Thursday, December 29, 2016

Chun Ciou Hotpot

First Authentic Taiwanese Imperial..
"Served-to-table" hotpot buffet...
Chunciou Hot Pot..
Located along Jalan Old Klang Road...

I think you will have no problem...
In spotting the building..
It looks kind of outstanding!~

The environment is super comfy and cosy...
The best place ever,
To eat steamboat!~

Variety of drinks,
To choose from..

My favourite appetizer:
Lotus marinated with Mango!
So uniquely yummy!~

Not forgetting kimchi,
And cherry tomato marinated with lime..
It's equally yummy!~

The most special part is...
We actually put 'mua-chi' inside the hotpot..
And it taste really delicious!~

Other steamboat ingredients include:
Wasabi ball,
Hot sesame bun
Taro fish ball
Sincere ball
Curry fish ball
Cheese fish toufu
Cheese prawn ball
Premium prawn ball
Red heart ball
Mushroom fish ball
Premium cuttlefish ball
Pork Tendon ball
Fish and squid mixture
Ham ball
White fish ball
Abalone slice
Special tofu
Handmade meat ball..

White carrot
Abalone mushroom
Golden mushroom
Chinese yam
Sweet potato
Chieh gua
Chinese Fungus
Bok Choy
Yau Mak

Variety of the sauces:
Green Onion
Thai Chilli Sauce
Fruit Sauce
Satay Paste
Soy Sauce
Sesame Sauce
Bean Curd

Featured soup base
Sukiyaki soup
Lakesalt soup
Tonkatsu Soup
Spicy soup
Herbal Soup
Tomyam Soup...

Must try: Lakesalt soup...
Super refreshingly nice....

Side dishes:
Udon noodles
Dong fen
Spinach noodles
Beancurd skin
Toufu puff
Fried bread stick
Braised pork rice

Highly recommended:
Braised pork rice..
Even without the pork,
The plain rice tastes so yummy!~

Specially Selected Meat:
Australian Striploin
Australian Ribeyes
Lamb Shoulder Roll
Pork Belly
Pork Shoulder
Chicken Fillet
Duck Roll..

Meet the general!~

Red Bean Soup
Ice Cream
Sweet Lemon Slice...

For more information,
Tel: 012-6882860 016-5454348 / 018-2776503
Address: Lot 306, Batu 3, Jalan Klang Lama, KL
Lunch 12pm-3pm RM69.60 per pax
Dinner 5pm-12am RM87.00 per pax


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Sunway Lagoon Cirque Panda

An unprecedented theatrical spectacle,
Cirque Panda....
Happening at Amphitheater Sunway Lagoon..

The story follows the quest of Wenwen,
A clumsy, belittled panda,
On a mission to become..
A Master of Acrobatics...

Cirque Panda features,
High-flying acrobatics,
From artist of the..
China National Acrobatic Troupe..

The show takes audience,
On an epic journey....

Almost take my breath away...
Seeing how tall they do the stunt!~

Beautifully displaying...
The art in Chinese...

Look at what those acrobatics team can do!
Amazing isn't it?

Last but not least,
Very impressive team!~

Group photo with all the VIPs,
And everyone in the acrobatic team...

Friday, December 23, 2016

Le Pont Boulangerie Cafe, Sri Petaling

Le Pont Boulangerie et Cafe,
Embarks on new chapter...
With opening of its second outlet..
In Sri Petaling...

Since opening its doors in Old Klang Road last year,
Le Pont Boulangerie et Cafe,
Has been steadily gaining popularity among diners,
As a French European Boulangerie-pattisserie-cafe,
That connects cultures and gastronomic discoveries,
With memorable moments...

Le Pont (French for 'The Bridge')
Comes from the desire to capture,
The vision of a unique space,
Where people can come together,
And forge new friendships,
And the aspiration to create..
A food and beverage concept,
Where food and drink connect seamlessly...

Grand opening of....
Le Pont Bouglangerie et Cafe,
At Sri Petaling!~

Gingerbread man making demonstration...
Decoration done by little prince!~
Merry Xmas, everyone!

Hand brew demonstration...
Hands-on session by head of Coffee...

Kitchen cuisine live presentation,
By Chef de Cuisine...
Yummilicious smoked salmon!~

Molecular gastronomy showcase,
By Head of pastry...
Chef de Pastisserie Soong Chee Heen...
Ice cream with
'Smoke' that can't get out of my eyes!~

Milo UHT Pack in the Energy for Champions Blogger Workshop

Attended Milo UHT Pack in the Energy For Champions..
Bento Workshop for bloggers...

Following Milo's recent expose,
Which revealed a correlation..
Between energy and children's attention span,
And performance level in school...
Milo extends the education to more mothers..
In an informative and engaging workshop...

We're so lucky to be a part of it...

Can't wait for the fun Bento-making session...

But before that,
Mummy learn a lot..
From Senior Nutritionist,
Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad,
Nurul Iliani Ahmad...
Whom shared facts from MyBreakfast Study,
Malaysia's first comprehensive nationwide study,
On breakfast habits,
Involving 8,705 school children..
That 1 in 3 children were found,
To have low physical activity levels,
And this was especially prevalent
Among breakfast skippers....

Is the most important meal!~
No matter how busy and how rush we are,
Just grab a pack of Milo UHT Pack as breakfast!~

Yan Diana,
Admin of Kelab Bekal / Bento Malaysia...
Doing a demonstration..
On how she prepared her attractive bento box...

It's easy...
It's cute...
3 bento boxes,
Are done by Yan Diana,
In such a short time...

Yan Diana's bento boxes,
Together with her recipes..

We made our own version..
Of Bento Box...
With a crabby crab..
Since we just came back,
From Crab watching...

All the bento boxes,
Done by all the mothers and their kiddos..

The 3 best bento..
Walk away with Nestle goodies...
Congratulations to the winners!~

This is such a fun-filled workshop!~
We hope we could attend more event like this,
With Milo!~~~~~
Thank you, Milo!~

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Little Kingdom @ Parkson Maju Junction Shopping Mall

It's a wonderful weekend...
We head over to Magical Mansion,
At Little Kingdom,
Located in Parkson Maju Junction Mall...
For tickets,
Plus wearing our cool Little Kingdom's wristband...
Before we start exploring the wonderful kingdom...

Little Kingdom,
Located at Level 3,
Parkson Maju Junction Shopping Mall...

Single Pass is selling at RM80
While Family Pass is selling at RM200 for 4 tickets...

We can't wait to go in...
And have a magical journey inside..
The Little Kingdom!~

If teachers would like to organize,
A school trip to Little Kingdom,
Here's the package charges:

Charge per student headcount:
RM40.00 with minimum of 20 students...

Charge per teacher headcount:
1 complimentary teacher admission,
For every 10 students (Primary School);
1 complimentary teacher admission,
For every 5 students (Kindergarten/Nursery)

Charge per parent headcount:
RM40.00 per pax,
With one meal included..

The package includes:
Welcome performance with mascot appearance,
Customized itenary with fun-filled activities,
Bento lunch set
Goodies for all students..

After settling our tickets,
We proceed to the main entrance of..
Little Kingdom...

The main entrance is so magical...
We feels like entering another world...

Very very cute characters,
All around Little Kingdom!~
We love them so much!~
It's all in mini size...
And almost the height as all the children...
Feels so warm and approachable...

Remember to register for..
Cooking class at Little T-Rex Kitchen,
Right after you enter the park!~

This is a super 'hot' and fun class...
Register early to avoid disappointment...
A MUST-TRY in Little Kingdom!

This class is super duper fun...
With a lot of hands-on experience,
Taught by Chef and his assistance....

Our session:
Making pancake..
And then decorate,
And eat it!~

It's yummilicious!

Brainy Play

Don't know what's pygmalion?
Try it out...

It's the very special....
Brain development course...
By Royale Unicorn...

We enrolled ourselves...
In Origami class...
Learning how to make,
Tulip Origami Flower,
At Little Alice,
Taught by Teacher Yana...
From Royale Unicorn Education....

This is another must-registered,
Right after you enter the park....
Before all the slots are taken up...

Learning how to drive...
Step by step....

We were given money...
To pay for petrol...
And wash our car...
This is super duper fun!

After completing the whole course,
Little Kingdom will issue...
A driving licence for us....

I'll be collecting my driving licence...
Real soon!~

Don't miss out..
Amazon Ride...

It's a very fun-filled ride...
Practicing our shooting skill!~

To test your shooting skills!~

Watch the video,
To see how amazing it is...

Very magical castle....

Wondering what's inside the castle?
Step inside and you'll be truly amazed....

It's a wonderful ballroom..
Which is suitable for birthday party!~
Very classy and elegant...
With little playground inside....
I'm sure this will be all kids' dream party!~

Show time..
At Magical Stage!~
Performances with singing and dancing...
Giving out great message:
How to brush teeth correctly!~

The Maze....
With tasks to complete..
To get a chop from the person in charge!~

Mission accomplished!

Lovely playgrounds...
We can spend hours here..
Without getting boring...

The best part is this sand play area,
Filled with Cassia Seeds...
That is full with health benefits....

Exploring upstairs:
Mysterious Mars..
Let's explore planet Mars together..
And many other planets in the galaxy!~

Besides playing...
We get to learn about..
All the planets in the galaxy...
With some fun facts....
Displaying all around on the wall...

All of a sudden,
We're in outer space...
Without even a ride on a spaceship!~
Wonderful, isn't it?

Guess what we're doing..
Inside Little Cinderella Ballroom...
It's not-so-princessy...
But it's really great for exercise!~

It's work-out time!~
With little gym equipment,
Just nice for the little ones....

This is the cutest gym room,
I'd ever seen...

Little Beast Field...

Exploring another fun room..
Right besides Little Cinderella Ballroom...

Time for some extra gym movement..
Jumping and running around,
Without any worries...

For more information,

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