Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Max Steel Turbo Team-Up Figure Assortment Review + Giveaway

Max Steel Turbo Team-Up Figure Assortment:
Meet the Hero - Max Steel..
Plus the Villain - Cytro...

Boomerang Blast Max Steel Figure
Consist of Max Steel Figurine,
2x Boomerang and 1x Sword...

Max Steel Profile:
Planet of Origin:
Max: Earth
Steel: Classified

Turbo Transformation,
Specialized weapons,

To track down ano eliminate earths enemies...

There's special designated area,
To put back up boomerang,
Right at the back of Max!~

The Sword could be store,
At the back as well...

Let me show you,
How to launch his boomerang!~
The boomerang could fly up and down,
High and low..
Depends on how I launched it!~
It's really super cool!!!!!~~

What's make it more cool is it's blue light!~
Which emits flashing lights at 5-30 cycles per second!~

Fully equipped Max Steel!~

Spin Blast Cytro,
With his Light-up Mace!~

Planet of Origin:

Accidental Explosions,
Armory Supply,
Mission Support...

Whatever Berto Commands...

Let me show you,
How to activate Cytro's Hyperspin!~
With 360 degree spinning attack!~

Who do you think will win the battle?
The Hero or the Villain or YOU?
Mattel and cre8tone will be giving away....
3x Max Steel or Villain figurine 
(Worth RM49.90 each)
To 3 of my lucky readers!!!~

How to win the battle?
It's really simple............
Step 1: 'Like' cre8tone's facebook page
Step 2: Just leave a blog comment with your email address + facebook profile name and tell me:
Why do you want to win
Max Steel Turbo Team-Up Figure Assortment?
And you could walk away with the cool figurine!~

Whether you're in the nice or naughty list,
You'll still stand a chance to win the figurine,
From Santa Mattel....
Act now as the giveaways...
Will end on 31 December 2013!~

Ho Ho Ho...............
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!~



siang said...

Facebook: Kiing Ai Siong
I wish I can have this for my little prince at home, so that he can have another hero in his collection. Go go go, Max Steel

Sherry said...

Facebook sherry go
I want to win Max Steel Turbo team-up figure tournament because it's very fun to play for a 7 yrs old.

Unknown said...

my email address is I would like to win one because i would like to present one for the kid who love the flying boomerang that can emits flashing lights at 5-30 cycles per second!wish to spin 360 degree spinning attack with it too, so cool ~

life-muses said...

Would love to win this for my boys to battle it out :))

Email :
FB : karenoh

Ivan Yau said...

FB: Jennifer Lee

Usually don't have that kind of luck in lucky draw or contest, but hope this time can win his favourite cartoon character as a surprise Xmas gift! Thanks...

Mummy Moon said...

Let me try and come out with my answer and come back again :)

calivy said...

Why i want to win? Why i want to win?
Because what i want for Christmas is you and nothing but super heroes, Max Steel and friends..

Dear Santa
I brush my teeth every morning, i finish my meal, i never skip my homework and i love my baby brother dearly( ok, i lied a bit, i do bully him sometimes)

So can i get a Christmas present from you, please? 😇

Broccoli Ginger said...

Facebook: Tyng Jun Sim
Childhood is the most precious time of a person that he will remember all those great moments they had.
I wish I could give my boy an unforgettable childhood that his mom wins this super cool figurine for him! He will be so proud telling his friends that he owns this cool robot! Besides its cool features, perhaps it could stimulate the curiosity in a child when playing it.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hello there,
This is a cool toy. But I'm not a collector of this type of toy. However, I don't mind liking your facebook page.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...


I've clicked LIKE button on your facebook.

cre8tone said...

Mummy Moon, will wait for your entry..

Calivy, please include your contact details...

Willie, Thanks a lot!~

calivy said...

Fb : Ivy Chong

MeRy said...

Email :
Facebook : mery sia

I want to win this cool prize for my dear son because my son's birthday is coming soon and this toy will be the best pressie for his coming birthday, my son is definitely excited to receive this surprised present.

Xiao Lu said...

Facebook: xiaolu

I wish to win this Max Steel toy for my naught n hyper active son to play it at home. So he wont disturb me when i m working. he he he :p

kepochi said...
Nannie isa
Why I want to win for my kids

(This wht my kids say)
Mummy don't want to buy
As I already receive my
Xmas present for 2013
So if mummy join the contest
Then she won the prize
Excited am I
Eppie am I
Love u mummy alwiz coz it will be mine and aunty kylie for the giveaway

Unknown said...

eventhough my daughter doesn't like these boy toys but her cousin did, wish I could win 1 for him as his birthday present next month...

email :
fb : LeeAnne

Blackswan said...

Wish my son is still young enough to play...... Kylie, check out what's in store for you at Goodie Bags for Top 10 Commenters of Luxury Haven! See you there!

cre8tone said...

Calivy, Thanks for your update..

Shirley, the figure is worth to have it as collection for your son's age, too!~ Thanks for the gift! Appreciate your effort in rewarding your readers... :)

cre8tone said...

Thanks for all the wonderful entry.......

The giveaway is official closed.....

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