Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Be a Dugrostar!

With Dugrostar,
Every child gets to be a star!

This opportunity is open to children 
In two age-based categories:
3-6 years old 
6+ to 10 yrs old

Participants in each age group
Can enter in these segments-
Singing, dancing, playing and instrucment,
Or a combination of these talents..
And perform individually,
Or in a group of up to six children.

From now to 12 October,
Parents can register their child in 3 ways:
1. By uploading a video of their child's performance at www.dugro.com.my
2. By visiting select nationwide roadshow where live recordings can be made
3. By submiting the completed registration form with a recording of child's performance to the address found on the registration form.

Step-by-step guide,
On how to be a Dugrostar...

Step 1:
Log on to Dugro's website:

Step 2:
Click on the Registration button
For the form..

Step 3:
Fill in the form...

Step 4: 
Remember to key in unique code "HH0004"

Why you need to key in my unique code?
Because if you are one of the Top 3 winners,
You'll not only win the cash prize by Dugro,
You'll also get a mystery gift from cre8tone!~
A small token of appreciation from me,
For being so supportive!

Are you ready to rock Dugrostar?
Well, I am.....

My video is up!~
And I'll be expecting yours, too!

Come on,
Let's show your best talent now!~
And celebrate our talent together...
Who knows,
You or me, 
Will be the one 1st prize winner 
And walk away with:
RM5000 Cash prize from Dugro...

Be a Dugrostar,
Be so much more!~

Good luck!


For more information 
On Dugro® and Dugrostar™, 
Log on to www.dugro.com.my 
Or call the Dumex CareLine 
At 1-800-38-1038.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Free Ecover 100ml Detergent Sample

Feeling disappointed?
For not lucky enough,
To be one of the winners,
For my Ecover Giveaways?

Here's a little consolation 'prize'...
For 30 of my readers...
Whom filling in this form...
Before 10 October 2014...
Or when after 30 readers...
Had submitted the form..

Get your free 100ml sample of..
Ecover's non-bio laundry liquid,
Packed with plant based,
Mineral ingredients,
And clever science,
To clean your clothes without toxins....

Hurry up!
Hop over and fill in your details at:

Siapa cepat dia dapat!~

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fish & Co Main Place Grand Opening

We're invited to....
Fish & Co's Grand Opening,
At Main Place...
And the launch of their
New Kid's Menu!~

Ready to be seated,
For a family of five!~
The party is about the begins...

Which is your favourite?
We wear this to snap,
Beautiful family photos...

We had our faces painted:
Didi got fish on his face;
Mei mei got butterfly on her face;
While I had a spider on the hand....

Sand art fun time!~

We hugged and hugged and hugged,
Cute pinky mascot from Molly Fantasy...
The clowns is here, too!
Giving us lots and lots of balloons....

Ready to feast?
Hop over to Little Kitchen's blog,

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reading Geronimo

My daddy bought me new book..
First time I read a book,
With many words...
And it's 115pages....

The storyline is really interesting..
It grab my attention..
And I finish reading it,
Just in one day...

I love reading!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Genting Ice Age Adventure + Behind The Scenes Tour

Mummy and mei mei,
Went dating in Genting....
Let's see what did I miss out!~

Ice Age Adventure!~
At Genting International Convention Centre (GICC),,
Meeting Rooms 7-12,
From 10am - 10pm....
At only RM20 nett per person...

More photos and adventure,
Do hop over to my mei mei's Ice Age post...

Dining at Coffee Terrace...
I really miss the delicious food there!~

Behind The Scenes Tour,
From 2:15pm until 5pm...
Pricing at RM20 per person...

The tour starts at visiting...
Visitor's Galleria...
Oh yes!
We went there before in our previous trip!~

Following by.....
Genting International Showroom..
To see what's really behind the scene!~

The very first batch to visit..
The largest hotel laundry in Malaysia:-
First World Hotel Laundry....

See, Do & Eat Interactive Workshop...
Having fun making sushi
Plus decorating cupcakes....
And then E-A-T them!~

Interested with the sneak preview?
Do check out my mei mei's blog,
If you wish to see more photos,
On the tours...

How I wish I were there!~~~
But did I miss ALL the fun?
After their girlie dates,
I got my favourite Scrat's face mask..
I coloured it and have lots of fun 
Playing around at home..

Pity me huh?
They had tons and tons of fun,
And all I get is just this!~

No worries,
We're heading up to Genting, again...
Very soon anyway!~

Ice Age Adventure
Venue: GICC
Time: 10am-10pm
Price: RM20 nett per person

Behind The Scenes Tour:
Visitor Galleria
Genting International Showroom
First World's Hotel's Laundry
See, Do & Eat Interactive Workshop
Meeting Place:
First World Theme Park Wristband Counter
OR Vision City Video Games Park, Genting Grand
Time: 2:15pm until 5pm
Price:  RM20 per person
Pre-booking via email themepark.info@rwgentingcom
Or call 03-61011118 Ext. 55678

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ecover Winners

Dang Dang Dang Dang...
It's time,
To announce our winners,

Before that,
Let me tell you even more,
About this fantastic nature laundry product:
As pioneers in the field of effective and ecological products, 
Ecover’s processes are designed 
To achieve maximum effectiveness and sustainability. 

The green roof of Ecover’s ecological factory is over 6000m² 
And is covered with green plants, 
Creating a safe habitat for birds and insects 
And proves to be great insulation throughout the year. 

So clean with peace of mind!

Ecover has ecological factories in Belgium and France.

The factory roof is nature itself….
And helps us cut down on heating 
And air conditioning all year round.  

Looks nice too, huh?

The fact is that,
Not only the factory is nice..
The products are even superb!~

The 3 winners,
Which are selected by,
Random.org via rafflecopter,
Are going to receive~~~
Fantastic Ecover product,
In their doorstep very very soon......

One (1) Non-Bio Laundry Liquid 1L for Ivy

One (1) Fabric Conditioner 750ml for Yeoh

One (1) Delicate 1L for Shirley

The Winners are:
Ivy, Yeoh & Shirley!~

You'd won Ecover 
For your parents' 7th grandson 
Even before he's born!~
This little bundle of joy,
Will surely bring lots and lots of luck,
For you and your family!~

Wait for your Ecover products,
And discover the magic in Ecover!~
I bet you'll be amazed, 
With the change in your hands 
Even after laundry job is done....

No worries,
Ecover is on the way,
To assist you with your piled up laundry task!~

I'm 100% sure,
You'll love this products,
As much as we do!~

Happy trying!!!!!
And after trying,
Don't forget 
To introduce this new brand 
To your friends and family, too!~

Friday, September 19, 2014

Ryde Park

After we bought some food,
We walk straight away to Ryde Park...
It was sunny day,
Yet the weather is cooling for a walk...
That's the best part in Australia,
It's too hot to walk like this in Malaysia at this hour...

We're really amazed,
With the slide...
It's well-maintained...
With what we called 'walkie-talkie'
And 'Binocular'..
Super cool slide!~

Even the swing here,
Is more beautiful than what we have,
In our country...

We have a lot of great fun,
Sitting on this big circle..
While daddy and mummy take turns,
To make it turning round and round...
Until they feel tired and dizzy!~

Places for everyone,
To build up their muscle..
Let's exercise!~

Bigger swing,
For all of us to sit in together,
And swing up and away!~

We love the playground in the park...
We love the greenery in the park..
We love the weather in the park, too!

Fun Fun Fun!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ecover Giveaway!

Dirty clothes piles up like a mountain?
No big deal....
My mummy have Ecover:
A laundry product,
Powered by nature!~

Ecover's Non Bio Laundry Liquid,
Tough on Stains,
With gentle fragrance!~

Ecover's Under the Sun Fabric Conditioner,
For luxuriously soft clothes...

Ecover's Delicate for Fine Fabrics,
Cares for fine fabrics,silks and woolens...

Whom are the pioneer of  'eco surfactants'
Really are a safer product to everyone,
And kinder to the planet, too!~

For your information,
All cleaners and detergents,
Contain surfactants that enable them,
To release dirt while they work..
These surfactants are usually produced by
Petro Chemical Process,
And do not biodegrade completely.
Ecover has invented a way of producing these surfactants,
Using an energy efficient and biochemical production process.
Eco surfactants have been tested to provide powerful cleaning,
With complete biodegradability,
And low toxicity...

Mummy always ops for machine wash,
As her hands are super sensitive to detergents..
Even little bit touching of the normal detergents,
Would make a great difference in her hands...

I saw the product carries the sensitive to skin logo,
But I really don't know so much about detergents,
The one and only thing that I know is:-
After using Ecover,
When mummy holds my hands....
I noticed her hands are smoother!~

It is proven to me,
A very good product,
Ecover’s washing up range 
B.I.G., Hero supermarkets and Isetan
One (1) Fabric Conditioner 750ml
One (1) Delicate 1L

That's extra kind to sensitive skin!~

So sometimes,
Mummy can even hand wash now,
To make our colourful clothes cleaner!~
With Ecover's Non Bio Laundry Liquid....
- 1.5L selling at RM41.50

Ecover Non-Bio Laundry Liquid (1.5L Selling at RM41.50)
·         Tested for sensitive skin.  Kind to your hands thanks to plant based and mineral ingredients
·         No petrochemical ingredients
·         No residue of unnecessary chemicals left on your clothes
·         Fresh perfume from plant based ingredients.
·         Washes efficiently using the power of nature
·         Not tested on animals
Environmental Advantage:
·         Bottles from sugarcane - biodegradeable
·         Fast and complete biodegradability (OECD-test 301F, full product)
·         Minimum impact on aquatic life (OECD-test 201&202, full product)
·         No animal testing

·         Suitable for septic tanks

After washing our clothes,
Be it colourful or super white one...
For a family whom is staying in the apartment,
Plus a mummy whom is working....
By the time we're at home.....
We really can't have clothes dried up naturally...

Under The Sun fabric conditioner,
Is really fabulous product,
As it gets our clothes,
Smelling like,
They've been basking in the mid-day sun,
Luxuriously soft laundry,
That's a breeze to iron....

Believe it or not,
Even my di di's cloth diaper,
Smell really nice,
After washing with this fabric conditioner!~

Ecover Fabric Conditioner (750ml Selling at RM17.80)
·         Tested for sensitive skin.  Kind to your skin thanks to plant based and mineral ingredients
·         No petrochemical ingredients.  Naturally softens and freshens your laundry
·         Made using renewable, plant based and mineral ingredients
·         Helps reduce static, making your clothes easier to iron
·         Respects your skin: no colorants, only plant based ingredients
Environmental advantage:
·         Bottles from sugarcane - biodegradeable
·         Fast and complete biodegradability (OECD-test 301F, full product)
·         Minimum impact on aquatic life (OECD-test 201&202, full product)
·         No animal testing
·         Suitable for septic tanks

My mei mei always fancy with nice dresses,
Which made with fine fabrics...
That needs extra care during laundry...

We can count on Ecover Delicate,
To take care of our clothes' colour,
And prevent bobbing all,
With a subtle lavender fragrance...

Ecover Delicate (1L Selling at RM19.00)
·         Ideal for fine fabrics, silks and woollens
·         Preserves the softness of delicate fabrics and protects their color
·         Non biological
·         Respects your skin: no colorants, only plant based ingredients
·         No petrochemical ingredients
·         Bottles from sugarcane - biodegradeable
·         Fast and complete biodegradability (OECD-test 301F, full product)
·         Minimum impact on aquatic life (OECD-test 201&202, full product)
·         No animal testing
·         Suitable for septic tanks
Environmental advantage:
·         Bottles from sugarcane - biodegradeable
·         Fast and complete biodegradability (OECD-test 301F, full product)
·         Minimum impact on aquatic life (OECD-test 201&202, full product)

·         No animal testing

As well as its other cleaners are available at
Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, Presto supermarkets, 

Ecover Giveaway!
Readers with allergies or sensitive skin 
(Or know someone with sensitive skin)? 
Now it's your chance to try Ecover.

3 of my readers will walk away
With Ecover products:-
One (1) Non-Bio Laundry Liquid 1L
One (1) Fabric Conditioner 750ml
One (1) Delicate 1L

Leave a comment below 
On if you (or someone in your family),
Suffer from sensitive skin or allergies 
And why you want to receive these Ecover products. 
Together with your email address...
By 19th September!
You'll stand a chance 
To win Ecover products as mentioned above!~

Complete the Rafflecopter below to win!~

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, September 12, 2014

Legoland Observation Tower

We all took a family ride....
In the Legoland Observation Tower...
Here we go...
Up up and away!~

Viewing the whole Legoland,
From the above,
In a different perspective...
And it still look amazing!~

The Legoland Hotel...
And Waterpark....

 Viewing from high above...

 Is totally a different feeling,
And different view, too!~

Don't miss the Legoland's
Observation Tower...
To view the whole Legoland!~

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Future Card Buddy Fight

Future Card Buddy Fight,
Originated from Japan..
A Japanese collectible card game,
Created by Bushiroad...

It's released on January 2014,
Anime airs on TV2,
Every Saturday @ 8:30am,
And Astro Channel 612 Nickelodeon,
 Every Sunday @ 9:30 am

Mummy thought it's a card game,
Not so suitable for me,
Little did she knows...
She got wrong perspective on the card...
Don't get scared away by the word:
As it's not violence at all!~

Pretty staff from Buddyfight local distributor,
Taught us how to play the card....

The card game actually,
Enhance quality family bonding time...

It encourages interaction among children and parents,
It's all about Socializing~~~

It encourages the children to learn more about the game,
It's all about reading..

It encourages children to add basic sums..
It's all about Math...

It also encourages children to think of a variety of ways,
To win their opponent..
It's all about Strategy...

I actually don't care so much,
About what's the benefit...

My opinion?
It's easy to learn,
And fun to play...
That's the most important part...

You may purchase the cards,
At the list of shops in this link...
Card shops can teach players,
On how to play for FREE,
And each player will receive
A Trial Play Deck,
Except for Thunder Match outlets...

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