Thursday, May 27, 2010

Origami Elephant

After watching art time from Playhouse Disney Channel,
I keep on request wai po to spend some time with me,
For my new art time.......

First art time with wai po,
We make origami elephant!~

I draw a super big eye,
For my little elephant!~

The moment mummy back from work,
I show her my elephant immediately!
Mummy's so impressed,
With what I can do......


smallkucing said...

good work Little Prince :D

Merryn said...

*elephant trumpeting* NICE! bravo lil prince :)

slavemom said...

Vy nice! Keep it up, lil prince!

Wyson said...

wow, u are good, im still struggling with my coloring.

KidsDreamWork said...

Seems like little prince starts to engage in artwork yeah :D

Unknown said...

Nice one! I have mail order a paper cutting book, can't wait to receive it and do the paperwork with my kids. :)

cre8tone said...

smallkucing, slavemom, TQ!

Merryn, yeah.. trumpeting.. haha!~

Wyson, if you don't like colouring, can do other type of art work!~

KidsDreamWork, yes, and he loves it!

cheeyee, enjoy fun art time with your kids :)

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