Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun day with Kleenex

Power of Play with Kleenex,
Bloggers' Family Day!
I like the theme 'Power of Play'!!!
It's simply a very successful and enjoyable event!
I re-charged lots of power during the event...

Talks, seminars,
Games, Contests,
Uncountable balls,
Slides and swings,
Rock climbing,
Story time,
Photo-taking session - with my superman pose!
Creative time - with my play time art work
Never-ending fun!

Before having the meal,
I use Kleenex wipe to wipe my hands,
To kill away 99.9% of germs after the play!
I sit down and eat my own meal...
All by myself.....
Until I finish up the whole plate......
Mummy's impressed,
She no need to feed me at all!~

See what's in the goodies bag!
Highlight - Spiderman stickers!
My favourite pop corns!

Daddy and mummy got their little souvenirs, too!

Last but not least,
It's so nice meeting up with bloggers!
Jonathan & baby Sam, Darren, Ethan and their parents!~


MeRy said...

Yes..very good activity and I saw some other blogger mummies were there too .

Baby Darren said...

It was nice meeting all of you there...except your little princess. Wished we have more time to chat but all of us were busy with our kids. Hope to meet again soon and have more time to ourselves..

Alice Law said...

So much fun for you guys!^-^

KidsDreamWork said...

Looks like a fun event full of goodies! :)

yatie sawanila said...

nice meeting you... hahaha now I'm looking for your pics... will add your link to mine

wenn said...

wow..nice fun activities..

Oliveoylz said...

Sounds like a cool activity and what more...get to have a bloggers meet too! Glad Sean had fun meeting up with his little frens too!

Yee Ling said...

That's so much of fun,ya.

cre8tone said...

Mery, ya, lots of fun~

Darren's mummy, next time, vynn will be meeting Isabel.. haha!~

Alice, oh yes!

KidsDreamWork, indeed...

Yatie, nice meeting you, too!

wenn, enjoy so much!

Olive, keep on urging to go out and play in the kidzgym and sports area.. haha~

Mommy Ling, you were there, too, right?

slavemom said...

What a fun-filled event!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Fun party with great goodie bags!

cre8tone said...

Slavemom, yes!

Chloe, yah! enjoy!

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