Monday, February 20, 2017

Disney On Ice @ Sunway Pyramid Ice

I went to Disney On Ice,
On year 2010 & 2011...
That's so many years ago..
Now I'm looking forward for...
The Wonderful World...
Disney On Ice 2017!~

24-26 March 2017,
Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam...
Tickets can be purchased online at
Or you may buy it from Sunway Pyramid Ice..

Conducted by,
Disney On Ice's performers,

Cute junior ice skaters,
During the warm up session..

Coaches of the day,
Are all performers,
For Disney On Ice:
Michael Helgren,
Julianne DiMura,
Vika Tugolukova,
Kate Mahan,
Freddy Allain...

Having great fun time,
Ice-skating together,
At Sunway Pyramad Ice!

Group photo!~

Certificate of participation....
Signed by Mickey & Minnie..
Awesome, isn't it?

Check out..
Michael Helgren,
Whom play the role as Simba the Lion..
Truly amazing!!!~

Canon - Delighting Malaysian for 30 years

Canon Marketing Malaysia...
Marked its 30th Anniversary in Malaysia...
"We are grateful for all of the local support,
And encouragement we have received over this journey."
Said Andrew Koh,
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Janna Nick,
Ambassador of Canon,
Selfie with Canon Camera...

Janna Nick - Mungkin Saja

Canon Cameras...

For more information,

Kenny Rogers Roasters spicy gilerrr...

Kenny Roger Roasters....
Adding a little spice of life...
Spicy Gilerrr meal....

Spicy chicken favourite meal..
1/4 spicy chicken,
2 side dish,
1 peanut butter chocolate muffin..

Spicy chicken & soup meal..
1/5 spicy chicken...
1 side dish
1 country-style chicken soup..
1 peanut butter chocolate muffin..

Peanut butter chocolate muffin
The brand new
Kenny's home-made muffin...

Truly refreshing drink:
Blue Chillax!~

For more information,
Contact 03-2119 9888
Or visit
Or connect to

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cafe 5 at Pearl International Hotel

Had a wonderful meal..
In Cafe 5,
Pearl International Hotel..

Roast chicken
Roasted Cajun-style chicken thigh,
With chunky fries,
Buttered vegetables and onion gravy..

Rack of Lamb...
Oven roasted rack of lamb,
With crusted almond served with onion mash,
And rosemary sauce..

Pan-firied seabass
Fresh seabass sauteed,
With cherry tomatoes and green asparagus,
In garlic butter cream gravy..

Smoked salmon tortilla wrap..
Flat tortilla bread,
Filled with smoked salmon..
And fresh vegetables in garlic aloli sauce
Served with chunky fries!~

Delicious fried rice...
With 2 fresh prawns!~

Nasi lemak!
Very nice sambal!~
Super yummy!

Wah Tan Hor...
The gravy is super nice!

Char kuey tiaw!~
It's delicious!~

The best part is:
With every 2 main courses ordered,
We get to enjoy a complimentary Kid's Favourite meal...
That means:
Kids eat for FREE!!!~

C5 Kids Platter:
A feast of deep fried chicken, nuggets,
Chicken sausage, egg sandwich and chunky fries...

Another selection of Kid's favourites:Chicken Bolognese
A mini serving of spaghetti,
With homemade tomato concasse,
Minced chicken with mozzarella cheese...

Accompanied by...
Lovely yummy variety of drinks...

Pearl International Hotel
Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-7983 1111
Fax: 603-7983 2211

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

GT mobile smartphones GT-888

My new phone,
From GT Mobile...
My brand new GT-888...
Always Desire More!~

Front view of GT-888
It runs the latest Android 5.1 OS,
and offers the very best and latest..
Of Android expriences!~

It features fully milti-touch 5.5" Arc screen,
That has the latest IPS technology,
And delivers high-resolution,
Clear and stunning colour consistency,
From every angle..

The screen is made of Gorilla Glass 3,
And is 300% shatterproof and scratch-resistant.

Back view of my GT Mobile,
Which is designed in Singapore...
In super stylish metal grey colour!~

Transparent 'clothes'
For my GT-888,
Extra protection......
For what's so excellent inside:
Revolutionary Cortex-A53 architecture,
Featuring 64-bit quad-core MTK 6735P CPU...
That enables smooth and lightening-fast speed,
For playing video games or other multi-tasking!~

In this modern days,
Speed determines everything...
If everything can be done at super fast speed,
Life's gonna be much more easier!~

It's quick-charge technology..
35% reached in 15 minutes...

Advanced quick-charge revolutionary technology,
Form Texas Instruments...
With this amazing charger...

The best part is,
It comes with dual-SIM Standby:
I can use 2 cards to make or receive calls...
The Data usage is superb!
Can download and play..
My favourite songs and videos nonstop,
Thanks to the phone's ultrafast download and upload speed...

Earphones are so handy!~
While listening to songs!~

The 8MP camera is amazing!
Look at the details of the greenery,
I snapped with GT-888's camera...

It also offers amazing low-light performance,
And it's great for shooting photos in the night,
As it features OV8865 stacked image sensor,
Which enables 0.3 sec focus.

Can take photos in HDR,
Panorama, fisheye, night mode,
And voice commands..

With GT-888,
It's easier to share...
Hotknot will send immediately,
Even faster than Wifi transmission speed,
By just bring the 2 devices together...
Method: Choose photos, songs or file,
And simple contact 2 touch screens together!~

For more information on GT Mobile,
Kindly hop over to their website...

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GT Dollar, e-commerce giant
GT mobile smartphones GT-888

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dutch Lady Mum's Hats

As kiddos growing up....
Mummy needs to adapt..
To various roles..
And improvise..
According to children's new milestones...

A study revealed that,
The average mum..
Is a master multi-tasker,
Who carries out the roles of different professions!~
From cleaner, entertainer,
Chef, accountant and teacher,
To a chamber maid...
Skill of first-aider, chauffeur and hairdresser,
Is needed as well...

Dutch Lady recognizes,
The multiple roles,
Malaysian mums play,
And support her,
In her motherhood journey...

A mum = an artist...
To paint and draw,
Together with their kids...
Hop over to Little Artist's blog,
For all the art work...
We done together...

A mum = A chef......
Kiddos will always think,
Their mum cook's food..
Is the most delicious food in the world!~

I always look for new recipes,
And cook whatever dishes,
My 3 lovely kids wanna eat....

A mum = A coach, too!~
I'm truly never really into basketball...
But little prince is a super basketball lover...
And his basketball's journey started off,
With Dutch Lady's Jr NBA...
And that's when...
I started trying to be,
'A basketball coach'
Learning new skill,
From looking for faraway,
At Jr NBA's coaching clinic..
As well as by watching basketball's videos in youtube...

Most importantly,
A mum is always a friend...
I'd be the friend for my kids....
The friend whom always listen to their voices;
The friend whom always did many things together with them....

If you also would like to stay...
On top of the ever-changing motherhood journey,
With Dutch Lady by your side...
Always check out
For more information on..
How Dutch Lady 4-Step Nutri Plan,
With 5xDHA supports a child's smart milestones......

ZooMoo CNY Paper Plate Rooster

It's Chinese New Year!~
It's Year of Rooster...
And we're going to celebrate it,
Together with ZooMoo,
By creating a Paper Plate Rooster craft!~

Step 1: Fold paper plate into half.
Step 2: Glue the googly eyes on the paper plate.
Step 3: Fold the red felt.
Step 4: Cut out the rooster's comb and rooster's wattle.
Step 5: Fold the orange felt and cut out 2 triangle pieces.
Step 6: Stick all the felt we cut on the paper plate.

Step 7: Cut a small silt on the top back of the paper plate.
Step 8: Apply glue on the stem of the feathers and slide them through silt.

Here you go!~
A festive paper plae rooster,
For Chinese New Year!~

Zoomoo Jan/Feb 2017 Programme Highlights:
Happy Year Of The Rooster! 
Premieres Saturday 21 January at 3pm
(Repeats throughout January)

Dinosaur Train - New Series
New Episodes every Saturday and Sunday,
From 1st January at 4pm
(Repeats 8pm, 9am & 12pm)

Bath Time
Premiere Saturday 4 February at 11:30am
(Repeats 3:30pm, 7:30pm and 7:30am)

Let's Play
Premier Saturday 18 February at 10:30am
(Repeats 2:30pm, 10:30pm & 6:30am)

Lemur's Valentines Day
Premieres Saturday 4 February at 2pm,
And plays throughout February

Executive Lounge ON 23 @ Pearl International Hotel

Had a very luxury breakfast,
At Executive Lounge on 23,
In Pearl International Hotel...

The environment inside...
Is so classy and luxury...
Super duper comfortable...

It makes us feels like...
We're successful business people...
To dine in such a lovely place...

The view above,
Is fantastic...
High up from Level 23.....


Our breakfast set:
Malaysian Set
With Nasi Lemak:
Coconut rice,
Boiled egg,
Cucumber and sambal..

Sliced seasonal fresh cut fruit,
Together with choice of coffee, hot chocolate or milk,
Or choice of freshly chilled orange or guava juice...

Chinese Breakfast set:
Assorted Dim Sum,
Wok-Fried Egg noodles with Shallots
Plain Congee with spring onions, soya sauce and fried shallots..
Plus chinese tea...

Basket of freshly baked pastries,
Choice of cereal with milk,
Sliced seasonal fresh cut fruit,
Together with choice of coffee, hot chocolate or milk,
Or choice of freshly chilled orange or guava juice...

Unlimited access to Executive Lounge ON 23,
Is one of the benefit,
If you're Pearl International Hotel's
Platinum Plus Member....
The memberships come along,
With lots of card benefits like:
Complimentary 2D1N stay in Pearl Premier Room
Complimentary One Bottle of Red / White wine
Complimentary birthday cake
Complimentary Celebration Cake (For Founder members only)
Complimentary One Tea Time Set at Executive Lounge ON 23
Complimentary One  Cocktail Hour Set at Executive Lounge ON 23
Complimentary International Weekend Hi-Tea for Two at Cafe 5
Complimentary Buffet Dinner of your choice for Two at Cafe 5
Complimentary Extension of one year membership for any celebration,
held at Executive Lounge ON 23
And many more priviledge...
Membership fee for one year - RM500+

Pearl International Hotel
Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-7983 1111
Fax: 603-7983 2211

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