Thursday, September 10, 2009


After mummy bought puzzles for me,
I'll fix my puzzles everyday!!!
I really enjoy and love my puzzle time...
3 days after mummy buy the first insect series,
I'm able to solve the puzzles by myself!~

I like Young Children's Jigsaw Puzzles series,
The attractive and colourful shapes,
Makes me feels like want to play it everyday...
Mummy buy another set of vegetables for me!~

Besides solving puzzles,
I learn more english and mandarin vocabulary, too!

Mummy always request me to play the puzzle one-by-one,
She scared the shapes will be missing,
If I simply throw here and there...
I always put it back to the box after I finish...
Mummy said I'm such a clever boy!~

Not even the puzzles,
Everytime after I play my other toys,
I'll tell mummy,
Me: Sean Sean, clean up!~
Mummy thinks I'm so sweet,
For not messing up all the toys around,
After each and every play session!~

Since solving puzzles become an easy task for me,
Mummy tried to increase the complication,
By pouring out two cards' shapes together!~
And then, later on, three cards together!
I didn't panic after I saw many shapes on the table!
More complication,
More challenging the games become!

I solved the puzzles by myself!~
I can still do it!
No problem at all!

Mummy said she loves to see,
The way I concentrate,
When I'm trying to solve the puzzles!
I don't know concentrating will makes me look more handsome!


Lee said...

Hi, nothing like giving kids puzzles...jigsaw puzzles, Rubic cube will really make them think.
Graduate them from simple ones to 500 pieces and you'll have time to relax with a cup of kopi oh, ha ha. Lee.

wenn said...

ya, sometimes kids look good too when they are serious.

荦怡 said...

he can sit still to finish the puzzle?! good wor~
my son cnt sit longer then 2mins *sigh~

mNhL said...

Where did you get these puzzles? Maybe I should buy some for my boy and girl. Ohh...Sean is such a good boy...keep his toy after playing.

cre8tone said...

Uncle Lee, start from easy to more complicated... And I no need to run here run there chasing after him.. ha!~

Wenn, just love to see when he concentrate... Serious look! haha~

荦怡, maybe you can try buy some simple puzzle for him, too!~

mNhL, I get it from MPH and popular book store... Before training him with the puzzle sets, he also didn't clean up his toy after playing... I'm not sure if it's the puzzle-effect or not, but now, he really help me to clean up and keep his toys into his toys' box after he finish playing... I'm so happy with it!~

Leanne Leong said...

I like puzzles too! :)

smallkucing said...

So guai can sit still and do the puzzle! Hey...what milk you give him? Enfa ke? so pandai can solve the puzzle in 3 days! wah lau!

cre8tone said...

Leanne, puzzles-kaki! haha~

Smallkucing, guess the puzzle's suitable for his age!~ My son no more drinking milk already...

Unknown said...

Wow so good! Sigh wish my Lynn got such patience. She will play with the puzzle, but not solving the puzzle. :(

LZmommy said...

Smart boy! :) Mommy teaches you well :)

It will be some time before I need to get some for my little one too :)

cre8tone said...

Cheeyee, Maybe you try buy simpler puzzle for her... The first set I bought for my son, I think too complicated for him, he also didn't show that much interest, until I bought the right set of puzzles for him, he wanted to solve it everyday, again and again! haha~~

LZmommy, good luck, hope your little one likes puzzle, too!

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