regime where I only allowed minimal time to rest and spend time with my family. Being the eldest in my family also means that I have the big brother role to play,” he says. He also continues to study Tamil subjects to honour his Indian heritage as he aspires to excel in his mother tongue, while improving his proficiency in English and Bahasa Melayu.


His mother, Mogana Sunthari A/P Govindan, 41 is also surprised to see how much time Vassenthen spends in his room studying. “Everyday, after school he retreats to his room to study. Sometimes, he only texts or calls me on the phone when he wants to eat. I can see that he is driven to be successful in the future, so I’ll continue to support him,” she says. “Interestingly, though, he doesn't aspire to become a doctor! He mentioned that the COVID-19 experience has truly scared him!”


Another scholar from SMK Seksyen 27, Shah Alam, Maizatulakma Lisa Aqilah Abdullah, is a big fan of Korean culture, particularly the food and fashion. Despite her passion for entertainment, she strongly believes that her peers should set their priorities right from such a young age.



“I know a lot of students my age want to be content creators and influencers, but I honestly hope to be a teacher one day. So, I’ll work hard towards this goal, acknowledging that I can be a bit lazy at times. However, after attending SuperCamp, I really found motivation to do better,” says the 15-year old student.


“Yes, she can be lazy sometimes,” laughs Maizatulakma’s mother, Zaidatulnisa binti Salleh, 39. “But she’s really a good girl. She’s the eldest in the family and takes care of her younger siblings. She makes sure that all her homework is completed before coming home. She is also actively working for an NGO on the side, something that she picks up from me. I too am actively working for several NGOs that empower children from the B40 group with education around our neighborhood.”.


Zaidatulnisa also hopes that the Malaysian education system will bring back examinations for the students. “I see examinations as a way to motivate students to apply what they have learnt at school. Examinations provide a quantifiable and measurable method for parents to assess their children's progress at school. It's not about making comparisons of whose child is better or smarter.”


Zuraida Zulkifli, 48, is a proud mother to Daliya Safeera Ramli, 15, a student at SMK Shah Alam, Bukit Jelutong. “She is very quiet at home and likes to keep to herself. She only approaches us when she needs help. She is different from her older sister who was a prefect and active at school. Her sister also attended a boarding school,” says the full-time housewife.


“I don’t really want to attend boarding school like my sister,” Daliya laughs. “I’m actually an introvert and I’m afraid to make mistakes, especially when speaking in front of the crowd. Even when studying, I rely on the Internet and Youtube videos when I hit a wall. It’s not always a bad thing as it allows students like me to learn at our own pace. Now that I have attended Supercamp, I feel more confident, especially in overcoming my fear of public speaking, and I am excited to share my opinions on various issues”.


Photo Caption: (L-R) Zuraida Zulkifli with her daughter, Daliya Safeera Ramli and Tuan Saripah Nor Riha Tuan Jaafar from SMK Shah Alam, Bukit Jelutong.


Senior Assistant Administrator from Daliya’s school, Tuan Saripah Nor Riha Tuan Jaafar is extremely proud that one of her students was selected to receive a full scholarship to attend SuperCamp. “When TFM reached out to us to share the information about SuperCamp, we submitted 8 applications and were so delighted to know that despite the limited vacancies, Daliya made it through,” she says. “Daliya is a very dedicated student who attended all meetings set by TFM prior to her selection. I hope that she will return to our school and share everything she has learned here with her friends. We look forward to seeing more of our students attending SuperCamp in the future”.


SuperCamp is a global education brand that believes that children who are equipped with ‘the 8 Keys of Excellence’, a  foundation based on the Burklyn Business School; can transform themselves to become self-motivated learners. The 8 Keys of Excellence entail:



        Failure leads to Success


        Speak with Good Purpose


        This is It



Meanwhile, TFM is an independent, not-for-profit organisation on a mission to give all children the opportunity to realise their potential through quality education. This education champion has been partnering with the Ministry of Education in Malaysia to reach high-need public schools. At the same time, TFM is one of the 61 partners of the prestigious global education network, Teach for All. TFM received recognition in 2022 for the Education & Community Category at the Merdeka Award established by PETRONAS, ExxonMobil and Shell in 2007.


Thursday, December 21, 2023

The Curve Lights Up the Season of Festive Wonder

Step into a world of enchantment - in the heart of this joyous season, the Curve is set to captivate visitors with its ‘Jolly Christmas Carnival’. From now till 1 January 2024, the Centre Court of the Curve will unwrap into a lively Christmas Village Carnival, radiating the warmth of the holidays. 

Immerse yourself in the holiday magic as the Curve transforms the mall into a Pop Art-inspired Christmas Village Carnival. The lively atmosphere, complete with 2D cut-outs of festive elements, sets the stage for a month-long carnival brimming with joy and wonder.

Under the glittering lights and vibrant decor of the Pop Art-inspired Christmas Village, shoppers can step into a world of merriment with a lineup of on-ground activities.  From carnival games that promise exciting prizes to a Christmas bazaar featuring booths from Lovely Lace, Lyns Cottage, and many more, every corner resonates with the spirit of giving. The musical dance parade, kids' dance performance, workshops, face painting, and the delightful presence of Santa and Santarina create an atmosphere of festive joy.

Elaine Liew, Centre Manager of the Curve shared in excitement during the official launch, "Embrace the magic of the season at the Curve's Jolly Christmas Carnival! This year, our vision is to not just celebrate the holidays but to curate an enchanting experience that resonates with the community. The festive decorations, heartwarming initiatives with our CSR partner, exclusive activities, and the grand finale event are all carefully orchestrated to create a tapestry of joy. At the Curve, we believe in turning moments into memories, and this Christmas, we invite everyone to be part of a celebration that goes beyond shopping—it's about creating cherished moments with loved ones and fostering a spirit of togetherness that defines the true essence of the season".

For those craving an extra dose of holiday cheer, the Carnival games offer a chance to win exciting prizes. Simply spend a minimum of RM30 at any one of the Curve outlets to earn a chance to play carnival games, adding a touch of thrill to your festive shopping experience.

To make Christmas shopping even more rewarding, the Curve introduces a Redemption Programme where shoppers that spend a minimum of RM350 in two combined receipts will be able to redeem a limited-edition thermal flask. As a festive bonus, the top three highest spenders will also have the chance to win a set of JBL microphones, each worth RM2,500, to elevate their holiday celebrations.

In the true spirit of Christmas, the Curve is spreading joy beyond its walls by partnering with Rumah Hope Petaling Jaya to give back to the community, and children in need for a special Christmas experience. This heartwarming initiative includes grocery donations, monetary gifts, and a delightful Christmas meal at Padi restaurant.

As we usher in the festive season, the Curve aims to create a magical atmosphere for families. The mall is not only unwrapping a world of festivities but is also committed to giving back to the community through dedicated charitable initiatives.

And now, the Curve invites all shoppers to immerse in the festivities, and join the celebrations, featuring a myriad of delightful activities, exciting initiatives, and a host of surprises that capture the spirit of giving. 

For more information, visit

Lotus’s #KitakanJiran Secret Santa Brings Joy, Smiles to Children at Christmas

Lotuss Stores (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Lotus’s Malaysia) employees together with its customers and mall tenants are making Christmas extra special this year for 300 children in the Klang Valley.

The response to this year’s Lotus’s Playful and Joyful Moments Secret Santa Initiative has been remarkable, with hundreds of vulnerable children set to have their wishes fulfilled this festive season. Some of whom may have not received a present before this.

Azliza Azmel, Corporate Services Executive Director of Lotus’s Malaysia said, “Many are excited about the year end holiday season and are fortunate to spend it with their family and loved ones. However, we know it can be tough for some.  

“This is why, motivated by our #KitakanJiran spirit, we wanted to help spread joy to children who might not expect to receive a gift this year. We’re very grateful to our Lotus’s colleagues, customers and even mall tenants who have supported us to make this happen”.

The event today at Lotus’s Selayang welcomed children from Karunai Illam Welfare Home Kepong, House of Joy Puchong, Yayasan Sunbeams Ampang, Praise Emmanuel Children's Home Petaling Jaya, Rainbow Home Cheras, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kanak Kanak Kepong Kuala Lumpur and Persatuan Kebajikan Warga Tua Wilayah Persekutuan, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Ephratha Rawang, Sweet Care Home Selayang, and Good Samaritan Home Klang.

In addition to receiving their gifts and greeted by an appearance of Santa, the children were invited to experience the Lotus’s Playful and Joyful Moments Play Date with activities featuring Mattel brands like Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Polly Pocket and Scrabble.

Melissa Wong, Head of Lotus’s Malls also added, “We’re delighted that our aim to make our Lotus’s malls more family and children centric is well received. Thanks to everyone who supported our effort and this worthy cause to help put a smile on children’s faces this Christmas”.

The Lotus’s Playful and Joyful Moments activities will continue until 1 January 2024 at Lotus’s Mutiara Damansara, Lotus’s Selayang, Lotus’s Klang, Lotus’s Rawang and Lotus’s Kepong.

To know more about the exciting weekend activities and workshops lined up, customers may refer to the retailer’s official social channels below:




Visit a special page on the retailer’s website to read more about the campaign:



Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Playmade - Home of Handmade Bobas, expands international footprint with its first foray in Malaysia

Originating from Taiwan with a global presence spanning over 30 countries, PlayMade has adeptly established itself and garnered widespread popularity in Singapore since 2017. PlayMade has grown from strength to strength in the past 6 years, and is one of the main stays in the bubble tea scene. This achievement is particularly notable in the face of a fiercely competitive market, where numerous international brands have entered and exited over time. PlayMade continues to captivate the hearts and taste buds of boba tea enthusiasts with its imaginative approach to crafting uniquely-flavoured bobas made fresh in store, paired with exceptional bubble tea concoctions that are recognised for their no-preservative yet highly addictive bobas
Besides IOI City Mall which debuted last month and Sunway Velocity, which opens officially tomorrow, Playmade has set its sights on Malaysia as its first outpost to embark on an international journey. The brand aims to have minimally 5 outlets here by the end of next year. Known for creating localised interesting boba flavours, customers can witness the live creation of these delicious tea toppings - from farm to table approach via the open kitchen studio where every boba is produced to a specific 1 cm diameter to ensure every bite delivers the delightful flavour and texture. In fact, the fun-loving brand has created an array of over 30 unique boba flavours, including Spicy Mala and Wasabi flavours in Singapore, just for the adventurous. 
Their most unique range would be the Pink Cactus boba, which uses cactus pulp flown in from Penghu, Taiwan, making its debut in Malaysia. It is the brand's top selling boba, and the ingredient is also cleverly used in their menu such as Pink Cactus Frappe as well as the instagrammable Soft Serve in striking pink doses, which is currently offered exclusively in Malaysia. 
PlayMade's passion for creating magical moments is reflected in their extensive all-day menu, inspired by Korean and other captivating trending cuisines that pair perfectly with their tea beverages. Whether you are seeking a light meal with their O' Toast over a chill gathering session with family and friends, or seeking the perfect snack to satisfy your cravings on the go, PlayMade has offerings for every occasion. Notably, the brand is known for its commitment to creating fresh, preservative-free bobas with bold and delightful flavours. 
The brand's all-time favourite is the Chrysanthemum Milk Tea with Chrysanthemum bobas. With real chrysanthemum flowers used for this creation, one might even see the petals through these translucent golden bobas. It is no wonder a hit, even in Malaysia. 
The brand's all-time favourite is the Chrysanthemum Milk Tea with Chrysanthemum bobas. With real  chrysanthemum flowers used for this creation, one might even see the petals through these translucent golden bobas. It is no wonder a hit, even in Malaysia.
"We are excited to embark on our journey in Malaysia as it mirrors our brand's adventurous spirit that continues to drive us to create innovative flavours that will pique customers’ curiosity. We believe Malaysia's diverse culinary landscape offers endless possibilities and a “playground for all taste buds” to create multiple boba flavours that will constantly excite the customers here. We have always been committed to using fresh, natural and imported ingredients instead of artificial flavourings so that our customers can enjoy daily a not-so-guilty pleasure. We hope to bring colour into everyday lives with little playful moments” said Tan Chia Hong, General Manager, PlayMade Malaysia. 

Grand Opening In- Store Promotions

To celebrate the grand opening of their stores in Malaysia, PlayMade has exciting promotions from 8-11 December, including:

  • A 1-for-1 Mix & Match Storewide

  • Gashapon Machine Play with Every Purchase

Count the bobas Challenge and win RM6888 cash! 

In addition, from now till 14 Jan 2024, the brand is issuing a challenge to guess the number of different flavoured bobas in their large cup with the winner walking away with  RM6888 cash prize and one year’s free of boba tea! 4 winners will be drawn from the entry pool, selected from those with the correct  guesses. 

Prizes for in-store and online respectively:

Grand prize: RM6888 and one year’s FREE* boba tea

2nd Prize: One Year’s FREE* boba tea 

Mechanics: Drop off your receipt in-store with your guesses and show the team in-store that you’ve followed their Facebook, IG and Tik Tok accounts.
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