Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sydney Tower

It was quite a long walk....
We're pretty happy...
To see our destination...
Is getting nearer and nearer...
Sydney Tower!~
I'm coming~~~~~~

 Look whom I met,
At the entrance of Sydney Tower...

My experience's gonna starts from here!~
So, do you wanna try skywalk-ing?

Attracted to the play area...
And spend some times here...
Before amazed by...
The beautiful view.....

Spotted the very famous bridge...
In Sydney!~

Can always read about..
The fast facts of the places...
Before eye-ing on it...

There it is:
Archibald Fountain!~

Spot the shadow of Sydney Tower,
In our snapshot!~
Cool, isn't it?

A bit dissapointed...
Getting to know,
Santa's is so busy....

Trying to peep..
Whether I'm in the nice list,
Or the naughty list...
Behind the notice board....

Can't see my name,
In either the list..
But I'm pretty confident,
I'm the nice one..
I decided to wait..
Until Santa is free to come back,
And entertained me...

He's really punctual!~
He's here sharp at 4pm!
Give us some sweets,
And of course,
A gift for me...
For being such a good boy,
Throughout the year!~

Thank you, Santa!~

Making our very own version of souvenir,
Before heading back!~
Just for 2 dollar!~

Spotted the highest working post box,
In Southern Hemisphere....

It's indeed a great idea,
To post back a postcard,
For myself from here...

Shopback with Lazada

Signing up...
For Shopback:
A cashback and deals site!~

This is how it works...
And how it helps us to save $$$

Simple steps:
Step 1: Share your link,
Step 2: Get your friend to sign up..
Step 3: Start earning!

As easy as 1-2-3, right?

Check out the video,
For clearer view on..
How Shopback actually works!~

Counting down to 2016,
Shopback is having:
The last sale of 2015!~

Don't miss out the special deal, ya~

I love how they categorize everything...
In simple categories...
Makes my online shopping,
More convenience,
And a lot more easier!~

Not to worry about missing out...
The top deals of the day!~

And it's super easy,
To check out the best deals of the week!

I always shop in Lazada...
With Shopback,
I can get daily Lazada vouchers and coupons...
So cool, kan?

 A gentle reminder will pops up,
When I click on Lazada's deal...

 On my way to shopping~~~~

Ta da!
Select as many items as I wanted!~
As now...
I can save more,
With shopback!~

What's more?
Get free shippping...
On your favourite stores!~

Perfect way to shop online!~
Why wait?
Hop over to www.shopback.my NOW!~

Monday, December 28, 2015

Scholastic Lego Ninjago - The Way Of The Ghost

I'm fans for Scholastic books...
I'm also fans for Lego...

Scholastic Lego Ninjago,
The Way of The Ghost:
This book is superb!~
For a super fans like me!~

You know what's so fun about the book?
Besides reading...
I can play Lego, too!~
My brand new minifigure: Kai!~

This is how to build Kai...
Pretty simple, isn't it?

Kai is an addition,
To my  Lego collection now!~

Back to reading......
The story-line is pretty interesting for me...
If you're the kind of reader,
That doesn't like to read just wordings...
This is just the right book for you!~

It comes with comics, too!~
From pretty interesting,
To very interesting!~

Action continues,
With all favourite Ninja!~
The book is packed with stories,
Games and activities about..
The Masters of Spinjutzu...

There're activities,
To enhance the interactive level of reading...
Together with answer sheet,
I have no problem in double check my answers......

I love Scholastic books,
As I'll never get bored of,
The way a traditional book suppose to be!~

Computer games and TV will have to wait..
Until I finish reading my book!~

Who said kiddos nowadays,
Always stick themselves with digital tech stuff?
The main reason they did is just because,
They never read Scholastic book before...

Trust me,
Once anyone take a grab at Scholastic book,
You'll read it until the end of the story:
The very last page,
Before you do anything else!~

For more information on Scholastic Books,
Kindly visit Scholastic website,


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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Scholastic Eric Vale Super Male

I'm always Geromino super fans...
Reading is my favourite hobby...
Since mummy's been,
Introducing many interesting Scholastic books to me...
Since I'm still a baby~~~~~

As a young reader,
I always wanted to seek for more possibility....
This round...
I discover a new book:
Eric Vale Super Male..
Written by Michael Gerard Bauer,
And Illustrated by Joe Bauer...

One thing I like with Scholastic books are:
I never will feels boring...
Reading quite a number of words in each page....
Since it's always accompanied by interesting illustration...
Plus various fonts that comes with different sizes!~

Take a look at the main point...
Of being a super hero:
Protect the girls!!!~
Straight to the point,
Highlighted in bond...

 I can read and understand,
Without any assistance,
From the adult now...
Of course,
I'll still spot one or two vocabulary,
That I'll asked my mummy for the meaning~~~
That makes the book pretty challenging for me~

The book is all about Eric Vale...
Who's in for some SUPER surprises,
In his school's superheroes week.
A mutant orang-utan bear,
A killer beast,
A giant bully...
And the dreaded Oogily-Boogily Man awaits him..
Sounds like a great adventure, isn't it?
Eric Vale, The Super Male,
Will end it in a Super fail,
Or will finally go from Zero to Super Hero?
I'd found out the ending myself..
And very much enjoying the whole story....
If you'd like to know the ending....
Hop over to any book store,
And look for this superhero book!~
Let's read about Eric's super adventure together ya!~

For more information on Scholastic Books,
Kindly visit Scholastic website,


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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Parenthood @ Sunway Putra Mall

The Parenthood....
1st London Street Family Park in Malaysia...
Located at Sunway Putra Mall, Kuala Lumpur...
Opens it's door to the public,
On 5 December 2015...

Speech by Mr Leroy Lee,
CEO of The Parenthood...
The first-of-its-kind family park,
Offering parents and their children,
An avenue to learn, play and enrich,
Individually and together...
All Under One Roof!!!

You must be wondering....
Why London as theme of The Parenthood?
The main reason is:
London is always ahead and premium,
In parenting~~~~~

This indoor park,
Provides an interactive quality bonding
And progressive learning platform,
Between parents and babies,
Toddlers and kids under 12 years old..

A wide range of enrichment classes are available,
From academic to hobbies and sports~~~

The cute little 'guard'
At the entrance of:
My Kingdom -
A themed playground -
By The Parenthood!

Stepping into this friendly neighbourhood place,
It's no ordinary walk in a park...
Architectures greeting me:
Big Ben, The red London Bus,
British flags,
Red post boxes,
Quaint shops nestled..
Along yellow marked tar roads..
Against the backdrop of the English castle..
Indeed a refreshing reminisce of fabulous LONDON!~

My Kingdom is a place..
Where I Play & Learn....
Let's explore inside:
Offers treasure hunt games,
Flying fox,
Spider tower,
Transparent spiral slide,
Multiple slides,
Ball pit tunners,
And play bridges...

And lots of slides...
Which equal to fun..
And lots of fun!~

Mountain climbing for the little ones...
Challenging and adventurous!~

Lots and lots of balls...
Enough to put smiles,
On every kiddo's face!~

The source of all knowledge!~

A party room!~
Can organize any party here!~
Which can accommodate up to 40 children!

This is the best part about The Parenthood...

While the kids are playing...
The parents can shop!~
Offering wide selection of what a parent needs....
You named it,
They got it in The Parenthood!~

Mummy can even pamper themselves,
While her kids are having fun in My Kingdom!~
Various services like pedicure, manicure,
Massage, facial, hair cut etc.....
Are available in A Beauty Secret Studio!~

No time to exercise,
Is never a good excuse,
For parenting!~
Family fitness room,
Which offers WiO Express's Power Plate,
And other fitness props for parents and kids...

Parents can stay healthy and fit,
Parents can stay beautiful...
While the kids are playing and learning!

In short,
The family park compromises of,
4 major component:
1: Relaxation & leisure: Family fitness room & A Beauty Secret Studio
2: Educational & Play: My Kingdom
3: Dining: Lillipilli, with 2 big tv, showcasing kiddos inside 'My Kingdom'
4: Shopping: 33 retailers like Pigeon, Pureen, Grolier, Faber Castell, Hasbro etc.

"Drop & Shop" service,
For toddlers / kids of 4 years old and above,
Are available, too!~

Isn't it a perfect place to hang around,
For the whole family?!~

The Parenthood
2nd Floor,
Sunway Putra Mall,
100, Jalan Putra, Chow Kit,
50350 Kuala Lumpur

Facebook page for My Kingdom themed playground by The parenthood:

Genting Back To Nature Retreat 2015

We joined Genting's Back To Nature Retreat 2015,
Together with 85 youth,
From Bentong, Raub,
And Rumah Charis from Kuala Lumpur...
Embarked on Eco Nature Trail,
Covering 1.8 km of Jungle Trekking,
Through 130 millioin years old rainforest..

The event organized by:
Resorts World Genting..
With the main objective of
Enhancing the awareness of nature,
With Youth though...
Self development and motivation camp,
Held for 2 days, 
On 5 and 6 December 2015.

Speech by Ms Katherine Chew,
Vice President of Resorts World Genting.

Launch of the event:
A tree planting ceremony,
By Guest of Honour,
Yang Berbahagia Senator
Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun,
Deputy Minister of Women, Family & Community..
Together with Ms Katherine...

Our team - Blue Sky...
Won the 1st prize at Eco Nature Trail..
For our teamwork and team spirit!
Well done, teammates!

Eco Talk by Fadly Bakthiar,
The Programme Director of Eco Knights,
Shared ways to reduce resources consumption,
And manager waste through 3R -
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle techniques.

Thought of staying overnight in...
Genting Awana Long House..
But we change our mind..
To stay nearer to the nature...

We slept overnight..
In a very comfy tent...
A brand new experience,
For Cre8tone's family!~

The hunt for national treasure..
Starts with solving a tangram...

Many fun games:
Star Wars,
Bridge too far,
Giant Slipper Obstacle,
Spider Web,
Mines Field..
And Hidden Golf Balls...

It's really challenging and requires us..
To think out of the box...
And full cooperation from the whole team...
To complete the tasks!~

A group photo,
With our team mates!~
With our completed task!~

It ended with General Knowledge Question,
Held at Telematch Ground.

May our friendship continues!~
Even after the event ends....

All of us,
Works creatively..
And comes out with our very own design of clothes,
From recycled materials...

Ta Da!~
The one-of-a-kind fashion show!~~
All the attires are superb, isn't it?

This is the most precious adventure I had...
Throughout the whole school holiday...
I did many things I'd never thought of,
And completed it successfully for the first time!~
Thanks to all my helpful and wonderful teammates!~

Thanks Genting PR Team,
For working hard for us...
And thanks Resorts World Genting,
For including us in such an adventurous event!~

Being Genting Kid blogger,
Is the best adventure for me..
Now and forever!~

I'm so proud to be 
One of Genting kid blogger!!!~


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