Wednesday, March 4, 2009

eoe online

I've been reading about eoe online,
I've been hearing about eoe online,
From lots of my blogging friends......

I've snapped thousands of photos,
All well-kept in mummy's pc...
Did feels like want to print it out...
Never comes into my mind,
To print it out ONLINE?!~

After so many people highly recommended,
Mummy browse through this eoe online website!

Looks like very convinient,
With very affordable price,
Mummy decided to give it a try!~

She created a login account,
Uploaded photos to eoe online:
It's very easy,
She put all the photos she wanted to print it out,
Into one new folder,
And click 'Select All',
Just a simple click 'Upload',
All she need to do is wait,
For all the photos to finish upload...
Add everything in the cart...
And purchase print!~

Let's peep on how affordable the price is:
4R @ 30cent!
5R @ 50cent!
Cheap isn't it?!
If we order RM35.00 or more,
We'll get free delivery!
Superb enough!

You'll be wondering,
What's the payment mode...
Well well well...
Credit cards , bank transfer or bank in,
Whichever convenience to you!

You can always check your status online......
Never have to worry,
Photos will be on your doorway,

If you've been using,
Banking online,
Paying bills online,
Chit chat online,
Why don't try photo printing online?
I'm sure you'll like it!


Can't believe I receive my photos real fast!~
Less than 3 days!
Together with 2-4R photo book...
All my 4R photos are nicely arrange inside...

The 8R print is very nice...
But I personally think,
For the 4R printing,
The colour is a bit dull...

I'll still give 4-star-rating for eoe online!


Merryn said...

nicely said there... very nice...

MeRy said...

I get to noe abt tis website from other blogger mommies too...juz dun hav time to browse thru the website.

cre8tone said...

Merryn, thankx!~

Mery, many people blogged about it hor... I oso read many post already..

ablogaway said...

You said it all very nicely. Maybe I should try it one day. Is the 4R quality so-so only?

cre8tone said...

Irene, not sure about others, but my copy of 4R's colour is a bit dull and dark...

Anonymous said...

Hello ... EOE Online really is a good news for more blogger now ... i also jz help EOE Online write 1 blog review, hope u can visit my blogspot ... thank ^^ ~

cre8tone said...

Shermen & Venus, Thankx for dropping by!~

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