Friday, June 16, 2017

US Fries Fiesta at Novotel Hotel

A splendid US Potato Spudster...
Served with Beef Teriyaki,
At Square Restaurant,
Novotel Hotel's Ground Floor,
Lobby Level...

The oval-shaped potatoes,
Tasted milky yummy!~
Perfect accompaniment for the beef!

US Potatoes' Side Winders,
A perfect combination,
Serving together with Grilled Chicken...
Unique sweet spicy and savory peanut sauce,
To dip in..
To add in the uniqueness of the taste...

Side Winders fries,
Amazingly versatile and easily twist the dish!
To become more delicious!~~

Check out US Fries Fiesta in all the 10 outlets!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

US Fries Fiesta

US Fries Fiesta,
A campaign to promote,
The varieties and creative usgae of U.S. frozen potatoes..
10 Participating restaurants in KL,
To serve up unique repertiore / creation of,
U.S. fries dishes...

The campaign objective,
Is to enable many Malaysia fans of U.S. fries,
To try new dishes featuring new cuts of US Fries..
And to support many restaurant that is using U.S. fries,
In promoting U.S. fries in their outlets...

Types of fries being used are:
U.S. Frozen Wedges
U.S. Hashbrown
U.S. Straight Cut Fries
U.S. Crinkle Cut Fries
U.S. Curly Fries..

Potatoes are an indispensable source of nutrition..
One 148 gram potato packs only 110 calories,
But 18% of the RDV (Recommended daily value) of potassium,
And 45% of the RDV of vitamin C.

Quality of US Fries:
Ideal growing temperatures
Rich soil
State-of-the-art processing facilities and generations of expertise
Contain high 'solids' and low sugar content.
More desirable in appearance, taste and texture
US Potato growers offer processors high-quality potatoes from a plentiful year round supply
US industry stands are demanding and must meet all Food and Drug Administration and USDA specifications..

Come and explore...
The many special US fries dishes,
To enhance your dining adventure..
Visit these 10 outlets:
Novotel Hotel, Sams Intan
Yellow Brick, Movida
Smores, La Bodega,
Press Room, Chaiwala Cafe,
Bonne Gilla and Nevermine Pub and Bistro!

Mamonde x 11street

With the launch of Mamonde on 11street,
Shoppers are spoilt for choice,
With 57 Mamonde skincare, make up,
And optional care items,
That are available for online purchase....

Downloaded coupon,
Exclusive for Mamonde Products...

And get special discounts,
Purchasing Mamonde products...
Special offer sets....

Hop over to now..
And grab your favourite Mamonde products!~

Hop over to my instagram,
And check out what products I get,
From Mamonde x 11street...
And as usual,
All my products delivered to me,
The next day I purchased from 11street...

Got to stop writing now!~
Happy customer...
Exploring all my Mamonde products..

Solitaire Bliss

Too boring?
Maybe you'd like to hop over,
To Solitaire Bliss...
For a game challenge...

There are so many games available,
For us to choose...
And don't forget to challenge yourself,
In the daily challenges...
Check out the latest games and their scores..
You may play the last game you just played,
Or choose a brand new games to play...

Spider, 1 suit,
The very first game I tried...
Basically the games is about,
Arranging according to the numbers....
You can find out how to play the games exactly,
In the guide and tips....

Trying out 2nd game:
Spider Solitaire...
Pretty challenging game..

And the 3rd games:
Arrange not only according to numbers,
But alternately with red and black cards...

Besides those 3 games,
There's plenty more to choose from,
And explore one by one,
During leisure time..

The best part is,
It comes with game guides and tips..
If you're lost and don't know how to play,
Or stuck in the middle of the games..
Remember to read through the guides and the tips...

Join the challenges!~

Happy gaming!~

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Buying and selling baby clothes at Carousell

Came across this superb site:

Why I said it's superb...
I can 'get rid' of my kiddos' baby clothes...
When they outgrown it...
With a reasonable amount of cash,
And then purchase another batch of bigger clothes,
That fit their sizes....
All in Carousell!~

Sell in a Snap,
Buy with a Chat...
As simple as that...

Just sign up and register an account,
Then start selling and buying....

Look at all the choices of baby clothes..
That's available in Carousell!~

I can find only boy's apparel,
In this category,
For my prince....

And check out the choices,
For Girl's apparel,
Just for my lovely princess...

When I found items that I wish to purchase,
I'll check the user profile first..
Before making any transaction...

Here's some tips when you're carouselling:
Check user feedback and profile,
Check how many items they sold,
Check how long they have joined carousell,
As for meet-up for higher valued items..

I like the feeling of..
My babies are growing up well..
When they outgrown their clothes...
And it's time to do spring cleaning....
Start Carouselling and buying in new clothes...
Till then...
It's selling and shopping time!~

Happy Carouselling, everyone!~

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Disney Tangled Series - The Tangled Quest

Disney Channel presents,
Its first-ever multi-platform character hunt,
Tangled Quest!~

From 26 May - 11 June,
Take inspiration from Rapunzel's creativity,
Confidence and irrepressible spirit,
At Disney's "Dream Big, Princess" event,
In Sunway Pyramid....

Share the little one's big dreams,
At the Tangled Dream Booth...

Special meet and greet session,
With Rapunzel...

As well as Belle,
From Beauty and the Beast..

Upload a photo on the Tangled Quest website,
Answer a simple question,
And stand a chance to win Tangled-themed goody bags.
3 lucky winners,
WIll also get to bring Rapunzel's adventures home,
With a full scale Tangled-themed bedroom makeover!~

Catch the brand new episodes of Tangled: The Series,
Every Sunday 11:30am
On Disney Channel Astro CH615 from 21 May..

From 11June to 18 June,
Say hello to Pascal,
At Fahrenheit88....

Thursday, June 8, 2017

My Mom, My Idol

My Mom, My Idol..
At The Shangri-La Hotel..
Right in front of Angie Jewels & Co...
Organized by Beyoutiful Image & Style Consulting...

Mummies had a very fun time,
Learning how to make jewellery,
BY EJS Elegant Jewellery...

While daughters are busy....
Doing art and craft...
Guided by KidzatWork, Bukit Jalil..

A fine-dining luncheon...
With appetizer,

 Main course...

As well as yummy dessert..

Free consultation,
By Ms Jazzmine Cheah,
Founder and master trainer,
For BeYoutiful Image & Style Consulting..

A wonderful mother-daughter bonding session..
Where daughters dress up their mummies,
With the best attire...
Little young fashion designers aka stylists..
Blindfolded mummies..
At do whatever they wanted...
To make their mummies Queen of their heart...

It's indeed a super fun session.........

Coming up this Saturday...
Colour me confident image workshop...
For seats reservation,
Contact Ms Audrey at +6012-559 0007

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wheelspine - 1st Car Agreegator in Asia

Makes your searches easier...

Watch the video,
For full understanding on..
How Wheelspine works!~

One of the page I love most..
Ladies Car Recommendation Wizard page..

Finding ladies' dream car,
Is as easy as clicking 1-2-3!~

A selection of potential dream car,
For you to choose from...

Doesn't matter new car or used car,
Wheelspine is going to assist you..
To find your dream ideal car..

It's so easy to make a simple comparison..
On all the criteria,
Of your potential dream cars...

With clear comparison,
Can always make the smartest choice of all!

A wide range of new car new model,
To view and choose from..

Budget not enough for new car?
Used car is as good, too!~

The best part about is,
It even provide a list of car loan...
It has all information one's needed to get a car,

Estimated value of the car insurance,
That you need to pay,
After you purchased the car!~

Check out,
For the latest news in automobile industry,
Only at

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