Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A-Hoy to Never Land

A-hoy matey!~
Let's start our treasure hunting!~
Super fun event,
@ The Launch of Disney Junior ........

The weather is super duper hot,
But we still enjoy ourselves to the maximum!~
Just because we're in Pirate Jake's Never Land!~

Mummy always love me to watch Word World,
Since she thinks it's very educational tv program for kids....

I not only experiencing Word World in TV,
Where words come alive......
But also in the real world.....
The junkyard appeared in my real life!~
Can you really imagine how cool this is?!~

Let's start build the word!~

It's time to build a pirate ship!~
@Handy Manny workshop...
Time to go for sailing to find Special OSO~~~~~

Special alert!!!
Follow the 3 Special Steps,
And we'll complete the task!~

Step 1: Fill up the water.
Step 2: Aim the bottles.
Step 3: Shoot it!!!~~~~~

Never ending fun in Never Land......
Coming up next in my mei mei's blog......
We're meeting up with REAL MICKEY & MINNIE!!!!!~~


Small Kucing said...

ya can see it's a hot day...hmm...if only organiser would give cap to the participants

ChloeRuoyi said...

Looks fun! I saw your Minnie and Mickey photos in your FB :) Mei Mei's costume was really cute!

Julie said...

It was really fun minus the hot weather. :) Glad to bump into you and your lovely kids.

Yee Ling said...

Next time if u bump into me, dont forget to introduce urself...seriously havent get to meet you face to face..hahhahaa

cre8tone said...

smallkucing, quite hot, but still very fun!~

Chloe, :) TQ!~

Julie, Nice to meet u up, too!~

Yee Ling, ok~~~ No prob~

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