Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Despite busy schedule......
Shopping for daily stuff is still a must.....

What's your feeling....
When you bought something from the store...
And you realized it's 50% off,
Or maybe more discounts...
Right after you bought it?
Awful right?

Everyone's wondering...
How to be a smart consumer......
Buying the things you really need,
With the minimum prices........

Who don't own a smartphone nowadays?
We can shop and search for all the resources online!~
You'll never miss any promotion again! gives comprehensive pricing,
Promotions and sales information,
That is updated daily to cater to your shopping needs.
It also shows you all the deals around your current location...
Super duper cool!!!

Look at all the categories!~
How convenient,
As there's a whole lot different categories,
For all our shopping necessities!~

We can check out deals at,
Via PC or laptop at home or in office...
Or even via smartphones wherever you are!~
They provide map view,
That actually guide us....
On how to reach our destination,
To purchase the things we need,
With the greatest promotion!~
Save time,
Save petrol!

Festive promotions are available, too!
Very frequently up-to-date!~

 There're a lot of famous featured retailers,
Displayed in

You can search all the promotions,
In the respective stores, too!~
Smart, isn't  it?

Save22 goes a step further,
By digitising the promotion,
Making them searchable,
Location aware,
And collecting them in one place,
Which improves a shopper's user experience!~

What are you waiting for?
Don't miss a single promotion,
By checking out!~
I'm sure you won't pay a single cent more...
For purchasing all your retails now!~~~~


煒霖 said...

Thanks for sharing!!! =]

Unknown said...

good information..thanks!

Huai Bin said...

Cool! I didn't know this existed. I'll check it out. :D

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